Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde


When reviewing the numerous reports and prognoses about the present change of mankind, planet earth as well as our solar system, it is noticeable that two fundamentally different scenarios are described, which are based on a different perception of the phenomenon TIME. The authors mostly do not give a definition of their used TIME. This creates additional confusion in interpreting a process that seems complicated enough on its own, because such a change is anything but normal.

Most authors use the usual linear time with the division into past, present and future without questioning the concept. Therefore, they also assume that the numerous incarnations of each person take place successively one after the other in the sense of the usual reincarnation doctrine including the burdening karma. They believe that people in their present state live only in exactly that consciousness which they seem to express by their behavior. They are just not yet further ... This leads consequently to the fact that a large number of people are denied the ability for ascension ''in this incarnation'', which alone is assumed.

This view also often implies a currently raging battle between good and evil, in which the wicked must be defeated for ascension to succeed. It is also often postulated that the wheat is now being separated from the chaff, expressing that part of humanity cannot go along with the great change and will have to do detention - on another 3D Earth. This narrative also fits perfectly with the separation of people into different groups that can be hounded at each other, as practiced in 3D. These authors do assume that people are their immortal soul on 5D and also talk about ascension to 5D, but they want to achieve this with 3D methods.

If someone wants to live permanently on a higher level, his/her energy must fit to this level. That is, he/she must raise his/her vibration as much as possible to match the desired higher level. To achieve this, other new ways of thinking and acting are necessary. For this purpose it is necessary to see through the illusions of the initial level, so that it can be left behind. In the concrete case treated here, it makes no sense at all to continue to believe in the linear time in order to come on a level on which it is completely clear that everything takes place only in the HERE and NOW and that consequently the different incarnations happen simultaneously. We explicitly point out here that an illusionary concept of TIME prevents correct statements.

Meaning and purpose of All-That-Is is expansion of consciousness. This happens as a result of all simultaneous incarnations of all entities in the infinitely many frequency worlds, which cover all possibilities. This crucial point is overlooked by the linear thinkers. They start only from the timelines alias frequency worlds which they themselves survey - and these are far too few - mostly only one - to be able to say anything.

The second small group of authors takes into account that every soul in the experiment earth, in its many incarnations experiences all stages of development simultaneously, from the inexperienced baby soul to the ''enlightened soul'' that has grasped everything desired. We can be sure that all roles - whether ''good'' or ''evil'' -, sets, costumes and props are meaningful, equal and desired. The experiment ends when ''enough'' has been grasped. People NOW integrate the experiences from all their frequency worlds and turn to other adventures on the 5D soul level.

The respective population on planet is always a mixture of people on all relevant levels of consciousness to ensure the necessary friction for grasping. But these are only the currently visible roles, which say nothing at all how much the soul concerned has grasped altogether. Therefore it is not to be assumed that a part of mankind has to be detained if the earthly theater now comes to an end, or that existing frequency worlds are separated. 3D/4D beings who played the ''bad guys'' do not need to be punished and cannot be eliminated. They too are immortal souls. Revenge, punishment, atonement etc. are disciplinary measures from the 3D illusion of the special project Earth. They contradict Gnosis as well as STANKOV's Universal Law and Advaita Vedanta philosophy. In the soul-worlds on 5D and higher the unity-consciousness ruling there prevents discord and war. There is only ONE soul. Nobody wants to fight against oneself.

Since SPACE and conventional linear TIME are inseparably connected - this is called SPACE-TIME - also our idea of SPACE is wrong. An empty space, which is then filled with objects - as still Heraclitus believed, exists only as useful idea in the heads of mathematicians. Space in nature exists because something is present. However, this space has no borders. Therefore there is also no vacuum - there is always something present - ENERGY, which is however so high-frequency that the physicists do not register it. Different worlds of experience - so called timelines - are found not only simultaneously but also ubiquitously. Between space as well as time there is no difference from the point of view of the soul (5D and higher). Only for most people in the present limited 3D state there is the linear time and a three-dimensional space, in which the physical body can be only always at a certain point at a certain time.

Soul/spirit, however, is in the NOW untouched by the human illusion and feels themself via the increasing consciousness in multiple worlds of experience simultaneously. With his thoughts man can already move in the NOW. For soul/spirit there is only one HERE and this HERE is everywhere. There is neither time travel nor spatial travel from A to B, because speed v is another human illusion. Speed v is currently defined in physics as v = s/t without having recognized that both distance s and linear time t are one and the same quantity and therefore an illusion. So-called time travel and space travel happen in the NOW by frequency adjustments. The spaceship changes its position in the HERE by a change of its frequency. This happens from our 3D view faster than the speed of light.

The basis for this knowledge is the realization that the created universe is a ''symphony'' of 'energies' of all 'frequencies' and 'wavelengths'. These energies are conscious and alive; they are constantly moving, exchanging, transforming, overlapping and interpenetrating, etc. Nothing is lost in the process; energy cannot be eliminated. Man perceives it illusorily as space-time.

