Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The path to inner and outer health

Diseases are a main characteristic of our view of the world in which we live. Since they are associated with pain and suffering and interfere with sensual enjoyment as well as a professional career, most people want to avoid them. This also applies to so-called accidents of all kinds. Both the existence of illness and accidents as well as most healing methods are based on the prevailing materialistic view of man and the denial of subtle as well as spiritual worlds by chemistry and physics. Man creates his own destiny ...

About causes of illnesses multifaceted and partly very complex publications have been written. First of all we would like to mention here that these writings are only seldom about the real, deeper causes. Most authors from the medical field do not even want to know these. First, the elimination of these causes does not fall within their self-restricted domain; second, it cannot be achieved in a flash and requires the extensive cooperation of the patients; and third, healthy people would drop out as payers.

We see three alternatives:

1. diseases are caused by pathogens, which must be fought accordingly; Louis Pasteur solidified this concept, although his laboratory diaries show that he massively falsified his experimental results. The catchphrase here is: diseases are undesirable disorders and since the organism cannot cope with them on its own, the healer has to bring in more or less sharp guns against the pathogens and the patient has to put up with harmful side effects, from which he may even die in the end. For doctors and pharmacists, this is a calculated risk, just as a general in a war estimates the dead and wounded before the battle. This also applies to the so-called preventive measures, which are currently causing huge problems for mankind globally. This first alternative opens the door to exorbitant profits and political oppression by spreading fear and discord.

2. diseases are purification and healing processes that occur when the milieu is such that the body calls upon the pathogens/germs that are always present. Here nothing needs to be fought, the purification process is supported and the healer tries to arrange the process in such a way that the patient suffers as little as possible. The catchphrase here is: illness is the best way to get well again. Antoine Béchamp, Pasteur's counterpart, advocated this idea: ''it depends solely on the milieu.'' There is something imbalanced in the organism. However, the doctor cannot earn much from fasting cures, for example ...

3. While the first two alternatives are based on the usual wrong purely materialistic world view, the 3rd alternative assumes that man is much more than his/her physical body. It refers to ancient gnostic knowledge, according to which man is the immortal soul and has put on the physical body only for earthly incarnations, during which she wants to grasp during certain experiences. The soul is the all-important instance, without which nothing happens. The catch phrase here is: The soul alone decides whether a person is sick or healthy. However, she makes these decisions depending on whether the person follows his life plan and which experiences the soul wants to have. There are numerous clear indications that this is true, because even the supposedly extremely contagious diseases always affect only a small selection of those who have had contact with sick people. Of course, there are also diseases whose causes lie in other incarnations, which run simultaneously and constantly influence each other in a network.

Since we are concerned in this article with the true, deepest causes of illnesses, we do not need to deal further with the first two alternatives. An unbelievable amount of (from our point of view mostly superficial) has already been said about this. And because they are explanations based on a wrong conception of man and an illusionary world view, the countless hypotheses are also not worth that we deal with them here one more time. Why should we waste our attention on how a pathogen works, how to fight it or how to eliminate it from the outset, when it is clear - as it is to us - that it is not the cause in any case, regardless of whether it exists or not. Such insubstantial discussions only waste valuable resources, divide the population, and create even more fear. The illusion of matter is cemented ...

We assume that the human being is a multidimensional being whose numerous energy bodies of the soul temporarily use a physical body as the last, lowest vibrating link. This physical body is not a principle, i.e. it is not the cause of anything, it is only the executing organ of the will and the intention of the soul, so that the soul can grasp the desired during a multiplicity of simultaneously running incarnations in infinitely many worlds of experience. As it were as mediating higher vibrating elements the soul still dresses itself in a feeling body and a mental body - to use this strongly simplified picture. These two bodies are essentially involved in conveying the will and the intention of the soul to the physical body. It is obvious that the physical body will not perform appropriately when this channel is distorted by educational patterns (conditioning) and clogged by useless thought garbage. A spiritual therapist or healer will work on clearing these bodies. The crucial blockages here are in the emotional realm of emotionally colored conceptual thinking, whose most harmful occupation lies in judging and projecting onto others. Purification, deacidification and detoxification of the physical body have a supporting effect. It is crucial that the human being with his lower bodies follows more and more the soul plan and thus expands his consciousness. This is how true healing happens.

