Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Trinitas conscientiae

The Triad of Consciousness or Man at the Crossroads

At this moment all human beings are faced with the greatest decision in their evolution so far. They have the choice between another Fall from Grace, this time into complete slavery as a cyborg, or to ascend to 5D to their true destination as multidimensional beings. Here, we outline the three possibilities of human consciousness: the present condition and two future probability alternatives so that humanity can make a clear decision Now. We are aware that for didactic reasons this presentation is a simplification.

1. We begin with the present state of most people. We call it: consciousness of separation and diversity. It represents the current mass consciousness. It is the 3D paradigm of the ending Ancient World Order AWO, into which souls have been lured by the creators of this system and in which they have been exploited as working slaves during multiple inextricable incarnations.

In the heyday of Lemuria and Atlantis, these beings, despite their individuality, still lived in the consciousness of oneness/unity with their souls and with their sisters and brothers. They had manifold incarnation experiences without ruining the planet. However, through extraterrestrial ominous influence such a strong egoism and misuse of resources developed that these ancient advanced civilizations eventually perished.

So people can still use the 3D world as a vehicle to expand their consciousness by grasping deeper truths, but the success of this endeavour was – apart from individual cases – up to now rather small. The brevity of the incarnations and especially the amnesia upon birth, which almost completely prevents any remembrance of other incarnations, contribute significantly to that. With each incarnation humans have to start anew with the ABC and the small multiplication table. Higher intelligence is not desired, because it can lead to a comprehension of the current system of slavery through which the individual can no longer be abused as an obedient labor force. The prevailing medicine system as well as other facets of human civilisation are used to hinder the development of consciousness.

The majority of the people has not yet learned to use their innate intuition and is therefore a plaything of various exploitative forces that feed on negative emotions, which are stirred up all the time: fear and anxiety are constant companions in the lives of most humans. This is not a surprise – man believes genuinely that he is a separate lonesome fighter. He lives in sacrifice and lack of true consciousness. His fears prevent him from being able to use his/her inherent abilities of reason and logical thinking. Most of the time he/she is entangled in senseless thoughts colored by negative emotions that repeat in endless loops and block the mind from any genuine creativity, thus reinforcing the persistence of the current bleak reality.

Man blames others for this human condition, because he wants to preserve his self-esteem and because he is not ready to take responsibility for his creation. This attitude is enormously reinforced by the method of “divide and rule” established by the dark ruling elite, who constantly incite the people and stir them up against each other in endless wars and battles.

This is easily achievable because man has succumbed to his illusion of separation. He exhausts himself in meaningless and fruitless discussions, he wants to defeat others with arguments, make them feel small and worthless. Man believes to know what is good and what is evil and he does not doubt his convictions for a moment. But actually he lives in a complete illusion as has no proper awareness that his opinions are mere prejudices and inculcated false beliefs. For most people facts do not count, but only their trained interpretations, of which they are, of course, not aware of.

The so-called common sense may be suitable for survival in a hostile world, but the true benevolent nature of the cosmos cannot be comprehended any better than the mystery of men’s closed minds. That is why such respected sciences as physics and astronomy are, in terms of true knowledge, a full catastrophe.

Men live in the illusory world of thoughts that are separate N-sets, which Georgi Stankov so excellently describes in his new theory of the Universal Law in terms of human logic. These Nsets exclude the primary term of the human mind as an element which is equivalent to Energy = Space-Time = Consciousness = Universe, etc.  and therefore do not belong to the only true reality of All-THAT-Is. Such illusory thought forms exist only in the minds of scientists as unprocessed scientific terminology, but not in the real world of Being.

All ideas that are N-sets are false epistemological concepts rooted in the faulty existential feeling of separation cherished by most agnostic men (and scientists) and therefore must be removed from science and everyday thinking once and for all in order to establish a true holistic, all-inclusive human consciousness and perception.

The idea of vacuum is such an N-set. All-THAT-Is is a continuum in which there is no void and no empty places as physics, and science, currently believes. No matter where we look – there is always something – even if it is not recognizable by the human senses or cannot be measured with present-day instruments of the so-called scientists as all tools of matter are limited in their discrimination by the Planck’s constant h and cannot assess higher dimensional energies. These energies come from the Source and are currently determining the destiny of Gaia and humanity that are about to ascend soon.

This fundamental physical constant also entirely determines the cognitive limitations of the human mind which, in its turn, creates this 3D holographic model as a closed illusory reality where human incarnation life unfolds. That is why most humans are not able to register the ascension process in their lives as these energies are not perceptible to their limited senses and closed body chakras system. However, these energies are a daily experience for all humans who actively and consciously participate in the planetary and human ascension.

