Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Awakening to a FREE WORLD - NOW

Many people are uprooted from their consumption rut, feel abandoned by their beloved nanny state and find security and protection again in the bosom of their family. Others forcibly leave their hamster wheel of externally determined professional roles and seek new fulfillment in personal responsibility. People who lived side by side for decades suddenly care for each other. A wondrous time in attentive togetherness is suddenly possible again.

Others speak openly of the virus of fear that is currently afflicting the world and of the impending Great Reset, or of the Singularity at which computers will surpass human thought and take control. Some believe the final battle between good and evil has now come and that the Last Judgment is imminent.  

Thus, signs and wonders are still happening in these difficult times. People are already looking through more and more and are getting into motion, are confronted with their fears and anxieties, and are pondering how it could come about that basic laws can simply be undermined by politicians and that elections are being falsified to an alarming extent. They are finally waking up from their slumber. For some, it will be a hard awakening because they still want to fight and maintain the old familiar order.

However, the point now is not to fight the current lawless chaotic conditions and their perpetrators, but to visualize and build the NEW society that we really want. Man has an undreamt-of creative power if he takes personal responsibility and discards the old acquired victim role. Those who are constantly preoccupied with the old, waste their energy and degrade their own vibration. There are already more than enough alternative media, which fulfill this clarifying task. The real revelations will come later from appointed mouths of entities with much more insight.

First, we should forgive the people who currently represent the evil ones, for they are the ones we will live with in the New Society that follows. The transformative energies flowing in are so strong that they too will wake up and remember who they are and that they are only playing roles voluntarily accepted. Hate will get us nowhere any more than fear. Good and evil roles alike are costumes of the ONE soul. When we fight these fellows, we dilute our own ancestral roles instead of taking care to maintain our higher frequency. This results from the fact that we already see through the game and know that the illusion of duality is no longer needed.  

Every fellow human being is a mirror for us and there is something that we can recognize in each other when we live together. We, too, embody all kinds of roles in the multidimensional simultaneous happening for the expansion of consciousness of All-THAT-Is - also those that disturb us in others and that we therefore want to eliminate. However, we cannot do that at all, everything is energy and energy can never be destroyed. The old familiar moral concepts of good and evil, with which we have tormented ourselves enough, have finally had their day. Souls live beyond such illusionary trained ideas.  

For many people the topic of boundaries is very important, they have experienced painful transgressions of boundaries through carelessness and are now experiencing them again, for example with the many so-called refugees. For the souls this is not an issue, they live in unity consciousness. The souls do not need or cannot limit themselves. Only the personalities are affected. And they have the problem at times that they set themselves apart from those from whom there is the least danger. Or they separate themselves so strongly that even the positive energy from outside no longer reaches their innermost being. If we intuitively shape our lives on our own responsibility, then we determine our living conditions in such a way that our environment fits us and our task exactly. By choosing the right environment we determine our worlds of experience alias timelines. It is good to consciously face the challenge of pushing boundaries more and more and to enjoy the freedom that results. It makes no sense to put this on the back burner. This applies to our own boundaries as well as to boundaries with which our fellow human beings believe they have to protect themselves. We do not have to support them in being able to maintain their conditionings.

Decisive for our consciousness is now:  

1. to look into oneself and to call up the events of all the lives available in each case, to remember them as they appear.

2. to face the respective topic and to look at it without evaluation, to let it have an effect on you.  

3. accept what has happened and integrate it into the overall experience of the numerous simultaneous lives. No more repressing and rejecting.

This is not an examination of conscience but an unprejudiced self-reflection. It is no longer about repentance, penance and ''good'' resolutions for a supposed future. This view has only made us small and oppressible. No one has condemned us, we don't need to be saved. We do it all ourselves. And if there were once a kind of Last Judgment, then everyone would be his own judge.

In the present theater of illusionary duality, it makes no sense to believe that the system could still be improved. As a planet of learning, experience and remembrance, our Earth is already functioning optimally. And let's not forget, we volunteered for this - we could have remained in enlightened state on higher levels. The earthly illusion, through which we have learned and understood a great deal, can only be dissolved by light and replaced by something completely different. The so-called evil does not have to be defeated for this. And computers will never replace intuition. After all, thinking does not take place in the head, but in the mental body.

It makes no sense to concern oneself with what other personalities think, or how they process their environment or information. There are people with very different personalities, and they are just as real and valuable as all the rest, experiencing real deep painful as well as joyful feelings. There is no one in our environment just to play a role as a soulless zombie. There are no people without a soul. We can firmly assume that everyone and everything is Source energy. There is nothing outside of Source, and that means we are Source too. Everything else exists only in our imagination, is illusion.  

This should encourage us to let all people create the reality they want to create, to live in it. Since all people are souls who want to have experiences, it would be highly unproductive and boring if all people had the same experience. And since there is basically only one soul, the exchange of experiences regulates itself as if by itself. In the earthly scenario, people who harmonize with each other already attract each other. You just have to let them. And that will finally happen now. Divide et Impera is over - the exercise of power by deliberate separation is finished.  

