Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The Ascension from the point of view of the SOUL

Imagine how you as a SOUL in the eagle position observe your personal reality and the present events on earth.
You see all your numerous simultaneous incarnations of your personalities at a glance. You become aware of all the many experiences. You know that you are reaping a rich harvest of grasped wisdom. Probably nothing else comes to your mind that you would like to experience. It could be only fine nuances.
And since you as a soul are one with all souls who take part in the experiment earth, you see that it is the same with them. It is not, of course, that the personalities in every single incarnation would have this overview. That's why we experience the present chaos on earth, an extreme exaggeration of everything we know - in the so-called good as well as in the so-called evil. The polarity with all its transitions becomes so really conscious to us for the last time.

Many people direct their attention thereby to defend themselves against their personal environment or the system as a whole. As terrible as the conditions seem, it makes no sense to fight against them. This is neither our task nor do we have any chance of 'success'. If we fight against it, we only support the old system, which is built on opposition and struggle. The old system is disassembling itself right before our eyes. How this happens in detail we have shown here:

Trust in the Gnostic path  and  The New Earth The end of the dualistic system

We can help to bring the hidden events to the surface and spread them. But also this will not really satisfy us and cannot bring us further. The main actors 'make it' - contrary to their intention - all by themselves. Demonstrations, revolutions and terrorist actions have never abolished the system of exercising power just as little as simply accepting everything without questioning or understanding it. The very fact that now the encroachments and restrictions are greater than ever before confirms the ineffectiveness of all previous revolutions, etc. The outer world we perceive reflects to us what we should heal within us first so that we can behave lovingly from person to person.

The number of those people who, through an expanded consciousness, energetically put an end to it all by their mere presence, has now exceeded the critical quantity, so that there is no going back to the old and also no going forward to a slave future controlled by artificial intelligence. Cosmic as well as solar energies are creating a NEW EARTH on higher levels of consciousness together with the light workers.

see: The triad of consciousness

If we want to do something, it is a good idea to visualize how we want to create the NEW EARTH. In a very concrete way we can work on promising projects, e.g. on the new schools, in which the children are accompanied on the basis of the new spiritual image of human, so that they can come into their own power. Personal responsibility and self-determination are the basis for this.

What else is left for us? We withdraw and observe what is happening. Otherwise, there is little that is helpful and satisfying. Although there is basically no guilt, we could still forgive our fellow human beings who have done something to us, or ourselves if we do not meet our too high standards. We have explained this here: Mysterium Cygni and here

We can have loving interactions with people who are on our wavelength, so to speak - our real friends. We don't have to convince anyone, arguments are completely pointless. We do not have to justify ourselves. We also don't need to develop ambition anymore, from the point of view of the SOUL we have achieved everything earthly possible in the numerous worlds of perception. We can digest the apparent contradictoriness of the outer events best with a proper portion of HUMOR.

And as far as enlightenment/ascension is concerned: there is nothing to force here and fighting for it would be completely out of place. Ambition and struggle prevent enlightenment. Here it is about letting go, giving up, accepting what is and devotion. Spiritual development follows completely different rules than worldly actions. see here

Trust Openness Dedication   and   There is no spiritual path, only a SELF determined life

What we should keep in mind is that each person goes through the present processes quite individually differently, depending on what they resonate with or if they can be triggered at all. Also the physical symptoms due to the incoming cosmic and solar energies and the fluctuations of the magnetic field and the Schumann resonance are very different from person to person. We should be careful not to draw conclusions from this about the respective consciousness. The souls themselves have decided in freedom what they want to put their incarnated personalities through.

It seems especially important to us to make sure that we are always well grounded and that we keep the physical body vital. Drinking water, resting and exercising in the sun in nature and an individually variated amount of raw food are the essentials here. Our physical body is still our temple, we should take care of it, pamper it and treat it lovingly - especially now that it has to get used to the new energies. From this also comes the natural immunity, which is still the best. see here: The path to health

We master the change by living a simple, self-determined, intuitive life. In doing so, it is especially important to calm extreme emotional fluctuations of the mind, so that we can live a harmonious life in relative balance under our own responsibility. Then nothing can lead us to harmful reactions, because we rest within ourselves, taking the observer position in the knowledge and trust that we are Source Energy beings.

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Videotext by Ingrid

Heaven Hell, Symbols of Polarity

WITHIN MYSELF are heaven - hell

As polar twins they jointly dwell.

Too much heaven, too much soar

Loosing grounding more and more.

Too much thoughts are really hell,

Cause the body shake as well.

Too much fight brings pain, fear, plight.

Heaven is round, soft with gentle tones

Hell is rough, hard and full of drones

Heaven and hell are embraced in a dance

in rhythm they become One at first glance.

Light, Shadow,

Shadow, Light,

dynamic life´s delight

You want to end all strife?

Live a relatively balanced life.