Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde


The art of simply being

Many people are trusting their lives to so-called experts, who legitimize themselves by having "facts" about anything and everything at hand. However, what man considers to be real or genuine is not based on "facts" but is only an INTERPRETATION of what he can perceive with his senses. Humans have however depending upon consciousness a differently extended ability to perceive and depending upon past and education (conditioning) differently equipped methods and evaluation criteria, with which they accomplish their interpretations. 


Therefore there are different world views, which lead quite often to quarrel and fight, because everybody wants that his own view dominates. Every person reports differently about any given situation. This means that people project their likes and dislikes, their unresolved issues, ideas, expectations and fears, etc. into the observed event and thus basically unconsciously say more about their personality than about the event itself. This often very contradictory "perception" or interpretation of it can be very irritating and of course there is no single correct version. That is, the human being lives in differently dense fog, sees himself and the world through different veils. Every person comes to the realization one day that there is something wrong, that he does not want to go on like this and finally wants to have more clarity, because from the rigidly limited reality arise trouble, pain and suffering.

Here the natural scientists offer themselves and agree on the basis of their research on a doctrinal concept, which is recognized by the majority for correct. This is also called interpersonal or consensual reality. This, however, also has nothing to do with truth, because, strictly speaking, it is not the better arguments that prevail here but what is dictated by politics. There are a large number of realms whose existence is denied by what is generally considered scientific opinion because the necessary methods to prove them are not recognized, e.g. subtle or even higher energies. 

Furthermore, everything is relegated to the realm of fantasy or dismissed as a conspiracy theory, which could disturb the exercise of power of the so-called elites or which would reduce their profits. Currently, this is particularly evident in the areas of climate change, vaccinations, and free energy. Scientists, like everyone else, are only human and lose their ability to think logically and independently at the latest as soon as existential fears etc. cloud their minds. And politicians are obviously ready for anything, if they are only maltreated with a combination of bribery and threat. The fact that all this is now escalating to an extreme has the great advantage that it can be seen through more easily by most people. This is already in full swing.

The scientific method thrives primarily on analysis, that is, on dividing the object of investigation into many separate parts that are viewed in isolation. The interaction of all parts is often neglected. Plants and animals, for example, are first cut up or killed in many investigations, but then the most important part is missing, namely that which makes them alive. Many modern scientists believe that nature consists of many ''things'' until they detach themselves from the narrowing, dividing, material point of view, because in the context of an expanded consciousness their inner senses expand and they recognize:

There is only ''ONE BASIC''. They call this LIGHT.
Already since immemorial times this PRIMARY LIGHT was known:
NUR = Light (Persian)
EL = Light of the God (ancient Egyptian)
ON = light (ancient Egyptian)
OR = light (ancient Egyptian, Hebrew)
PHOT ON = light-light (from Greek phos/photos light)
This light is the basis of the many things.
This primordial building block is also known as LOVE,
we could also say CONSCIOUSNESS or ENERGY.

People experience this energy as SPACE and TIME. All other physical properties can be traced back to it, as Georgi Stankov has shown.

The universe consists of overlapping planes and systems of waves. Or in other words, the universe is a ''symphony'' of ''energies'' of all imaginable and unimaginable ''frequencies'' and ''wavelengths''. These energies are constantly moving, exchanging, transforming into each other, overlapping and interpenetrating, etc.

They are U-sub-sets of the whole, i.e. they have different frequencies and wavelengths, but they are all made of LIGHT. In other words, the water droplets contain the properties and information of the whole ocean. Therefore there are no gaps in the whole universe, e.g. a vacuum, because a vacuum does not consist of light but of NOTHING. And this does not exist. There is always something there, which can be rightly called light - even if the scientists cannot or do not want to register it yet. It is only condensed differently strongly. The solid matter is condensed light energy. This energy is never lost, it can only be transformed into each other.

