Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Trust Openness  Dedication

through intelligence of the heart  intuition

We are ready

The waiting ends

We feel the energies

The change becomes intense

The solar system moves through the photon belt

The color of the sun is shifting towards white

and at times shows concentric pulsating rings

Variations in solar radiation change the climate

The earth's magnetic field varies and decreases overall

The amplitude of the Schumann resonance is fluctuating extremely

The fundamental frequency of 7,83 HZ remains the same

Earthquakes volcanism and weather anomalies increase

Animal and plant species disappear new ones emerge

Humans experience time anomalies/change timelines

The human DNA is fully activated again

Numerous physical and psychological symptoms appear

People become polarized for the last time

These are clear signs of the end of the Old World

and the new beginning in a higher dimension

How can you use the strong energies optimally

for consciousness expansion and ascension?

Trust in the Divine plan

You yourself are source energy that never fades away

and is only transformed

You are one of the Creators of the New World

Be open for the energies & transformations

and the path of expanding consciousness

Feel the joy in your heart as a receiver

You are a powerful transformer

Surrender to the change

Follow the intuitive impulses of your soul

Gratefully accept what is given to you

It is now the time of harvest

See the divine in yourself and in others

Accept and love yourself in all your facets

Forgive yourself and your neighbor

There are only roles and experiences

Feel the gratitude in your heart

that you are allowed to grasp so much

even through those who cause you pain and suffering

Thank you that the experiment earth is now definitely coming to an end

Connect with beauty harmony and your heart

to uphold a high vibration

Surround yourself with people with whom you can exchange your energy harmoniously

You are now a receiver as well as a transmitter

Use the elements and energies of nature  

Feel the earth under your feet for stability and endurance

Dive into the water and accept all your feelings

Connect with the rocks  plants  animals and the wind

Observe yourself if you feel joy in everyday life

Try new ways of thinking and acting

Use your talents creatively

Enjoy tranquility and listen to the silence

Take full responsibility for yourself

and trust that your fellow human beings do the same

Then you can unite in light and love

You become a collective of the Aquarian Era

You are not guilty if you feel happy in these difficult times

Being sad or angry does not help anyone and lowers your vibration

You achieve the most when you are strong and positive

Show resistance through beauty joy humor and laughter

This uplifts you as well as your environment

Love yourself just for persevering here

and helping to create the New Earth

You are also o.k. if you do not always meet your own high standards

In any case it is the good intention that counts

And always remember

Also in a physical body you are an immortal soul

You make experiences here through grasping

and this one life you are overlooking at the moment

is only one of many simultaneous ones

in which you try out everything your soul wants to experience

What you don't manage to do in one life or one world of experience

you do in another

As Meher Baba says

''Don't worry, be happy''

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