Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde


This title is our basis.

What we call 'LIGHT' in this text is all there is. Everything 'else' are only our illusionary projections. There are no facts in our world as it appears to us, but always only interpretations based on our limited 'perception' through our five senses, including the physicists' devices.

And there is always 'only' NOW, because the past is no more, the future is not yet and the present is an infinitely short moment, thus also non-existent. The linear time is only a useful concept for the life in the three-dimensional world on this earth.

This life is built on separation and scarcity. The way humans think, feel, experience, they believe that as lone fighters they are separated from the higher worlds as well as from their fellow men and that they have to fight for everything necessary and valuable because there is never enough of it.

Now is the moment that we fully live: our essence being, our soul, our compassionate heart, our freedom.

The abundance we have been able to live so far has usually been of a material nature and mostly ultimately the result of the exercise of power. Power is based on three prerequisites that must be present in abundance: Money, sex and drugs. This is a very broad topic of its own, which will not be elaborated here, because this comes to an end now. We are just experiencing the most insane increase of it, until the last one grasps what is being played.

We are it, and we live IT ALL.

Yes, we are Essence, the soul, a compassionate heart, freedom. This Essence is, of course, All-That-Is. Some call it God or Brahman others: 'the One about whom nought can be said'. There is nothing else. There are only different manifestations of it, different roles are played, different experiences are made.

We can address aspects of the essence, for example, our 'individual' immortal Soul that we are. In essence, however, there is 'only' One Soul. We have taken on the physical body only to be able to grasp certain things.

When we express our compassionate heart, we embody love, which is another aspect of essence, as well as light and freedom. Thus, it is easy to understand that the victim role into which we allow ourselves to be pushed by the abusers of power, essentially does not fit us at all. We are capable to live the fullness of love as well as freedom. This has already begun:

We feel the bliss that comes from it. This intuitive blissful feeling is independent of the state of the physical body or, for example, of the political or economic circumstances that affect us sorrowfully only when we have forgotten who we really are. Bliss flows from the soul, our inner entity that we are.

We walk our path. No one and nothing can restrain us now.

Life on the planet Earth, which is described as three-dimensional, material, serves to grasp things and behaviors that are denied to entities without a physical body. Therefore the earth is also called a learning planet. For this to work plausibly, we must be surrounded by a veil of forgetfulness, which is now clearing. It should ensure that the old system does not come to an end prematurely. And because - the more intensive the experiment goes on - we remember our true nature: the earth is called a remembrance planet.

Now this system is revealed.

The time is gone, the space dissolves. What lives, however, is Spirit frequency.

This sentence has central significance. We explain above that there is nothing else than the essential spirit. We cannot perceive this directly, we always see only what we want to see. Now we come to the fact that time and space cannot be separated. There is no empty space, just as little as linear time separated from it or objects filling the fictitious space. These are only appearances - they only seem so to us.

SPACETIME is the way how we experience and interpret the 'energy' of creation. Spacetime is figuratively spoken a gigantic tangle of 'energy' in the most different 'frequencies'. Here the terms energy as well as frequency must not be taken literally in the sense of physics. Also they are only figurative analogies, so that the little conscious human mind gets at least a weak idea of it.

On higher levels of consciousness we recognize more.

No need for fight, no use of arguments.

A dear friend from the Waldviertel once said: 'Who wants to ascend and still fights, has a problem'. Fighting in physical form or with verbal or emotional arguments is a systemic characteristic of the learning planet. Those who fight maintain the old system, even when the fight is against the system. Hatred, anger and fighting lower one's frequency. There is no 'holy war'. It is enough to turn on the light. Enlightenment, exposure, disclosure are the order of the day. Everyone can take part in it, also demonstrate for it, if it suits him.

Just join your hands and happily unite.

