Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Illusio veritatis
The illusion of truth
What is truth

Can humans ''perceive'' themselves and their surroundings?
Can humans know and understand the true nature of the cosmos?
Who or what are God and spirit?
These are the questions that have troubled humans since time immemorial.

Most people feel safe only when they assume to have a situation under control. Harmony and security seem impossible to them without control. Control gives them more security than trust. Control, however, is not possible without exact knowledge of the respective situation. Therefore, humans want to know how a certain situation has come about. If they have never seen leaves hanging on a tree, how can they know how they got to the ground in autumn and what they are good for?

The human being penetrates as deeply as possible into the mysteries and yet never comes to an end. Every child learns the difference between truth and lies. It should report according to the facts. But what are "facts"? Everyone thinks they know. Everyone has learned from parents grandparents teachers etc how the world is But is it really so? In court, the parties argue about who speaks the truth. In the end, the judge passes sentence. Everyone involved knows that this compromise does not correspond to the truth. Children also realize at an early age that they are better off keeping quiet about things or presenting them in a different way than they had experienced themselves. This is then their personal "truth". This can at times protect them from punishment. "Truth" is that which is useful.

Historians examine documents, excavations, works of art and many other indications and still only arrive at their own interpretation. Only fragments of the truth ever come to light. The winners write the history. The winners determine what is true. "It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived" - Mark Twain. Even journalists who write about current events see them only through the glasses of their clients.Thus, even current reporting serves the lie and manipulation. The music industry uses manipulative symbols, e.g. the all-seeing eye or the musivic pavement.

The humans register their environment with the five senses. These tell them quite reliably what they have to do in order to survive healthily.  However, they are unsuitable for gaining scientific results on the true nature of matter e. g. The senses are booked on usefulness, not on truth. We do not recognize facts. What we take for facts are always only our own interpretations. "Everything you learned in school as 'obvious' becomes less and less obvious when you start studying the universe. There are no straight lines, flat surfaces or solid matter" - Buckminster Fuller. So-called solid bodies only appear solid to the sense of touch. In reality they consist mainly of "empty" space between the atomic nuclei. They feel solid because they vibrate so fast. The common sense is the worst possible tool for understanding reality. Most people however are not aware of this. They rely on what senses and conditioning make them believe. They are more sure of their "knowledge" the less they understand about it. Therefore they argue all the more vehemently to cover up the inner uncertainty.
Also the numerous photos do not increase the accuracy of the reports, manipulation of the photographs is easily possible.

With what can man approach the secrets of the cosmos?
The common sense fails already with the evaluation of human behavior. The secrets of the unconscious are not fathomable with it. A trained being cannot fathom the mechanism of its training. Man cannot understand himself. Also the perception of the outside world is anything but objective, it is highly distorted. Here the psyche, more precisely fear, plays a key role. Fear modulates the non-physical memory in such a way that it preferentially stores distorted images of reality. These images are what Stankov calls ''fear-laden reality". Humans do not know any other ''reality'' than this ''reality'' limited by fear.

However, they can solve small pieces of the puzzle by reason and logic. Logical thinking, however, is only really possible when the personality is free of fear. Intuition also flows more reliably the more free of fear the personality is. Many people do not trust their own knowledge and therefore take refuge in faith. This seems to give security and ends the exhausting search for truth. However, people usually do not realize that they have been taken in by a myth. Myths are like archetypes, through thousands of years of repetition, deeply imprinted images in the unconscious of the human being, e.g. the witch, the seductress, the mother, the lovers, the fool, the warrior. The myths of the religions have nothing to do with truth or reality there is no one to save you.
e.g. "In the beginning a perfect God created heaven and earth in 7 days out of nothing" They are fairy tales and legends invented by people.

