Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The enlightened view

A Homage to AA MICHAEL

The world is not what it seems. That's a realization that's beginning to sink in. Nevertheless, even informed people still think and act as if our 3D view corresponds to reality, although it is obviously an illusion - at least a very limited reality.

see here Illusion and here Truth

We explain this using the example of the Archangel MICHAEL.

In Hebrew the word MICHAEL means: ''Who is like God?''   ''Quis ut Deus?'' is written in Latin on many depictions. He is represented with a flaming sword, shield and scales. He defeats the evil - the devil, Satan. He has thrown him out of heaven at the angelic fall and kills him in the form of the dragon, the serpent. In the Apocalypse of John there is literally mentioned a war in heaven. The Archangel MICHAEL is the leader of the heavenly hosts of the Lord and fights against the end time devilish dragon. He is also the keeper of souls at the Last Judgment. He is the patron of soldiers and warriors. Art assigns him the colour red of battle.

above: Michael with shield, QUIS UT DEUS and scales,   below: Michel with angelic fall

This is the usual superficial literal 3D view/interpretation of the Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Everyone can understand it, many see it as real. MICHAEL is interpreted as a secular warrior. Our whole social system is built on fighting and the Archangel MICHAEL is propagated as a role model. We too are supposed to fight against evil - inside ourselves as sinners and outside because someone else is always supposedly to be blamed. This is the usual way of looking at things, as well as the usual literal superficial level of interpretation.

Explanatory insert: In the New Testament, esoteric processes in the human body are portrayed as if they were exoteric historical processes outside the body. For this purpose the numerous occult writings combined to the NT were reinterpreted. The official teaching of the Church is based on this historicizing literal presentation and interpretation. Where the text appears incomprehensible, the "mystery of faith" is spoken of.

see here: Birth-Death-Crucifiction

The "Apocalypse" (Book of Revelation) of "John" = Apollonius is a detailed description of the enlightenment process of man. The Seven Seals are the Seven Chakras. The Apocalypse is not a prophetic scripture that predicts the end of the world. It was encrypted to preserve the information for posterity. The essence of man lives forever, we only change form.

A first hint that something does not fit here results from the following consideration. If MICHAEL really conquered/killed evil, then the good would disappear as well. Good & evil are in the 3D duality/polarity of the present earth the two sides of a coin, i.e. evil, the devil cannot be killed without destroying the whole system, which according to this view is also valid in heaven - there too, supposedly, is fighting and war. So the official interpretation of the churches is misleading, because their representatives support the dual system of good and evil. The propagated fight only serves to keep us busy, to distract us and to finish us off, so that we do not recognize our situation so easily and so that the experiment earth does not come to an end too soon.

Explanatory insert:


Dualism (lat. dualis ''duality'') refers to theories of the interpretation of the world which are based on two different, independent basic elements. Both elements are often in a relationship of tension or contradiction to each other - up to incompatibility. They are antagonistic (opposite) incompatible (not matching) elements.


Polarity is the appropriate term, when the two opposing elements are complementary to each other. Examples: black – white, man – woman, yin – yang, bright – dark, cold – hot, love – hate, poor – rich, sick – healthy.


Duality is the Illusion (Maya) of Separation. Since it is a deception of our thinking, duality is not really existent.

All essence is UNITY

This also applies to the 3d/4d levels of duality, i.e. the material world and Kama-Manas (wishful thinking). Man, out of his ignorance, does not perceive this unity. He/she is polarized on separation. He perceives the unity only on the 5d level of the soul, Buddhi.


''nothing is really good or bad in itself—it's all what a person thinks about it'' (Hamlet 2,2 Shakespeare).

''There is no bad per se but only different degrees of good'' (Meher Baba).

''Duality and antagonism are concepts of relationship or thought but not realities'' (Ken Wilber)

The supposed dualism ''death - life'' lets the human out of fear suppress death in order to attain ''security''.


Many religions are built on the pair good – evil. Opposites are emphasized to the maximum - the inherent unity becomes invisible. People are torn up inwardly & incited against each other. That's what Divide and Impera is all about. This predominant hostility is holding us in our earthly prison.