The following picture opens up to us: The ''present'' incarnation in the conventional, illusory sense, is what the person in question is currently aware of from all his/her many lives. Since he/she believes in the linear time and the aging process connected with it, the human being perceives these experiences linearly one after the other, however, they do not really happen in such a way, but take place simultaneously in the NOW. All other experiences of all 3D incarnations also take place simultaneously, but he is mostly not aware of them and therefore there is no mental distinction into different linear strands of separate lives. Such strands arise only by perception plus mental interpretation, for example during a therapy or during another incarnation viewed with 3D perception.

One could formulate it even more freely in this way: since man cannot perceive the above-mentioned symphony of energy directly correctly, since he is limited to his five senses plus possibly some clairvoyance etc., he perceives only a differently small part depending on his consciousness, which he interprets within the framework of the SPACE-TIME model. Due to his conditioning he comes to so-called consensual truths, on which people have agreed, because they are supposedly true and useful for practical purposes. However, they are only extremely limited head interpretations of what is registered or measured, with which they make their experiences on the planet earth by physical grasping.

Because of his upbringing and education the human being is fully convinced that life really happens as it is known to us - as a sequence of birth, growth, adult being, aging and death incl. all possible events which ''belong to it''. The whole takes place in the way adapted to the prevailing world view. The human being perceives during his respective life due to his frequency always only the energies from the total symphony which he can imagine or which he wants to grasp and which he interprets accordingly in the head. Due to his life plan, which is controlled by the soul, and within the framework of the coordination of all his lives, his imagination ''comes true'' at every moment - Meher Baba speaks of conceptual thinking, which of course has nothing to do with the true nature of the energy symphony.

Due to his limitations and conditioning, man rarely/never has the possibility to perceive several lives simultaneously - an endeavor that seems fundamentally questionable, since it is not about real, delimited, parallel events. The lives called different incarnations are completely interwoven, the separation into single lives always takes place only in the mind and then affects physically. Please note that physical does not mean real. Also this is only imaginative interpretation. In the head the human being usually chooses more or less consciously what he just wants to see/experience as belonging to ''this'' life. Thereby he can also repeat one or the other several times with nuances. He/she can choose at any time from incredibly many different possibilities - to think of something, to dream of something, to plan something, etc. Whether he/she then grasps this physically, depends on his/her soul plan and the plans of the ''other'' souls. On the soul level, however, all SOULS are ONE. Therefore, everything here is very well interconnected and sensibly planned.

It is often said that in the different lives on the planet Earth the soul clothes itself in a physical body, which is produced by the growth in the womb. As is known, however, the human being is more than soul with physis - he is multidimensional. He still has a vital body/life ether, an astral body/emotional realm and a mental body/thinking faculty. The higher intuitive thinking leads over to the soul, so to speak. With this instruments the soul creates herself in the womb the respective physical body which she can transform constantly in the HERE and NOW - whereby she makes use of all her bodies. It is always the SOUL - the essence core of the human being - which determines everything. She also chooses the mother. It is an unbelievable process, which the human being does not see through because of his amnesia from birth. This ''handicap'' is not given to him by malice but enables him to grasp on earth.

Remark: The term frequency is not to be equated here with the one from physics where frequency is the oscillation number of waves (per second). However, this second does not exist ... The letter D - e.g. in 5D - stands here for dimension or density and can replace the frequency term.

Finally, I would like to address one last point: it is the question to what extent people accept help from outside from other entities to make the ascension to 5D on the New Earth or whether they take this step alone. As an autonomous sovereign creator being, man is able to accomplish the decisive steps on his own. After all, as a soul he is on 5D anyway. However, often a little impulse is helpful to the personality go further. So it is only a matter of seeing through the 3D illusion and to be again consciously what the human being always already is - the immortal soul. As such he is part of All-THAT-Is and thus embedded in the All-Whole and thus cannot be seen separately from the Whole and of course cannot make decisions that run counter to the Whole. Seen in this way, man is never alone and there are no others.

CONCLUSION: Many authors assume that life in the Experiment Earth runs like in a school and that man can only ascend when he has earned ascension - this is typical 3D thinking. The New 5D Earth is a Consciousness, a frequency in which All LIVE LOVE, ARE LOVE. This LOVE knows no control, exams, grades, performance and merits. The only decisive aspect is that you see through the 3D illusion thanks to your numerous earthly incarnations and you know WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

This soul-awareness is the MASTER KEY

or in other words, your own vibrational frequency matches that of the New Earth; THEREFORE YOU ARE THERE. And since the WHOLE  NOW has decided to end the theater play on GAIA, i.e. to transform these frequencies now, we can be sure that all SOULS who have been involved as personalities/actors and have given their best in their many roles without doubt, are also ready to live on/in a New 5D Earth.


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