Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The birth pangs of the NEW EARTH

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the winter solstice 2020


This video describes the background and effects of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020 at the beginning of the zodiac sign Aquarius. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years, but few are as significant as this one. The last conjunction at the beginning of Aquarius was on March 4, 1226 at just under 3 degrees Aquarius.

There is now a transition in space-time, from one frequency world/'timeline' of the Earth to another.

Saturn symbolizes the time aspect, Jupiter the space aspect. But space-time can not be separated. This shows once more, that the ''duality'' of the separation-matrix of the old earth was pure illusion. This is now disappearing, because in the light the truth comes out. The Aquarian Age happens on a NEW EARTH!

As a result, many people from all walks of life are now waking up worldwide. They can see for themselves that the old narrative is outdated and that the deprivations of freedom by governments are meaningless and without rights. You don't have to wait for the MSM to report about it.  This awakening is fully supported by energies from the spiritual world.

The very intense energies that are flowing through Earth and Humans during these weeks accelerate the process of leaving the old Earth completely behind. We visualize and manifest the NEW EARTH and completely redesign the SOCIETY. The birth pangs have already fully begun.

Music Paul Armitage,  cover picture 'pregnant Gaia' and heart chakra rose by Emilia Rippel, wrought iron peacock by Andreas Schindler


The now ending experiment earth in the field of 3D illusion provided the participating souls the opportunity in a sensitive mortal physical body to grasp many things under amnesia and massive conditioning.

So that the game of ''good'' with ''evil'' would not end too early because people remember their true nature as immortal souls, various complicated and often violent measures were necessary. Confusion in all areas was their basis.

The greatest confusion was provoked in the religious sphere. Hundreds of goddesses an gods were propagated and played off against each other. This can already be seen in the Sanskrit word for God ''deva''. From this root both ''deus'' lat. for God (''guda'' = good) as well as ''devil''  (''evil'') descend.

This ambivalence is evident in the cradle of our culture in Mesopotamia with the alien Anunnaki brothers Enki and Enlil. These were later called Jupiter and Saturn, among others. Enlil and Enki are known as 'God the Father'  'Jehovah'  'JHWH'. In most religions they appear as mythical sun gods.

Since these gods have created man ''in their own image'', it is worth to take a closer look at them. Their personality structures correspond to the dual 3D matrix. Confusing contrasts were exploited to the fullest.

Enlil-Saturn symbolizes the regular restrictive categorizing punishing limiting energy (symbol of the cube). As Kronos he brought us the illusion of linear time. From the word Saturn the word Satan is derived.

Enki-Jupiter stands for vital generous lush expansive liberal boundless but structurally weak energy. Enki-Jupiter contains the danger of exaggeration excessiveness wastefulness indulgence hypocrisy and pride. Therefore Enki – as a fallen angel – becomes the devil – mistakenly called ''Lucifer''. So it is said that evil came into the world.

Now at the end of duality Enki and Enlil unite. This will take place symbolically on December 21  2020, when Jupiter and Saturn meet in a conjunction at the beginning of the zodiac sign Aquarius at the winter solstice on Christmas.

There is a transition in space-time from one frequency world alias 'timeline' of the earth to another. Saturn symbolizes the time aspect, Jupiter the space aspect. The age of Aquarius happens on a NEW EARTH.

The energies currently flowing into the earth have a transformational effect. In old and mature souls  the three upper chakras also open after the heart chakra. When the uppermost - the crown chakra - is open one can live on 5D without a physical body. Similar processes were known so far under ''enlightenment''.

The other people will first open their heart chakra. Thus the three lower chakras are united with the three upper chakras. They will live for a while on the new 3D-4D Earth until they too are ready to open their crown chakra.

These processes deal with the terms heart and crown. Even the Corona ''Virus'' plays a role as a catalyst  and it is about the axis Leo - Aquarius of the zodiac, to which the Egyptian sphinx points - a human head with a lion body.

The first awakened old and mature souls are the ''lions with heart''. They help the still sleeping young souls - the ''sheep'' - to awaken. They act as midwives way showers and encouraging enlightening guides. But they cannot take the self-reflection  self-observation transformation away from them. The Corona Lockdown gives people time to go inwards into the heart: lat. Cor = heart  ON = Egyptian city of light  A = sound of the heart chakra.

