Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The end of the concept of linear time

Among many people with a higher consciousness, the realization is just beginning to take hold that the past as well as the future are illusory within the framework of linear time. Everything happens simultaneously in the here and now. There are also no previous or future lives, both take place simultaneously together with the now felt present incarnation. It is spoken of timelines or better frequency worlds or worlds of experience, which penetrate and overlap each other, as well as constantly mutually influence each other. In this context, the karma principle of cause and effect also takes on a new meaning: every cause immediately produces effects on all the frequency worlds involved, and these are instantly the causes of the next effects, and so on. OSHO has spoken of instant karma because the different frequency worlds are constantly exchanging and influencing each other in the NOW. Therefore, nothing can accumulate that needs to be dealt with 'later'; also all traumas are solved immediately, dark spots cannot form in the first place. They exist only in the head, more precisely in the mind, in the memory of the 3D personality and can therefore be a great challenge.

On the 3D-earth people live in different dense fog, figuratively speaking. Everything is already simultaneously there. However, the awareness of the various 'individuals' is different, the one perceives more than the other - not only a different narrower section - and he forms his life thereby also differently. The higher the frequency, the more the being perceives. That is then its own so-called truth - nothing absolute. Everything is to be seen relative to the respective frequency world. And this is dependent on consciousness. This is the central concern of All-That-Is. It is always about expansion of consciousness.

When we believe that we change in the course of conventional linear time, for example, when we go through the light body process, we are actually changing our frequency in the NOW. That is, the frequency does not increase over time, but the increase in frequency occurs through switching worlds of experience/ frequency. We 'move' from frequency world to frequency world and are still always in the HERE and NOW.

Now we address some insights that arise from this multiple simultaneous happening in the NOW, but which have received little attention so far because intuitive thinking in the NOW is not yet widespread. Almost all people still make use of the consensual idea of a linear time to which they are so fixed by their conditioning from childhood that it does not even occur to them to doubt this concept as a result of our strongly limited perception. Finally, even so renowned scientists, like the physicists, work apparently successfully with it without seriously doubting it. However, there are first approaches here, e.g. in the ''many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics'' according to Hugh Everett and in the works of David Deutsch, who researches the basics for a quantum computer, which is based on the theory of many 'parallel worlds'.

Even well-known representatives from the spiritual scene of the light workers show again and again that their thinking has not yet got used to the new point of view. Thus I recently read the sentence: ''Mr. C. will not ascend in this life''. With the help of this example, we will explain in the following what we are concerned with. We will disregard the fact that no one can necessarily see correctly where someone stands spiritually/consciousness-wise and in relation to his ascension or enlightenment.

The first thing to notice is that this prophecy assumes the linear concept of time. This is the nature of prophecies - they speak of something that will happen in the future. However, since the concept of future is illusory, prophecies are always questionable and unreliable. This is usually concealed by the fact that the formulations are intentionally ambiguous or unclear. This applies to prophets who make predictions on their own authority as well as to higher beings who give time indications in the future via channelings, because these beings are not familiar with our concept of time. If predictions are true, this is either coincidence or the authors plan the predicted event and also implement it according to plan.

It also happens quite often that predictions do not take place in the frequency world for which they are announced and the prophet then claims for his justification that they have taken place, however, in another world of experience. This is a seemingly clever trick, but it only shows that the concept of multiple simultaneous worlds of experience is not internalized. Yes, it is basically used to protect one's own ego. Everything that is possible and is thought also happens, and that simultaneously. Any random person can make such 'predictions', they are completely worthless; the 'prophet' could only point out that a certain event is a possibility, or he could try to force it for a certain frequency world. Real beneficial visualizing and creating, however, should leave the ego, the personality out of it, because we are just really fed up with manipulation.

see here: Living Visualization - Immediate Creation. How we create the New World.

Of course there is also the 'self fulfilling prophecy', if many people believe in it. Besides that there is the possibility, that through an announcement the secrecy plans of those are thwarted who are planning the event. As the matter becomes public, it could be prevented.

