Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Winter solstice 2020

It's your choice


Do you want to cocreate a new society or preserve the old one with all your might? You won't succeed in the latter ... We create the NEW SOCIETY with these qualities:

Self responsibility, Self-determination, Self-government, Individuality, Freedom, Peace, Love, Creativity, Free science, Free photon energy, Soul inspired art, Intuition, Expansion of consciousness, Enlightenment. Choose the NEW EARTH  NOW


Do you want to see through the eons long earthly 3D illusion and overcome the present lies and deceptions and create a completely new society based on truth, peace and love? Or do you want to maintain the old with all your might? We say it here crystal clear: you will not manage the latter.

Every single human being on the old earth could exert power on others by exploitation, paternalism, restriction, control etc. It was not only about religion, politics, economy and the working world. This is now once and for all finished.

It already began with the so-called sciences. They are basically all differently politically controlled.

see here:

This is the result of the different world views and religions and the corresponding political systems like capitalism communism etc.

Scientists are not allowed to deliver results which weaken the position and agenda of the respective rulers. This demonstrates itself at present particularly, openly and clearly in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, climatology, political science (elections) and philosophy (gender studies).

Politics even dictates what is allowed to come out of basic research. Don't be under any illusions - it actually concerns even physics. To explain this we take only a small excerpt here. We have more sophistically explained this in numerous articles on this website.

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According to a definition of the University of Münster/Germany ''physics is concerned with the processes of ... inanimate nature ... Physics has arisen from the desire of mankind to understand the natural phenomena'' ...

The first serious all-decisive mistake is to assume from the beginning and without proving it that there is something like an inanimate nature. This approach is completely unscientific. This is not a simple demarcation to biology. The biologists do not know what life is either. They give you a complex definition which you can read here: But they have no idea how a mixture of chemicals can become a living being of the same chemical composition.

The physicists exclude everything that can not be measured by their by default deficient devices - even life! Most physicists even deny that there is anything beyond that. These are not scientists, they are only biased academics.

True science must be open-ended, unbiased as to the result, it must not matter what result comes out of it.  A border between inanimate and animate nature is purely arbitrary and useless. There is no dead rigid matter in the cosmos.

Many people know that there is extrasensory and supernatural perception. All people know feelings and thoughts. They know the physically inexplicable love between people and the completely different preferences of different people. These phenomena are certainly part of nature. The universe must not be fragmented if it is to be understood.

Physics itself is based on the thinking of physicists, the intellectual interpretations of the results of measurements. These are driven by ambition, research drive etc. which belong to the feeling area. According to the teachings of the physicists thoughts and feelings, however, do not exist at all.

The whole natural sciences suffer from the fact that they assume tacitly from the beginning that nature is built purely materialistic. The cause of this ''nature'', however, is not seen, grasped or explained.

This ''a priori'' exclusion is not justifiable. It is either arbitrariness or politically wanted. Both does not give a good report to the so-called scientists because they are then either mentally limited or they are corruptible - the latter is to be assumed.

We do not want to deny here that the measurements of the physicists are reproducible and numerically correct and therefore technical applications result from them. However, most of the verbal explanations are wrong or misleading.

The famous physics Nobel laureate Robert Betts Laughlin says that these explanations - e.g. concerning the big bang - are only marketing and that physicists should limit themselves to measuring and calculating. But with this they would not explain nature - which was their original concern.

Why are the explanations of the physicists wrong? Because the basics are not available. These are supplied by philosophy and intuition, but not accepted by the physicists because allegedly ''not provable''.

Only few outsider physicists admit that besides matter and material phenomena there is still a spiritual world which is their cause. If spirit is denied, interpretations must become wrong.

Also within the material material world there is the fine-material realm which can explain very much, which the natural sciences, however, also exclude because they cannot measure it or want or are not allowed to measure.

The explanations of the physicists and many of their denominations, definitions and units of measurement exist only in their thinking. Therefore, physics is not a true image, not an explanation of nature. Many so-called laws of nature are pure inventions.

see here:

Everything that we - based on our strongly limited awareness – call research results are only interpretations on whose validity we have consensually agreed upon. It is like the fiat money whose value is based on whether we believe in it. And just as we create our world in our thinking so we experience it in our daily life.

Basically there is only spirit which manifests itself in our world as energy of infinite frequencies which we perceive as conditioned 3D/4D humans as space-time with the forms and phenomena interpreted into it. So says the Universal Law:

Exercise of power or seeing through: You have the choice.

The illusionary edifice of our world view can only be maintained in the long run if the human being lets himself be controlled and bought. Physicists and non-scientists are in the same boat here.

The human mind is free to think and to explore everything humanly possible. It does not let itself be pressed into thinking templates, study subjects, test arrangements, etc. The human being is an immortal soul - a spiritual being in a temporary material body.

We decide now for seeing through and for free science. What is your choice?

It makes no sense any more for power reasons to manipulate research results, to falsify or to invent them at will and for the non scientists: to believe in this hoax out of an inferiority complex.

In the New Society there is only a loving togetherness. Everyone lives authentically his own intuitive truth. People are fully aware of their potential as creative beings. They use their creativity unrestrictedly for the good of the whole.