Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Realitas infinita, tertia pars – Boundless Reality, part III

In my previous publications Realitas infinita Part I and Part II, I have described the concept of multiple, simultaneous, multidimensional worlds of experience (frequency bandwidths/frequency ranges, alias ‘timelines’) that are hidden ‘behind’ the linear time that most people experience as reality. In this third and last part we shall go deeper into the subject and will show that this concept is the basis of our illusory experiences and that a proper understanding of it explains many of the perceptions we have in daily life, especially in our dealings with other people.

What implications result from the observation that each soul incarnates simultaneously in many different frequency ranges?

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1. We recall that the term frequency encompasses/describes space as well as time and that this (photon) space-time is the way we humans perceive  All-THAT-Is = energy in 3D and 4D. To put it simply: If someone lives in a certain moment of linear time, then he is on a different frequency with respect to past moments, just as someone who lives in different locations, i.e. area, city, country, etc., which obviously displace different frequencies at exactly the same moment in linear time. This comes from the fact that space s and linear time t are one and the same the way they are defined and measured in physics and daily life s = t. Furthermore, it has to be considered that the many ‘incarnations’, including those lives without a physical 3D-body in 5D and higher dimensions, take place in different frequency ranges (realities), where the incarnated soul fragments have different kinds of experiences in the individual worlds of perception and therefore their consciousness is also developed differently in each one of these realities (frequency bandwidths).

This leads us to the first realization that

every human being exists in all his many simultaneous lives and expressions in different frequency ranges (bandwidths, realities) at every point in linear time in the respective geographical location of a specific 3D incarnation, such as on this earth.

As described in parts I and II, these frequency ranges intercept and overlap with each other to varying degrees because they exist simultaneously, but first and foremost because they are U-sets and contain each other as an element as has been proven in the new theory of the Universal Law for all parts of All-THAT-Is. Therefore, there are always sensual ‘touches’ with other human beings/entities, who also exist in their individual frequency ranges, which they have created for themselves. These overlaps/touchings form the consensual collective reality of an incarnation experiment as a local civilization. They can be intense or rather marginal, resulting in different relationships between incarnated people, populations and nations. There can be intense friendships, as well as one-time, casual encounters and all intermediate stages.

In the past, for example, there were many local civilizations, such as those in South and North America that had no contact with the Western civilization until their conquest by the Europeans and could develop independently. Such ancient civilizations as the Aztecs lived, so to speak, in their own cultural frequency range until they entered against their will in a destructive interference with the warlike spirit of Europe and perished in the bellicose conquest of America. Which leads us to the conclusion that all interactions between different frequency ranges (bandwidths) take place between various realities as energetic systems of All-THAT-Is according to the physical law of constructive and destructive interference, which should be well known to all humans from the wave theory.

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Depending on the ability to perceive other frequency ranges as part of one’s own frequency bandwidth and to integrate them constructively in one’s world view, humans are also capable of perceiving beings, also known as E.T.s, who are not currently incarnated on earth according to the present-day linear time concept accepted by most people. And of course this also includes beings that do not have a physical body and are at home in higher dimensional frequency ranges (5D and higher dimensions). Such interactions are naturally accompanied with an enormous expansion of the individual and later on collective consciousness. Herewith the essence of the current ascension process has been succinctly described.

A very important intermediate remark is close to my heart at this place: It is not so that all beings live in different frequency ranges, in reality all beings are different frequency bandwidths, or more precisely, they are energy in different frequency ranges.

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in Vachendorf

2. With this knowledge we can now proceed to examine human relationships. If the overlapping (interception) of two humans as frequency ranges is as far-reaching as possible, then it is perceived as very harmonious and delightful when these two frequency ranges resonate within a common bandwidth. In this case, they are in positive constructive interference, where the energies are amplified – this is called love. In the esoteric literature one also speaks of “synergy“. The vernacular also says: “The two are on the same wavelength….”

