Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Intuition or Mind

Who prevails?

If someone assumes that God, soul and a human being are separate entities, then numerous proofs can be found for or against the existence of God and the soul. Atheists and materialists, of course, are particularly good at denying their existence. The discussions about this have been extremely controversial for millennia, which shows that none of the arguments given is absolutely compelling. We will explain here why the evidence is intrinsically invalid and how the problem can be solved instead. The topic is so timely because at present very many people are overcoming the separation illusion, attaining an expanded consciousness, and therefore no longer depend on evidence or belief. They rely on intuition. It will also be shown that there is no difference in principle between so-called proven facts and believed truths and that one merges into the other in the sense of a polarity. Sharp boundaries are here purely arbitrary.

First of all, we can assume that the soul does not exist outside of man. It is at least his essence or core - and that an entity possesses an essence, a core, teaches common experience. Since the outer form of the physical body changes strongly in the course of the life, it could also be said that the human being IS this soul. The soul is therefore also nothing materially tangible. Therefore the soul cannot be proved with the lower mind - the usual everyday like scientific thinking. The lower mind is simply not suitable for it. If you ask wise people with an expanded consciousness how you can get an awareness of your soul, they will tell you their experience that the mind is the barrier you have to overcome. Or, that you have to bypass the mind if you want to reach the realization of your soul. However, the mind considers itself to be extremely important and claims that it represents the essence of man. There are many methods of silencing the mind, for example, by overloading it or starving it.

Whoever succeeds in doing this, experiences with his own body that the soul is a state of Consciousness - you can also call it a bundle of energy of different frequencies. And consciousness is a state of being. This means that the soul cannot be fathomed rationally in a low mental way. You can only feel that you ARE, and the essence of your BEING is then the soul. It is the inner recognition of yourself, the immediate knowledge, I AM. But this I is not the trained personality, but the soul. I as soul perceive that I am. I experience myself that I am. This is called SELF REFLECTION. This is a characteristic of expanded consciousness, of soul-consciousness. That is why an enlightened master speaks: I AM the truth and the life and not, I tell you the truth, so that you can believe, as the religions interpret it.  

Let me explain this fact with an example I heard from a dear friend:
An atheist is walking on a very high sea cliff, is not paying attention, slips and falls. After a few meters he is just able to cling to a ledge. There he hangs now, hundred meters under him boulders and the roaring surf. In the face of death, he comes to his senses and speaks. ''Dear God, if you do exist, now is your chance. Now you can prove that you exist by saving me.''
That is, the atheist floats in mortal fear, determining what he would accept as proof of God. But he remains so vague that in case of salvation he can claim at any time that not God but other circumstances have caused the salvation. This is how tricky the mind operates. It could also be called foolish. At this moment a mighty voice resounds from above: ''Let go and I will save you''.
If you would let go now, you would act in the state of being of unconditional primordial trust/trust in God. The existential, immediate, intuitive certainty would flood you that you are immortal and that nothing can happen to you. The atheist, of course, rejects and shatters. I wonder what he gets out of his 'death'.

If you don't let go in such a situation, you show that it is not significant or urgent for you to know whether or not God exists or whether you are an immortal soul. You are still trapped in your head, in your fear-laden lower thinking. The chance is passing. The inner inkling that there is more than matter and the longing for higher life were not yet strong enough. When you are ready, you let go, transcend the mind and taste Amrita, the nectar of the gods.

You feel, experience that you ARE the soul. It is not sufficient that you know it. And you now can see that God is not a person outside of you. Through your unconditional primal trust, which transcends thought, you have saved yourself. You could also say, I MYSELF AM GOD. And this would not even be arrogant. Because, there is only God, everything else is illusion, interpretation.  What you call matter space time, is one and the same. You can call it God, spirit, energy, TAT, consciousness, soul. The One Source of all this is the ONE, about whom naught can be said - the eternal primordial ground of all BEING. This energy in infinite frequencies cannot be destroyed or lost; however, there is an incessant transformation or exchange of energy, as the 1st law of thermodynamics rightly states. 

THOU ART THAT - because there is no other - this is simple logic, everybody can understand this if he/she wants. However, it is not enough if you take this from someone, be it from a Vedic Gnostic like Shankaracharya or from the famous physicist Max Planck. It is not provable for the lower mind, it is of little use if you only believe it. However, you can feel, experience yourself that you are THAT.

One of the famous enlightened masters is SUFI Mansur Al Hallaj, who proclaimed: ''An al Haq'' - ''I am the truth, I am GOD''. With this declaration he has created no friends amongst his materialistic or dogmatic fellow men.

The learned so-called knowledge of the lower mind is noncommittal, you can give it up easily or change it into the opposite. If 52% are in favor and accordingly 48% of your arguments are against, then the result can change quickly if some new arguments are added, which is always to be expected. You believe in it as long as it benefits you. No one has ever gone to the stake for it out of conviction. Scientists prefer to revoke.

