Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The spiritual wisdom of life

Self reference

Everything I do, I refer to myself

- when I clean the house, I remember that I clean myself inside

- when cleaning the window, I want to have a better view and clarity, better vision

- when I trash out, I'm learning to let go of my personal quirks

- when rounding and sanding off edges, I make myself a little rounder and softer

- when I forge as a blacksmith, I hammer myself and learn how to handle the fire and turn something brittle into something round and smooth

- when watering flowers, I think: Water of life makes me alive


For each form there is always an up and down, a becoming denser (more material) and a becoming clearer (more spiritual) – it is a kind of interaction - e.g. also extreme moods swing: sky-high jubilation - saddened to death

Relative balance

The aim is to reduce the amplitude of the fluctuations, not to sway like a reed in the wind. A relative balance should be established here, the center would be stand still, but there is no such thing in our universe - everything is constantly in motion (Heraclitus).


Our planet Earth is currently in an imbalance. Everything that happens in a crash - as sad as it is felt - serves to preserve the whole.


Every coin has two sides - this can be applied to many things in life: You can't have just one side

good - evil, light - dark, cold - warm, inhale - exhale, day - night, light - shadow etc.

These are not opposite but complementary. Both must be understood. Polarity exists only in the diversity of the material world. When we understand this, we stop accusing and condemning others. No man is better or worse, the one has only understood earlier.


and acceptance are the order of the day... Should I include aggressive, intolerant people or religions into my tolerance?


I want to be able to distance myself - not let everything/everybody get to me, especially not people who want to take over and dominate me.


A house is not built in a week either, everything needs a solid foundation. Even old injuries do not disappear overnight, they just take a back seat, they are part of your experience. Consultation of psychologists and other counsellors can be helpful at times, can provide temporary comfort, but it is better to find out for yourself. A good councelor encourages you to develop self-esteem, to be self-responsible and independent.

Going into nature

and observing and learning from it. Observe animals: ants, penguins, dolphins. Live to the rhythm of nature (seasons): Retreat in winter,go out in the spring, abundance in summer, harvest in autumn. Visualize until the summer solstice what is to be achieved and implement it (at least start with it). Enjoy the light of the sun (better without sunglasses).


Cleanse the body, become calmer, perceive more; also slim people should fast, because it is generally about letting go and purification, deacidification, detoxification. It's about freeing myself from the old, from conditioning, from patterns of behavior, from ideas of how something should be; expectations of parents, partners, friends are not decisive.

Transit Planet Earth

Understand the "Book of Life" (Video). The Earth is only a passageway, a transit room … You don't have to change the Earth...

Abdominal breathing

Breathe into the stomach to become quiet ans rest. The belly is the navel of the world, there life is born. The mother is connected to the embryo by the umbilical cord. People who do not breathe into the stomach suppress their feelings. Through abdominal breathing energy is distributed throughout the body, man becomes calmer, is better grounded and therefore more stable in the rapidly changing world. Conscious abdominal breathing is completely sufficient as a meditation technique. Reciting mantras is not necessary.

The meaning of life

On earth man experiences matter with the five senses, thereby his consciousness expands. Man can create a synthesis of thinking, feeling (wanting) and acting, he can bring heart and mind in harmony. The aim is a synthesis of mysticism, gnosis, philosophy, natural sciences.


for the time available to me on earth to experience/grasp with all my senses; for everything that happens to me, because I can use it to expand my consciousness. If praying at all, be thankful: Gratitude is the only real prayer.

Ownership, Property

There is much available to us - but nothing belongs to us: it is lent to us temporarily to understand and grow. The body is only a means to an end. Also other persons do not belong to us: "my" child, "my" husband etc. I cling to my husband.

The power of words

Language is an expression of consciousness. Does a person speak constantly loud and aggressive or rather softly and nuanced? What terms does someone use? What about these: insanely beautiful, insanely good, murderously cold, it stings my eyes a little, powerful success, to rack one's brain etc.

Political correctness

But be careful: do not dictate the language, do not reproach. Political Correctness is thought terror: no one must determine what may be said or how something must be said


it is about unconscious, automatic use of expressions, that are currently in fashion: cool, awesome, chillout, etc.

Mass Psychosis, Helper syndrome

Beware of the "do-gooders" - they lack transparency, do not understand, they often have a helper syndrome, distract from themselves.


