Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Mundum sacrum facere or the Law of Sacrifice

The age of Pisces now coming to an end was characterized by the energies of the sixth ray of devotion and idealism (according to Alice Bailey). This devotion was expressed through the request and willingness of the people to make sacrifices. While in the ages before, the physical sacrifice of things, animals and humans stood in the foreground, now the sacrifice in the sense of discarding ”negative” qualities – so-called sins – was intensified and self-sacrifice for fellow human beings – selfless service – was propagated. Alice Bailey even postulates a ”law of service” (Esoteric Psychology, p. 118ff). Unconditional love was demanded, it is regarded as the highest ideal in whose realization man deserves heaven. In addition, new so-called saviors were presented, who were to redeem the people from their sins. The figure of Jesus from the Christian tradition is the best known example of this. He is said to have sacrificed himself for humanity and redeemed it from its sins by his sacrificial death on the cross.



Also the occult/esoteric literature knows this tendency and has – especially with Alice A. Bailey – strongly developed and propagated the ”law of sacrifice” (Eso. Psych. p. 67ff), although these books were written only at the end of the Piscean age. Blavatsky mentions the subject of sacrifice only rather casually, there is no talk of a corresponding law. In general, after Blavatsky Theosophy has made a remarkable turn away from pure Gnosticism into a doctrine that is increasingly colored and mixed with religious, ecclesiastical, Christian beliefs. This begins with the figure of the world teacher/redeemer Maitreya on the occasion of the ”Reappearance of Christ” in Leadbeater`s books; this trend is massively reinforced by Alice A. Bailey and culminates in Rudolf Steiner‘s Anthroposophy, which in many respects has catholic-religious contents – whereby one wonders whether Anthroposophy can still be counted as gnostic.

In pure Gnosticism in the sense of Plotinus, Pythagoras, Apollonius of Tyana, Shankaracharya, Blavatsky and Stankov – to name only the most important representatives – there is neither mentioned a law of sacrifice nor of the fact that someone could/must redeem mankind. In Gnosticism each person is responsible for himself, must follow the spiritual path to enlightenment and ascension himself – he is not saved from outside.

This essay gets to the bottom of these issues. It deals mainly with the following questions:

  1. What is sacrifice, self-sacrifice, service to one’s fellow-man?
  2. What/who is selfless, what is unconditional, self-forgotten action, just doing?
  3. Must mankind be saved?
  4. What is a world savior, what is a world teacher?
  5. Whom do the world religions expect at the beginning of the Aquarian Age?
  6. What is the ”law of sacrifice”?
  7. Which role does the Universal Law play?

Paintings by Richolas Roerich

1. What is sacrifice, self-sacrifice, service to one’s fellow-man?

The word sacrifice has several meanings:

1a. Devotion of someone/something to a deity performed in a ritual: sacrifice; “offering a sacrifice”.

1b. Sacrifice: “to choose an animal as an offering.”

1c. through personal renunciation possible devotion of something in favor of another: commitment, devotion, sacrifice; “all sacrifices were in vain.”

2. Someone who is killed or harmed by someone or something: a dead, injured or suffering person: “the victims of an avalanche, of war.”

The English language also distinguishes between two variants:

  1. sacrifice, also offering, oblation, immolation, that is the devotion to the religious sacrifice
  2. victim, also casualty, as the result of certain circumstances.

This article deals primarily with the meaning of the word “sacrifice” mentioned under 1). To understand this we cast a closer look at the word sacrifice, which comes from Latin and reads as sacrum facere, which means: to make holy and to offer in a holy act (sacrum is the acc. of sacer = holy, facere means to do, to make).

Thus we have recognized a fundamental fact: sacrifice means that something from the sick/damaged or profane is transformed into being whole or holy. The word ”savior” also fits here: he is someone who makes something or someone salvific. It is made whole, so to speak, or it is saved.

