Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

2021  The dawn of freedom

Rarely have people felt so extremely deprived of their freedom as at the time of the enforced lockdown. Resentment against governments grows daily.

What most people do not see  however is this: the politicians reacting unconsciously like puppets are only a mirror for the externally determined personalities who limit their freedom of action themselves because they follow their conditioned conscience out of fear.

Personality and freedom are a contradiction in terms. A decision of conscience is never free. The lower fear-laden thinking is not free and therefore only rarely logical.

The personality cultivated on earth so far is actually based on so many illusions and lies that a human being infected and identified with them can never be free.

The abuse of power by governments is only possible because the subjects themselves are inwardly unfree. Therefore, an external revolution would once again be of no use because the people do not see through their persona/mask.

Freedom, like good behavior, cannot be forced from the outside. The needle of the inner compass must be able to swing freely, must be allowed to adapt to every situation individually. Only in this way would free self-determined appropriate action be possible.

This kind of freedom, however, would be the end of personality. The guardians of the experiment earth could prevent this so far because the personality was the Saturnian restricting guarantor for the complex physical grasping.

The New Year 2021 unfolds in the energy of Aquarius. Its modern ruler is not Saturn which through its synthesis with Jupiter on 21. 12. 2020 has fulfilled its one-sided restrictive task.

In this light also the illusion of duality disappears. Struggle and quarrel make place for the UnityConsciousness: Advaita  Nondualism  Universal Law - Everything is based on a single principle which is found everywhere.

The traditional ruler of Aquarius Saturn is replaced by the modern ruler Uranus. The concept of freedom is defined from the perspective of the soul. Uranus symbolizes a freedom that lives according to the maxim: ''Freedom is always first also the freedom of the other''.

The old selfish personality must abdicate and is absorbed into the collective of the group. The Uranian freedom of Aquarius knows no abuse of power. It also no longer shows itself arbitrarily or eccentrically.

Uranus wants to be authentic, spontaneous and sudden. Uranus now symbolizes the freedom ''to do what you have to do''. This is supposed to be freedom?  Yes, this is the real freedom of the soul. You as a soul know in a flash intuitively exactly what is right for you in each casesituation.

And since there is only one SOUL you know as soul also exactly what is for the good of the whole as well as the group. Finally we are aware again that we are embedded in the community of all souls. The physical comprehension in the illusionary separation experiment earth is history.

This soul-centered freedom has nothing whatsoever to do with the freedom of the French Revolution and the concept of freedom of Jane Doe and Joe Blow. Their so-called freedom is arbitrariness.

Soul-centered freedom is challenge and responsibility. This freedom is always in you. If you become aware of it and send it out this freedom reveals itself to you also in the outside.

Now we enjoy our boundless creativity, the loving security of the new groups and depending on your consciousness the grandiose new techniques (e. g. free photon energy) or the gravity free lightness of higher dimensions with the multidimenional unlimited possibilities.

We know now that everything in this creation is photon energy which constantly exchanges itself with the only principle, the SPIRIT: SourceEnergy - 10 to the power of 44 times per second - permanently. see here for more The grandiose pulsation of the cosmos. This is LIFE - there is nothing else.

This photon energy we have experienced on the old earth as space-time and projected into it a panopticon of illusionary variety because the roles of the play demanded it.

Now we have woken up. Now we experience Everything in a new more real way. The truth reveals itself more and more because our consciousness is expanding. The journey is far from over.

We are now free to perceive for ourselves, to live and express our own truth. This now happens naturally without effort, consciously, because fear no longer restricts us.

Therefore we can suddenly even think logically but this is not so important anymore. Intuitive higher thinking takes its place: Buddhi-Manas, the thinking of the soul.

It masters every situation optimally individually. It is free because it is unconditioned  autonomous. It always looks at the whole. Nothing and nobody is favored selfishly.

We live authentically what we are. We live and love the whole - unconditionally because this is our way. The whole becomes conscious through us.

SoulSpirit is untouched, only through the consciousness it experiences itself. We are this consciousness.