What is well meant is not necessarily well received. See the movie "Pretty best friends". Maria Montessori: "Help me to do it myself"

Helper syndrome

Ask yourself honestly: why do you want to help someone? Do you want to be loved? Do you want to be good? Do you always and automatically help?


"Unconditional love" is an illusion, relationships are always based on give and take. "Unconditional love'' is subservience (Islam = submission): every religion is exercise of power.


Does the human being live his potential or is he foreign determined? Helping creates dependence. Dependence comes also through indebtedness. Far too many loans have been granted in recent decades; as a result, millions of people became dependent and vulnerable to blackmail; they spend their whole life only working to pay off the interest and debts.

The stage of life

We are the actors and we only play the roles. Do not get identified with your roles.Take the position of the observer.


Leave the frog's perspective, take the eagle's position: you need overview. Go up the mountain at times and enjoy the overview and the wide view. This helps in everyday life. Depending on how far it is to the summit, you will be offered the most diverse perspectives


Every person experiences and sees the world differently based on his or her previous experiences; this is quite normal in the diversity of the material world. Also people are very different.

The Divine

See the Divine in the other: in Bavaria and Austris people say to each other: ''I greet the God within you" (Grüß Gott). See the divine in all forms, in the diversity of matter: behind all is the spirit, the energy that moves everything...


There is a reason for everything , we cannot/may not reject anything when we understand everything we repress catches up with us: see the movie "The Last Unicorn".


Alternate between physical activity and using the mind. Everything that is not used shrinks: Muscles and even the brain ...  A rolling stone gathers no moss...


With whom does man still resonate? First he is angry with the other, he always believes the other one is to blame first. In reality the other one just pushes the buttons. Man should be grateful for this, even though the other person may also act unconsciously, so he can recognize where old patterns determine his actions.


Like on a spiral, the same themes come up again and again in life, usually a little more subtle; these are tests of whether something has really been understood. Nothing disappears, it only goes into the background.


Go where the fear is, test yourself if you are afraid of something and therefore avoid it. Man is only afraid of the unknown - but that is still missing – go for it! Fear wakes you up and increases your attentiveness. Extreme athletes are considered to be particularly brave, they are also afraid, but can handle it - fear prevents carelessness. If someone excludes certain people from his contact because he is afraid of subjects that still need to be learned, he is not doing himself any favour.


Deal with death before it knocks at your door. St. Paul: "I die daily". Sleep is death's little brother: are you afraid to go to sleep?


Sex is not a sin - through sex, pressure is naturally relieved, all living things do so. Bans lead to extremes. At present the sexual power is particularly strong due to certain incoming energies. These can be used for physical work and creativity.

Healing Stones

Caution when wearing stone chains, e.g. black stones on the neck, tourmaline, opal. Stones are also living beings, with certain astrological aspectations it can be harmful to humans.


Avoid meditating on colors or visualizing them: this can have devastating consequences due to certain aspects in the horoscope: e.g. mucous membrane burns with red

Stone water

healing stones etc. - make mindful experiences … but the realization that none of this is necessary in the long run...


Overtone singing is too early - first we go into the depths (e.g. Tibetan monks). Choir singing can touch the mind.

The meaning of life

I give the meaning to life myself. I can make something felt good out of my life. I can unfold and become clearer.

Helper syndrome

Observe Self-worth, Self-responsibility, Independence

Features, Qualities

To discard or change qualities? Convert negative properties into positive ones? Do not sin anymore? This has not worked in 2000 years of Christianity. This only leads to a guilty conscience with all the bad consequences.


Man cannot directly and forcefully free himself from compulsions. The liberation happens indirectly through a fulfilled life. The more or less existing willpower should be used to overcome the fear and to risk as much as possible. Understanding/grasping liberates.


Protest in public only if you know for sure that you have the strength, endurance and nerves of steel to be a revolutionary and that this is one of your life tasks; otherwise you better keep a low profile, but do not run with the masses.

The original

Be authentic, just live what is necessary; don't be a follower, robot, puppet, copy, don't keep up with the trends, the fashions. It's too much effort to adapt.

Let go

Man can only let go of something when he got it. Someone wanted to be celibate without ever having had an intimate relationship (he wore a moonstone ring).


Free yourself more and more from attachments, bindings etc., also associations, parents, so-called friends etc.

Dare to be yourself, live up to the will and intention of your essence, your soul.