Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Expansion of Consciousness in multiple Frequency worlds  part 2

our view based on the Universal Law

The variety of possible decisions in each individual situation during the numerous incarnations is enormous. The soul experiences not only one experience after another, but all conceivable possibilities simultaneously. The personality cannot imagine this and therefore agonizes completely unnecessarily to make ''correct'' decisions and, as required in school, not to make mistakes. It is quite enough to follow the intuitive impulses of the soul and if these are not perceived, to do the obvious or to do nothing and wait, because this also contains valuable experience.

People tend to condemn fellow human beings as well as situations because of their learned prejudices and make their own expansion of consciousness dependent on the behavior of certain groups. Can I really not ascend under this regime? Consciousness-Expansion is an individual personal inner matter.

From the point of view of mature and old souls, many young-soul actions appear to be nonsensical and harmful. There is talk of disgrace that they are charging themselves with, similar to the sin of the churches. Yet these supposedly ''shameful'' actions are on the learning program of these young souls. If they do not, something is missing for them, as well as for the whole. In the ''Book of Life'' no page may be torn out or changed, because that limits the possibilities to comprehend. However, people can visualize and add pages. And of course, as souls, they can decide to not incarnate under the circumstances that they no longer need or want at all. Not all souls incarnate under all conditions.

Into the lie & deception puppet theater of politics the citizens can interpret everything (un)possible into it and believe it to be true, depending on their wishful thinking and their extremely limited knowledge. Events in our illusionary, strongly limited ''reality'', distorted by an imaginary linear time concept, are our entertainment, distraction and learning program. But they never determine the decisions of the souls - certainly not if and when the ascension happens. They have no influence on the ''success'' of Consciousness-Expansion.

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ConsciousnessExpansion happens as a result of all incarnations taking place simultaneously in the infinite frequency worlds covering all possibilities. This crucial point is usually overlooked. Almost all people start only from the timelines alias frequency worlds which they themselves survey - and these are far too few to be able to say anything.

It is comparatively as if one wants to judge the life of the planet earth by analyzing a grain of sand from the Sahara. With so little initial information, logical thinking is of no help. In addition, the human, emotionally colored lower mind, in which the fear of death plays the most important role, is not able to think logically at all. The personality decides rather for the way of the least resistance or due to learned preferences or follows in the best case the structure given by the soul. As an example here may be the warriors who fight against discord, injustice and oppression, but most of all against illusory evil or fictitious evil.

Combat as a personal learning program is extremely exhausting, debilitating, and always attracts further struggle and rejection. For young souls, this makes sense; they learn as intended in the process. Many souls justify the struggle by their belief that they are saving fellow souls through their actions. However, these do not need to be saved. A Gnostic does not see himself as a savior. All savior figures of mankind are myths of religions. It is a terrific learning task to understand this. If the religious leaders had not done this, we would all be missing a meaningful experience.

For the Gnostic, one's own recognition, understanding, grasping is decisive, because through this the consciousness is expanded, respectively because the light of the soul illuminates as well as dissolves any illusion. The known ''soul'' types: Artist, Warrior, Healer, Scientist, Priest, Sage, King are not qualities of the souls, but experience roles for the personality. Before enlightenment, the identification with these roles must be released. Fighting is an essential part of the 3D matrix. Those who fight reinforce & prolong it and cannot ascend.

We should definitely take into account that every soul in the Experiment Earth, in its many incarnations experiences all stages of development simultaneously, from the inexperienced baby soul to the ''enlightened soul'' that has grasped everything necessary. The experiment comes to an end when enough has been comprehended. People integrate the experiences from all their frequency worlds and turn to new adventures on the 5D soul level.

Therefore it is not to be assumed that a part of mankind has to be detained when the earthly theater is finished, or that existing frequency worlds are separated and eliminated. 4D beings who have played the ''bad guys'' need not be punished and cannot be eliminated. They are also immortal souls.  Revenge, punishment, atonement etc. are disciplinary measures from the 3D illusion of the special project Earth. They contradict Gnosis as well as the UL and Advaita Vedanta philosophy.  In the soul worlds on 5D and higher there is no fighting. The unity-consciousness, that there is only ONE soul, prevents discord and war. Nobody wants to fight against himself.

The project earth was only possible because a rule of the UL was kind of softened. This is the rule: all sub-levels and -systems are open. I.e. between them unlimited energy exchange can take place. This was regulated in the experiment Earth so far that one spoke of quarantine or even prison planet. This energetic isolation was not complete, of course, and has already been largely removed. This is important, because we now maintain much more extraterrestrial contacts and get abundant uplifting energies beamed in, which herald the end of the theater project Earth.

The experiment Earth does not end when the good has defeated the evil. The illusion dissolves without struggle when the light of the soul illuminates the stage. We are ready. For people who want to become enlightened or ascend, it makes no sense to make their efforts dependent on other people. No one can comprehend on behalf of you.

Grasping and enlightenment or ascension are indeed a group process. However, this process must be carried out by all participants equally, in that everyone is responsible for his or her own task. It is also completely irrelevant whether we live here under socialist, communist, capitalist, democratic or dictatorial regimes. We ''enjoy'' in our many frequency worlds all anyway. It has no bearing on the expansion of consciousness to know which party in the U.S. provides the president, whether the election is rigged, or which politician is most corrupt or senile. Even the much mentioned revelations - if they come at all - do not necessarily have to trigger the ascension. The consciousness is not expanded with learned knowledge. At most the shock may initiate something. 

We feel the present escalating processes indeed as most unpleasant. They are balanced however by the innumerable frequency worlds, in which completely different conditions prevail. These countless events result in an overall picture and this is decisive. Since we do not know it, we cannot correctly assess individual parts (e.g. our situation). However, we can be sure that all roles, sets, costumes and props are meaningful, equal and desired. The UL proves that as energy beings we survive every illusion.

There is no spiritual path per se, only a SELF-determined life, a SOUL-inspired recognizing, understanding, grasping. There is no path between us and the SOUL, because we are this immortal soul, which experiences on earth with great perseverance and enthusiasm.

We are love, we are light.