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in Vachendorf

If the frequency ranges of two individuals are very different, then this may be the result of their different soul age or it can be caused by the possession of a dark 4D entity in one of them, where the low vibrating person, actually the demon, dominates the other in the relationship. Negative destructive interference occurs, when energies with different frequencies cancel each other – e.g. when they are “out of phase”. The people are then exhausted, listless and behave in a completely different manner from before the possession. In between, an infinite number of variations is possible.

It is also conceivable to have a situation in which a very high vibrating entity “overlights” a lower vibrating one. As an example we refer to Jesus’ baptism by John in the Jordan river, when the Holy Spirit illuminated Jesus. It does not matter whether this event really took place, which is highly unlikely. It serves only as an illustration of the increasingly frequent “descent” of the I AM Presence into the physical body in the current End Time, where the higher frequency aspects of the soul are flooding the lower frequency psychological patterns of the incarnated personality and are transforming them through both constructive and destructive interference, thus also completely changing the human being. In this context one also speaks of catharsis, from which a completely soul-infused personality emerges like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Currently, the Earth and humanity are being flooded and fundamentally transformed by the violet flame of transmutation coming directly from the source (Central Sun).

Violet flames coming from the Central Sun through our sun)Vachendorf near Traunstein, Bavaria, December 8th, 2019

Violet flames, Lofer, Austria, December 13, 2019

This process began on December 8th, 2019 and will reach its climax during the cosmic portal on December 21st.

Violet sky near Trove Svini, Czechia

Already now many people are being radically transformed by starting to vibrate in higher frequency ranges and the results will be clearly visible in 2020. The new cities of light that will manifest next year are carrying the violet flame of transmutation and only people who have sufficiently raised their frequencies will be able to see and visit them.

We mention these current energetic processes at this point to show that this is not only a fundamental theoretical, gnostic disquisition, but also includes insights of greatest practical relevance.

It is also true that humans never interact only within one fixed frequency range with the people they know with respect to their individual level of consciousness. There are constant fluctuations or changes over a wide range of frequencies. For example, when two people have a common life, it is often the case that they, nonetheless, live in different worlds of experience and ‘perceive’ different aspects of the events, which they encounter together in their life. When they recollect the situation later, they realize that they have experienced the event quite differently. It is also possible that at the ‘time’ of the event they were on approximately the same frequency level, but when sharing their memories they are on different frequencies and display divergent memories. Of course it is also possible that there is a pathological distortion of the memory in one or both personalities. This may also lead to different frequency ranges of perception.

It is well known that human memory is not a fixed, constant quantity and therefore the past is not a history set in stone. Every spiritually enlightened person should know that one can energetically change the ‘past’ positively or negatively from the present at any point in time. This is done continuously, whether one is aware of it or not. Human memory is an electromagnetic system independent of the human brain; it can be, and is, constantly modulated by the mind, which is an aspect of Spirit, and the soul in the Now moment, thus also constantly modulating the past as subjectively experienced reality.

in Budweis

Therefore, it only makes sense to “talk out” a past situation as to find out what has happened “in truth”, for example, as witnesses with different points of view in court where one of the witnesses is intentionally or unconsciously presenting the situation in such a way as to protect his own interests or fear patterns, if one has first deeply internalized the above insight. From this it is also cogent that witness testimony in court is by nature inevitably very deficient and therefore has only very limited validity, as does “jurisdiction” in general, which is only occupational therapy and represents the exercise of power in the sense of destructive interference.

in Budweis

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3. These findings also shed light on the phenomenon of channeling. People in esoteric circles assume that certain higher frequency entities contact selected humans who are medially gifted and send them messages that they can subsequently reproduce, however filtered through their human ego-minds. In this way humans receive important information from the higher realms, e.g. about the current planetary ascension, which they cannot directly access with their limited minds and senses. This is undoubtedly true in many cases and occurs when the medium in question can open up to higher frequencies that are not accessible to the average fellow human being.

