Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Meri Rose

with paintings by Merita Bat Shoshan and a poem by Donsirea

The Rose is connected to the Divine Mother, to the Earth Mother, to our pure Heart, to LOVE, HARMONY, JOY and PEACE. The visionary artist Merita Bat Shoshan (= Merita of the Rose) is a very gifted and intuitive painter. In her soul inspired paintings these feminine qualities transpire and enfold the viewer with warmth, love, and joy. The video combines her wonderful pieces of art with fotos of gorgeous roses and vistas of nature as well as a mystical poem that guides the reader through an enlightening transformation.

The stills are below the poem

An old round temple by the seas

Fairies dancing in the breeze

The scent of rose buds fills the air

I feel I always have been there

The moss  the grass  the leaves so green

a pine cone rests on pristine marble  

The sea rolls gently while it seems  

the dove is flying to a distant scene

Where is my love  where is my truth

I could not find it as a youth

Yet hidden in my inner core

it dwelled safe  was waiting fore

The sea turns rough  I stand before

I enter and I speak the lore

of ecstasy and dance and strive

of humbleness and glittering joy

The Goddess asks  where have you been?

I cannot answer  stand in awe

I never knew I could not see

had no idea I was not free

The deep felt sweetness of my core

it opens up and spreads ashore

The Goddess is inside  she is inside of me

no big surprise  but precious certainty

Have I not been among the whales

and dolphins of the inner circle?

My heart is full of joy

the tears flow freely out

I know I always have been That

which I was searching all along

It was the very essence of my heart

the rose of love my highly sacred art

The Lion and the Dove are both in me

the Snake the Dragon and the Butterfly

the Gold  the Pink  the White  

ALL is it  here and now what else?

Oh could ye join me by this well

and dwell within its gentle peace

It feels so soft and strong alike

will us protect and yet give freedom

The unity is taking over now

I feel it   nothing can support

the olden ways I have forgotten

no man and naught can us divide

The rain is mine  it lifts me up

the taste of salt and oil and sap of trees

is softening my lips

they want receive and kiss eternity

The Source is mine  is yours  is ours

we live anew  we really breathe and SEE

we see what is  the essence of THAT ALL

naught can escape our holy inner flame

It's here  it's now  it's all  it's nothing

and always has it been

My vibrant being lifts and flies

is one with heaven and with earth

I love it and I dance with joy

my inner longing is fulfilled

the opposites are one

are one forever and a night

My sister whispers in my ear

You are the one who came along

when wind and weather were so rough

But you could take it all

It was as if it went through you

it was  yes  but it was not you

You melt in Me  I live in Thee

The Chymic wedding of the rose is We

The colors come to earth and nourish it so mild

they hit the rocks and beat the waves so wild

The soil and plant and animal and man

are united with the Angels and the Spirit

Some people try to hold the old

and yet it runs between their fingers out

as if it were but sand and sheer illusion  which it is

you see  you feel  you smell   before it is all is gone

Afresh  anew  so light   so high

where are the rules and the frontiers

The control and constraint?

They all have disappeared

Where is my body  is my form?

where is my spine  my skin my blood?

where are the old friends from the pub?

all that once was

And with it time and space are gone

the temple by the sea dissolves

in glittering  sparkling light

our golden face in subtle ecstasy

The swan is flying to us now

and with her ever swinging wings

the white  the inner and sublime

I feel the unity of thee and mine

A new beginning all at once

the sisterhood of roses still alive    

with Shekina  Shakti Venus so divine

we delve into a sea of shimmering energy

We only now start really living  

we reconnect  we recollect we integrate

we always have been IT and always will IT be  

our conscious everlasting golden braid  eternal infinite

It feels as if we are and not

we have it all  but nothing's there

a wondrous world   an open field of loving care

the root and core of plants  of animals  and me

The olden oaks are covered with a shimmering green

to signal that they have it seen

what I experienced on my own

They say  that I am not alone

They testify that all is ONE

and none is gone

that never ever anything is lost

That`s not allowed at any cost

They all are more than just a tree

they live together with the rain deer and the bee

the squirrel  seagull and the geese  

They are my freedom and my vigilance

The smell of roses ever fills my heart

the roses are with me an you   they are a part

and all of life   they are the five

the hand of GOD  the wisdom of the heart

The wholeness Spirit's golden Source

that all pervades enlivens  and ensouls

it always is  and was  and certainly will be

immutable  indivisible NILINFINITe