We must therefore choose the enlightened view of the soul, in which the illusion of duality is already dissolved, if we want to ascend. We have to leave 3D and go into the Unity Consciousness on 5D, where all opposites are united. There and higher Archangel MICHAEL is dwelling and there we can correctly interpret his symbolism from a higher perspective.

The heavenly hosts of the Lord's Army turn out to be a false projection of the lower, emotionally clouded, conditioned mind into higher levels of consciousness where no military exists. The flaming sword is not used there for killing. It is a symbol for higher intuitive thinking or generally for light, enlightenment, expanded consciousness.

''Don't fight the darkness/illusion, turn on the light'' says OSHO. What does not exist, cannot be fought. You can only ''turn on the light'', that means to enlighten, that it is an illusion. When someone fights illusions, he gives them weight and reinforces them because he takes them seriously. Basically he confirms the object of false perception. The fellow human beings thus receive the message that it must be something significant, something real.

From a higher perspective there is no good and evil, no duality. It's just a matter of using the 3D illusion so that we remember what we as souls have always known: namely that we are immortal and free in the divinity of our innermost being. Once we have understood that separation and the status of the lone warrior is only imagined for learning purposes, we can finally see through and transcend the dual/polar illusion. In doing so, every kind of experience is equally valuable and valid.

Therefore, when someone does something ''evil'', he is not a bad, sinful person, but a divine soul, which uses the 3D Matrix to its full extent to expand his consciousness through physical & emotional understanding. Since the many incarnations all happen at the same time, they constantly influence each other. This enables a balanced experience and multifaceted comprehension. To be obedient and God-fearing is only one way among many and also a particularly boring and joyless one. Anyone can play the victim and live in scarcity. OSHO says: ''Live your life as as dangerously as possible''. That means, who swims courageously against the generally valid stream of society and stands to his/her inner truth, profits the most.

The enlightened view of the soul also implies that in All-THAT-Is (ADI) there is no system that can sabotage the purpose of ADI - the so-called absolute evil. This purpose is the expansion of consciousness. God, Spirit, ADI wants to become self-conscious. The human being plays a key role in this. Such an internal sabotage system cannot exist, because the whole, ADI, does not know self-sabotage, all sub-systems have to obey the purpose of the whole system (it must be U sets, not N sets).

The enlightened view of the soul also implies that such a sabotage system cannot exist outside of ADI; the universal law clearly states that ADI is closed and that therefore no interactions can take place ''outside''. So there is nothing either inside nor outside of ADI that runs counter to the meaning and purpose of the whole system. The expansion of consciousness is therefore not in danger and therefore struggle to save the system is not necessary. See also here: good and evil

The rhetorical question ''Who is like God'' - the name of MICHAEL - only makes sense if we start from the sinful arrogance of the adversary/devil. However, this is also a dualistic construction of the illusory 3D. We can answer the question quite clearly from a higher perspective: ''Everyone is like God'' or ''all beings are divine''. There is nothing but God = Energy = All-THAT-Is (ADI) - everything else - the variety of forms - is pure illusion.

This is the basic statement of the Gnostic Advaita philosophy of Nondualism (= Monism). A personal God enthroned above all is also pure illusion. Illusions dissolve when you see through them. Man created his God in his own image - by imagining him as a person. Preferably as an old white man with beard. Islam is already more careful and closer to the truth: Allah is a divine principle that is not portrayed. And as such, of course, ''he'' has no son.

The Archangel MICHAEL is often depicted with a pair of scales with which he judges souls at the Last Judgment. However, this judgment is also illusionary - just because it is written in the Bible does not say anything. The Old and New Testaments are not God's Word, but man-made and have been changed and falsified many thousands of times. Hell is only a threat in 3D, because 3D is based on fear and separation from one's own divinity. From a higher perspective, the scales are a symbol of harmony, balance, beauty, and unity-consciousness. MICHAEL represents these qualities on which enlightened thought and action are based.