We are allowed to choose our closest experience partners ourselves. And we can choose people who agree or disagree with us, depending on the meaning and purpose of the task. The souls bring us together. The crucial thing is that personalities no longer agitate and control each other, but lovingly respect and support each other. This is not only liberating, but it also helps to create our own so-called reality the way we want to experience it. That should be our main task now.

Ramana Maharshi was once asked: How should I behave towards others?

He answered: There are no others. He meant to say: we are all souls of the ONE soul, we are all source energy. If we listen to the intelligence of the heart, the voice of the soul, the INTUITION, nothing can happen that harms us. If we are loving to ourselves, we will be treated lovingly.

The physical body is the soul's means of expression with which it experiences. The physical body is the final element - the end product - of a multidimensional series of energy bodies of the soul. It is not a principle, that is, it has nothing to determine. The soul alone decides what it wants to experience. The state of the physical body has no compelling influence on the will and intention of the soul. For example, it cannot be quasi eliminated by an vaccination, because the connection of the building plan of the physical body, called etheric body, to the physical body is loosened, or because the connection to the soul begins to dissolve. With these speculations comes the idea that a genome altering vaccination could prevent people from aspiring to higher spiritual goals or experiencing that they are essentially the soul. There is also speculation that the ''bad guys'' seek to prevent ascension. Within the framework of the old illusionary dualistic 3D system, they have indeed been able to successfully delay enlightenment all these millennia. But since the system has just been aborted, they have no chance at all.  

The hidden elites who believed they could control world events in a certain direction have failed and have already left the planet. Their posts were partly replaced by leaderless power people, accordingly chaotic the demolition of the old system develops. The power of the incoming source energies and from our friends from the higher realms overrides all the negative effects of the harmful measures applied to humanity in these last days of the old 3D system. And these incoming energies, some of which we feel painfully because our physical bodies are not yet adapted to them, are in harmony with our souls or the ONE SOUL.

Stop your fight, trust and the truth will show itself: TRUCE TRUST TRUTH

After the completion of the posting of the above videotext on April 26, 2021, the following Arcturian text channeled by Daniel Scranton appeared the next day, April 27, 2021:

What’s Holding You Back from Your Ascension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a beautiful relationship with all other beings throughout this galaxy, and we continue to seek to create partnerships with beings throughout the universe. There are some that we have not met yet outside of the Milky Way, and we love expanding our consciousness to connect with whomever we can, because we understand that when we are meeting someone else, we are meeting another aspect of ourselves.

This is a beautiful and powerful practice for all of you to employ in your day-to-day lives. When you can see everyone else as representing an aspect of you, and then drop your resistance to that person, if you had resistance to them, you can make such tremendous strides forward in your spiritual evolution, and you can bring about the greatest changes on your world that you have ever seen.

Truly the biggest problem you have there on Earth right now is that you hold grudges, that you feel separate from others, and that you harbor hate in your hearts. Letting all of that go will not just bring you together as a human collective, but it will also help you to rise up, and you want to rise up. You want to exist in a higher-frequency state, one that we refer to commonly as ‘the fifth dimension.’ But you cannot get there through seeing yourself as separate than anyone else.

Creating division puts you in a third-dimensional mentality and keeps you stuck in a third-dimensional paradigm. You were, for the most part, born into a third-dimensional paradigm, and it is what you are there to transcend, what you are there to ascend out of. Don’t see it as letting others off the hook for their bad behavior. See it as the only path to becoming more of who you really are, which is your higher self, your fifth-dimensional self.

We have said this before, and we will say it again – stop waiting for something outside of you to happen to catapult you, and only the other chosen ones, to the fifth dimension. You are going to do this as a collective, and in order to really experience yourselves as Source Energy, you must have the others present, because they are a part of Source Energy, and therefore, a part of you.

Some of you might wonder how can you possibly forgive some of the heinous acts that your fellow acts have taken part in. We are not telling you to deny yourselves of your feelings about those heinous acts, but we are asking you to imagine that in some other lifetime, one in which you were much, much different than you are today, you were the one committing the heinous acts.

If you can forgive someone else, you can forgive yourself, and then and only then you can become more whole and complete. The key to forgiveness is not just realizing that by forgiving another you are forgiving yourself. The key to forgiveness is also allowing yourself to feel what that person and that action was always meant to cause you to feel.

Once you clear your anger, your sadness, your hate, and your fear, then you are in a place where you can forgive, and then you are letting go of some of the weight that’s holding you down, that’s holding you back, that’s keeping you from your own ascension. And as you ascend, you take others with you. You set the example; you create the template. And you become the teacher and guide you were meant to be in this lifetime.

We are sorry that it is not easier than that, but it was your choice to create this version of reality. So please remember that the next time you are shaking your fist at it, and know that the feeling of embracing it all and rising above it is one that is unparalleled throughout the entire galaxy.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”