Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The goose is out

ZEN KOAN  Expansion of Consciousness of Humanity

Imagine a goose that grew up in a glass bottle. Now it is too big to get out. How do you free the goose without killing it and without breaking the bottle?

This is a classic ZEN KOAN. ZEN is the Spirit of Buddha in Chinese guise. A KOAN is a meditation task, a special method of the ZEN master. The monks sit for days, weeks and months to solve the supposed riddle. They strain their minds to the utmost. Do you know how to solve the problem?

Meditation is more than thinking, more than concentration, contemplation. Meditation is a state in which the mind subsides. The incessant stream of thoughts fades away. The untouched observer  who neither judges nor chooses is enlightened because he KNOWS.

ZEN is the direct way into UnityConsciousness. In a short moment the master suddenly claps his hands and calls you loudly by name. You flinch and are startled. The thinking stops. The KOAN dissolves. The mind is like a train with an infinite number of coaches. In each wagon endless thoughts pass by. You judge, condemn, accuse, fear, you justify, hope, repress, fantasize. 

These films in your head cinema form your character. You experience in the outside what you imagine. You see many things in the same way as your fellow men. You agree on ''unshakable truths'', many of them are even scientifically ''proven''.

The natural scientists have measured correctly. But because numbers and formulas do not trigger tangible understanding, you asked them for literal explanations. Now they are fantasizing about a big bang, about vacuum, about dark energy and dark matter, about curved spaces and bent time. Is this the truth you longed for?

Physicists do not really know what energy is. Biologists do not know what life is. Historians do not know what time is. Theologians do not know what God is. They can't tell you what is the most basic thing in their field of study but they give you exhaustive definitions, invent a jungle of technical terms. Is a naming really already a true explanation? It is more like a tower of Babel. These explanations always exist only in their minds, are projections, interpretations and only consensual agreements, as if one could vote on what truth is.

When your toes freeze the pain seems very real. And so it is with the many other events that you experience in your physical body. That's why you are here, that's how you have your earthly experiences. We feel something, interpret this, and imagine what it could be. But it has nothing to do with reality or truth. It is only a GIANT KOAN. We do not know what is causally behind it. We do not ask what holds the world together in its innermost core.

Your awareness and your consciousness are locked in your mind of your conditioned personality just like the goose in the bottle. When you identify yourself with the personality and rely on thinking, problems are pre-programmed. It is not your task to solve self-made problems like Don Quixote fighting the windmills. It is a question of seeing and perception. Change your point of view  turn on the light and the illusionary ''problem'' is not there at all.

The goose is out. It has NEVER been in. It was only your imagination. A KOAN is an unsolvable riddle, just like our limited perception. A KOAN dissolves just like our illusion. So this KOAN is neither about the bottle nor about the goose nor how it gets out. It is about YOU and your consciousness. Your problems are not solved, you grow beyond them.

What happens when you work with a ZEN KOAN explains the coming leap of consciousness of mankind. The dualistic confusion, illusion breaks down. The shock of what has been happening all these millennia stops the mind and lets the intuition through.

The mind is completely unsuitable to lead man to enlightenment. On the contrary, it prevents him from it. Discussions about opinions and contradictions in thinking, even logical thinking does not play any role. The mind must give up in despair. The personality is ignored through self-reflection in self-responsibility.

Chinese ZEN masters have recognized all this crystal clear more than 2000 years ago.

On the higher levels of consciousness the mind the emotionally colored thinking = Kama Manas is replaced by the higher thinking = Buddhi Manas, the discernment of intuition, which emanates directly from the soul.

A ZEN KOAN is the exact image of the human perspective and perception in the 3D matrix of the Experience Planet Earth. It is a self-made problem, an imagination, an illusion. A riddle can be solved with the mind. With a KOAN the mind bites its very teeth out. The mind is booked on usefulness not on truth.

Even logical axiomatic thinking fails completely. Nevertheless you have to push the thinking to the limit, to total exhaustion and despair. The master cannot and must not do that for you.

Only when it suddenly happens that you - even if it is only for a fraction of a second - the mind =  thinking and wanting is given up, it falls like scales from your eyes: The KOAN ''problem'' dissolves into thin air. An illusion needs neither to be fought nor to be solved by the mind, The light of the soul - the intuition - illuminates everything, the ideas worries and fears are blown away: In the blink of an eye, Heureka!

Now for the first time you could think logically all the way through, but this is not so important for you anymore. You have the intuition that unties every Gordian knot and reveals the truth to you.

The goose is out. It has NEVER been in.