As fundamental, people now realize that any kind of separation is an illusion. The opposites of duality exist only in the lower, fearful thinking, imagining, interpreting. Here lies our prison, here we deny ourselves freedom, because we do not want to take personal responsibility, because we believe that the experts in politics, economy and religion know it better. Abusing power, the blind lead the blind. Transparency sets in now and we see for ourselves that we all and everything are ONE. There is nothing else.

Interwoven here on earth, with all who want it, with loving caring hearts, we build the world anew.

We now focus on those of our fellow human beings and other entities who already see the path described here and want to move forward. The others will join us when the circumstances suit them. We are, so to speak, the forerunners, the others will see that our path is not nearly as dangerous as they imagine out of fear.

We live the light, the truth the freedom. Naught will distract us now, naught can resist.

For us, the old veils have been lifting all our lifetimes, because we, as souls, have chosen this as our life's task. We love to live in freedom on our own responsibility, we do not need any regulations, laws, control, compulsion. We, the souls, always know ourselves what is right for us and for the good of the whole. It is now solely about truth, the old lies dissolve in the light of the souls, the human being occupies the observer and adapts to the fundamental change. This is not always easy. However, he/she knows that nothing can ever happen to him/her.

We are humans, we are Spirit's plan.

Yes, of course we are souled, sentient human beings. Nobody can degrade us any more as staff, subordinates, slaves, merchandise or 'transhuman'. The very strong energies/frequencies coming in from the sun and from the entire cosmos simply do not allow this anymore. By trying nevertheless, the so-called hidden elites increase the pressure under which the truth is revealed: We live according to the plan of the spirit, we are the plan of the spirit.

Let love embrace us us all and let's create anew which always is our view.

We embrace in love, we embrace love, we are love. In this energy we are visualizing and designing the NEW WORLD and society and creating that which is for the good of all souls - there is only ONE soul. A long way over countless simultaneous incarnations has enlightened our vision. We always know as souls that the experience planet Earth is only an experiment and not our home. Now we move on to new greener pastures....

The light is ever our core, we live it now for ever more.

Our core, our essence, is always the light of the soul. We are always the soul, but thanks to the experience planet Earth richer in grasping. During these experiences we did not have the full insight, which is now restored.

Heaven and earth united now.

That is, the material as well as the spiritual world are equally present to us again, if of course not completely. There is still much to explore and experience in other, purely subtle or spiritual worlds. We are ready.

We are with wisdom rich, grasped all we need.

The experiment of learning planet Earth is now irrevocably coming to an end, because we as the whole of humanity have grasped everything that was intended. Not everyone has grasped everything, but everyone contributes to the collective. This leads to wisdom, a state of expanded awareness. Wisdom could also be called intuitive knowledge, which flows from the fund of an experienced soul.

NOW close the door of 3D-living.

The experiment earth is no longer needed. It has served everyone involved, the so-called bad as well as the so-called good. They all know now that they are only playing roles. Since both sides contribute equally to the success, it could also be said that all roles are equally necessary as well as useful. Meher Baba puts it this way, 'There is no evil, only varying degrees of good' - and even this implies some limitation. Duality has always been a fiction ... This realization is vehemently suppressed during the 3D experiment - so much so that even spiritually oriented people still believe in it and consider it their duty to fight against evil instead of fully concentrating on the New World.

We're moving on, design create what GODDESS MOTHER NATURE for us holds.

All beings who know this are already intensely busy planning, preparing and creating the New World. This of course takes place as, in and with the CreatorEnergy of the Source, the Spirit, the Essence, through which we give birth to the NEW WORLD, which is why we see it as feminine, as Goddess or Mother - Adishakti. Nature, so to speak, stakes out the field in which our creations flourish.

Take on the love and freedom's light, display it far and wide for all the creatures, all the Souls and All That Is.

Freedom/Willpower, Love/Wisdom and Light/Intelligence are the most important aspects of the spiritual SourceEnergy, the essence of all beings, in short All-That-Is.


