Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Truth is that which works

For an open-minded observer, the impression is being created right now that never before in the foreseeable history of mankind has there been so much lying and deception as in these days. This applies above all to the areas of politics, health and the environment. This seems so obvious that I do not need to give details. That politics is never about the welfare of the population but always only about the POWER of a few and the associated means of money, sex and drugs, can be witnessed and studied today in an accuracy and depth as never before. This intensity is a huge chance for all gullible people to wake up before the collapse just in time to experience the change more consciously.

In the areas of health and the environment, the decisions of those responsible and those causing the problems are readily backed up by science. This makes it easier to push through measures, because most people are science-believers and do not see through the jungle of arguments. Very many people are also already tired of following what is happening in detail because they "don't know what they should believe" and because they don't muster the courage - for example through demonstrations - to do something about it. At the same time, however, the population's trust in the government has already dropped to only about 15% in terms of size - a good sign.

That is also no miracle, because the exorbitant contradictions in the pseudo-scientific discussion lie in the meantime for all humans with a little understanding and skepticism openly on the hand. They see crystal clear that the arguments only serve big business, increased control and restriction of freedom. The two areas of "pandemic" and "man-made climate change" are fully in the realm of ILLusion, that is, the discussions and measures are only ILL=sick. And massively to the detriment of the people.

How can it be that the results of science can be manipulated and falsified in such a way that seemingly rational, coherent arguments can be found for any point of view, no matter how adventurous? Don't scientists provide facts that are beyond any doubt? If they were independent and neither blackmailable nor bribable, they could already do this according to their own claim ...  But they are not. They are always human beings with all their emotional weaknesses, and the fact that fear prevents logical thinking is not entirely new either. Under the enormous pressure of the policy they investigate and publish only such results, which fit into the general world view and serve thus the own career and serve the financial supporters with the preservation of their power. Truth is that which works.

In order to understand why this is so easy, we would like to explain here briefly that this has always been the general basis of all sciences. There, it is never a question of finding out what is really true. Many people believe that the objects and phenomena of the "world" exist by nature as they are investigated and interpreted by scientists. However, this is not true at all. Man earth cosmos is so complex and accessible to the human senses only to such a small part that the scientists have nothing else to do than to designate experiencable parts from it strongly simplified and to interpret them so far that in the context of the technology developed from it a benefit for mankind results. However, this benefit must not lead to the fact that man has to work only very little. His belief in scarcity and his attitude of sacrifice must be preserved, because otherwise the rulers will lose their power.

To put it even more precisely: The results of the sciences are even then, if the scientists were allowed to research completely freely, always only interpretations of a few registered mostly not correctly understood phenomena. Let's finally not fool ourselves anymore: our picture of the world exists only in our head - is ILLusion even if everything goes "right" during the research of All That Is.

For this I would like to give a simple basic example. It is about two concepts, namely space and time - and they are CENTRAL. It will become clear that mathematicians and physicists are not concerned with truth/reality. What they publish are contrived, useful interpretations and definitions, which, however, constrict and make unfree. In the NT Jesus rightly says: "The truth will make you free", not ILLusionary interpretations.

Let's start with TIME. The past, because already over, is just as intangible and non-existent as the future, because not yet here. And what is the present? It must be an infinitely short section - therefore zero. It also does not exist. Physicists do not know what time is. They can only name and define it in their thinking and determine how long a second is. Also here it is only a question of accepting as truth what is considered as useful, so that technology and living together can be arranged apparently optimally. Everyone can see what this has led to: Hectic activity in all places. Nobody has enough time. The benefit lies with the rulers.

Let us come to SPACE and proceed step by step. What is a point? How thick is it, how long, how wide ...?

A legitimate question ... Wikipedia says: "A point is a fundamental element of geometry. Descriptively, it is imagined as an object without any extension." So it is an infinitely small something, i.e. zero, non-existent in nature, it exists only in the minds of mathematicians. Mathematics as a whole is a hermeneutic science of mind. Hermeneutic sciences have no real object of study. A point also has zero dimensions. The distance is considered as the first dimension, it is bounded by two imaginary points. The second dimension (area) is bounded by four points and the third dimension (body, space) is bounded by eight points. They all exist only in the head of the mathematician. This example also shows that it is not about the research of the nature-given reality, but about a system created by the human thinking, which is useful for the human living together and the technology. This is sold as true, although it represents only one of many possibilities. However, the system is logical in itself. The third dimension constitutes the empty Euclidean space, which also exists only in the head. This is extremely significant to note because physicists have adopted the empty space into physics under the name of vacuum, where it is suddenly said to actually exist in nature. This has unexpected consequences, as will be shown in another contribution.

And whom does it benefit most? Clearly the ruling class, because the definition of space and time are the pledge of all control. And from here it is not far and does not seem unusual anymore that "scientific" results are arbitrarily "shaped" in such a way as it fits the ruling narrative or as it seems useful to enforce the exercise of power. What we are currently experiencing is only an extreme increase of what has always existed, so that even the last one gets it. Once these insights are anchored in the consciousness of most people, the old 3D matrix of lies and deception no longer holds. We are just in the middle of the change and may creatively cooperate in the construction of the NEW EARTH.

Here is lots of extra basic information on the topic of "truth" in general and on "truth is that which works"