Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

All the world's a stage ...

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
In seven acts untill he dies."

So poets William Shakespeare in his comedy "As You Like It."

OSHO once talked about a group of enlightened people who travel from town to town, bursting into peals of laughter everywhere in the marketplace ...
Of course, the people with their long faces, sad eyes and downturned corners of their mouths do not understand. They prefer to devote themselves to "the seriousness of life", as they take it from their parents. They chase the laughing ones away for causing public nuisance ...

Would you NOW be willing to join them and laugh with all your heart until the tears run down your cheeks?
Why would you do that? You have doubts?
Is the world not absurd enough for you?
Haven't you long since noticed that nothing is the way it is supposed to be?

What don't we do for alleged safety reasons? And has life become less dangerous as a result? It' s just becoming more and more restricted and elaborate.
Everything has to be in order. Does this make life easier? It only becomes more complicated and no longer supports spontaneity.
Examination and control grant efficiency? The joy of discovery and creativity fall by the wayside.
Who does not willingly follow "scientific" experts? Haven't they already done enough damage?
Who still gives the state, the government, the right to undermine the constitution, fundamental rights and human dignity through laws? And to deprive people of health and freedom?
This list of absurdities could be extended at will. Basically, guffawing laughter is the only appropriate response.

Albert Einstein was once asked, "what is time"? He answered: Time is what the clock indicates ... A brilliant answer. The inventors of the clock have put the life of man in a straitjacket from the ground up. The more precisely time can be measured, the more stress the working citizen has. He rushes from appointment to appointment and finally dies of a heart attack, optimally organized and on time - because of a fiction. Isn't that absurd?
Man has invented time himself and now sits in his self-made illusory prison. Time is the basis of boundless abuse of power and the primal illusion of the 3D matrix.

Elon Musk has said, "Before the invention of gravity, people could fly." Also a brilliant statement. Physicists still can't get gravity into a meaningful system with the other forces. A clear sign that there is much wrong here. Man has perfected the invention of illusions, and almost everyone believes in them. The sciences are full of it.

Everything is LIGHT, everything is ENERGY and yet there is never enough of it available to people because the powerful want it that way and suppress the truth - e.g. Free Energy. The scarcity consciousness knows no limits and to balance that we have to ruin ourselves by labor.
Religions provide us with commandments that supposedly catapult us into paradise, but which can never be kept because they go against human nature and prevent us from having valuable experiences. Therefore, they hypocritically offer us help, promise mercy before justice, and announce a savior. This also turns out to be a perfect cover for exercising power.

I ask you: Who is more creative here? The so-called good guys, who take refuge in victim consciousness, or the so-called bad guys, who by their perfect actions provide the necessary friction for grasping in 3D?

The more we question, the less we can take the whole spectacle seriously. This theater, which we tend to enjoy more as a tragedy than as a comedy, is supposed to represent the spiritual path on which we reach enlightenment. But there is no path of the personality to the soul, because man is essentially the soul.

There is also no ascension, because the divine essence core, the soul is already on 5D.
Therefore, it is always only a matter of grasping that we live here on 3D Earth in a great fiction. We find this out by grasping it with our physical senses with all consequences. Also wars, murder and manslaughter, abuse and much evil more belong to it. The latter is allegedly fought and strictly punished, but this always affects only the "little people". Who has power and money, may and can do everything. Only occasionally someone is executed as a show.

Now we have grasped this, do not want it any more. NOW IT IS SO FAR. That's why the old matrix is now going down the drain. And we are consciously what we have always been: the IMMORTAL SOUL, but through the earthly life richer in valuable experiences, for which "other" entities "envy" us. This GRASPED teaches us to question and let go of everything that makes up the old matrix. All concepts which were important as well as correct for the old earth system, we put now ad acta.
This includes, above all, the belief in the good guys and the bad guys. They are like the two sides of a coin. If you throw away the number, the eagle also goes down the drain. They are both just interdependent roles, equally valid from the soul's point of view. As Meher Baba says, "There is no evil, only different degrees of  goodness". That is, all roles are equally good and useful. The souls who have voluntarily accepted these so-called evil roles are also divine. Sin, guilt and atonement have had their day - they are only instruments of power. The people do not become better by it - only more strongly conditioned and finally richer in experience.
All souls play many different equally important roles simultaneously. And since they are all ONE on the soul level, all have an equal share in all experiences. This is justice. Compared to this, our earthly state and religious legal system is a primitive joke. Simply laughable.

With everything that happens to you or that you watch, I recommend taking a step back and asking yourself if it really seriously matters and is worth making a scene out of. I know that's not easy, I still struggle with it too.

Gerald Ehegartner calls his first very original and stimulating book: "Kopfsprung ins Herz". In it, he indirectly points out the crux of the matter: namely, that everything we experience in this old matrix we make up in our heads, and that it will further help to go into the heart. And not only that, everything we perceive are only the head interpretations of the extremely limited sensory perceptions, filtered through the framework of what is supposed to be true and therefore we are expected to hold as true.

As "the little Prince" says? "The most important things are hidden from the eyes; one sees well only with the heart."

What we experience here on earth is from A to Z only a fictitious play - great cinema - from the imagination of our mind, which we can enjoy. Pain and suffering do not bring us faster to the goal than pleasure and joy - on the contrary. And a joke is the whole thing, because the souls are themselves source energy, which is never lost and vibrates all the higher, as it is filled with heartfelt bliss. And don't worry: the actors of the manifold roles by no means have to go to therapy after the end of the play.

The enlightened ones from the marketplace laugh above all also because they themselves have experienced how easy it turns out to be when thinking with all its concepts, ideas and fears is put aside and HEART AS INTUITION speaks. Also the endless, partly very complex, body-despising methods, exercises, practices etc. of the religious as well as the esoteric scene prove in retrospect to be mostly superfluous or even only delaying. Some of it is occupational therapy or business for the providers. But all this belongs to the earthly experiences. The fastest and safest effect is still soul-inspired grasping in the fullness of life.

We experience now an extreme increase of the absurd. However, this by no means points to our downfall as a species, but serves to show mankind how the project earth has basically always worked. It then also becomes clear to us that nothing has gone wrong here and that there is not really anything to fear. We don't have to pull the rudder around with all force to still save something.

The old 3D system cannot and should not be improved, it has simply had its day. And just as the ruling so-called evil ones have already lost control, the light workers can relax and trust in love and confidence that the community of the ONE SOUL ruling in all participants is "already rocking the baby".