I ask you, dear readers, to keep this in mind as you continue reading. Something is raised here to a higher energetic level, something insufficient is upgraded, something is ”put on the altar of sacrifice” and thereby transformed for the better, for the higher. That is basically what this word essentially means. It is a thoroughly positive, gratifying process that has nothing to do with renunciation and suffering. You will see what has been made of it in order to …

When someone consciously sacrifices himself, he ideally makes himself holy, at least he tries it or believes in it. When he sacrifices his self, he gives up his personality (ego), his lower self, his character, his learned behaviors and patterns. The lower self can thus make room for the higher self, the soul – the I AM Presence  – which in Theosophy is also somethimes called EGO - with capital letters. The lower self is said to have been sacrificed for the higher self. Now the soul, the essence of man, his God’s spark, can act/determine without limits.

Painting by N. Roerich  -  self sacrifice

Instead of sacrifice, the term service is often used. The servant withdraws himself and his own needs and devotes himself to the problems of others. He helps them or, as far as possible, completely takes over the work for others. We are talking here about service to humanity. This can be very gratifying for the helper, even if it is usually exhausting and often degenerates into self-exploitation. In esoteric literature one also reads ”service to self” (egoism) and ”service to others” (altruism). The latter is unilaterally rated higher, although for people with little self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem a healthy egoism/more self-confidence certainly represents progress.

2. What/who is selfless, what is unconditional, self-forgotten action, just doing?

In the Christian writings as well as in the books of Alice A. Bailey (Eso. Psych. p. 87ff) it is emphasized that a sacrifice is only effective if it is offered selflessly/unconditionally. One could also formulate: if someone wants to make something or himself salvific/sanctified, then he/she must not attach any conditions to it and demand nothing for it – request no reward. He should be oblivious to himself, i.e. his ego should have no interest in whether the endeavor is going well, he should simply do it – without motive, without inducement, without own wishes, advantages, payment etc. linked to it. He/she should act out of unconditional love and thereby accept relinquishment, pain and suffering. The so-called selfless love often culminates in being exploited and is caused by an underdeveloped self-esteem. But this is also a valuable experience …

Monastery in Melk reflected in the Danube river

Many people automatically become victims because of the glorification of sacrifice, seeing themselves as victims of adverse circumstances. In this way they wish to achieve that they are not responsible for what is happening. They believe that the evil perpetrators are always the others. They also believe that they gain merit through their sacrifice or that they belong to the good ones: ”blessed are the meek”. In reality, they do not use their own potential out of fear.

Many sacrifices were and are made precisely because the victim expects a profit from them. One wants to make the gods or higher placed persons mild as well as merciful, one hopes to avert natural catastrophes, win battles, heal the sick, etc. At times, it is hoped that by sacrificing a ”scapegoat” one will be redeemed from an ominous spiral of violence.

Staircase in the monastery in Melk

Apart from the fact that I am not aware of any truly selfless action among people on the 3D planet Earth – especially not in the predestined organizations of the world religions or for example Caritas, the Red Cross or church orders – the legitimate question arises whether such an action is possible at all. Of course, there are persons or organizations who do not demand and receive any material compensation for their help. However, such persons are driven by hope for a religious gain and believe to get closer to heaven. This is also the case with such hyped ”saints” as Mother Teresa. That she collected enormous sums and transferred them to Rome instead of alleviating the devastating conditions in her hospitals and that she propagated that man would come closer to Jesus through pain and suffering should be mentioned because it fits into the picture perfectly. On the slave planet Earth, people should be prepared to be exploited because they believe that they enjoy an advantage after death. A devilish system?

in service for the Vatican

Human action always has a selfish component: Wishes and desires up to higher aspirations are the driving energetic forces of every spiritual evolution – it is not enough to think about them, you have to follow them willingly on your way. The personality always plays a decisive role on planet Earth during our efforts to grasp, learn and remember, because it is the instrument of the soul in this environment with which she can comprehend the so-called earthly reality as she imagines it from an external point of reference. The will is energy and cause to become active. This is just like that and not reprehensible egoism.