Jesus did not say: "I tell you the truth". Jesus Christ says: "I am the light of the world" (The Bible John 8 12).
"I will show you how to find out the truth for yourself"  (e.g., in the Gospel of Thomas). Jesus said, "I am the truth and the life". Faith is attractive - math is not required. You don't have to make an effort. Everything is delivered free of charge. There's just one little problem: Don't start thinking Faith doesn't exist without doubt. But doubt is sin. In Islam, apostasy is severely punished. Your faith has lured you into a trap. If you really care about truth, leave the churches behind. Make your own experiences and send fear to the devil. Use reason, rationale, rationality and logic. Open yourself to your intuition. You can only approach the truth with it. But there is nothing better. Meher Baba says: "You will not find out the truth, you will become it" (like Jesus).
Why should you believe something just because it is written in an old book? This old book was patched together from hundreds of sources and then manipulated and falsified many thousands more times. You have been lied to: The scriptures are not the revelation of a God in the gestalt you believe in. Religions are not about truth. They are always about power. It is no different in Rome than in Jerusalem or Mecca.

Of course, you can't find out everything yourself, even in daily life. But you should check your sources carefully. How credible are the authors?   What is the purpose of those who commissioned it? Who paid for it, who earns from it?   What is the message meant to achieve?  Can you trust the system media?
Often it is only about scaring or comforting "O Comforter of the afflicted show yourself as a mother" addressed to Mary in the pilgrimage church Maria Bründl in Dobra Voda in South Bohemia.

When it works, the message is considered true "The end justifies the means" Does this have anything to do with truth?   No of course not but it is useful says common sense. Is lying really useful? If at all, then only in the short term In the long term, lying leads to disaster for all involved because the truth comes out after all.
For politicians this is often not a problem. So some things only come to light after their term in office. But what if someone can't understand the truth or can't stand it but asks for it?  It is enough to give advice. One does not have to actively lie as well.

Religions make a double mistake:
1. they lie to you
2. they proselytize, impose themselves on you
They don't do it for your sake, it doesn't help you. Remember: they are always concerned with power.
Talk, write, paint, decorate - they can do everything. But you will only recognize them by their deeds and their fruits. There is blood on the religions ... does that make them credible?

Many people believe that the events in politics and economy happen by themselves due to logical sequences. Significant events, however, never happen by chance in the free play of forces. Hidden elites control war and peace in the background. Reasons for war are artificially created. Terror is "fought" by those who pay the terrorists. Countries are devastated to recruit refugees. Refugees are deliberately attracted to destabilize other countries so that dictatorship and police state can be consolidated until the whole thing escalates into a civil war.

"We are eliminating the white race together with its too high and therefore for us   dangerous  intelligence through multicultural societies" says Henry Kissinger. Since 1946, the USA have caused the death of seven million lives in 60 wars. The invaders supposedly bring democracy and humanism. But it's all about mineral resources and other geostrategic advantages. All this has been planned for decades and is being implemented step by step. Master psychologists are at work for the preparation of the people. On the diplomatic stage play experienced actors. The political stars shine through white vests and yet are all blackmailable. The people & their needs have never interested them. They work for so called hidden elites.  They are basically poor puppets.

All this is so obvious today that the question arises whether this is not generally human. People indeed play different roles all the time. Few play these roles consciously, most unconsciously. Most people go into the victim role. They make their well-being dependent on other people. When something unpleasant happens, they look for someone to blame. Few people admit that they are at least partly to blame themselves. Our legal system provides for this: e.g. liability. While our political clowns try to make us dependent by more social security, the personal responsibility of the people goes further and further down the drain. The sense of entitlement is particularly great in the younger generation.

The human being interprets his environment on the basis of his world view .This depends on his upbringing/education by parents, school, politicians etc.  He compares what he experiences with his previous knowledge and therefore comes to different results depending on his conditioning This is why there are so many different opinions. Since the end of the Second World War, Germany and Austria have been under massive brainwashing by forces from the USA, which often let off steam here in NGOs. People are constantly blamed and everything national is condemned. All traditional values are systematically destroyed. Who defends nation tradition & homeland is insulted as right-wing Nazi and racist. Consumption and credits are the new gods. Being thrifty and providing is driven out of the citizens by negative interest rates. Individual responsibility is fought by subsidies and their control.

