Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Players Paradise Earth

I vividly remember the theatrical performance of William Shakespeare's comedy "As You Like It," in which we as teenage students mimed the seven age groups from babies to old men, to our great amusement.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players;
they have their exits and their entrances.."

Probably none of us - teachers included - realized the implications of this statement at that time. Today we know that we don't have to limit it to just the different roles based on age. We may confidently extend it to all our incarnations. People are also not only "players", which means that the general conception of the "seriousness of life" has become obsolete. Role-playing is a means to an end - we grasp something in the process and can enjoy it. We take the liberty and also assume that Shakespeare was not only interested in showmanship within the framework of a parable or a comedy. So, what is behind it from our point of view?

We list the most important points here:

1. the world is indeed a kind of stage on which the immortal soul of man experiences innumerable performances in the course of its many incarnations. Each of these lives is shaped differently and complements the others, so that man encounters many things, has manifold experiences, and in the process expands his consciousness - that is, dissolves the amnesia, the veil of forgetfulness - that descended upon him at birth for the purposes of experimentation on earth. The human personality, with which he shows himself to the outside, contains his role, and no more! If the human being stops to identify himself with his constantly varying role and recognizes his inner essence core, the immortal soul, then the living as an actor makes only really joy. And soon he/she can then close this chapter on the experience planet Earth. Then everything has been grasped which he/she has intended to do.

What follows from it? Life is a performance - it only matters if we live it as authentically as possible. That is, to play the role that we as a soul have set out to play in each case. This is possible to an increasing degree as soon as we perceive the intuitive voice of our soul and actually implement what we hear - this brings joy. The "seriousness of life" is only for those who want to dictate and exploit us out of self-interest. There is no good reason to follow/obey them.

2. that means, our Divine essence core, our Higher Self, our immortal soul alone knows what it wants to experience in each case and as the highest instance in our life it alone is authorized to form as well as to direct the personality.

In our "stage set" the play corresponds to the area and the co-actors etc. into which we are born. The role corresponds to the personality - but we are not this role. We are the players and as a soul we intuitively give the role the individual expression that corresponds to our life plan.

In doing so, we occasionally come into conflict with the director (the government, the laws, the church, etc.), who wants to realize his ideas and believes them to be right for everyone alone. If the actors are unconscious, conformist beginners, they will follow him and suffer. A SELF-conscious professional actor, however, will always know how to play his own intuitive interpretation of the role, even under a dominant director. That means: he/she is his/her own director in the consciousness of his soul. In this way he/she makes the whole performance a special success, which also rubs off on the fellow actors, because they feel encouraged in their individuality.

3. Finally, we come to the decisive point, which you, dear friends, can take to heart. As you know, in all plays there are roles of the most varied forms - just like in "real" life. There are always characters you love and characters you despise, there are good and bad, intelligent and uneducated, well-mannered and rude, religious and pagan, and so on. You would probably not think of calling bad or even condemning the actors who embody the more negatively cast roles. The actor is not his role, the human being is not his personality. On the experience/growth planet Earth, all roles are equally important.

The illusion of duality is the basis for the experience of strife, struggle, etc. The concept of duality adopted for these particular purposes provides the friction, releases energy for grasping. The "evil" personalities can also experience very satisfying, successful, enlightening incarnations, in which they expand their consciousness - the more authentically they implement the will and intention of their soul. The soul wants to grasp many things, does not want to be limited to "good" roles/experiences.

We can never overcome duality, if we - as it happens in most religions - give a large part of mankind to damnation, which then supposedly has to be redeemed. The so-called wicked are not sinners and do not need to be saved. Without them, the so-called good would have no possibility to grasp many things. We have finally learned this and we dare to say it.  On the New Earth, in the long run, there are no more incarnations (fleshly bodies) and duality is unnecessary. We have grasped enough through both.

We are NOW moving to new forms of communion where souls support each other in unison. There is no more friction, no more waste of (life) energy through wars, etc. The basis of the New Life is synergy - we work together in love.

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