Because there is no linear time, only the 'eternal NOW', and because everything happens simultaneously, it is fair to say that the NEW WORLD/SOCIETY already exists - we are creating it. On a different frequency. Past and future are only a matter of frequency. In the joy of this knowledge we truly live up and thrive.

We live inside and fully fill it out with all our LIGHT.

There is only ONE for whom we have many names. And who we all are. We are the Soul, are the freedom, love, light, are the energy frequencies of the Source. Our essence is this, the SPIRIT.

For US this is the WAY that shineth bright.

We, who have grasped this, consciously walk our path, which is unmistakably light-filled before us. Whoever wants to go with us is always welcome.

AQUARIUS everywhere.

And now comes the great secret. Just as all people on the planet breathe in the air, whether they are aware of it or not, so it is with the NEW EARTH/WORLD. Every human being is already participating in it, no matter if he/she is present or not on this apparent frequency of experience (aka timeline) at the moment, or what role he/she is therein playing, or if they are souls with more or less experience. AQUARIUS affects them all.

PS: the grammar of the English language is completely adapted to the fictitious concept of linear time; therefore it is not possible to describe the above presented connections completely accurate.


Now is the moment

that we fully live

our Essence being

our Soul

our Heart

our Freedom

We are it

and we live IT ALL

We feel the Bliss

We walk our Path

No one and nothing

can restrain us now

The time is gone

the space dissolves

what lives however

is Spirit frequency

No need for fight

no use of arguments

just join your hands

and happily unite

Interwoven here on earth

with all who want it

with loving caring hearts

we build the world anew

We live the light

the truth

the freedom

Naught will distract us now

Naught can resist

We are Humans

we are Spirit's plan

Let love embrace us all

and let's create anew

which always is our view

The light is ever our core

we live it now for ever more

Heaven and Earth united now

We are with wisdom rich

grasped all we need

NOW close the door

of 3D living

We're moving on

design create


for us holds

Take on the love

and freedom's light

display it far and wide

to all the creatures

all the Souls

and All That Is



we live inside

and fill it out

with all our LIGHT

For US this is the WAY

that shineth bright

AQUARIUS everywhere

And here is the good news of September 17th, 2021:

Returning Home to Source ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have an appreciation for the degree to which all of you are willing to go from that knowing that you are Source Energy Beings. We have witnessed you feeling such despair because of that feeling of separation and loneliness, and we know that humanity has gone further from that knowing than any other beings in the galaxy in humanoid form. We want very much for you to embrace who you really are, and we can tell you that you are aspects of Source until the cows come home, as you say, but it won’t do you any good. It won’t even do you any good if you just think it or put it on a coffee mug to remind yourself of it. You need more than that. You need to feel that you have come home.

That’s the feeling you are searching for. You see, moving away from Source is like leaving the nest. You don’t know how far away you will go, what dangers you will face, and sometimes you feel that you will not be able to find your way back. When you individuated your consciousness from Source, it was a similar experience, and some of you have felt that you have been wandering around the galaxy since you first physically incarnated. Others believe that home is another planet in a star system and feel that they will only have that sense of home when they return to that star system of origin.

But we understand what you really want and need. You want to feel that you never left the Source Energy nest, and the truth is that you never did. Everything is Source, so you could never really leave, but you’ve given yourselves the impression that you are small, insignificant, egoic beings, living out a short lifespan, and that has been very difficult on that reclaiming of your sense of home. You are there to experience it. It is inevitable, and it is your birthright to feel it and to let it sink in, viscerally. So how do you do it? How do you get there from that pit of despair?

This will be easier said than done, and we admit that before we even say it. The feeling of home, the feeling of Source, and the feeling that you are always connected, is something that you get when you let go of everything else that contradicts all that you seek to experience. You have to let go of logic. You have to let go of theories that say that you are all there by accident. You have to return to your center, your inner world, because that is truly where you will feel it and experience it. And then you can share it with everyone on planet Earth, because when you experience that, you will understand, that it’s what’s been missing from other people’s lives as well.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

A Message to Lightworkers - September 17, 2021 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

This week’s Message is a response to a question from a Light Bringer, who asks:

Over time, various things have been said in regard to this “Returning to the Peace of the One” transition time into Sat Yuga, the Golden Age of Peace.