One can argue that at least enlightened beings on 5D and higher act selflessly. After all, they have put their personality aside in favor of the will and intention of the soul. It is said that these beings act unmotivated, that they do not expect anything from their actions, that they just do, what is required. It’s certainly true from the outside, and they certainly don’t waste a moment thinking about what they’ll do next and what the consequences might be, simply because their minds would only ”rattle” if they specifically wanted to. Instead they ”listen” to the input of their soul and implement these suggestions unchecked in deep trust and exuberant love for All-THAT-Is.

However – and this is something decisive, which is concealed in the writings known to me – also this action does not take place without reason, whimsically, senselessly, arbitrarily. It follows the ”Great Plan” of All-THAT-Is. This plan provides that All-THAT-Is, through human beings in the diversity of the multiverse, becomes aware of itself, and the human beings realize their soul. This spiritual evolution is purposeful – teleological. And where there is a goal, there is also an intention. Nothing just happens. The set of All-THAT-Is is divided into infinite U-subsets. Since the whole is teleologically organized, according to Stankov’s Universal Law, the subsets must also be organized in this way. There is no place for arbitrariness in the multiverse of All-THAT-Is! Subsets that contain arbitrariness are N-sets that cannot exist. ”God does not dice”, as Albert Einstein rightly put it.

People who act just like that, i.e. without reflection, are not highly developed – they thus act instinctively from the gut, but do not know what they are doing or what it is good for and what comes out for them and others. They act neither intentionally nor consciously. People with a high (5D and higher) consciousness can think axiomatically as well as logically and know very well, what is good for them and the whole and naturally also which consequences their doing has – that is conscious acting. The thinking does not get in the way of the will and the intention of the soul but supports it. The soul (Buddhi) has an unmistakable ability to discriminate and therefore knows what it has to ”do”. She has the freedom to do what she has to do. She lives the necessary intuitively as well as out of reason – it would simply make no sense to contradict – to whom then?

3. Must mankind be saved?

The state of humanity on the prison planet Earth is anything but desirable – at least from the point of view of most people. You can find out how this happened from another article, e.g. here and here. It is not only the case that man suffers from natural catastrophes, wars, famines and exploitation, he is also persuaded that he/she is bad and a guilt-ridden sinner and could supposedly only be saved by outside help. In many editions the touching story of the world savior was invented for this purpose. Many religions live from this legend. The prerequisite for this is a God who exists outside of man, he can then promise someone for salvation, people become dependent on it and are so easy to subjugate.

In reality, people can save themselves. Nobody is allowed to do this work for them. That would contradict the overall plan. The souls have agreed (albeit reluctantly) to the possibility of experience on the 3D Planet Earth for a number of incarnations and must now get along on their own – this is part of the deal.

Since the prison builders and guards (the so-called evil ones) do not keep to the commandment of non-interference and since mankind has asked the good ones for help, these are now allowed to intervene at the beginning of the Aquarian Age to free mankind from 3D and enable them to ascend to higher 4D and 5D levels. However, every human being only gets as far as his level of experience corresponds to and as he wishes. In the context of these procedures, it will become clear to humans that the story of sin, guilt and atonement was only a feint of the prison guards. It could only be maintained for such a long time because the people lived in the belief that they were separated from their fellow men as well as from the higher realms. This constantly stirred up fear and mistrust.

With increasing consciousness fear decreases and the ability to love and think logically increases. The fairy tale of sinners to be saved collapses. This also makes the saviors superfluous. In this process, highly evolved fellow human beings who do educational work can be helpful.

Beyond that numerous extraterrestrial civilizations decided to support humans with know-how and high energies to develop a new, peaceful, loving culture, after the old one has collapsed. A massive contribution to this can be found in Georgi Alexandrov Stankov’s Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law, which forms the basis of the new world view (see below).

4. What is a world savior, what is a world teacher?

This question is easy to answer because of the information given above. A world-savior/redeemer intervenes and relieves people of their own work. This sabotages the learning success, not to mention that this process is fictitious, because such a savior never existed. There is no crucified Jesus of the Christian churches at all, as is shown here, for example. The crucifixion is an inner process in man. Every person is responsible for it himself. There is no God in the outside. Every human being is himself becoming God during his spiritual evolution.