The continuum of All-THAT-Is is infinite because it is infinitecontinuous energy, while the concept of vacuum is merely a figment of the human mind. It is an N-set and thus essentially a paradox, or better an antinomy, as it contradicts itself in a fundamental manner. According to current scientific interpretation, the vacuum contains all elementary particles which carry energy and are thus something (e.g. Higgs field). Hence the physicists want us to believe that “Nothing (vacuum) contains Something (all elementary particles of energy)”.

This is a classical example of a fundamental antinomy or paradox of the human mind (not in reality) and a basic proof of faulty human thinking. This faulty thinking culminates in a further misbegotten concept which physicists have introduced: “energy-rich vacuum” (???). Human insanity knows no limitations. And this all stems from the subjective false notion of separation from the soul and the Whole, which most agnostic humans, and all scientists, currently cherish.

Since physicists deny these facts, they still do not know, for example, what energy is – as Richard Feynman emphasizes in his famous lectures on physics, although this science describes entirely energetic interactions. Physics is a science of energetic interactions, but it does not know what energy is. Please try to assimilate this stark and ample fact, before I can proceed with my argumentation.

Even ”Dark Energy” and ”Dark Matter” which they postulate as real and necessary in order to validate their meaningless cosmological models will remain a book with seven seals to them, as long as they do not fundamentally discard their deeply materialistic and empiric approach and finally acknowledge that all knowledge is already available in our higher consciousness, to which man has always access. This knowledge was known to Plato and all Platonists, and especially to all Neo-Platonists (Plotin), and has been revived in the last century in the teachings of Master St. Germain on I AM Presence.

Georgi Stankov shows that all these wrong concepts such as dark matter, which allegedly contains more than 90% of all energy and mass that should be present in the universe but scientists cannot calculate from the estimated mass and energy of all known elementary particles, cannot be proven in tedious and expensive experimental research, but can be very easily resolved by applying elementary logic and an understanding of the human mind as to how it makes definitions of all physical quantities. In this case all these failed scientists will easily recognize that all physical terms and quantities which they have introduced to establish the foundation of their science, such as mass, charge, impulse, momentum, force, work, etc., have no existence in the real world but are abstract mathematical ideas (Platonic ideas) of the human mind. The only real thing that exists is energy, perceived as space-time by the limited human mind, and it is equivalent to the primary term of human consciousness.

How right was Plato and Socrates who knew that all knowledge is available in our minds, in the divine mind, to which we all have unlimited access and can acquire even without any education if we ask the right questions as Socrates demonstrates through his dialectical method of investigation with an illiterate slave. As can be read in Plato’s dialogue “ Meno“, by asking the right questions with respect to the definition of the Pythagorean theorem, Socrates proves that even an illiterate slave can grasp and derive the Pythagorean theorem which was considered in Antiquity the pinnacle of abstract transcendental knowledge, as Stankov also shows in a humorous manner in his eloquent essay on Galileo Galilei.

In this context, Georgi Stankov proves that mass does not exist, but is a mathematical relationship of the energies of two systems, one of which is arbitrarily defined as a reference system.

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In this way Stankov proves that photons also have a mass as they have energy E=hf and thus eliminates the stupid concept of “dark matter” which haunts current failed cosmology. By the way, he also shows that charge does not exist and is according to its definition geometric area – in this case, one Coulomb is a synonym for one square meter. That is how easily all problems in science can be resolved when the logical, axiomatic method is applied to all scientific concepts and all false ideas which are N-sets are eliminated in a consequent matter.

Therefore, it is a serious epistemological and factual blunder, when the scientific exploration of nature is controlled by political, ideological and economic doctrines, which are, as categorical systems of human knowledge, even more faulty than science itself. Unfortunately, most physicists are not even aware of this ample fact, and if some of them may be, they do not dare to oppose it as not to lose their job.

But this is an urgent, essential task now, if physics is finally to become a true science. As shown above, G. Stankov’s Universal Law can easily solve this and any other dilemma in science and society. The crippling of science is what the hidden dark lords of power actually want in order to enslave humanity and suppress the creationary potential of all humans. People are not allowed to understand the bigger picture, because otherwise they can see through this oppressive system. That is why physicists currently still reject to acknowledge the Universal law out of naked fear and not on the basis of any valid scientific argumentation, although it was discovered a quarter of a century ago.

Since man has an innate need for security, he defends himself against every change, against the ”whims” of nature as well as against all progressive ideas of his fellow human beings who inevitably bring change. Therefore he wants to be on the safe side and to contractually secure everything possible, which, however, succeeds only imperfectly, because the untrustworthy people regularly break these agreements or because it is hardly possible to plan for all possible eventualities. Tricky and incompetent lawyers enrich themselves by purportedly helping their clients/victims in their quest for false security.

