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Virgin Birth

An Intuitive Solution of a Mystery and Its Far-Reaching Consequences

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The birth of Jesus by a virgin impregnated by the Holy Spirit is told in Matthew 1,18-25 and Luke 1:26-35. This was adopted as a dogmatic mystery in the Catholic Church.

In the Koran Jesus is called Isa bin Maryam (‘Jesus, Son of Mary’) and his divine origin is rejected. On the other hand, the virginity of Mary is taken over and emphasized (Sura 19:17-21).

Since this virgin birth, also called parthenogenesis, is considered difficult or even impossible for higher mammals and marsupials according to the present state of biological knowledge, there have always been considerations and speculations as to how such a process took place; it has been placed into the realm of fantasy by a lot of people.

‘Enlightened’ Christians do not take this dogma literally, they accept it only in a figurative sense or reject it completely – we do not even talk about the ignorant majority. In modern esotericism, it is often assumed that the predicate “virgin” means that Mary was a particularly high vibrating human being, pure and very conscious as well as free of human weaknesses and failings, and therefore a being so highly evolved that she could bear and give birth to the Son of God. If one takes a thorough look at this subject, one finds that Jesus and the virgin birth are myths.

Already in ancient Egypt, a virgin birth of the Horus boy by Isis was reported:

‘We find that the ‘Gospel Story’ was written on the walls of this Temple of Luxor (Thebes) thousands of years before the assumed Jesus of history. The story of the divine Annunciation, the miraculous Conception (or Incarnation), the Birth, and the Adoration of the Messianic Child (originally Horus), had already been engraved in hieroglyphics and represented in 4 consecutive scenes upon the innermost walls of the holy of holies in the Temple of Luxor which was built by Amenhotep III, a Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, long before there was any concept of Jesus existing in the first century C.E.”.

The whole story about Jesus is completely taken from this myth of the sun god Horus. The literary similarities between the Egyptian religion and the Christian religion are overwhelming.

See also the books of D. M. Murdock, especially: Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

The ‘Theologian’ gives the following table of virgin births:

  • Gautama  – Buddha born around 600 B.C. of virgin maya
  • Dionysus  – Greek god, born of a virgin
  • Quirinus   – saviour of the early Roman period, born of a virgin
  • Attis            – born of the virgin Nama about 200 B.C. in Phrygia
  • Indra          – born around 700 B.C. from a virgin in Tibet
  • Adonis –      Babylonian god, son of the virgin Ishtar
  • Krishna Hindu deity – born around 1200 B.C. of the virgin Devaki
  • Zoroaster   – about 1500 -1200 B.C. born of a virgin
  • Mithras      – born of a virgin on December 25, ca. 600 B.C.
  • Saoschyant – received by a virgin bathing in the lake through Zarathustra
  • Plato             – conceived by the god Apollo and a virgin
  • Perseus       – the virgin Danae had received the seed of Zeus sleeping as laburnum

The myth of the virgin birth is described so frequently and in such detail by the most diverse cultural circles that it must have a significant background. We will show that it is even a key theme, which includes the relationship between female and male energies and sheds significant light on their function.

Acharya S (alias D. M. Murdock) writes:

‘The virgin-mother motif predates Christianity by thousands of years and revolves around the Goddess parthenogenetically reproducing the universe. This motif of parthenogenesis was applied to Isis’s very ancient alter ego, Neith, possibly 7,000 or more years ago.

To the ancient parthenogenetic female creators belong:

  • Chaos, Nyx and Ge/Gaia
  • Athena/Neith/Metis
  • Artemis
  • Hera
  • Demeter and Persephone/Kore
  • Gnostic Sophia

In the book Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity, pp.191-207, edited by Marguerite Rigoglioso, the author Angeleen Campra writes about the Gnostic Sophia, Divine Generative Virgin as follows:

‘This chapter presents Sophia of the Gnostic texts as one manifestation of the long line of powerful female deities discussed previously. Sophia, the Virgin, is divine generative force, fundamental life energy that manifests as the generation of life through the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth; as the wisdom inherent in the expression and order of the universe.”

These few quotations give an idea of what I am talking about.

The basic Gnostic knowledge from which we start says that All-THAT-Is is equal energy and that there is nothing beyond that, or in other words, that everything else is an illusion and is therefore also energy.

Read: Illusion: We Don’t Perceive the World as It Is

About this undifferentiated primordial energy, from which all illusions or dreams arise, can be said that it is closed according to the new theory of the Universal Law and consists of an infinite number of U-subsets, which are open and in constant exchange of energy.