Captain Ashtar has said we live on an antiquated planet. We're old-fashioned here on Earth.

He went on to say, there are other planets which have been around for as long as  Earth has, and yet they are much further ahead, technology-wise.

Another High Dimensional Being has said that releasing these 60,000 patents of [currently suppressed] technology is a priority, and will level the playing field for Earth, moving us immediately out of survival mode.

My question is, How Do We Do This? I have been making up chants and mantras, yet how do we do this, working for the benefit of the whole, and inviting others to help.

Since we are told by many, “Don't look for a savior to come in for the rescue,” and “We need to do the work, and remember that we are [the ones] who we've been waiting for.”

I agree. Again, all on the Light's terms. So what is the process, and HOW DO WE DO THIS?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends!

Most assuredly, this is one of the great questions of your current moment.

And so, we are very pleased to have this time to speak with you regarding your part in this powerful, Creational moment on Earth's new, higher timeline.

For one, understand that the process of getting things done -- accomplishing things to  ensure that one step follows the other to a happy conclusion -- has changed drastically on this planet.

It is so that your outer action is still a powerful and very positive part of your experience.

Yet you will note that even 35 or so years ago, it was already becoming common to hear people speak of "positive affirmations" and before that, many had begun chanting mantras to align their vibration and consciousness with a particular frequency.

Many took this on so as to change their outer situation, moving the level of their experience to an improved feeling and outcome.

They desired to shift their physical health, their financial income, or their home, job, or relationship, and so on.

And this is fine, but it has not been the full outcome of that movement.

The larger outcome is something that only a few people grasped at the time.

And that is, that in raising the vibration they carried within them on any issue, for any reason, they were raising the vibration of humanity as a whole.

They were changing life on Earth.

It is impossible that you would shift your own frequency without affecting all else within the great unified field that is the flow of energetic interconnection.

This is the far greater "web" that far outreaches the physical one you know as the internet.

It is the energetic fabric that all Life belongs to, in which the lines between one person and one other also affects all other persons, and their connections to all others.

So that eventually, one ripple in the pond reaches every molecule in every drop of water present.

What is interesting, is that human beings have at least some idea of this phenomenon, thanks to a few pioneering minds that refused to be "trained" into submission over the past 150 years or so, and certain spiritual teachings that have been shared over the millennia.

And there is the magic of the power of Earth's soul vibration, which also profoundly influences human life at every moment.

Yet for most on your planet, the idea of revolution a still a matter of charging over the enemy's battlements and physically shifting outer circumstances.

They image an obvious group action that dismantles the outer construct of their controllers, with hopes to therefore dismantle the presumed supremacy and dominance the controllers have held for so long.

We can tell you, no such thing is needed now. That day is well over.

The true journey now is what some have called "Revolution from within," which always begins with the revolution occurring within a single person's consciousness.

It is impossible, as a self-propelling presence in this Universe and on this planet, that you would make any change in your vibration that would not eventually be felt round the world.

Particularly you who have come in at this time for that very purpose -- we call you Light Bearers, Light Bringers, or Lightworkers, because you carry the Light of higher consciousness within your very being!

So much so, that just your presence on the Earth at this time adds a higher ringing tone to the vibration of your Earth and all who walk upon Her.

This affects all of life -- weather, political and economic shifts, living conditions, mass thoughtforms -- far more fully than you might assume.

It is not so that you need to form new groups and movements, new organizations and jobs, in order to shake loose the foundations of the old order, to break through the old barriers.

All groups needed for the job have already been formed, and their are intergalactic and inter dimensional in nature.

Though you may wish to form more Earth-based groups over time to implement new forms of living, you will do that holding the vibration of a people not who are determined never to be vanquished, but of a people who have already won.