The story with the savior is a very successful PR gag, because it gives comfort and seems to make life easier. However, it creates a dependency and since the savior is a fiction, one can easily keep people at less developed levels in this way. You can distract them through work, wars, bread and circus games and keep them in check and use them as slaves for your own advantage. The fear of illness, suffering and death is constantly stirred up and due to the high potential of fear, people do not see through it.

Man worships a God, glorifies him and sacrifices to him the joy, which a truly fulfilled life can give, by unnecessarily limiting himself and allowing himself to be restricted by innumerable commands and prohibitions. Too few understand that this God is not an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, venerable being but a myth – e.g. the sun -, a fiction of one or more aliens (Enki, Enlil, Marduk). The ancient Gnostics spoke of the Archons, who are attracted to our energy and envy us for being immortal souls. Basically, these devilish structures are wretched beings whose time has already expired. That’s also why nobody needs/can save us – especially not someone out of their edifice of lies.

Every human being has his own personal savior within himself. It is his soul that he essentially is. Therefore, she can never let him down. The soul is the spark of God, through which we are always connected with everything and everyone. It makes experiences here on earth under sometimes very inhospitable conditions. This is now coming to an end for many. We wake up from this nightmare. We have raised ourselves. The experiences of all our countless incarnations is now synchronized and united, a positive balance is drawn, we transcend heaven’s door!

It is not surprising that there are souls in this game who are further developed because they have already understood more than the majority of souls. For these souls it is a joy (not a sacrifice!) to act as teachers for the other souls. It is their very natural obligation, they know that they want to do this as they must, because it is intended in their spiritual evolution. They do this with great enthusiasm, satisfaction and love because they know that others thirst for this wisdom and because they have experienced that the old faith must be replaced by knowledge.

astrological sign Aquarius by Kagaya

Of course, in times of upheaval like these, there are also very great burdens here for the teachers/wise men/healers, because the inertia of the energies of the old system is great and the ignorance and intransigence of the people very high and because the ”Augias stables” now at the beginning of the Aquarian Age must first be mucked out. Here a heroic Hercules work has been done – and yet this is not a selfless sacrifice, but ”only” the planned execution of tasks, which essentially belong to it and are taken over, so that the overall plan succeeds. But these pioneer souls profit from this work just as much as those whom they help and teach. Since everything is always connected to everything, nobody goes away empty-handed.

Since all this does not happen in the twinkling of an eye in our sentience in the fictitious linear time, this requires infinite patience and devotion from those who know, but also this is not a sacrifice in the usual sense but the way to make this our world whole and holy – mundum sacrum facere.

The socalled second coming of Christ ...   Christ and Krishna both mean the crowned one, the anointed one

5.  Whom do the world religions expect at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius?

At all times in the history of mankind there have been beings who have appeared in human form and who have reminded the people of the true meaning and purpose of their earthly existence by stirring messages and by a corresponding exemplary life. They were wise with highly evolved consciousness, often referred to as the Sons of God or Avatars. I do not need to mention any names here, but I would just like to remind you that the world religions came into being as a result of the work of their successors, even though the former did not see themselves as founders of religions. The powers of this world used their popularity to erect systems of religious doctrine, with which they usually wanted to achieve the opposite of what these sages had represented. By pointing out differences between the various religions and propagating claims to solitary beatification, they additionally incited people against each other and were thus able to control mankind more easily.

Most of these religions expect their ”founders” to appear again here and now. The Christians speak of the return of Jesus Christ, the Hindus expect the Kalki Avatar, the Muslims the Imam Mahdi, the Jews the Moshiach and some Theosophists the Maitreya. Since all religions are institutions of power that have nothing or little to do with the evolution of consciousness, it is extremely unlikely that the wise men connected with them will appear again, and if they do, only to dissolve these religions. Since this happens without their help – it is already in progress, one only has to look at the Vatican in Rome – they will prefer to contribute in other ways to the spiritual well-being of the people.

