Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Humans create their own reality

Are they really the architects of their own happiness?

The title statement stands in stark contrast to the widespread victim attitude, in which (wo)man is supposedly determined by unfavorable, hostile circumstances. To which of the two camps you belong, you determine from life to life yourself. You as a soul want to recognize, understand, grasp many things and therefore both belong to it. You as the soul choose the suitable life circumstances for its respective personality. From this point of view it results that people, in whose life plan the victim attitude is included, probably control their life themselves only after decades of experience as wise old personalities - if at all. When this issue has been settled during many simultaneous incarnations, the personality will increasingly enjoy, through soul impulses, actually consciously shaping life itself. In other words: whether someone shapes life self-consciously or foreign-determined depends on the consciousness.

An incarnated personality with a high consciousness - an 'Old Soul', can also be the architect of his own happiness in a repressive dictatorship - as at present in many countries, also in Austria and Germany. We can decide consciously every day whom or what we give our attention to and to what extent we let ourselves be determined by destructive emotions or whether we join the mass hysteria which is triggered and supported by the government.

The more prejudices aka beliefs aka conditioning we have that suggest how the world should be, the more difficult it becomes to determine our own lives. It begins for many people with the fact that they recognize that the world is not so and is not functioning, as parents, teachers, politicians and clergymen proclaim non-stop. For example, the world is not about justice, there are also very few people who mean well with you unselfishly. This belongs to the 3D learning system and is nothing negative in it. And it does not cause any problems if you are aware of it. Free yourself from the trained ideas, because only then you can lead a self-determined life. If you expect something that does not exist, you are bound to be disappointed, because life is about expanding perception and not about 'miracles' triggered by lies.

If your belief is 'you don't get anything for free in life', then it will come true in everyday life. If you believe 'you must always control everything', then your life will become correspondingly exhausting and frustrating. If you believe that you have to be a schoolmaster with raised index finger or a moralizer, then you will not experience your fellow human beings grateful and compassionate.
If you believe in a punitive God, then you will find fellow human beings pouring out His chastisements on you. And if you, as a scientist, think in a strictly materialistic mechanistic way, then your findings will never penetrate beyond that into the subtle and spiritual worlds and your research will be severely limited.

Many people believe that they can change the world and their fellow human beings and are disappointed and depressed when this does not work. When a monarch is replaced by a dictator or other corrupt government it is still the same 3D system. You can only ever change your view and perception of the world at first. You don't change because your environment, the society or the government changes, but vice versa, all this changes for you because you change and increase your frequency. With a higher frequency, you then find a place to live, a job, and the other circumstances of life that suit you. It is likely that, for example, in the big city, conditions are completely different. However, you only get to know these from the Internet. They don't determine your life anymore, they hardly upset you. Basically, you are already on a different timeline, in a different world of experience that you have created for yourself. see The end of linear time

You may only influence the lives of your fellow human beings if they ask you to do so. Every person is responsible for his own expansion of consciousness. You can give advice, but whether it is accepted or not is not up to you. Or do you want to exercise power like a politician? Do you really know what the 'other' needs? The world changes to the extent that the consciousness of the people expands. However, this is not a physical change. People only perceive that which is differently. It is always only about energies into which matter, space and time are projected by the human being because of his education. By the way, these three are not independent of each other. There is no empty space aka vacuum. The three cannot be separated and the linear time, which we perceive, serves only for the fact that we can make certain experiences.

Scientific findings are always interpretations of arguably limited measurements and projections of what the 'scientists' expect or want to see, what they are forced to do and what they are paid to do. All climate forecasts and explanations of a supposed earth warming are based on far too few and deficient measurements, data manipulations and model calculations, where the result is already determined in advance. The influence of fluctuating solar radiation - the only real cause of global thermal fluctuations - is not included in the calculation. see Milanković cycles. The current health crisis shows people at first hand that medicine and pharmacy are also bought subjects.

Most people at present still have a perception strongly limited by conditioning. What the materialistic 'scientists' sell us is only a tacit agreement within a politically and religiously predetermined world view. It is the interpretation of energies in the established terminology and for the non-scientists in the usual terms of the everyday language and serves also as marketing, so that the money flows ... - The big bang is only marketing says e.g. physics Nobel prize winner Robert Laughlin - he looks through already quite well and speaks even of 'black magic' of the so-called scientists! Also because he knows that e.g. the 'research' at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN serves the military, while the involved ones spinning yarns about a search for the 'God particle'. Now more and more scientists will come forward who see through this like he does and no longer play along. So then among other things the physics changes ...

To take into account the traditional kind of 'cognition' one would have to put a so-called in front of every name or term. A so-called table, a so-called smell, a so-called granite, consisting of so-called feldspars, so-called quartz and so-called mica, and this so-called rock is a so-called solid body. Thereby everything is 'only' so-called energy. Physicists, by the way, do not even know what is hidden behind this name - energy. Statement of Richard Feynman, quantum physicist and Nobel prize winner.