For all practical purposes, we can also say that this energy has rather feminine qualities. It is the ultimate creative energy in its primal state before the creation of the universe known to us that is symbolized by a pure, immaculate virgin. This energy contains All-THAT-Is = energy that manifests itself as the forms we know. The feminine energy gives birth, as it were, to the appearances/phenomena that can be grasped by the five human senses.

The so-called Holy Spirit is also – as has been clearly stated in many sources – of feminine character and is basically identical with the Virgin/Mother. (see for example the representation in Urschalling near Prien at the Chiemsee in Bavaria below). These energies make up for the ‘main amount’ of all energy, so to speak, and this is why the feminine is so extremely powerful, far surpassing the masculine. One could say that the masculine in our 3D/4D world is only a small U-subset of the feminine. This explains the primal fear of the masculine towards the feminine (e.g. being swallowed by the vagina) and the resulting oppression of all females in patriarchy. This is now coming to an end, but not so that the pendulum swings back into matriarchy, but that polarity is abandoned and the unity consciousness on 5D is generally brought to bear under the influence of the purple flame (see below).

When the predominantly feminine primordial energy is creative and gives birth to the cosmos, then it is impregnated by the Holy Spirit, who is also feminine and basically the same primordial energy. The Shekina, for example, is the counterpart of the Catholic Holy Spirit in Judaism and represents the female aspect of God. It is therefore – in the figurative sense – a clear case of parthenogenesis or virgin birth. The creative primordial energy is known under the names primordial mother, mother-goddess and others. In this birth, polarity is created in the form of female-male as we know it.



This means: the creative feminine – Virgin/Holy Spirit – stands for the undifferentiated primordial-unity-energy, which creates son/daughter – as symbols for the created polar cosmos of diversity and illusion, which man perceives as space-time. The son then becomes the father and the daughter becomes the mother, who then procreates through the well-known lustful sexual union.

The Trinity of the Catholic Church, like the dogma of the virgin birth, is a fiercely contested construct of the Church Fathers (at various councils, even physically), which is based on the above circumstances, presumably without the theologians concerned being fully aware of them, because different levels are mixed up in this concept. The Father of the Catholic Trinity (the #1) resides already within creation – so he is not the cause of it. Holy Spirit and Mother (the #2) are symbols for the primordial energy as well as the Virgin, which is, however, wrongly projected into the polar world of creation. However, Mary (ancient Egyptian Meri) is basically a symbol/name for the virgin primordial energy. Son (and daughter, which must be added) (the #3) stand for the polar creation, the illusion.

In the virgin primordial birth, through the primordial mother energy, neither the male principle nor the father of the Trinity appear at all. Therefore, it is an immaculate virgin birth and of course the virgin remains virgin even after birth – but of course not in the childish carnal concept of the catholic dogma. The resulting son who is subject to polarity is of course no god, because the actual primordial god/creator is female and untouched and is not subject to the polarity of male/female. One could also call this energy neutral or better “neither nor”. However, since it gives birth to the cosmos, it is more of a female energy or femininely tainted.

Hence one can agree with the Islamic theology when it says that God has no son. This Islamic God is not a personal God (not a #1 within creation) but a formless principle and therefore outside of creation as part of the primordial energy, which in Islam, however, is seen neither male nor female. Mohammed Jesus is only a prophet or a human being with a greatly expanded consciousness (Mohammed is a title, not a human being).

For the origin of Islam as a Syrian Christian, strictly monotheistic sect see also:

Ad Profundum

The son of the Catholic Trinity is very much one with the Father – both belong to the illusory creation. This does not apply – as shown above – to the Holy Spirit. This clearly shows that the core of the Catholic teaching – the Trinity – is a misconception. Within the framework of the efforts towards the NWO as Unity Religion by the managing Vatican director Bergoglio of the still legitimate Pope Benedict, this dogma is currently being dissolved, so that a rapprochement with the actually monotheistic Islam becomes possible. At the same time Mary is upgraded as the primordial mother, so that the matriarchal indigenous religions can be also incorporated. This does not mean, however, that the Vatican has adopted the author’s view, which is rather in coalescence with Blavatsky’s theosophy and Gnosticism and is thus very critical to Christianity and Catholicism in particular.

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There is another common symbol for the primordial energy: the world egg.

The cosmos emerges from the world egg in the form of a polar primeval being of the created illusion. It appears in the myths of many cultures. In the legends about the origin of the world it symbolizes the absolute primeval state of the universe. This would be the energy of the primordial virgin mother. According to Helena P. Blavatsky, however, the world egg is already the first stage of external manifestation, which makes more sense.