Moshiach & the 3rd temple are coming

Maitreya, who according to Benjamin Creme is supposed to come to bring the renewal of spirituality on this planet in the name of all religions, has allegedly already appeared, but remains hidden and rarely appears in public. He is described as a world teacher rather than a world savior.

6. What is the ”law of sacrifice”?

In the esoteric/religious context, in which this ”law” is presented, it appears as something irrevocable, fundamental. With Alice Bailey it has been reinforced in its meaning by being called ”the law of those who choose to die.” She writes (p. 88) ”this dominant world law governs the appearing and the disappearing of universes, of solar systems, of races and of nations, of world leaders and world rulers, of incarnating human beings and of revealing Sons of God.” And of course it is associated with ”divine sacrifice, the immolation of the cosmic Deity through, the process of universal creation, and of the world Saviors, by their death and sacrifice as a means of salvation and eventual release and liberation.”

paintings by

 Nicholas Roerich

This is – at least in the second half of the sentence – entirely in the sense of the Catholic Church and fundamentally contradicts the core findings of Gnosticism that every being is responsible for its own salvation. If someone takes away this task, then the whole way out of unity into diversity as a mirror for the growth of consciousness becomes obsolete. It is interesting to see that the presentation of the law is formulated in such a way that an inexperienced reader would not dream of doubting it. And yet – like most laws and commandments – it serves only the exercise of power.

Why is it a sacrifice, a renunciation, when a being – be it a human being or a planetary Logos – gives up or ends something because he knows that he receives something higher, better through this act or because he changes for the better? This question has occupied me for years and I must say: here logic ends and arbitrariness intervenes. As soon as, for example, a person has realized that something is no longer useful to him and therefore perhaps even disturbs him, he will gladly be willing to discard it if he finds a replacement, especially if it has more advantageous qualities. Man undoubtedly has an inertia and a tendency to retain old habits. But at the same time he also has a strong urge to improve life, to create relief for himself, to introduce something new and better. This also applies to the higher realms.

If mankind now uses cars instead of horse-drawn carriages, then this is a completely natural, pleasant change. No motorist sees this as sacrifice or loss, especially if he realizes how difficult, problematic and costly the use of horse-drawn carriages was. If a person gives up his civil servant status for life together with a professorship in order to devote himself full-time to his expansion of consciousness, then this is no sacrifice or loss for him at all. He only does what he feels is right for him. According to Bailey, the one about whom (almost) nothing can be said (also called spirit) has created the multiverse on the basis of ”His impulse, His will, His desire, His incentive, His idea and purpose to appear” (p. 89). He has gone out of unity into diversity. Meher Baba names as ”reason” for this act a whim, in Sanskrit ”Lahar”. This is by no means about renunciation or a sacrifice. Alice Bailey admits this in the quote, although elsewhere she praises the creation of universes as an act of sacrifice (see quote further above).

It is typical of the age of Pisces and the slave religions prevailing in that time that there is a continuous talk of sacrifice and renunciation. If a matter is not yet mature or finished, if the learning task has not yet been understood, if consequently there is also no impulse to do something else, then the request to renounce it makes no sense at all. In this way, people are only persuaded to have a guilty conscience over which they can be excellently controlled.

In English there is the true sentence ”old habits die hard”. You can encourage people to take a closer look at these habits to make them see that they rather harm than benefit. But you can’t take them away, they have to do that by themselves. And there is an infinite amount of our illusionary linear time for them to try it. In reality, everything happens simultaneously in the eternal NOW anyway.

An esoteric teacher known to me generally proposed to drop all features or qualities somebody has. As long as we are in the created world of becoming this is entirely impossible. Even when we only talk of energy features must be given. There is only one ”entity” which has no qualities, it is ”the One, about whom naught may/can be said”.