This means nothing else than that we as personalities 'create' something by registering energies unconsciously as something that is possible in our world view and then name it based on criteria that we have agreed upon by the majority. This is called research. However, basically there is nothing to research because we have created it ourselves as souls - see the two videos below. That means we and many other entities as souls have arranged 'energy' in such a way that something comes into being which we perceive as objects with a certain design and feel, for example, as hard or soft or aesthetically beautiful, e.g. a flower. To understand something essentially we would 'only' have to 'go' into soul consciousness. Or in other words, we would have to increase our perception, our consciousness. For scientists, however, consciousness does not exist, or they do not attach any importance to it. In their present limited consciousness many personalities cannot comprehend this yet. In the following two videos we have shown in detail how forms arise.

Now there are many people who have such good and stable soul contact and are clairvoyant and perceptive that they can perceive the energies of which All-That-Is consists, in part directly, ideally without interpreting anything into it. They can direct these energies as well as transform them and let them have an effect on other energy systems - e.g. people. In this way healing can happen, especially if the healers have a good knowledge of the structure and function of the body in question. However, the laying on of hands and 'healing streaming' etc. are known to work even when the users do not see the energies.

Artists are also often very sensitive to energies and can express them in their works of art - painting, sculpture, music etc. as part of the creative process. Viewers or listeners who are also sensitive enough can perceive these energies directly. They are said to see or hear 'with the heart'. A work of art moves them to tears of joy because of its harmonious radiance. see here for an example

So, as a human being, you are faced with the question:

do you want to 'know intellectually' - then you go into the maze of the emotionally colored lower mind (Kama Manas), get lost in the labyrinth of the speculations of scientists and do not understand anything meaningful,

or do you want to understand intuitively on the soul level - then you trust yourself, i. e. your soul, which speaks to you through intuition (Buddhi Manas) and provides you with the discernment through which you recognize your own truth and also know in every situation what is just right for you on the path of the expansion of consciousness. Since all souls are one with all other souls, an intuitive decision is always also the best possible for the whole.

The blissfull path of life

Shortly after posting this article, Daniel Scranton's Arcturian Message of the Day appeared in my e-mail inbox. It fits so well with the text that I am attaching it here:

Is There a Spiritual War Going On Right Now? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are awakening within you new avenues for your growth and your evolution every time that we connect with all of you. We are always looking for those entry points, those gaps in your consciousness to slip something into that will enhance your level of awareness of self. We will continuously point you back to yourselves, rather than giving you intel on what’s going on out there, or what’s going to happen. We would so much rather give you the instruction manual on how to create what you want out there and how to choose a timeline, and so that is what we do.

And helping you to become more aware of what’s going on inside of you, helping you to awaken to the truth of who you really are, is what we are all about. We want you to nourish yourselves with good-feeling energies. We advise you to focus on what feels good to you and what you want to create, rather than focusing on what you are afraid of or what might happen that you do not want to happen. We want you to understand that the only spiritual war that’s going on right now is taking place inside the consciousness of each being and that when you achieve inner peace, you achieve peace outside of you. When you raise your level of consciousness, then you don’t see words, actions, and beliefs in others that represent a lower-vibrational consciousness.

You are not spiritual warriors in a biblical sense, where you are supposed to defeat those who are, by your definition, the evil-doers of planet Earth and the galaxy at large. That is the level of consciousness that starts wars on your planets throughout this galaxy of ours, and there have been too many wars in the history of our galaxy. It’s time to put an end to the warrior mentality and to be the ones who seek peace, who vibrate peace, who emanate peace, and it all starts with you and your awareness. You might think thoughts so consistently and believe something with all of your heart, and as such, you are completely unaware that you are walking around holding resentment, angst, and seeking to do battle with someone, even if it’s verbally, because you hold so steadfastly to your beliefs.

When you give up the fight, you find that there was never anything to fight in the first place, because it is at that moment that you become aware that you are The Source of it all. You are The Creator, and there’s nothing that you cannot create, but you’ve got to start with your vibration. Your vibration is your primary creation. It’s active all the time, whether you feel it or not, and if we can convince you to pay more attention to your vibration through these transmissions, then we will have fulfilled our purpose for connecting with you in the first place.

You can get all the other stories elsewhere, but the only story we are interested in is the one you are creating with your vibration and whether you want to make some changes to that story. We will continue to give you the tools to do so, which are the keys to the kingdom, and the kingdom of Heaven is within you. It’s not just out there in the fifth dimension, which is not a place, but a state of being. And you control your state of being with your awareness, which means you can hold fifth-dimensional consciousness for a little while every day, and you can hold it for a little longer and a little longer, and you can create your own pocket of it, your own slice of Heaven, right there, right now, on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”