Only when we have conquered the fear of death, we are free. As Jesus says: ''The truth will make you free''. This is not the truth of religions or sciences. This is the existential, intuitive, higher truth from within, the immediate experience, the BEING. You are indestructible, conscious energy, living consciousness. The 2nd confused ''law'' of thermodynamics, which deals with the so-called entropy, does not apply. It is wrong. With this, the free energy machines should be prevented ... in vain.

The natural scientists claim that they can prove the essential facts in the field of space time matter and that this knowledge has nothing to do with belief. However, these so-called proofs are limited to what the scientists can measure with their devices. They exclude everything else from the beginning. They believe that there is nothing substantial that would change their conclusions. Their proofs are based on this arbitrary basis, i.e. these proofs are highly uncertain and not at all compelling. The truth of today's science is the error of tomorrow's science. If their view expands, which must be assumed, then many of their proofs collapse. So it can be rightly said that the building of the scientists is also based on belief.

Since they limit themselves to their lower mind (intellect), people still know so little of All-THAT-Is that their proofs always fit only for small limited sections. The claim that there is a fundamental difference between ''proven'' knowledge and belief is just a contrived method by which natural scientists boundary themselves and place themselves above the rest of humanity. However, they are not superior to the ''others'' at all, because their so-called knowledge is also based on faith. It is only better hidden.

So that you see what I mean, I would like to remind you that physicists, for example, use the term ''energy'' without knowing what it really is, as Feynman admitted in his famous lectures. Physicists also cannot say anything about the nature of the atom and its so-called constituents. Biologists do not know what life is - they only give features of it. They are still not able to produce a living being from chemicals. Orthodox physicians believe that people get sick because they get infected. They believe in a pathogen as the cause of the disease and deny the real cause: the psyche (thinking and feeling etc.). see also here

A much hyped group of these so-called pathogens has never really been proven, let alone their effects. Physicists and historians believe in illusionary linear time. They can't tell you what is the most fundamental of their field, but they give you exhaustive definitions, invent a jungle of technical terms. Is a naming really already a true, proven explanation? Rather already a tower of Babel, in which one must believe. These explanations always exist only in their minds, are projection, interpretation and only consensual agreement, as if one could vote on what is truth.

Don't be fooled by the advances of technology. Admittedly, it's nice that there are computers and the Internet and you can access collected information from all over the world. But is it really meaningful progress that it has now become possible to completely enslave humans through a chip implanted in their brain combined with special smartphones, a new type of wireless technology and a body poisoned by medical so-called health care? The scientists call this AI = artificial intelligence. What is intelligent about it? It is just a potentiation of the lower human mind. It is rather artificial intellectuality. That this is no good for the investigation of the human BEING was shown above. The demand of so-called proofs and the overvaluation of empiricism in science is, seen in the light, a fatal trick of the rulers.

The trans-humanoid of the architects of the ''Grand Reset'', controlled by a central computer via AI, appears meaningful to many people only because the alleged superiority of science and technology preached for decades, combined with distractions of work, strife and shallow pleasures, have kept man off his path of awareness. Many people believe in the extremely limited scientific worldview - which itself is also based more on faith than evidence - and forget to go within and tap into their essence. This is the only way they become free, happy and come into a truly fulfilled life: by turning to their own divine intelligence.

Intuition is vastly superior to the lower mind/thinking and AI, as shown above. It alone provides you with the all-problem-solving discernment that shapes your life in a self-determined, self-responsible and self-aware way. That your body's own natural immune system is superior to any medical intervention is mentioned here only in passing. There are many very beneficial ways to strengthen this immune system. Here, too, intuition is worth its weight in gold.

When someone demands proof of something, it always means that it is about something separate from you that does not exist. Society has settled on certain types of 'valid' evidence. Or the person who wants to be convinced states what he thinks is valid. If you meet the criteria, you are believed. There are rigid, narrow criteria and loose, generous ones. All so-called truths based on them are relative and dependent on the respective state of research and technology. You have to believe in any case, because there is nothing separate from you in the outside. You are always everything - like in a hologram or an apple man presentation. If someone demands proof, he/she only shows that he/she has still succumbed to the illusion of separation.

A wise man was once asked; ''How should we behave towards the others''. He answered: ''there are no others''. This corresponds, mutatis mutandis, to Kant's categorical imperative, which reads: ''Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it become a general law.'' In other words; ''Do not do to others what you do not want done to you''.

The illusion of separation from the fellow human beings and the whole creation as well as the own essence - the SOUL - is one of the pedestals of the now ending 3D matrix. Other pedestals are the belief in lack or scarcity of the necessary resources, the fear of death, the overvaluation of the personality with its lower thinking mind and others. These illusions do not disappear when someone reveals them and people then believe that. The truth reveals itself to you individually through the language of your soul, intuition. Within the framework of the general expansion of consciousness that is now taking place, very many people are becoming aware of the fact that they are independent sovereign creator beings who are shaping the new society on the new earth themselves. We are finally free and live compassion and love.

Intuition - Intelligence of the Heart - Language of the Soul

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