Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The epoch of the supposed proofs is over

The epoch now ending since the end of the last ice age was based on some assumptions which are now no longer tenable for all people of an extended consciousness. These are

1. the idea of an exclusive truth - there is only one truth, everything deviating from it is more or less wrong.

2. the idea of a generally valid truth - this one truth is valid for all people.

3. the idea that this truth can be found out with scientific methods.

4. for a scientific result to be accepted as true, evidence must be presented. The result must be reproducible.

5. it must also withstand the criticism of peers, they must agree by a majority - 'peer review'.

6. the results are true if they fit into the generally accepted view of the world; e.g. in the natural sciences only that is considered true which can be investigated by the usual coarse material devices with the usual purely material methods.

7. normative subjects - e.g. jurisprudence - believe in a forensic truth through legal evidence and 'correct' judgments based on it.

According to the motto, knowledge instead of faith, religions have abdicated and ''science'' has taken their place. Most people today believe in the scientific method and the so-called truths that arise from it. The only concession that many people can make is to admit that the results of scientists are gradually getting closer and closer to the ''truth'' over time, according to the motto: ''The truth of today's science is the error of tomorrow's science.'' Due to a bottomless recklessness owed to fear, most people allow interventions in their health based on these errors, which either immediately or over the course of years cumulatively lead to the most serious 'side effects'. This has been known for decades and is currently escalating on an unimaginable scale even though safe alternatives exist.

Let us first take a closer look at the normative subjects. They are basically not about researching the truth, but about enforcing behavioral norms in the population at large. Therefore, they are not sciences in the sense of criteria 1 to 6. However, their representatives have been organized at universities from time immemorial because they work for the rulers. Therefore, theology, ethics and philosophy belong to them as well as the social sciences, recently including the chairs for gender 'sciences' and others.

Large parts of orthodox medicine and pharmacy willingly let themselves be harnessed to the carts of the governments for financial reasons by delivering the desired justifications dressed up in so-called scientific 'proofs' for the restrictive regulations, as is becoming particularly clear at the moment, and completely discrediting these subjects once and for all. In view of the great damage that has already been done for decades, however, this is a welcome development, because it is only through the current excessive exaggeration that many people are becoming aware of the problem.

Even historians are willingly harnessed to the carts of the powerful - the victors write the history. Archaeologists and biologists deliver the desired falsified proofs about the evolution of man, the life outside of the earth in the cosmos is still a controlled taboo topic which is now worked up because the presented so-called proofs do not hold any more - they were just normative. Even climatology, which is at home in the natural sciences, has given up its claim to find out the truth since many years. Only a few scientists of this discipline still do unbiased research. In these times of decadence, this list is unfortunately not complete. All of the subjects mentioned are politically controlled, even if they tell the fairy tale of evidence like a prayer mill.

But how about the 'hard' natural sciences, in whose 'facts' most people believe so readily that without investigating themselves and considering their own individuality, they align their lives according to 'science' because the majority does so. They hardly ask how these results come about, at best they believe that scientists strictly adhere to the above rules 1 to 6 and that this inevitably leads to the truth or in other words that the 'scientific' findings correspond to reality. Unfortunately, they have thereby fallen for a fundamental deception which has ensured the continuance of the majority world view until recently and has thus provided the basis of what I call the 3D Experiment Earth. I would like to sketch this in the following and go again from 1 to 6.

This 3D-Experiment Earth designates a phase of the development of mankind on earth, in which man as an immortal soul in a physical body wants to make special experiences in dense matter. This phase is now coming to an end and so we are in the middle of such a great upheaval as most people cannot yet imagine. The old system is completely broken off and the ruling class, which guaranteed the continuance over millennia, can resign now. Their last task is to make clear to the people by maximum exaggeration that they do not want this any more. Of course, they themselves don't see it that way - they cling to power habitually and tighten the reins so extremely because they feel that their last hour has come, which they want to prevent, however.

1. & 2. With an extended consciousness the human being finds out as one of the first realizations that there is by no means only one truth. Truth is completely dependent on the perception, which is fundamentally different with humans with differently extended consciousness. The limitation to the lowest, densest, purely coarse-material level makes sense only for people who do not perceive anything else beyond that, which was true for the ruling class as well as for the majority of mankind.