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”In order for the whole thing not to get out of hand”, as they argue, the national state, in which all brave citizen believe without any questioning, enacts an endless flood of laws, regulations, commandments, etc. The whole complex is called Juris”Prudence” – but it is the opposite of Latin prudentia = wisdom. Jurisprudence does not create any values either. Essentially, the jurisdiction serves almost exclusively to collect money by the state as well as by the lawyers, who drag the cases as long as possible by collusion behind the back of their clients in order to be able to get as higher fees as possible. There is no justice at all, it is only a question of whether someone adheres optically to the more or less senseless law. How a trial ends depends on how much money plaintiffs or defendants spend.

Of course the courts are also not independent – in case of doubt they judge in favour of the state or in favor of the ruling party or the reigning ideology. The government deems itself above the law and – without parliamentary sanction (which seldom, if ever, is enacted) – it does not obey it; freedom of expression is not respected. Those who do not adhere to ”political correctness” or ”gender mainstreaming”, those who speak against migration etc., will be arbitrarily condemned. Civil rights are constantly being curtailed. Now – before the shift – brainwashing and thought control spread like epidemics. Not a trace of freedom, but also no guarantee of security – not to speak of compassion at all.

In court the opponents are also not treated as human beings, but as persons, in other words as things/matter. In court a lawsuit is negotiated ”in the Mueller case (or matter) against Meier”. In most countries mercantile and maritime law is applied. The concept of legal contracts has erroneously become solidified in the collective consciousness as the only binding means of solving human problems. There are constant complaints and lawsuits against everything and everyone. To have legal right has become a major life purpose for many people.

These legal contracts significantly determine group consciousness and have replaced and veiled the original spiritual bond between the incarnated human personality and its soul as the nexus to the source. These social contracts are human inventions and a miserable interpretation which can never substitute the only truly valid contract: that of the human entity with his soul and All-THAT-Is as his creator. If man abides by his soul contract, nothing ”evil” will happen to him. He will be blessed with an expansion of consciousness by the descent of his I AM Presence, which is now a distinct possibility for all human beings who have accomplished their LBP (light body process) in the last years.

In order for present-day 3D man of Separation Consciousness to not only fully comply with the rules of his slaveholders based on fear of earthly punishment, which only works to a limited extent, the ruling cabal have brought the religions into being. First of all, the different languages and religions can be used to optimally instigate the people against each other. Secondly, the religions introduced additionally the eschatological fear: that of punishment in afterlife such as an eternal damnation in hell, while others are meant to enjoy the bliss of paradise: a diabolical undertaking. Dissension has always been one of Satan’s favorite methods.

The religious and worldly commandments and laws are deliberately so diverse, contradictory and inscrutable that every human being has a permanent guilty conscience which can be excellently manipulated by the puppet masters. This fear-mongering conscience, highly praised by Christian pastors, only suppresses the inner voice of the soul and the expression of the I AM Presence in human body. Thus all religions seduce the people to actions and ways of thinking that systematically suppress the growth of their awareness and spirituality, which is what they speciously pretend to do and with which they justify the existence of their religion in the first place.

The question now is whether this straight jacket of social and religious conditioning will at least prevent everything to collapse, such as disillusioned Joe Sixpacks in the USA or Gilet Jaunes in France nowadays intuitively feel and towards which they already decisively contribute with their fear-driven social unrest or whether a peaceful coexistence is still possible during the upcoming massive change. The answer is YES and NO, and everyone can see that immediately, if he/she is willing to take a closer look.

Never before in the known history of mankind (with the exception of the final times of Lemuria and Atlantis) have there been so many lies and such a deception, so much discord and strife, so much spying and surveillance, and so many armed conflicts, wars and civil unrest on planet earth as at present; and certainly never before have there been so many shysters, courts and (il)legal cases that contribute to this chaos. The entire system of law and order is in the current End Time in a state of total hyperinflation as an expression of its worthlessness.

Forced “good behavior” imposed from outside simply does not work – it only makes everything worse; firstly, because the motives behind any form of coercion are egoistic and despotic. The rulers are never concerned about moral and ethical standards or to improve the lives of their subjects. Secondly, any speciously good behavior under coercion is not authentic because it is artificially enforced, a mere dressage, and quickly degrades into most obnoxious, unhinged behavior as exuberantly demonstrated by rabid politicians and morally dilapidated citizens in the USA.

In stressful situations this whitewash falls off instantly and an ominous mixture of fear, anger, feelings of helplessness and impotence surfaces, only to mutate in an instant into blind aggression and a release of destructive energy, more powerful than megatons of nuclear explosions. As the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction, which are the physical laws of constructive and destructive interference, go hand in hand, any destruction harbors the seeds of a new beautiful creation. This new creations will be the cities of light which we now build for this disillusioned humanity and bestow them unconditionally to all humans who decide to follow our pathway of enlightened spirituality and evolution.