The ”law of sacrifice” basically has a lot to do with the old ”law of karma”, on which Bailey is also booked. Both laws are now recognized as illusions because the simultaneity of all incarnations is now seen, what Bailey understandably could not. Each cause is at the same time the effect and this in turn is at the same time another cause. We continuously choose from an infinite number of alternative possibilities, which are all interwoven and mutually dependent and control each other. We have shown this here and here, plus Georgi Stankov here. Every so-called renunciation is at the same time a profit, every profit is easily passed on, not sacrificed. It is all about spontaneous energy exchange, nothing is sacrificed here, feelings and emotions like pain and suffering play no decisive role. Atoms form chemical compounds without sacrificing anything. Every state is equally valid. Noble gases that are inert and do not form compounds, i.e. do not ”sacrifice” their freedom, are no worse than reactive halogens who easily connect through atomic marriages.

Change always comes when it is no longer a sacrifice. This is the right moment, the right timing. After completion of the learning task. Not before. Otherwise it would actually be a sacrifice, a renunciation, but wrongly so. So it is about catching the right, blessed moment and this is different for each person, but always only in the here and now. Trust in this holy moment – it grows out of the benevolence, the so-called ”grace” of All-THAT-Is and brings joy and gratitude.

This is magic: at the right time, with the right people, in the right way to do exactly the right thing – as the old magicians in Iran knew.

The laws of sacrifice, service and karma have served their purpose as well as the energy quarantine of the earth: it was recently dissolved. The New Man freely follows the will and intention of his soul (capital EGO) simply because he is that soul. One could also say: Man is an EGOist.

 7. What role does the Universal Law play in this?

If we want to heal the world in which we live, it is necessary in a first fundamental step to lay a new foundation, a world view that comes as close as possible to reality. It has almost become a trivial commonplace among educated people to assume that the vast majority of us humans do not perceive the world we live in as it is. If this were only the case in daily life, we could perhaps live with it for some time to come. Because the so-called ”healthy” common sense has so far at least been able to make our naked survival possible.

Unfortunately, the teachings of physicists, chemists, astronomers, biologists and many other scientists also describe only this illusion, since the devices and formulas they built are subject to the same restrictions as the perception with the five senses. If, however, the foundation – the epistemological background of the basic physical concepts – is not correct, the result cannot be correct.

Modern physics sees itself as a natural science and provides the definition of the term nature at the same time. This is limited to the material world, everything that cannot be perceived by the five senses and the experimental arrangements is excluded. Physics examines a dead, mutilated nature. In this way, the results are crippled from the outset, no open-end research takes place. Basically it is not science at all and that is what the powers that were (PTW), the hidden elites, who pull the strings in the background intended to do from the very beginning. See here.

So it was high time to put our view of the world on a new basis. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov did this with his Universal Law. This law also takes into account the energetic foundations, the non-material world, and offers an axiomatic system endowed with consequent logic, which physicists have been denied until now. In this way we get a realistic picture of All-THAT-Is and can measure all other ”scientific”, occult/esoteric, philosophical and religious ”laws” according to their logical and gnostic limitations. The Universal Law is, so to speak, the Gnostic touchstone for all previous laws and rules in science, philosophy and all religions.

As indicated above, there must be nothing in All-THAT-Is that contradicts the overall character of All-THAT-Is. There must be no N-sets – just as no circles belong to a total quantity of polygons. If someone discovers a circle in a world which consists only of polygons and is even called polygon world, then it must be an error – just like the vacuum in physics. In addition, logic must be continuous and must not stop at any point – it should be an Axiomatics of All Human Thinking. Physics postulates the Big Bang in which the universe known to us is created from nothing. This, however, fundamentally contradicts logic: nothing can come out of nothing. Physicists first need a basic course in philosophy and logic.

We want to express the following here in connection with this article: the world including us cannot become whole, if we have a wrong idea of what and how the whole is. The Universal Law gives a clear, groundbreaking answer to the nature of the Whole = All-That-Is + Primary Term of human or any other consciousness. Mundum sacrum facere is now possible and already taking place. Halleluja