This is a difficult task for most people, because as a result they increasingly have to behave differently than society wants them to. As a result, they lose friends and become outsiders. As a reward, health and feelings of happiness gradually set in. Life is now directly guided by the advice of the immortal soul that they are. It may be perceived in the body by a gut feeling or an inner knowing that appears in the mind as a sensation or mental certainty. If we distract ourselves by taking the path of least resistance of the dictatorship of society and deny the existence of the soul, the intuitive signals of the soul cannot be perceived. The gut can then send sadness, aggression or fear. The person then knows that something is wrong and is well advised not to suppress these signals and rather to try to find out what should run differently in life. Since the gut is also the seat of impulsivity, based on ancient instincts of our reptilian brain, which often does not fit our modern life determined by technology, it is better to rely on the discernment of the intuition of the soul.

Some will now shrug their shoulders and ask what to do when the physical body shows symptoms of illness. What I advise you now is based on my philosophy of life for the last 50 years, which has served me very well:

1. acquire as much practical knowledge about your body and its psyche as possible, and so much that you can say with inner certainty that it is you who knows yourself best. Most doctors, unfortunately, are first and foremost business people, they make a living from your illness - but you celebrate life when you are healthy. You also don't have to prove to anyone that you are healthy. You are always as healthy as you feel. And if you feel signs that something is not right, search for the cause yourself and trust your intuition. I advise you to go to a doctor or psychotherapist only if your self-observation and self-treatment with home remedies, herbs, diet, exercise and working through your psychological traumas do not produce satisfactory results, or if you want to correct the consequences of an accident or the decay of your teeth. In any case, you should do as much research as possible beforehand and take responsibility for your own treatment. Do not let yourself be pressured out of fear into hasty treatments, which supposedly cannot be postponed ...

It is by no means good to automatically fight every developing disease before or at the onset of symptoms. Disease is not your enemy, it wants to tell you something. You have sent it to yourself as a soul. Listen first ... What do I have to change in my life? By the way, preventive examinations are not prevention, but only one of the many methods to keep the medical business running. Doctors always find something and constantly invent new diseases that supposedly need to be treated immediately at a cost. There are said to be people who go to the doctor because they want to take advantage of their insurance and then wonder about the side effects.

Let's quote the most famous Greek physician, Hippocrates:

If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool. The most effective medicine is the natural healing power that lies within each of us.

2. Deal deeply with the issues of fear, death and separation. These three are the foundation of our system. When you overcome them with understanding, intuition flows and you are well. The most common cause of illness is fear. However, this irrational trained fear cannot be fought any more than the other so-called pathogens. If you look at it in the light, it dissolves. Do not generally look for the cause of your state of mind in the outside world and at other people, but always consider first whether you yourself have (unconsciously) attracted the particular situation. Trust in the ancient Gnostic knowledge of the immortality of the soul. It is your essence that never passes away. We are separated from the maternal source as a baby by birth after the umbilical cord is cut, and therefore generally believe we are lonely solitary beings. However, mystical unity experiences e.g. at the sight of natural or artistic beauty (a sunrise ...) show you that you can never be separate from All-THAT-Is, because you are a part of it.

3. the purpose of life on this planet is not to be healthy, but to have experiences. Illness is part of life in a natural ebb and flow. A dynamic balance is sought with the environment, the behavior of the personality and the purpose of the immortal soul. Many diseases disappear on their own without elaborate treatment when they have served their purpose. The soul is a pool of infinite wisdom. In this wisdom the souls - WE - in cooperation with further spiritual entities have created our world. Everything is perfectly regulated there for the good of the whole. It is always about expansion of consciousness. If we courageously resist the temptation to intervene destructively as personalities, this own soul-wisdom is beneficially at our disposal, guarantees the optimal handling of diseases and opens us to celebrate life with all its ups and downs.

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