The justice of religions and worldly law can be safely forgotten - it has never existed, it has always been an empty promise. In both areas it is never about justice but always only about testing/enforcing obedience, submissiveness. Religions and courts both always work with the fear of punishment. This form of exercising power is one of the outstanding hardships of the 3D system, which the human being first has to understand.

The weighing of souls/hearts already existed in ancient Egypt:

The falcon-headed HORUS (far left) and the jackal-headed ANUBIS (left) weigh the heart (in the right scale) against a feather or figure of MAAT (left scale). This feather represents the goddess MAAT, who symbolises justice, truth and the world order. The ibis-headed THOT (right), scribe of the gods, registers the result. Below a slightly different representation.

In the Jewish Kabbalah, MICHAEL corresponds to the Sephira Tipereth #6, who stands harmoniously right in the middle of the Tree of Life. Tipereth also corresponds to the sun, which is often depicted on his shield. The name of the god is also written on the shield: Jehovah. MICHAEL is referred to as the face or representative of God, or as the spirit that lives in the sun. The Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are sun cults. The sun symbolizes the purifying, enlightening willpower of the fire element. The flaming sword symbolizes the soul's ability to discern, the outstanding quality of intuitive thinking. This is the highlight of intuition: if we listen to it, we can distinguish exactly what is right or wrong for us, what makes our consciousness grow and what hinders us. It is our very personal truth.

Above: Michael´s shield as sun with GODs name JEHOVA in Vienna

Below: JEHOVA in the triangle of the Trinity or Godfather, all inside the sun, Charles church Vienna

further below: Godfather as sun, Jesus as sun, Holy Spirit as sun

In the human chakra system the heart (ANAHATA) takes this middle position. OSHO demands that we think with the heart, which means to listen to and follow the intuition, the language of our soul. It is this ''loving thinking'' that MICHAEL represents. As Gnostics, we are not interested in opinions or beliefs that only provide deceptive knowledge that leads to pain and suffering. Even logical philosophising is not the last word in wisdom for us. If something is logical or mathematically tenable in itself, it doesn't have to be true by a long shot - that's textbook science for today's scientists. The Gnostic relies on the intuitively seen truth and acts accordingly, even if it seems illogical to him or to others. MICHAEL's flaming sword is the symbol of this intuitive clarity, in whose fire all illusions burn. The Gnostic trusts and builds on it.

Along the spine there are seven energy centres, also called chakras, where the ''snakes'' IDA and PINGALA cross. The central channel is called Sushumna.

In ancient Egypt MI KA EL has the following meaning:

MI = is the connection of the two upper chakras (I  AJNA, M  SAHSRARA)

KA = is in ancient Egyptian mythology an aspect of the soul that survives the physical death of the human being. It leaves the body of the dying person and then continues to exist independently. It is the source of the life force.

EL = Light

The flaming sword stands for the spirit that animates and spiritualises everything. In the Old Testament Hebrews 12:29 it says, ''Our God is a consuming fire''. For the Greek philosopher HERACLITUS (below on the left together with DEMOKRITUS) the essence of the world is an eternal living fire. Universal law speaks of energy that is constantly transforming and exchanging. Hereby nothing is lost ...

To cut a long story short: MICHAEL does not take sides in a senseless fight between good and evil, but dissolves the 3D illusion with his light when the time has come and a person has experienced/grasped enough. This now affects a larger part of humanity, which ''after the work is done'' is rising with the earth Gaya to 5D. We can support this by leaving our old thought patterns and asking ourselves again and again what a given thing or process turns out to be when we look at it from the perspective of the 5D Unity Consciousness of the soul. This approach corresponds to Gnostic thinking, the principles of universal law and above all the intelligence of the heart, the will and intention of the soul.

The lightworker informs, protects, supports, encourages. His way is pro and not against. He does not create dependencies. The Lightworker is the magician: he knows when, where and how to act.

