Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The world teacher is recognized  

There are many entities in the known history of Planet Earth who appear in human form and remind people of the true meaning and purpose of their earthly existence through awakening messages and through an appropriate exemplary life. They are sages with highly developed consciousness (enlightened ones), who are called sons of God, crowned respectively anointed (Krishna resp. Christus) or avatars. In their succession, the world religions came into being, although they did not see themselves as founders of religions.

Most of these religions expect their ''founders'' to appear again here and now at the end of the Piscean Age. The Christians speak of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Hindus expect the Kalki Avatar, the Muslims the Imam Mahdi, the Jews the Moshiach and a part of the Theosophists the Maitreya. In addition, self-appointed persons are waiting for their assignment as world saviors, world healers or world teachers during or after the ascension of mankind. They are all supposed to prepare it for the new Golden Age of Aquarius. It is also said that the ascension would not be possible at all without the help of the aforementioned.

It is a recurring feature of these helpers that they bring salvation to people from outside. The world religions also preach goddesses and gods who are outside people. They are to be revered and worshipped so that they transfer the help from outside to the believers. Since the coming Aquarian Age is based on a unity consciousness, it is said that it is important that a unified spiritual teaching is spread, which is why there must be only one teacher, so that dissonances are prevented from the beginning.

This argument starts at the same point as the traditional religions, which claim that only their teaching is the only redeeming one. Furthermore, this claim means that again a uniformed system or law is imposed from the outside. From here it is not far to the usual exercise of power and we remain fully in 3D. In order to be able to answer the question whether mankind now needs a world teacher etc. for ascension, or whether there is such a teacher at all, we look at alternatives.

In the system that is coming to an end, it was claimed that man would not be able to find out for himself what is beneficial for him and for the general public and to act accordingly. Therefore, he was harassed with an overflowing flood of secular and religious laws, regulations, restrictions, etc. It is hardly possible for him to act on his own. It is hardly possible for him to make independent decisions without coming into conflict with the regulatory power of state and church. Self-determination is ostracized as selfishness, personal responsibility is treated with suspicion, and self-employed people have their legs torn out from under them. As a result, no one in the army of white-collar and blue-collar workers wants to take responsibility for others or make independent decisions.

In this way, people live under the burden of permanent control and the exercise of power. The individual is not even the master of his own health, as the present conditions clearly show. And the only ''own'' standard, his conscience, is also externally-determined and learned. If there were nothing else, then man could never break out of this system alone. And an eventual ascension to a higher level of consciousness would indeed only be possible with massive help from outside.

Fortunately, this acquired estimation of the human condition is based on a massive lie. Man is not a helpless lone fighter separated from everything and everyone. He possesses a compass that shows him/her unerringly how to make the appropriate decisions in each case if he is to do well and if he wants to ascend. This compass, which empowers him to have clear discernment, is his essence, the immortal SOUL. However, she is not outside of him. The result of human dressage, the personality, has no SOUL. Man is the SOUL and has a personality, a character, a conscience. These three are only the external conditioning and show.

This means nothing else than that the true healer, teacher and guide appears at the moment when the personality recognizes, acknowledges and hands over the helm to the SOUL. He then becomes a soul-infused personality and finally realizes that the personality is only the soul's tool for comprehension through grasping in this ending 3D Earth. This fact of the existence and the characteristics of the immortal human SOUL were, until recently, essentially known only to a few wise or enlightened sages. During ascension, which has already begun, successively more and more people are becoming aware of it, so that it can be rightly said:

Yes, there is indeed a world healer, world teacher and world leader. However, this one is not a single entity or person who exists outside of man and treats, teaches and guides him from the outside. This true world healer, world teacher and world leader, who is now recognized, lives in each of us humans, yes he/she is our essence core, our actual (higher) SELF or EGO (capital letters!), in contrast to the personality, the lower self or ego. Gnostics of all traditions have always known this. The Advaita Vedanta philosophy sings a song about it.

When we now speak of self-responsibility, on which the New Society of the Aquarian Age is based, we mean the responsibility which is based on the fact, that we are the SELF i.e. the SOUL. We ourselves are as SOULS responsible for our life and all decisions. No one else can or should take over. This is far more than personal responsibility, when the personality has to respond in court, has to justify itself and is forced to pay damages in the event of liability. The responsibility as SOUL is the individual responsibility, since personality is only an educational product of the masses, while the SOUL contains our true individuality. Only the SOUL is able to live autonomously in freedom. Instead of SELF- or SOUL-responsibility one could also say HEART-responsibility or intuitive responsibility. And since all SOULS are one, the intuitive responsibility of the SOUL is always at the same time the responsibility for the whole. Here are no egoistic reservations, no dissonances and no power games. This is called UnityConsciousness.