More and more people are now waking up - expanding their consciousness - and perceiving much more and realizing that there are other truths for each consciousness. The New Society, which is already forming, will throw rule one and two overboard without a second thought. There is not even a discussion any more, or do you want to discuss with a blind person who sees only black whether there is also red, green or blue? Criticizing or even rejecting outright the point of view of another person with an extended ability to perceive, as has been common practice up to now, especially among intellectuals or people with a 'common sense', turns out to be a pure waste of energy. It will become completely natural to respect the point of view of each individual and to take it into account in living together in freedom.

3rd & 4th The so called scientific method so far will be discarded, because the so called proofs only cover an extremely limited range of humanly possible perception. Imagine, they would have to explain the formation and movement of shifting sand dunes and could (or may!) perceive nothing else except earth (sand), fire and water. They would have to explain shifting sand dunes without air and wind. Have fun! This is how natural scientists work today. They could come up with the most adventurous theories, discuss endlessly and criticize each other to their heart's content. But what comes out of it? As soon as the perception expands and also the wind is seen, the old so-called proofs collapse without complaint. Conclusion: The scientists can prove just as little as the lawyers. They know only so little of the many connections that they never arrive at the truth, of course also because always the one is right who has power and money on his side.

5 & 6 And there it does not help that the scientists agree among themselves, quote each other and finally vote on what is true ... If the point of view - the perception - is strongly limited by a given world view, even the measurements are falsified, which commonly deliver the facts considered as irrefutable, which are interpreted afterwards. That these interpretations are pure mental conceptions, which have nothing to do with reality, will be generally recognized very soon, because people have suffered long enough from these misinterpretations and now become more awake. Today's science is for long stretches nothing else than categorizing and naming. This is quite a remarkable achievement, but completely insufficient, because the essential - causal - has been excluded from the beginning and has not been investigated at all. Outside of the universities there is already now a new community of higher conscious people, finally working again in a true scientific way, who are preparing the new society on the New Earth.

Of course, it is not possible to go into details here within the framework of this short outlook, you will find some links to further articles below. However, some basic things should already be mentioned here. The most important factor we emphasize here is consciousness. It is what holds the world together in the innermost. It is, so to speak, the 'energy' that underlies everything. This is currently being recognized and taken into account and will put the search for truth on a completely new footing.

Next, I would like to mention that science is not a matter limited to the human mind and its theoretical ability to think logically. It is far too limited and slow for that, and in most people it is corrupted by fear. He who is afraid cannot think logically. It is he who constantly demands so-called proofs, because he is booked on security. In the end, however, he believes only what is useful to him; findings that counteract the government are leveraged by bribery and passed off as scientific evidence in a distorted form. Scientists' reputations become more important than truth. Material gains count more than independence and freedom. Truth, however, is always individual and dependent on consciousness. It comes intuitively - from one's own core, the immortal soul, needs no proofs and is lived by people with soul consciousness as uncompromisingly as successfully. No one needs to be convinced of their own intuitive knowledge by flimsy 'scientific' evidence. No one wants to exercise power over others anymore. Preaching water and drinking wine is no more. No one is condemned and punished anymore either, because each person lives his own truth - his immediate knowledge - in full personal responsibility. It is completely clear to him that his intuitive actions always lead to the highest good of the whole, because everything is inseparably connected with everything.

So that the human being comes into this state, no proofs help, e.g. for the existence of the soul or the subtle and spiritual levels. Here only the meditative listening to the inside and the 'jump into the cold water' helps. The intuitive voice of the soul does not speak from one day to the next with full volume and clarity and it is also not there to deliver mental knowledge as fodder for the mind. ''The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift,'' says Albert Einstein. The revealed knowledge must be lived, which usually turns the conventional life in society upside down. There is no certainty and security here at the beginning. Intuition does not provide flimsy evidence like so-called science. The proof of the value of the message is in the implementation. The more frequently and completely intuitive input is implemented, the more and detailed it becomes available. Conventional science, by comparison, is but a ''a whiter shade of gray.''

The new society that has been forming unnoticed by most people for a long time and now in full intensity is based on




where this SELF is a synonym for our immortal SOUL that we are. The present upheaval is much easier to experience if we already adjust to it now and actively cooperate in it. Finally OUR NEW EARTH comes into being.

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