Is it not possible to make any predictions at all? Yes, it is possible. However, no time indications should be given. An astrologer can say that he/she senses/sees energies that favor a certain project or make an event likely in the experiential world of the people concerned. Whether this comes true for the persons concerned depends on their behavior. Basically, only possibilities or probabilities can be shown. It is clear from this that it makes no sense to prophesy something or to wait for the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Linear time always takes place only in the mind, more precisely in the lower, emotionally charged thinking, which in Advaita philosophy is called Kama Manas. Meher Baba calls it the wrong thinking or conceptional thinking - in contrast to Buddhi Manas, the higher or intuitive thinking. The lower thinking with all its limiting, illusionary concepts or beliefs, which are usually fear-driven, only makes sense on low-frequency 3D worlds of experience, which we are now leaving. And remember, there is only this NOW. Everything else is illusion.

Past, present and future are simultaneous, basically the same and differ only by their frequency. These frequencies obviously cannot be reliably converted into linear time - small wonder: this linear time does not exist. It only applies to a certain degree because we believe in it. It is like fiat money. It has no intrinsic value and is valid only as long as people believe in it. By the way, objects are also energy with certain frequencies. However, these are low vibrating. Solid matter is condensed energy.

As second I would like to point out that the above prophecy says nothing, because there is not simply something like 'this life'. There is only ONE life, and this contains all simultaneous multiple frequency worlds on the most different densities/dimensions which also define themselves through their frequency. A soul in a physical human body not only has a different frequency when it is traveling at a certain point in linear time - called 'this' life in the prophecy in question. It also has a different frequency when it is in different places. Space and conventional linear time are inseparable - one speaks of space-time - and therefore our idea of space is also wrong. For example, there is no empty space - in the contrary to what Heraclitus believed.

Different worlds of experience not only take place simultaneously, but also ubiquitously. Between space and time, from the point of view of the soul (5D and higher), there is no difference. Only for most people in the current limited 3D state of being, there is such a thing as linear time with past, present and future and a three-dimensional space, in which they can only be at a certain point in space at one time. Spirit and soul are untouched by this human illusion in the eternal NOW and perceive themselves through their expanded awareness in multiple worlds of experience at the same time.

There is only one Here for soul/Spirit and this Here is Everywhere.

There is neither time travel nor spatial travel from A to B as velocity v is another human illusion. Velocity is defined currently in physics as v = s/t, not knowing that both distance s and linear time t are one and the same quantity and thus an illusion.

Additionally read this excellent disquisition by Patrick Amoroso

A human being lives not only in different incarnations on different frequencies but also within these, what we call in our misleading language as 'one and the same' incarnation. Such a thing exists only within the illusory linear conventional concept of time, which we are abandoning because it no longer fits an expanded consciousness. In light of these findings, the above prophecy is false, misleading, or at best worthless.

Third, no human being can 'make' the ascent because he/she has already ascended, or rather, has never been down. Man does not have a soul, he is the soul. And this soul is always a highly developed conscious energy being of high frequency. The soul is always enlightened or 'ascended'. She has incarnated only in a physical human body with lower frequencies, because she wants to make experiences in it in an illusionary world by grasping. If enough is grasped, the involved souls change to other frequency bundles. The many different experiences by grasping make the souls together and simultaneously. The whole process cannot be unraveled. There is also no soul that grasps for herself alone and there are also no better or worse experiences. And if we feel that a person known to us is already spiritually further than another, this says nothing, because all people take all 'stages' of spiritual evolution on the infinite frequency worlds simultaneously. The challenge is our limited human 3D consciousness here on earth, in which we always perceive only a tiny section and then presume to be able to make judgments.

Fourth, it is impossible to formulate correctly because human language is inconceivable without multiple forms of past and future. One can try, however, see here, we use a language with the present tense only:

FEELING UNITY IN THE HEART The New Earth beyond fear and separation

This shortcoming can be avoided only when a new language has been established, whereby one can assume that communication on higher dimensions takes place telepathically and thereby also felt, sensed things can be transmitted without having to be clothed in words beforehand. Under first we have spoken above about the fact that our 3D thinking is emotionally charged. The main emotion is fear. There is practically nobody in the mass of the earthly 3D population, with whom the thinking is not at least sometimes fearful. This thinking does not lead to correct results and creates again and again new misjudgments. At best, it can be said that concrete angst/fear can be life-saving, for example, if someone is in danger of crashing in the mountains because the terrain cannot be controlled and exhaustion has set in.