When very high vibrating beings establish contact with humans, they must lower their vibrations as far as possible so that the message can be received and comprehended by the medium. The medium must also raise his own vibrations as much as possible in order to establish a common frequency range of communication with the higher vibrating channeling source, which is only possible through appropriate mental and emotional attitude acquired in long meditations.

Violet sky in the northern Waldviertel Austria

In most cases the channeling source is the soul of the medium. Basically, these are intuitive messages. Since the soul, being the core of Being and the ‘spark of God’ of the human entity, has more insight than the incarnated personality, these messages are as valuable as the messages coming from other beings of higher frequency. Here another important aspect must be considered: When the soul channels, she informs the incarnated human personality from the fulcrum of the accumulated knowledge and experience of some or all her simultaneous lives, for example, from a life on another planet in another solar system or even galaxy and of course from different higher dimensions.

For example, if someone has incarnations on Arcturus, then it is possible that his own soul will contact him with all the knowledge of an Arcturian living in 9D and will give him information from this higher vantage point of view. In other words, this medium channels his own soul, but may think it is an E.T. The channeled information may as well come from the Agarthans. The habitat of these 5D – 7D beings is the Inner Earth, and there are numerous people who have incarnations as Lemurians or Atlanteans that belong as civilisations to the vast network of Agartha. Here too the medium could feel E.T. influence, but in reality it is his own soul, ‘disguised’ as a ‘earthly E.T.’ that speaks to him. Since this earth is on the verge of ascension to New Lemuria in the 5D, one may as well claim that the information which one receives from the Agarthans these days actually comes from our future Selves, which we shall embody after our final ascension.

near Vachendorf

If in the near future friendly minded E.T.s will pay a visit to Gaia in a way that is visible to many people – as the Arcturians recently announced through Daniel Scranton – then in this case humans will be confronted with themselves: Two different incarnations in different frequency ranges will intercept in a physical form. It is obvious that such interactions will be benevolent and loving as they will represent encounters with different aspects of ourselves, which we have phased out in this current 3D incarnation on earth, based on very limited perceptions and the illusion that we are the only sentient beings in the entire multiverse.

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4. This brings us to another highly meaningful realization: if all lives are simultaneous, then there is also one or more lives for each person in which he/she has already become enlightened or ascended. If a human being exists in one of the lower frequency bandwidths as a baby or child soul within his/her own overall scenario of his/her many multiple frequencies, then the illusion of linear 3D time is so perfect that the aforementioned knowledge has no place in the fear-controlled mind of these people. Also young souls, being adamant Agnostics, vehemently reject this transcendental knowledge. In mature souls, the knowledge that humans are multidimensional beings and also have ascended expressions in All-THAT-Is slowly begins to awaken, while old souls, being true Gnostics, are fully open to this knowledge. The path and the goal are hereby one and the same: While in one frequency range we learn the ABC’s of incarnation, in another we are already writing the first novel or scientific disquisition.

In other words: People on planet earth still live in a thick fog, while EVERYTHING has always been there. Only when the fog has cleared, do we have a full view. But fog and sunshine are not mutually exclusive – the rainbow may serve as a symbol for the synthesis of the two.

With this realization, it becomes clear once more that nothing can happen to us and of course above all that we are immortal. We are gods in the process of becoming – from life to life we increase our frequency through experience and understanding – and we are at the same time the Whole = All-THAT-Is = Energy. With the increase in frequency, the path becomes easier for us because we have a broader overview of the whole scenario and thus more access to the wisdom that the higher frequencies contain. Fear disappears and love prevails. We then know that we are love! It is also increasingly easier to trust one’s own intuition and to know beyond doubt that we are Soul and that we only wear different winter coats / physical vessels in the different worlds of expression. Of course, our responsibility, which we bear as part of the whole, grows with the increase of our frequencies. However, personal self-responsibility always remains in the core of our existence as creator beings, no matter in which bandwidth (reality) we dwell.

