Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Consciousness is a state of being

Consciousness in its simplest form is based on sensory perception and sentience. When the five senses do not function, it is called unconscious, senseless or insentient; this person has no access to his life, he is powerless - he only vegetates. If someone is ''out of his senses'', then he is not sane.

When someone is 'master of his senses', he can perceive and remember what he has observed. He is still aware of it even after his perception has ended. If he then also has a language, he can name and communicate this perception. However, this naming is only considered to be correct if he adheres to the general agreement on how certain perceptions (e.g. a sound) or sensations (e.g. fear) are commonly named. However, these designations have nothing to do with reality, they are only consensual interpretations of energy.  

One could for now formulate: Consciousness is a learned, social phenomenon that man has developed during many incarnations, because people who grew up in complete isolation/seclusion do not express the Consciousness that exists from other incarnations, because there is no counterpart from which they could distance themselves and from which they could learn (e.g. language). Completely new things that have never been perceived with the own senses, i.e. things that are considered impossible or non-existent, can hardly be recognised and correctly named, because there is no term for them. Example: the ships of Columbus - the Native Americans did not perceive them.

Apart from the naming, the decisive factor in becoming conscious is perception, sentience and these two are not limited to the known five physical senses, which are fed by material sources. Many people perceive something that does not exist according to physics. We speak of subtle or supernatural perception. This is also associated with feelings and sentiments, and often the correctness of the perception can be physically proven later on.

Man perceives, registers: his surroundings, his body, his feelings, his thoughts, and finally himself as an independent personality, which he calls the ego. His feelings, thoughts and the personality perceive and can be perceived. One speaks of self-reference, relating to oneself. In this insight lies the secret to understanding that in the human being there is a superior instance that observes, feels, perceives, registers the entire event. From near-death experiences and other sources we know that this observation also takes place in an unconscious state, i.e. independently of the physical senses.

The observing superordinate instance - the CONSCIOUSNESS - therefore also exists without a physical body ... Man thinks and feels without a physical body, but can only have sensual experiences with the physical body, can only comprehend with the physical body ... can only become more conscious on planet earth with sensual comprehension.

Brain-Mind is an interface, connects Thinking-Feeling with the physical sensual impulses, connects Thinking-Feeling with the hearing & speaking organs, stores different views depending on the Consciousness (and conditioning of the mind).

Only with the physical brain are possible for the human being on earth: sensory perception and subsequent recognition, understanding, comprehension and the resultant expansion of consciousness and passing on of information. Thinking and feeling take place in corresponding energetic bodies, which penetrate the physical body and go beyond it. One speaks of the astral or kama-manasic emotional body and the mental thinking body. These bodies are among other things the cause of the physical body.

In his different, simultaneously occurring incarnations, the human being has a differently developed consciousness, depending on how much the soul has grasped in a physical body on 3D/4D in its many worlds of perception. People are in a fog of varying density... As the consciousness expands, the fog gradually lifts. All has always been there... Depending on the consciousness, people only perceive different extents of it. Consciousness is therefore not a characteristic of the human personality, it is a state of BEING of the soul.

Consciousness is a kind of energy that exists fully outside the physical body. One could also call Consciousness a quality of the soul.

Soul creates Consciousness, Spirit flows through it.

Soul = Consciousness = Spirit = Energy.

The form - the physical body - is not perceived as what it is - namely energy. The human being with his little developed Consciousness interprets his sensory perception according to the social consensus and thus arrives at an illusionary idea of his FORM and the world.

The physical body is the product of the respective Consciousness. The stage of development of the Consciousness is reflected in the DNA of the physical body. The DNA is not an information storage but a more or less sensitive antenna for the information from the spiritual energy field.

There is no causal connection between the Consciousness of a person and his physical, emotional and mental characteristics: skin colour, constitution, culture-specific conditioning, professional inclinations, political, sexual and religious preferences - even mediumistic abilities - and other qualities and characteristics shape a personality, which can be based on a very differently expanded consciousness.

If it is propagated that no person may be disadvantaged because of his or her characteristics, it is always a question of the aforementioned characteristics of the personality. There is hardly ever talk about Consciousness, because this is not an issue for the general public. Most people only distinguish between conscious and unconscious. Furthermore, they believe that the perceptive faculty of people is more or less the same.