Let us summarize: Every human has his/her own personal redeemer/savior/healer/teacher/guide inside. It is his SOUL that is essential to every human. Therefore, it can never leave. The SOUL is the spark of God, through which we are always connected with everything and everyone. The SOUL makes experiences through grasping here on earth under partly very inhospitable conditions. This comes to an end now. Out of the nightmare we awake in the light of the SOUL. Down pouring solar and cosmic energies enhance the process substantially. The grasped experiences of all our endeavours in countless simultaneous incarnations is now synchronized and united, we pass through ''heaven's gate'' to the new society of the Aquarian Age on higher dimensions.

It is not surprising that there are SOULS in this game in the simultaneous frequency worlds alias timelines, which are overseeable by us, which are further developed, because they have grasped more, than the majority of the SOULS. Soul populations are always mixed. For these SOULS it is a pleasure to act as teachers for the other souls. It is their very natural obligation, they know that they want to do this because they have to, because it is in their life plan in the spiritual evolution. They do this with great enthusiasm, satisfaction and love, because they know that the others thirst for this wisdom and because they have experienced that the old belief must be replaced by knowledge. This mainly applies to mature and old SOULS. These facts clearly testify that the Aquarian Age is one of synthesis and group processes.

Intuitive remarks on the current discussion of different ascension scenarios

The variety of possible decisions in every single situation during the numerous incarnations of human beings on earth is enormous. The soul experiences not only one experience after the other, but all conceivable possibilities at the same time. Events in our illusionary, strongly limited ''reality'' of a single incarnation, however, never determine the decisions of the souls - certainly not whether and when ascension happens. They have no decisive influence on the ''success'' of the expansion of consciousness.

ConsciousnessExpansion happens as a result of all incarnations taking place simultaneously in the infinite frequency worlds covering all possibilities. This crucial point is usually overlooked. Almost all people start only from the timelines alias frequency worlds which they themselves survey - and these are far too few to be able to say anything profound.

We should absolutely consider that every soul in the experiment earth, in its many incarnations experiences all stages of development at the same time, from the inexperienced baby soul to the ''enlightened soul'', which has grasped everything necessary. We are all already enlightened, were already enlightened 'before' the experiment earth, and we will continue to be enlightened 'after' plus the wealth of experience of the earthly incarnations.

The experiment comes to an end when in sum enough has been understood. People integrate the experiences from all their frequency worlds and turn to new adventures without physical bodies on the 5D soul level.

Therefore it is not to be assumed that a part of mankind has to be detained when the earthly theater is finished, or that existing frequency worlds are separated and eliminated, or that millions of people have to die by natural catastrophes because they are allegedly not ready yet. They are only apparently not, if one looks with blinkers only at the one presently manageable incarnation. In other simultaneous frequency worlds they are! Always the whole must be considered. Also the 4D-beings, which play the ''bad'', do not need to be punished and cannot be eliminated. They too are immortal souls. Revenge, punishment, atonement, etc. are disciplinary measures from the 3D illusion of the special project Earth. They contradict Gnosis as well as Universal Law and Advaita Vedanta philosophy. In the soul worlds on 5D and higher the unity-consciousness ruling there prevents discord and war. There is only ONE soul. Nobody wants to fight against himself.

The presently again numerous extraterrestrial contacts supply now abundantly building up solar and cosmic energies which make the end of the theater project earth possible. However, the experiment Earth does not come to an end because the good has defeated the evil. The illusion dissolves without struggle when the light of the soul illuminates the stage. The souls do not need world saviors or world teachers for this, a (fictitious) God does not need to intervene either. Humanity as a whole with all its incarnations and frequency worlds is ready to ascend. This turns out differently for each human being in his different frequency worlds or incarnations, depending on what they expect or visualize. For everyone, however, the play is coming to an end, all souls have understood enough and have every reason to celebrate.

The present escalating processes on the frequency worlds alias timelines to be surveyed here we feel indeed as most unpleasant and at times extremely exhausting. However, they are balanced by the innumerable frequency worlds in which completely different conditions prevail. These countless events result in an overall picture and this is decisive. Since we do not know it, we cannot correctly assess individual parts (e.g. our situation). However, we can be sure that all roles, sets, costumes and props are meaningful, equal and desired. The Gnostic knows that he survives every illusion as an energy being/soul, because energy is never lost.

GAIA blossoms in the light of the ONE SOURCE