This marks a great departure from humanity’s previous history.

You have indeed made great strides by working outwardly to create higher forms of your current governments -- strides taken to end colonialism and its tyranny of enslavement, and devaluation of human life.  

Yet you will soon abolish the word "government," given that it's meaning is to "govern" (control), "-ment" (the mind) of the masses.

Those new chapters have indeed already been written.

Many of you have traveled forward in time to ensure that, just as some beings have traveled back in time to ensure it.

Your New Earth concepts borrow much from your ET friends and family members, and even now are revolutionizing human life. And these too start from within.

Those breakthroughs have occurred because just enough of humanity have been willing to vibrationally hold higher forms of thought, coupled with the realization of the Creational energy of focused thought and images.

Enough of you have been realizing that these, combined with new higher Earth systems (and discoveries of pre-ancient ones) that include an almost symbiotic, intuitive technology, can and do exist, and that humanity ought to be benefitting from them.

You have seen how just a few people went against the norm—who were laughed at, derided, only tentatively trusted to produce their vision at first—and how the outpicturing of their vision turned into a kind of revolution in terms of how people now live their lives.

Telephones, computers, and internet being only part of the equation here, because what was actually happening, is that your galactic family members were finding a way to say, “We are here, and we are in constant communication with you!”

The old power structure was loathe allow you these new developments, yet they did so, assuming that they could turn your use of these inventions to their advantage.

And perhaps on some level, it does appear that way.

Yet what they forgot, is that as these breakthrough geniuses connected with extraterrestrial technology, a whole higher path in human consciousness was being created that can never be erased.

Perhaps in times past, when the powerful Light codes flowing to the Earth now had not yet begun to shine forward, the old power schemes would have worked more easily, and more potently.

Now they fall by the wayside, out of step with the outcomes of the increasing vibration of humanity's connection to the All That Is, as that awareness shines ever more powerfully in human heart-minds and etheric reality.

So that as you are asking how to bring forth NESARA, and how to bring forth the higher forms of technology that are currently still held back from release to humanity, you are asking in essence how to move up in vibration.

And the great beauty of this moment, is that you are all of you instinctively leaning into that capability in the most natural of ways.

We are heartened by the increasing numbers of people willing to meditate each day, even if only for 10 or 20 minutes.

Another powerfully encouraging sign are those willing to look to the skies to spot the ships that are increasingly seen there, with some performing meditations that connect groups and individuals to their ET families and soul groups.

Many now also include these beings in their descriptions of the Universe in which you live.

We also see many learning that rather than complain or feel defeated that NESARA has not yet fully dawned, it is far more empowering to actively call forth that event, with their joyful expectation, imaging, and the declarative command, "This is happening Now!"

They are likewise calling forth the presence and assistance of Archangel Michael and his legions of Angels to enter the halls of every form of government, military, and intelligence hierarchy on the planet to let them know, “Your day is done.”

All must be made ready for that moment, yet we can tell you, the paving of the way is finished, and the final stages now begin.

And so we would say, concentrate on raising your vibration in the sense of meditating on and experiencing the frequency and reality of Divine Love, as it connects all consciousness everywhere in your Universe.

Free yourself—not only your mind and its known constructs, but all your spirit’s depth of experience—from the old ploys and traps of the dark days you have climbed through, and concentrate on moving to that place each day that is one of relaxed allowing of the higher good, for yourself and for all beings.

Focus on that which you can control, which has nothing to do with the date on the calendar, or the hour of the day, though Time is far more malleable than you might assume.

And that is your own inner Light, and how powerfully it connects with, draws in, and encourages into a giant flame of empowerment, all of the Light within every other person seeking Ascension on this planet.

There is your miracle—to focus on feeling Joyful, at Peace—yes, even now—as you both expect and command forth this great shift of the ages.

Here is your Day, waiting for you to claim it as fully as you have claimed your dreams and visions.

Now is your moment! Yes.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.

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