But it is through a different consciousness that people differ the most. Many problems of human coexistence arise from the fact that the people involved have a different Consciousness, i.e. that they have a different perception. Most people have a very limited perception - they live in dense fog. But they have been determining for a long time on this planet how life has to be arranged, because they are in the majority, they like to exercise power and have no scruples to use violence. You can read about the different stages of Consciousness here. Please observe that all these stages are equally important, because each person goes through them all during their many simultaneous incarnations.

Consciousness is a question of self-reference. The more a person asks and researches what Consciousness is and whether he is conscious himself, the more conscious he is. He thinks about his Consciousness. NO animal thinks about its Consciousness. Few people think about their Consciousness, i.e. most of them are close to animals, but usually have less sharp senses than animals. The main tools for the investigation of the Consciousness are Reason, Logic, Intelligence, Intuition & Language. The more someone trains these, the more conscious he/she becomes. Without explicit control of life through these five qualities, it is impossible to become conscious. The less rational, logical, intelligent and sensitive someone is, the less conscious he/she is.

Animals are sentient, i.e. they can feel and sense, but they have no language in our sense, but certain abilities to send and receive signals. Humans are sentient and have a language. This allows them to tell about their lives, i.e. to tell a story about the events they have experienced during the day.

With their individual reports they can construct a personal identity, a personal self, an I, and develop a sense of self. Whoever talks most/best ... There is no pause. The nature of this constant inner talking is that it cannot be switched off. Even when someone is controlled by unconscious impulses, he has to rationalize what his unconscious has asked him to do. The person then thinks that he has freely chosen his decisions, when in fact he simply rationalizes in hindsight what his unconscious mind asked him to choose.

This is not Self-Consciousness - even if it is often called that. It is "narrated (narrative) sensation": sensation transformed into a story and reported by a narrator (a "self"). A typical narrative sensation sounds like this:

"I did this, then I did that, and then I did that, and then I did that, and then something else... etc. until I fell asleep... and then I started it all over again when I woke up the next day." Unconscious people are constantly busy with eating, fighting, fleeing, security, sex, recreation, pleasure, pain avoidance, social contacts, group acceptance, body language etc.

A person has a high level of consciousness when he authentically determines his own behaviour, when he does not only react to what his unconscious has decided for him. Conscious people are busy with actions that are not characteristic of the unconscious. These are philosophy, Self-Consciousness, self-reflection and the questions of what the unconscious is and how it came into being. Philosophy, psychology, meditation etc. are activities of the conscious mind. Someone who deals with these subjects is conscious. Those who only transform their animal existence (their physical being) into a daily story - a narrative - are not really conscious.

High Consciousness means that someone has a Soul-Consciousness. This is the true Self-Consciousness. That Self is the soul. Such a person no longer feels separated from his Higher Self, the Soul. He knows that he/she is the Soul and therefore immortal. Therefore the usual fear has disappeared, from this arises true freedom and self-responsibility.

You can recognize a person with true Self-Consciousness by the fact that he does not howl with the wolves. He can easily see through the narratives of the government, the religions and the doctors and pharmacists etc. - precisely because of the greatly expanded perception. He never relies on the judgement of another (less conscious) person, but investigates 'facts' independently and self-responsibly, or follows the inner voice of the soul, the intuition; while his less developed fellow citizens follow their trained conscience and believe in what the mass media announce, and thus fully fall prey to the general illusion of the Kali yuga, the age of lies and deceit.  

Intuition is the intelligence/wisdom of the heart. Everything else is at best cleverness or intellectuality and at worst cunningness. Knowledge is only better than belief when it is intuitive knowledge. The usual knowledge of the sciences is only a consensual upholding of an interpretation which is open to dispute and which contributes to the general division of society. In this playground of intellectuals, the 'higher' distraction from true humanity - from the expansion of consciousness - takes place. The mentally less educated distract themselves with less demanding, just as little useful professions. Relatively few people create the values that everyone needs to live, such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation etc. (see 'Ad profundum').

We are currently at an all-decisive transition to higher consciousness for a large part of humanity on planet earth. The new society on 5D will be composed of people with Soul-Consciousness and will enable a peaceful, loving, creative coexistence as we imagine it in our noblest dreams.