Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Expansion of Consciousness in multiple Frequency worlds  part 1

our view based on the Universal Law

The ''reality'' of humans is based on the interpretation of the physical sense input. However, this does not result in perceiving anything as true. ''Real'' is only what the majority believes and what the respective rulers allow.

The human being experiences diversity in nature, until he feels deep inside that there is only one common original basis. This he interprets as LIGHT in the broadest sense

Stankov's Universal Law (UL) calls this light PhotonEnergy. The created universe lives as symphony of the energies of all frequencies and wavelengths originated from it. These energies move constantly, exchange themselves, transform themselves. Thereby nothing is lost, energy cannot be eliminated. Man perceives it as Space-Time.

The universe as a whole is closed, i.e. the total amount of energy is always the same. The sub-levels and -systems of the whole = energy are open and U-subsets i.e. also energy. A vacuum would not be an energy-set but a nothing-set, i.e. a N-subset. However, N-subsets do not exist in the universe.

The source of this photon energy we call spirit or ''the ONE about whom naught can be said'' in the sense of Theosophy according to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. It can be said only that this ONE is uncreated, immutable and eternal. It is nothing and everything at the same time, NILINFINIT - zero infinite. Advaita Vedanta calls the ONE ''the ONE without a second'', Hindu Philosophy, Advaita Vedanta, calls it Brahman.

In the biblical creation story Godfather speaks ''let there be light''. It is obvious that this command is issued in the already existing universe - thus within space-time. And it is a wrong statement, because light as the original basis of all creation is of course already there, otherwise God and all the things mentioned in the Genesis would not have existed.

This story describes a tiny part in the above mentioned symphony, namely the creation of the dualistic illusion on a planet of experience and remembrance. Therefore there is not only light, but also the dual counterpart darkness, or day and night, or water and dry land, or heaven and earth.  

Unity Spirit (Source) forms the variety in the total universe and on earth a special variant of it: the ''duality'' with two opposites and all transitions of the polarity between. The biblical Godfather is one of the many mythical sun-gods symbolically representative for the spiritual world, which realizes a special project in agreement with the involved human souls. He is not Spirit Source but belongs to the created world, consists also ''only'' of light-energy. Behind this myth are ensouled 4D-aliens with changing names.

The souls of humans (Atman) are part of Spirit Source. They are as ambassadors and as scouts, so to speak, on a mission in a universe which they have created themselves as Soul Spirit. The earth is only a tiny part of it. The souls want to acquire experiences under the most diverse conditions - mostly without physical body - and become conscious of themselves.

The universe is teleologically oriented - everything runs goal-directed throughout. There is nothing which is contrary to the meaning and purpose of the whole, it is always exclusively about consciousness-expansion of spirit-soul.

Therefore there is truly nobody in the universe who could prevent the expansion of consciousness of Spirit Soul. There is no Absolute Evil, which is contrary to the basic purpose of the creation of the Spirit. Thus, there is also nothing that has to be eliminated. If someone fights against the Absolute Evil, then he fights with a phantom, an N-set, whose purpose is not Consciousness-Expansion. However, the Universal Law categorically emphasizes that there are no N-sets in the total universe. Nothing and nobody can sabotage the will and purpose of Spirit Soul.

Admittedly: it is very painful at times to take the Universal Law out of its ivory tower of physics and apply it to one's own earthly life. It mercilessly destroys many illusions. Applied consistently, the UL can trigger an expansion of consciousness that eventually leads to enlightenment/ascension. However, this also can be achieved without it. The UL stands firmly on the feet of Gnosis as we understand it today. A true Gnostic does not violate the UL. The UL also harmonizes with the monism of the Indian Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

Evil exists only in our illusionary dual/polar system Earth, where souls want to have very special experiences in an environment that is not the norm in the universe. However, this ''evil'' exists only as a fictitious contrast to the ''good''. Thus, for our special learning purposes, a very significant tension is intentionally built up by the souls. The ''bad guys'' can fight the ''good guys'' but never exterminate them - so we are on the safe side. But the ''bad guys'' can never be eliminated either. In ''duality''/polarity, both are always needed.

It is all just a training arrangement designed by the souls especially for their personalities, or a theatrical production in which they only play roles that they are not, of course. Unfortunately, most people forget this, no wonder, because it feels very real and is at times very exhausting and painful for them. Those in power use this for their own purposes.

However, people would destroy their own learning if they weeded out the actors of those roles that they do not like because of their own conditioning. They would be spoilsports and act against the will and intention of their souls. Everything here on earth necessarily belongs to it. It makes no sense to try to sever and destroy parts of it. Whoever does this interferes with the autonomy of his fellow human beings, deprives them of their freedom of decision.

Who decides? There is only one entity that can do that: the soul. And since there is basically only one soul, all individual souls also have full knowledge of what the ''other'' souls are doing; all benefit from the different comprehension of all. It is therefore completely unnecessary to try to counsel ''another'' incarnated soul, like personalities do among themselves. Every soul has the right to play the roles that enrich her wealth of experience. No one is allowed to interfere.

The earth is optimally equipped to provide the desired experiences. It does not need to be improved, unless one wanted other possibilities of experience in general, e.g. a New Earth on 4D. The present Earth can be abandoned when we have experienced enough. In the perception of the people the light of the soul will then illuminate the whole scenery. The spiritual world helps us with this. The people then see the whole illuminated without illusion again as at the beginning of the experiment of Planet Earth - only richer in experiences.

In everything we experience as personalities in our incarnations, we should always keep the following in mind. All important decisions are always made by the souls in the unity of the One Soul. The outer material circumstances and the conditioned personalities are only the stage set, the costumes and the props for this play of recognizing, understanding, grasping. These lead to an expanded consciousness, but it does not matter which play is given: Dramas, tragedies, comedies, operettas or operas - everything is equally valuable and purposeful. Also the corrupt politician or the pharmaceutical industry, the religious fanatic or the bought environmental activist are only a means to an end and do not have to be fought. Those who like to run their heads into the wall can do so, of course. However, the resulting headache is not a merit.

It is always about expansion of consciousness.