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2. Where is the Separation Consciousness developing towards at this very moment according to the will of the cabal in their self-imposed role as dungeon guards of humanity? A New World Order (NWO) is to be created – a unified world order with only one government and one religion, because allegedly terrorism and wars can be prevented in this way – so they say. The fact that wars and terrorism almost always arise from the national states and their destructive policies of separation is deliberately concealed.

Are there any groups of people who would normally love to attack their neighbours in an act of aggression without any reason? Only if they are incited by their rulers to do so and are so enslaved and indoctrinated as not to be able to oppose this decision, as has been the case with the USA since the end of WW2 when all its governments have instigated and participated in more than 200 aggression wars and conflicts the world over, destroyed numerous countries and killed millions of people in the name of fake democratic ideals that are always trampled over with military boots and genocide. Of course in cahoots with its European NATO vassals. The American society is the paradigm of planned total enslavement of humanity that has spread in the entire Western world. We call it singularity or uniformity consciousness, it is the climax of mass consciousness; it vegetates in the robot ‘human’ being or cyborg of the so-called trans-humanism, and it is not a coincidence that these topics currently dominate the US mass media.

The term singularity is used here in the sense of Ray Kurzweil, who works with his institute on behalf of the hidden elite to create the NWO. Kurzweil has been employed by Google since 2012, where he is a “director of engineering”. For him, this technical singularity is the moment at which the performance of artificial intelligence surpasses that of the human brain and grows exponentially in its capability of self-learning, much faster than the minds of normal human beings who increasingly fall behind this mechanistic performance of AI.

We are not discussing here whether this future alternative can actually happen until the year 2045, as these dark lords claim, or whether this is possible at all, since man does not think with his brain but with his energetic multi-dimensional mental body, with his divine mind, which is not subject to any restrictions whatsoever. The brain is only the interface between the mental body and human senses, and acting organs.

With the introduction of the LBP as an individual path of human evolution and ascension on this planet since the Harmonic Convergence in the summer of 1987, these sinister plans, or rather wet dreams, of the dark ruling cabal and their technocratic stooges are doomed to failure. We, who are in the ascension process since long time and have fully connected to our souls, also as I AM Presence, know all too well that thinking not only continues after the death of the physical body, but actually really returns to its pristine condition as multidimensional, omnipresent, omniscient awareness. These transcendental facts are probably unknown to the die-hard technician and materialist Kurzweil, or probably known to him in his desperate effort to prevent precisely this outcome.

The “hive-mind” singularity consciousness is very limited, simplistic, and imitative. It is not about the unity with the soul but about a uniform imposed opinion, world view and controlled action. Every kind of individuality is suppressed. People are finally cloned, produced in series, as this already happens nowadays, and since long time, in finance, politics and entertainment. A deeply inhuman, materialistic world view, which already shapes the reality in this crumbling 3D matrix. This is the opposite of true soul evolution and has no chance of success within the benevolent exuberant Creation of All-That-Is from the fulcrum of the Source. It is the quagmire of derailed dark entities who have severed their light cord to the Source and can only descend to the hell they have created with their obnoxious minds.

3. The third consciousness is the goal of all GNOSTICS, who do not seek their salvation from outside, through a saviour, but ”from within”, in close connection with the soul, which strictly speaking has always been the case – the true nature of man as incarnated human personality. In this case we speak of unity consciousness. This paradigm of Unity Consciousness was finally anchored on this timeline of Terra Gaia in November 2018 when the new spiritual paradigm was installed in Rome and then spread across the globe.

The separation of man from his soul and the Source comes to an end once and for all, man as incarnated personality begins to feel and recognize himself as inseparably connected with his soul and with all other people as well as with the whole cosmos forever. There is only ONE soul, ONE consciousness, ALL THAT IS = the original cause (see also the Enneads of Plotin). Everything is interwoven with everything, an infinite sea of infinitely many different frequencies, probabilities, timelines and realities. Therefore there are – as the Universal Law explains – only U-sets: Every set contains the whole as an element and is a unique expression of God/the Source. This is the touchstone for everyone. That is why fundamental changes will occur in physics and science, once the Universal Law has been introduced.

Man has no soul, he is a soul. He is immune to the seductive arts of manipulative beings – his freedom is inviolable. Man does not need a declaration of human rights as he knows that he is a sovereign creator being and unlimited in his power. And therefore the evolved and ascended human being has neither doubt, nor fear – he knows only happiness, responsibility towards oneself and the whole and the joy to be creative as a sovereign being. And of course there is still a lot to discover and learn and to expand one’s consciousness after the ascension. This higher dimensional consciousness of humans is multi-dimensional and cannot be restricted by any earthly power. This is the greatest illusion of all and hopefully this year we shall put an end to this illusion for ever, so that humanity can really begin to evolve to its true nature.