In daily life, however, it is mostly about an imagined, fantasy fear that things could get dangerous. This is where the highly manipulative slogan ''safety first'' belongs, with which those in power have already done a lot of damage, because they propagated it for all sections of life. People hardly dare to take a so-called risk, to use their free will, to be spontaneous or to explore or try something new. This rationally unjustifiable fear can, for example, paralyze someone who worries existentially even though he has hundreds of thousands in his bank account, or that he can be talked into fearing an illness that a normal immune system can easily put away. To cut a long story short: fear-driven thinking prevents logical, rational thinking. Rational, reason-guided thinking pretends to be oriented to facts and therefore to help avoid harm and to work effectively.

However, as has been shown several times elsewhere, even in the natural sciences there are no facts, but always only interpretations of observations or measurements. These interpretations depend on the world view, i.e. on conceptions and are often fear-driven. Can rational or reasonable thinking be based on this? - this is impossible. Logical thinking is consequential thinking, in axiomatic thinking this starts from basic statements, so-called axioms, which are accepted without proof and from which all propositions (theorems) of the system can be logically derived.  

Such a system stands and falls with the axioms, i.e. the basic statements, and these are again dependent on the world view, which in turn represents an interpretation, about which can be argued with excellence, as long as the human being uses the lower mind, which always represents a mixture of thinking and feeling. Thinking can be still so reasonable, rational, logical or axiomatically and mathematically correct, it nevertheless does not necessarily lead to the correct assessment of reality or a correct representation of reality/truth. The optimum, what axiomatic logical thinking can reach, is a description and explanation of the 3D illusion, which we now leave behind us. Here the Universal Law belongs to. On 3D it has been prevented so far by the powers that be, on 4D it can be significant - Free Energy. On 5D it no longer plays a practical role. Link to Multiple Frequency Worlds Part I

The 3D human always sees himself and his environment through the distorting glasses of his highly limited perception. Everything based on this is therefore insufficient, although possibly useful - even if on a very simple level. Using the example of Free Energy, we have shown this in our four videos on this subject. see here:

These findings presented here explain why the concept of linear time has nothing to do with reality. It was given to us in the context of the experiment EARTH, so that we can make experiences here under special however illusionary conditions by grasping. Further significant pillars are the concept of separation, although in the universe everything is inseparably connected and the amnesia beginning at the birth, which prevents us to find out who we really are. Without these three pillars, the divine play - LEELA - would not be possible on 3D Earth. We emphasize here again explicitly that the souls involved have definitely agreed to this game. It has fulfilled its purpose and comes to an end NOW. see here: LEELA-The divine play

The emotionally charged thinking of the mind on 3D is replaced on 5D - the level of the soul - by the higher intuitive thinking, Buddhi Manas. Its language is intuition, ''thinking with the heart''. When a human being has arrived in this frequency, all kinds of lower thinking, even its noblest representative, axiomatic logical thinking, strike the sails, because they are based on the strongly limited 3D/4D perception, as it was explained above. Or to put it better: the human being becomes aware of this soul level, only when the lower thinking of the personality/ego abdicates. We have described this in detail in the video: ''ZEN KOAN, The Goose is Out''. In a transitional phase - for instance on 4D - both kinds of thinking can run parallel side by side and complement or contradict each other ...  (Wo)man must then know whom to trust. see:

What are the characteristics of intuition? Without listing all aspects here, it should be emphasized that intuition leads to a life that always corresponds to the soul plan and therefore contributes to the good of the whole, of ALL-THAT-IS. Intuition is one with higher forms of awareness: clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc., a highly developed sensitivity for high-frequency energies, the experience of the loving interaction of all entities. The search for truth, as it is known by the people on the 3D Earth, makes room for higher and higher frequencies of conscious BEING, in which the soul rests untouched. There is 'only' one SOUL with many expressions of consciousness. As Jesus said: ''I AM the truth and the life''.

The soul is beyond the conventional concepts of space and time. The concept of linear time has no meaning for her at all. SHE LIVES IN THE ETERNAL NOW.