These people, who actively support the process of ascension, sometimes still use the old terminology and call themselves ''light warriors'', who fight with their lightsabers. Often these are old warrior souls, whose personality in most cases has given up the physical and emotional craft of warfare, because they know from their own painful experience how senseless war is and that violence only attracts more and more violence and keeps those involved in 3D. In the Apocalypse of John = Apollonius of Thyana it says in chapter XIII, 10: ''Whoever kills someone with the sword must be killed with the sword'' - this too must of course be interpreted with an enlightened view.

Archangel Gabriel - above with trumpet - revealed the Koran to Mohammed. Michael is mentioned in the Koran.

Russian icon of the Archangel Michael

But you cannot fight with light - either it is missing, then it is dark, or it is there, then the darkness is gone. The light-body process is not a fight against evil, the bad or the darkness, it is rather a shining through of the unconscious, the shadow, the fears, the conditionings, which dissolve in the light. The unconscious becomes conscious. This is nothing new, but has been the task of all Sannyasins since time immemorial, who wanted to be enlightened under the guidance of a spiritual master. The New Testament speaks of the transfiguration of Christ. With this body he is said to have appeared on the mountain to three disciples and the prophets Moses and Elijah (Luke, 9, 28-36, Mark 9, 2-9 and Matthew, 17, 1-8). With this story presumably the light-body is described.

Tramsfiguration into the Lightbody of Christ

Since we know that in 3D we live in an illusion of lies and deceit, which we have admitted and co-created as souls and keep alive through unenlightened behaviour, finally some exemplary stimulating questions:

- Does it really make sense to constantly bitch about politicians, medical doctors, physicists or others?

- Are these people really criminals because they make life hell for people through fake news and fake science?

- Does it make sense to contribute to the division of society by accusing and condemning although the struggle of everyone against everyone is the essence of the 3D learning system?

- Does it really help if we do not take enough personal responsibility and instead look for guilty parties outside?

- Is it helpful to complain about ''hidden elites'', representatives of the so-called bloodlines, reptiloids or the ''Cabal'', although we know that these human beings/entities are also divine and ''only'' play the role they have chosen in the 3D experiment Earth?

If we have gained the insight through painful experiences over countless incarnations that these questions are to be answered with NO, why don't we turn to the enlightened view presented here using the example of the Archangel MICHAEL and act accordingly?

The old dualistic system cannot be improved, it is resigning. We are creating something completely new on 5D in freedom and love as souls together.

After completion of the manuscript, the following channelling was published on the same day which emphasizes these statements:

The Energies of the Next Two to Three Years ∞The 9D Arcturian Council - channelled by Daniel Scranton channeller of archangel Michael on 16th of June 2020

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been taking note of the ways in which humanity has been coming together in more powerful expressions of unity, and we have also been aware of those who are seeking to remain separate. Those on your world who want to keep everything as it is, who are resistant to growth and change, could easily be lumped into a pile, and then you could easily label that pile. You know what types of labels we are referring to here.

We want those of you who are awake to understand that it is your role to have compassion and forgiveness for those who do not deserve it, who do not even want it. Those who want to remain in control, in power, do not feel that they need to grow and change at all. And they are going to have the hardest time during these next few years on your world of mass awakenings and massive changes.

Those who want to keep things as they are, or even to go back to a time when they believe things were better, are going to experience very unpleasant symptoms of purging and releasing of all that no longer serves them, and they are going to need help from those of you who are more than capable of handling the energies that will be coming in in the next two to three years. You will be the first responders. You will be the ones who come to the aid of these individuals that you witnessed spreading hate speech and trying to keep others down. And you will be the ones who come to their aid because you will be the ones acting on behalf of Source.

Source will never judge, never condemn, and never abandon any person, or any being, in all of creation, because Source knows better. Source understands that the person or being in question is a part of Source. And while you might condemn an aspect of yourself that you do not like or approve of, Source would never do that. It is time for you all to play the role of Source Energy in the flesh, and it will always be that time, between now and the time when you complete your shift in consciousness.

Therefore, you had better get ready to spread that forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love around, because now is the time when it is needed, and it is needed on Earth more than ever before.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

(emphasis mine)