Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Living Truth

You can't discover truth through rational thinking

You need enjoy your life with all your senses linking

If you don't burn for knowledge with your heart

You lack the will to recognize it from the start


Listening  sensing feeling  grasping  you will reach your goal

The head alone bangs senselessly against a pole

It wants to fathom what it has invented for itself before

But doesn't realize it for it pure thinking is the only door


From deep inside of you it resounds loud and clear

If you don't live it grasping it with zest - it never does appear

You only fathom truth for yourself in the here and now

With daring risks and strives you will discover how


No other human can proclaim the truth for you

May not include you in his narrow vision too

You find yourself what suits you now and here

Your heart has always grasped that  this is clear


Someone who forces you with lies  deceit and power

To do something that you know only rends you sour

To him you give a loud and clear outspoken NO

And be a blessing to your friends to grow


You can't transform this world by fight outside

And no one helps as savior even if he died

You but increase your vibrancy up to that level

Which on the novel peaceful earth you revel

Then  only then  you'll be accepted there

Remember well  all is already everywhere

There was no linear time but inside our mind

The 3D life was mainly an illusion of a kind

I AM the LIGHT of this world

I AM the LOVE of this world

I AM  the TRUTH of this world


I LIVE  light  love  truth because I AM