In 1965, a German education campaign was launched: "Send your child to better schools for longer" "Father is right: better go to school longer - it pays!"   The campaign was funded by the US Ford Foundation through the German NGO Aktion Gemeinsinn ... The result of this is that the level of academics is steadily dropping because too many insufficiently gifted students studied. The Alma Mater has degenerated into a mass event.
Memorization is rewarded by non-stop control over constant examinations. Individual responsibility and creativity fall by the wayside. Unnoticed political indoctrination is opened the door and gate. The result is an army of unemployed academics who are loyal to the government and who have a firm grip on social benefits: "What bread I eat, that song I sing". Der Spiegel headlines: "Unemployed academics, what's the point of studying?"  It could be that a Dr med or Dr phil will take you to your destination in a cab.

In this school-like mass operation, professors have less time for research. The financing of research often comes from industry, which is interested in very specific results. Under such conditions, the level of the once famous German-language universities can no longer be maintained. Meanwhile, the handicrafts sector is lacking qualified apprentices. The longer someone attends educational institutions the better he/she is conditioned in the sense of the government: left-green brainwashed: pro USA & EU, against Russia & China, pumped up with feelings of guilt because of world war and holocaust. This is how advocates of gender mainstreaming, political correctness, do-gooderism, multiculturalism, CO2 -delusion etc. are born. For each activity certificates are demanded. Thus the Indoctrination of all workers can be guaranteed. A successful study at a university is nevertheless a considerable achievement because of permanent learning and exam stress. Today's students are therefore not to be envied. However, students have too little time to think and work independently, let alone be creative. Only with their own creativity and intuition can people approach the truth. It hinders creativity and intuition if man is stuffed as in most educational institutions. Man thus receives an extremely distorted picture of the actual conditions. Through the mass media the citizens are brainwashed manipulated and conditioned - and this daily! It is difficult to escape the influence. Also the well-known Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia functions tendentiously and works manipulatively. People prefer to believe the majority than the truth. Who points to these connections is called a conspiracy theorist and ridiculed.

It is not only so that humans cannot recognize the truth, they also do everything to lie to themselves and to others. People lie to themselves because in their unconsciousness they do not want to see their so-called "negative" characteristics. The person lies to other people because it feels an urge to exert power on others.
This happens in the small as well as in the big. Bad conscience, Fear, Take responsibility yourself.

The common sense is booked on usefulness.
Fear distorts our perception.
The powerful call that truth what works and what benefits them.
''It is not what is true but what is believed to be true that counts''.
In court it is also not about truth or justice.
Medical diagnoses do not correspond usually to the truth and are pure naming.
In the families there is also a lot of lying and covering up, e.g. in order to present a good image to the outside world.
That is in the daily life it never is about truth, it is talked only constantly of it.
Scientists are masters in categorizing and naming - and in interpreting their measurements.
Numerous paid favorable expertises rob the scientists of any credibility.
The truth today is very often what is paid for (the most) - this is sad but true.

How do I best deal with this situation?
I keep my statements as far as possible to the ''facts'' accessible to me.
I am aware that nevertheless an error is always possible because human conditioning prevents an accurate perception.
I reduce my fears by going into them.
I am always open for a new interpretation of my observations.
There is no absolute truth in our world, to be right is useless.
I know that by believing I invite even more untruth & uncertainty and give away my personal responsibility.
I rely on logical thinking, reason, intuition and my own understanding because I know that nothing better is available to me.
Expansion of consciousness is the meaning and goal of my life I have to work out this myself.
There is no higher being that takes my personal responsibility and saves me from my unconsciousness. The cosmic laws are not cancelled by 'acts of grace.
The universe is based neither on coincidence nor on arbitrariness but solely on mathematics - how did Pythagoras say?  ''Everything is number''
The present world does not correspond to my conceptions.
I visualize an enlightened society for my incarnations on the NEW EARTH