What is of outstanding importance for us humans now: We also consist of course "only" of LIGHT, ENERGY, CONSCIOUSNESS, LOVE ... And since, this "basic building block" cannot be lost, we are also IMMORTAL. We only change the form, the frequencies and wavelengths. Here on the planet Earth we live in a special " research arrangement ", do just a special experiment: We, as souls want to experience, how it is to live in the dense matter with all the above described fog and the many veils. To aggravate the whole arrangement, we have forgotten who we are, namely light beings. That is, in this Earth experiment, we typically begin human life with low consciousness - so that we don't see through it from the beginning - and expand it in the course of many simultaneous incarnations during which we grasp life in matter. Humanity as a whole with the sum of all its intertwined simultaneous incarnations is just about to complete this experiment Earth. Transferred to the picture of the symphony this would mean that e.g. the kettledrums just finish their dramatizing input.

On the basis of this representation it should be clear now to every reader that in the universe always everything stands with everything in most intimate connection and influences itself fully. In last consequence could be said: Everything is ONE. There is no separation and no against each other. That is why Jesus said: "Love your neighbor as yourself" or "Love your enemies". Ramana Maharshi - a wise Indian master - was once asked how man should behave towards others. He answered: "There are no others". He is right: there is only love as well as light.

Since everything is made of love, fighting and war make no sense.
Since everything is made of love, a punishing God is absurd.
Since everything is made of light, deception and lies make no sense.
Since everything is connected to everything, the concept of separation is false,
it makes the parties unhappy if they judge each other.
Since everything is made of energy, there can be no lack of energy,
only the withholding of the appropriate technology.
Since everything is inseparably interconnected with everything, control is superfluous. The system regulates itself.
Nothing unfinished can accumulate, which must be worked off "later", e.g. karma or traumata. What torments people here are only their illusionary ideas in the mind (thinking and feeling).
If one realizes once without prejudice that the universe actually lives like a grandiose harmonic symphony, then everything what takes place there has its legitimate place and the necessary function.

My dear friend OSHO has always emphasized, "See what is and see what not is ." This is one of his most important messages.
What is he expressing with this? The point of the earth experiment described above is to observe and perceive first oneself and then the world, and in doing so, step by step, to limit evaluations and judgments and finally to omit them altogether. In this way, the perception and thus the consciousness expands. So that this process does not become too boring and frustrating, man - if he is ready for it - can at the same time experience a lot of beautiful and pleasurable things and also grow and grasp in this process. And for this purpose we are here on earth. It is a memory planet with special experience possibilities. Dealing with matter and fellow human beings finally reminds us of what we have always been: Beings of light as well as love.

It is not about solving so-called problems, we grow beyond them; the goal is not as many material "values" as possible or the greatest possible positions of power and supposed security and certainly not performance - these are all just means to an end

It is about peace in the heart, because there we can consciously experience light and love. It is about the harmonious synthesis of head, heart, thinking and feeling, and finally about fog and veils lifting and the personality abdicating in favor of the soul.

Practically, it is now about the art of simply BEING. We don't have to know the details of the illusion we live in. We don't have to do anything anymore - we are already light such as love. Nothing can really happen to us. Just live what is at hand. Your inner voice of intuition always gives you the information you need at this moment. The more you trustfully engage in life, the more you will also recognize, understand, grasp. And especially through this physical grasping we expand our consciousness here on earth.

Note: I have tried to arrange the presentation in such a way that it is understandable without too much previous knowledge. A whole series of connected facts was therefore omitted. In places the presentation is hindered by the common use of language, because here something is presented for which our language is not created. The biggest problem of understanding lies in the fact that there is no linear time, that everything happens simultaneously in the eternal here and now and that this here, is "everywhere". But as I said - we grow beyond our problems when the consciousness expands, which is already happening on another frequency. For additional reading I recommend: Expansion of Consciousness in multiple Frequency worlds  part 1  and Expansion of Consciousness in multiple Frequency worlds  part 2