5. What is then ascension, what is enlightenment? It is the awareness of one’s own divine essence, which is and has always been existent in the high-frequency worlds of experience (5D and higher dimensions). Hence it is ‘only’ a matter of becoming aware of what we already are through the many pleasant and unpleasant experiences in the many different simultaneous frequency realities. Osho put it this way: “I provoke you to leave what you no longer need and encourage you to realize what you have always been.”

As greater parts of humanity currently ascend and will live on the New Earth, they will soon realize their everlasting potential. In other words, the lower frequency ranges of existence will be abandoned in favor of the higher ones. For example, the many bellicose young souls who are now in charge on Planet Earth and responsible for all the wars will be making their experiences on the new upper 4D earths as Mature Souls under much different, more peaceful conditions, because all the current mature souls who will ascend in this last lifetime will determine life on all 4D earths as Old Souls. All current old souls will soon ascend to New Lemuria in the 5D and higher dimensions and will appear as ascended masters and teachers on the 4D earths, which will represent new frequency bandwidths of human life. These ascended Old Souls will act from the centre of all life as they will enjoy the Unity Field and Consciousness of Being, free of duality and polarity. The lower frequency ranges (the upper 4D worlds of still physical form and experience) will be also integrated into the Unity Field and will no longer have a ‘life of their own’ in the sense of perpetuating the current illusion of limited human senses.

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Of course, there will also be people on this planet who will still remain closed to their higher-frequency lives and expressions because they refuse out of fear to give up their agnostic, materialistic, conflict-laden way of life. They may revel, experience, suffer in lower frequency bandwidths as long as they desire in order to learn their lessons. On the lower frequency earths, which we have severed in the last years in the course of the ascension of Gaia, there are enough possibilities to make such experiences under the guidance of less benevolent E.T.s, as was the case on the old earth for a very long time.

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Please observe: It is difficult, almost impossible, with our current vocabulary, which completely fits into the linear time of 3D illusion on planet Earth, to formulate the above mentioned facts appropriately. In the higher 4D experiential worlds, where a larger part of humanity will soon be ‘located’, there will be most probably new technical terms derived from the theory of Stankov’s Universal Law. For all the people whose center of life will be in 5D and higher, telepathy will be the communication of choice, where thinking in verbal terms will be only a memory of other space-time “clouds”.

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Some of our readers may think that the frequency range concept in this article is greatly overstretched, but they are wrong – it is in the core of what is happening now with humanity and Gaia in a most dramatic manner that is accessible only to a few highly spiritual beings. From the various ‘timelines’, which as some esoteric authors erroneously believe can only be changed with great effort and over infinite long periods of time, complex patterns of infinite frequency spectra are now rapidly emerging in this final stage of planetary ascension. They enrich life in the course of human adventure as designed by the souls in so many various ways in order for all humans to acquire the desired learning experiences through trial and error which leads to deeper insights. Thus they constantly cross numerous frequencies ranges (bilocate) without being aware of it in order to experience infinite different realities that make the plurality and variety of all existence in All-THAT-Is as a constant process of Creation.

With the current massive downloads of violet flame from the Source in December 2019, the Unity Field and Unity Consciousness was firmly established on the earth. It has incorporated the narrow frequency bandwidth of the old 3D earth, where human life has been until now exclusively experienced and which is now fully integrated as upper 4D worlds in the infinite frequency range of the Unity Field and Consciousness of the 5D and higher dimensions.

Light cities near Banff

Within this new infinite, fluent frequency range, the new violet 5D cities of light will appear very soon and will co-exist with the upper 4D earths of still physical form. For a short period of time even the old 3D earth will co-exist as a waning narrow bandwidth of existential experience with those souls who will not ascend in the current End Time, before it fully descends and disappears from the experienced reality (frequency bandwidth) of all ascending humans as Fata Morgana in the desert.

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Everything boils down to the fact that the past disappears because it is no longer existent for us and because the future is not there yet. What remains is the everlasting present, not as an infinitesimal illusory intersection between non-existent past and not yet experienced future, but as Nothing as well as Everything of the energy that we all are: Nilinfinite.