Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde


The New Earth beyond fear and separation

Do you feel release and joy

when a dispute lastly ceases?

When fear leaves both the sides?

Embrace the peace that comes

the silence that bestows with happiness

The foe now turns into a friend

He is with you from the beginning

but worried thinking does creep in

and separates you from each other

Adopted principles are emphasized

so that your world view does not fall apart

that power and control don't slip away

and everything is in best order

But oh the joyful feeling disappeared

and fearful thinking does not nourish

instead it's sucking more and more

You sense that analyses and quotations

treatises with erudite phrases

only distract you from true BEING

You may uncover something dark

but does it really bring you peace?

You heal and purify and seek the shadow

but never ever reach an end

too much is constantly regrowing

You want to eradicate your karma?

the traumas and the olden pains?

A lot of work!  the therapist points out

he threatens  you can't get ahead

if you don't heal your inner darkest spots

The priest says  that you were a sinner

and must go through repentance' grace

It is the same old bogus story

They take away your dignity & make you small

Do you still want this? Is this still for you?

If you truly want to heal your pain and troubles

you leave the prison of the system of belief

which judges what is right and wrong

The ''bad and good'' comes with the script

you live it many thousand times

in all your many simultaneous lives

Now is the moment to accept your deeds

and integrate them within all you grasp

Now you are free  no power of this world

can misuse you through fear at all

You know it deep inside   it's over

the last act is now coming to an end

with wild unprecedented bangs

When this insanity now terminates

you laugh at all the rage and fear

and smile about the lies revealed

Inhale the power  dance the pain

express your love and your compassion


It looks as if the present power holder

do not grasp their core divine

they are clinging to their role of rulers   

and can't get out of their routine

Their acting now is no more part of script

We never do consent to this abuse

That is why helpful energies now turn the tide

In union with these forces

we humans solve the stride

The catastrophic ending of Lemuria & Atlantis

we recognize  accept and integrate it now

The life on earth is not about reality

You come - like everybody - good or bad

from the ONE SOUL Nest of the SOURCE

and want to grasp something together

and mature through the many tasks

and now you see  it's done

The comedy and tragedy is coming to an end

You realize now you're using made up roles

and act them out with mind and body

However after shooting of the footage

the actors really need no therapy

The curtain falls - the lights turns on

and everyone is happy  they give their all

and every role is equally important

The director - the ONE AND ONLY SOUL

now puts the film together and takes stock

To new shores we can go from here

The pain and suffering of your roles

away it fades in glowing light of souls

The Soul yet always is untouched

She can't be sick  hence needs no healing

From the ego all the grasping is at hand

that richly now endows all creatures

The BEING vibrates in the universal heart

Love and compassion is its elixir of life

Infused with willingness to be SELF conscious   

We humans execute this will with grace

and implement it here through our play of life

This will can be equated with true love

both can be gentle and so wild at once

They cherish from the contraries

and create ONENESS in diversity

The SELF perceives itself

through will as well as love

Intuition is in league with these

the fearful thinking melts away

The soul speaks directly to us now

and we do know  we hear ourselves

This is the true and only unity

which we for ever live in joy

We take the path of freedom and we trust

the innate natural human strength

the path of technics you may choose at will

We rely on our heart's intelligence = intuition

the voice of our eternal SOUL  whom we are

on Intuition instead Artificial Intelligence

on natural immunity through intuitive living

We direct our life in sovereignty

to benefit ourselves and all of BEING


and the three S

SELF consciousness

SELF responsibility

SELF determination

Intuition will and love of our SOUL

we feel in unison in our hearts

The unity of hearts is our energy

on which the NEW EARTH grows

In this true knowledge we build up