The word corona (lat.) means crown, coronare = to crown. Christ and Krishna means ''the crowned one'' - their crown chakra is open. Christ and Krishna also means ''the anointed one''; at the coronation the heir to the throne was anointed;  Greek chrisma = anointing   chrisam = anointing oil. Richard Lionheart e.g. was anointed before the coronation. Christ and Krishna are of course mythological figures - sun gods. Transformative energy comes to us from holes in the corona of the sun and through solar flares.

The crucial point is  that nobody can open your chakras. You can only ever ''anoint'' and ''crown'' yourself. These are inner processes that only take place when the personality is free from old patterns constraints  traumas and fears.

Aquarius as an air sign symbolizes the freedom of thinking and acting. Its ruler is Uranus which stands for sudden changes. Above all Uranus symbolizes intuition - the language of the soul. The slow complicated thinking  emotionally charged mind has had its day.

If we now remain in the old  strongly restricted view and evaluate the people as they appear to us here and now, we inevitably get the wrong impression that many people are not yet ready for the New Earth. However we embody in our many frequency worlds alias ''timelines'' and in our many simultaneous incarnations respectively, very many expressions/types of human beings, also the ''evil'' and ''immature'' and the ''holy'' and ''enlightened''. All these necessary possibilities are now integrated and we see the overall picture of equal people.

What we perceive at the moment is the last gasp of the henchmen of the ''gods'' who cling to their old roles and have not understood the signs of change, they are losing energy coordination and strategy.

These ''elites'' are exaggerating their repressions to the extreme but can no longer control the collapse in their sense. Therefore we experience massive abuse in dealing with power sex and money. Medicine pharmacy and other ''sciences'' are completely discredited. Every day more and more vigilant experts see this and publish it.

Now also numerous people from all educational levels wake up. They can see for themselves that this deprivation of freedom is senseless and without rights. They don't wait for the MSM to report. This awakening is fully supported by energies from the spiritual world.

The very intense energies that flow through Earth and Humans during these weeks accelerate the process to leave the old earth behind. We visualize and manifest the NEW EARTH and completely redesign the SOCIETY. The birth pangs have already fully begun.

The human souls have understood a lot the hard way and have expanded their consciousness. They now know that everything real/true is simple and that we are now concentrating again on that which always is. We are the soul and live in loving personal responsibility.

We are the ocean on which the waves appear.

We are the sky where the clouds pass.

We are the formless in the form.



The message of the Arcturians of today 12 12 2020

The Enormity of What’s Happening Right Now ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun a journey of our own that we would like to share with you all now. We have begun to sense the enormity of what is happening in the universe to all of us, no matter what dimension, no matter whether you are in a physical body or in nonphysical form. The enormity of the universal shift in consciousness can only be measured in a feeling state, even though you can and will see changes all around you. And there will be changes in your bodies and in your abilities.

The real change will be in how much of Source you will feel flowing to you and through you, and the same is true for us and all other beings in this universe. We are becoming more Source-like, and that is a fascinating and beautiful experience at the same time. It is fascinating when we stop and reflect upon it, and it is beautiful when we just feel into it and notice the difference in ourselves.

We are expanding and including more of our true selves in every moment of our existence, and so are you. This is something that is happening to all beings in the universe, including the animals that you have on your world. You are going to see the Divinity in the animal kingdom because they do not have the filters that you do. And they are going to take the additional infusion of Source Energy and run with it. You, on the other hand, still have those filters, and you still have the ability to slow this process down to a crawl.

And that is why you need to feel for the enormity of what is happening in this universe, and when you recognize that it’s also happening to every other human, then you can stop looking for the bad ones and stop finger-pointing, because they are evolving and expanding with you. They are either going to have to allow more of Source to flow to them and through them, or they will not make the journey with you to the fifth dimension. This is why we keep telling you to take your attention off of the evildoers and put your attention on yourselves, because you also need to keep up with these energies, and you cannot do that when you’ve got your head down a rabbit hole that feels very bad to you.

You need to have faith in the evolution of the human consciousness and faith in your fellow humans, and most importantly, you need to feel for the enormity of what is happening inside of you, because the entire universe also exists inside of you. It is a holographic universe that we are living in and that we all are. Remember that; remember that everything and everyone that’s out there is also in you. And remember that this experience that we are all having together is supposed to be a glorious, wonderful, joyous event.

It will be much more of all of those things if you tune in more to what is happening. That is our suggestion, and we are speaking from experience when we tell you that it feels pretty darn good.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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