The return of the powerful, creative feminine into the expanded consciousness shortly before the ascension of mankind marks an important step towards an expanded, even enlightened knowledge of connections that were hidden in the Kali-Yuga on 3D for eons of time and could only be passed on in secret. The true power of the Feminine of the Virgo/Mother lies, as shown, in the spiritual energetic realm. It is significant to observe that now, as the lies are becoming more and more brazen and bigger, the old wisdom is again propagated, however in a completely distorted way within the framework of gender ideology on the human physical level and deliberately misused for political power purposes.

The new Gnosis distinguishes male electromagnetic energies and female magnetic energies. Until recently, the former were predominant and supported the shaping of society as patriarchy. In the meantime, magnetic energies have become predominant. We affirm this by the following quotations:

”The new knowledge is that the magnetic energy waves coming from the new red giant sun not only change profoundly the energetic structure of the entire planet by introducing the conditions of superconductivity, but that they also change profoundly the energetic foundation of humanity as sentient beings – so that humans become a new species …”

“… that the new earth is now fully anchored in the new Golden Galaxy and has a new sun as a red giant that operates only within the magnetic spectrum of the Source and that electricity with its charged polarity, being the foundation for the energetic separation of all incarnated human personalities from the Source, has been abolished since April 13th, 2018. This is the end of all human agnosticism …”

“Much as the electromagnetic gateways of the previous electromagnetic based creation had electrons available to freely associate with opposite charges ~ positive to negative attractors ~ this new magnetic reality is founded in soliton particle alignment (For further information on the role of solitons in the supramolecular regulation of the human body and DNA read volume III by Georgi Stankov). Soliton particles saturate the Body~Mind~Spirit system whose orientation is toward gnostic knowledge.”

The New Magnetic Reality as a Basis for Gnostic Knowledge Integration

“The Electron is fundamentally “light essence” that comes from the etheric fields of Creation, what is referred to as the Primal Fields of First Cause. This “light essence” is primed with the consciousness of the Creation, Source, God ~ or however one may call it, and can therefore be termed “conscious living light”. This “conscious living light” is intelligent in that it responds to our thoughts and our feelings, where both affect the rate of spin within the atom around which the electron is found. The atoms collect together to “create” our manifestations, either in thoughts alone or in physical form upon the physical plane.

The Violet Flame carries enhanced abilities to transform because of its highest frequency (688–789 THz frequency) and shortest wavelength (380–450 nm) with respect to the colours of the visible light and has thus the highest energy of all colours/flames. However, the violet flame we are talking here is beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and of unimaginably high frequency as it comes directly from the Source. As all flames from the Source, it contains lower octaves such as the violet colour of the visible light.

The violet flame affords a penetrating super-magnetism that automatically unleashes unlimited potential to create upon any canvas of one’s choosing, a world of perfection, one founded in this strong magnetic force/energy, the energy we also describe as that of Divine Love.  The “conscious living light” within the Violet Flame only wants to serve the Creation, and to serve it to the highest perfection, that of Divine Love. This is the origin of the statement “All There Is is Love”.

The Violet Flame of Transformation – Science and Alchemy

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(Structure of the atom: proton, positively charged, male, electron, negatively charged, female, neutron, neutral.)

The ‘violet’ magnetic energy now flowing in is infinite creative energy, which creates patterns and forms in a ‘new’ way – directly and immediately. It comes straight from the Source, the primal fields of the First Cause, which, as described above, represent the feminine Virgo-Mother-Energy. The New Earth on higher 4D and 5D levels will therefore recall itself as Gaia of the feminine origin of all creation. It will again fully recognize and appreciate the galactic greatness of the feminine creative power. Mary, Sophia, Shekina, Tara and Pallas Athena, to name but a few, will again be understood and respected as intelligent, enlightened, virgin maternal energies.

Immediate creation through mental power enriches our lives on the 5D levels to an unimagined extent and allows us to blossom as multidimensional creators of both our own and collective reality. The male-warrior polarity of electromagnetism has had its day, it is replaced by a unified field, predominantly feminine, characterized by a harmonious synthesis of all opposites.

The relationships between male and female beings are now based on joint, free of competition exploration and experience of completely new worlds. People can also alternately appear in different bodies in several places at the same linear time in order to act as messengers of the light and enjoy life with other human beings on the way to their ascension. In the beginning, the permanent first residents of the new cities of light will help their brothers and sisters on the higher 4D worlds through example, teaching and healing so that they can join them in the New Lemuria.

We live the sublime power of the female primordial energy, which flows as the creative essence of All, as our birth gift, in infinite love.

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