Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

There is no spiritual path

Only a self determined life

A soul inspired grasping


Many people still submit - sometimes even voluntarily - to the craziest commandments and rules. This applies to the public sector as well as to the private and even to the religious realm. Even those people who seek to free themselves from these constraints and turn to spirituality fall back into the old pattern and believe that they will find their salvation outside of themselves and only by applying further, sometimes even more abstruse restrictions and unnatural behavior on a special path. All this has never worked before, only leads to a dressage, a state of training. Behind it are fear-driven ego games. The personality believes that it must become something very special. The only thing it has to become is to be obsolete, because the earth experiment is coming to an end and there has never been a spiritual path as the personality imagines it.

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There are no universal behavioural routines that lead to enlightenment. Ready-made actions distract from one's own life plan. Sophisticated exercises, asceticism and self-castigation make no sense. Siddhartha Gautama Buddha came to this realization well before his enlightenment. ''You cannot eat yourself into the kingdom of heaven'' wrote Rudolf Steiner.

You don't have to fight  suffer believe  pray  meditate. This only strengthens the ego, the personality, that prevent you through pain suffering and fear to experience your unique life in a self-determined way.

There is no path between you and the SOUL, because you ARE the soul. If you are not yet aware of this, then you are not to blame, It belongs to the overall arrangement. The soul has agreed to this.

To ensure that the mind remains within the given frame and cannot see through the structure of the earth experiment it must be constantly distracted. The perception  the awareness  should increase only slowly, so that there is enough opportunity to grasp because the diversity appears to be very complex.

The variety of activities for distraction is very wide and covers the entire range of human life. The results of trained actions that have become routine do not primarily serve the experience of what is but the reward of the personality in terms of its social position.

The most important distraction is the proven ''divide and rule''. Thus humans are agitated on each other and strengthened in their illusion of separation from each other. This manifests itself in international wars and the division of the population into enemy factions whereby endless energy is wasted  so that people don`t see through.

Equally important is the distraction through work. ''In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread'' Genesis 3:19. Man is dominated by a trained scarcity mentality. Instead of seeing his intrinsic value he is measured only by his work performance or his property.

There is also more than enough work for intellectuals. Many subjects at universities have no practical value for citizens and exist only in the heads of the ''scientists'', but must be financed by the army of hard-working taxpayers.

Law and economics  for instance  are popular diversionary subjects; they serve at the same time the preservation of power of the ''elites. Bureaucracy is a particularly blatant distraction.

Also religions  esotericism and occult teachings serve as a distraction from individual own unprejudiced experience.

The people are distracted and dulled through shallow pleasures and the lies in television, cinema and other media. Own experience cannot be replaced by mere watching. Recreational drugs also play an important role.

However  all these distractions also have an advantage. Man understands that they are not leading to the goal. Only further cloud the thinking and the view. And many things can be understood thereby also even if only through endless frustrating repetitions and through terrible pain and suffering.

Instead  it is enough to celebrate life, to devote oneself to life with trust and dedication and to intuit where the life plan of the soul leads. She determines what she wants to experience.

The personality should be only the executive organ and decide nothing because it is controlled by others.

The soul has adopted a physical body because she wants to have sensual and emotional experiences. The physical body is our unique feature.

Beings on 5D and higher - e.g. angels - have none. The physical body is mortal  cannot be taken along. A light body - a MAYAVI-RUPA - takes its place on 5D and higher. But the experiences with it are of a completely different nature. The topic Mayavi-Rupa is elaborated at the end of the text.

Other beings envy us for our deep feelings. But we train intellectuality in the schools. This is the ultimate distraction from the intuition of the soul.

The emotional area also includes wanting and desiring which is fought by the religions together with sensuality because all this is contrary to their demands for power. Wishes and desires are the driving force of creativity and the drive for higher intuitive aspiration,

It is advisable to enjoy the five senses to the fullest; this also applies to sex  sports acrobatics  yoga and arts like Tai Chi etc.

As long as we do not restrict others and if it belongs to the soul plan, we have enough energy available, to become more sensitive and loving. This increases the perception through the fife senses and leads us beyond that to the psychic experiences and to a happy emotional life with our fellow beings.


Name nothing,  condemn nothing, mainly observe, how we and others are doing in all this grasping.

A new world opens up, an enlightened world. We are the soul.

Explanation of the term Mayavi-Rupa from the book: The Divine Plan by Geoffrey A. Barborka, p. 120-121