Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Good and Evil Part 2

The Garden of Eden: The Origin of Good and Evil

The Old Testament story of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the paradise of the Garden of Eden plays a prominent role in the three Abrahamic religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Among other things, it is used to explain the origin of good and evil.

However, the explanation of this story is usually based on a literal interpretation and thus remains on the surface of the text. Most interpreters recognized by the church take too little account of the fact that the text has a symbolic background. Nor do they critically question which parts of the text have been falsified over the millennia in order to make the official interpretation plausible.

The interpretations assume a perfect Creator God. The events are supposed to have taken place in a real place on earth. Temptation and expulsion are supposed to have taken place at a time when Adam and Eve, as the primitive human beings, had already been created by a postulated God.

Here, of course, the justified question arises whether an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent perfect God as the starting point of the cosmos is possible at all. Scientific, spiritual scientific and practical everyday experience show beyond doubt that nothing begins perfectly. It must always be assumed that something very simple will develop into something more complex. This already renders obsolete the approach of the usual interpretation of the history of paradise.

Furthermore it is legitimate to ask why a perfect God created a world that is anything but perfect. How can a loving, merciful and wise God allow pain and suffering and bad and evil? This is called the theodicy question. These questions have not yet been answered conclusively by the Abrahamic religions. Even the fundamental question of how evil came into the world in the first place has only seemingly been answered: by the story of the fall of the angels, in which suddenly arrogance appears as the cause of evil, which itself is called evil.

There is no doubt that the story of the Fall is a myth with a high symbolic content. An interpretation must grasp this symbolic content, clear up inconsistencies in the story and get to its core. The deep truth content of such writings can only be understood against the background of extensive knowledge that the Abrahamic religions either do not (any longer) possess or want to keep secret.

Basically, symbolism and stories could be dispensed with altogether. However, most people's thinking is still so limited that highly abstract texts, which use natural contradictions (paradoxes) and dialectics as well as unusual logic variants, can only be understood by a few. Such texts can therefore not become the basis of religions that are meant to appeal to the many.

In order to at least allow a quiet inkling of the unspeakable, unknown, it makes sense to use symbols, partial aspects and paraphrases. The common people then interpret the text literally superficially as the ''clergymen'' explain it to them. But these texts are really understood only by those who know in advance what is to be said.

It is obvious that these texts cannot be interpreted correctly with the usual so-called scientific methods, because these methods work in such a way that they exclude certain possible - but undesirable - results from the outset. Incidentally, this also applies to physics, which - like theology - can therefore rightly be described as fake science.

What is the core message of the history of paradise? The Garden of Eden - Paradise - is the original state of EVERYTHING. This is something that eludes our imagination because this state is radically different from the one we humans currently know. Paradise is not on earth (but it can be), it is not even in the cosmos known to us. This primordial state contains the ARCHÉ (ancient Greek for beginning, origin, original principle). The ARCHÉ is the beginningless beginning.

There is no beginning and no end, because it is eternal. It was not created. It is the eternal BEING.

It is the eternal Unchangeable, Boundless, the INDIVISIBLE UNITY of All-That-Is.

The ARCHÉ has no physical dimensions. It is spiritual, undifferentiated energy - ADIshakti.

The NOTHING, the ZERO, the VOID as well as INFINITY. Nilinfinite - The Nothingness as well as the All-This-Is. An eternal ocean without shore.

The infinite INTELLIGENCE. The Infinite MIND. Hegel calls it SPIRIT. We can also call it GOD, or speak of the MIND OF GOD (its ''feeling, thinking, wanting'').

These are all aspects of the ONE, about which one can basically only say that it is a kind of undifferentiated primordial energy.

In the following we try to get a certain idea of the UNIMAGINABLE. A surprising fact is that ARCHÈ does not know its own NATURE, as Meher Baba so aptly describes in his book: "The Nothing and the Everything".

ARCHÈ is not aware/conscious of itself.

ARCHÈ does not know that it knows everything.

The ALL-knowing contains the ignorance, NOT-knowing. Infinite Knowing and infinite Unknowing are together ONE.

Consciousness of Self, however, is ''initially (still)'' not present.

It is an unconscious undifferentiated energy that does not know itself and does not know that it knows everything ...

However, ARCHÈ contains an infinite potential to become aware.

IT is the still undifferentiated, latent, purposeful COSMIC WILL, which is still asleep, which has not yet entered into action.

The symbol for this all-pervading infinite Unconsciousness is ADAM. This UNCONSCIOUSNESS will become the means through which the Omniscient - the ARCHÈ - recognizes itself as infinite. EVA is the symbol for NOTHING, of which infinity is only apparently an opposite. EVA is the universal Mother, from whose womb all thinking, all (physical) energy and all matter originate. Matter, mother, matter, matrix, matter ...

ALL KNOWING (GOD), NON KNOWING (ADAM), NOTHING (EVA) as well as the SNAKE (wisdom) "sleep" in the unity of the ARCHÉ in Paradise. ALL-Knowing, however, wants to know what IT is - due to an "original whim" (called LAHAR). IT wants to become conscious. This desire is an essential part of the will energy of the ARCHÈ.

CONSCIOUSNESS is impossible in the state of UNITY of ARCHÈ. Consciousness needs a counterpart ... a mirror. There is no such thing in UNITY. Unity must therefore temporarily become diversity. Only in and through diversity can unity be understood.

This diversity inevitably contains everything - not only good things. It necessarily includes evil, bad things, pain, suffering, etc. However, this does not have to be present everywhere and at all times. Through the mirror of diversity, unity can become aware of itself.

The ALL-Knowing ARCHÈ (GOD, FATHER) therefore sends ADAM & EVA from the sleep in PARADISE (from the cosmos of eternal BEING) into the cosmos of BECOMING.

It can also be said: GOD sends Himself... because in the cosmos of Being everything is ONE.

Now enters the serpent. It represents Wisdom: it knows the need to go into the "illusion" of the Cosmos of BECOMING: it is convincing, enticing, seductive, at the service of the Consciousness, which can only happen when unity is abandoned in favour of diversity.

It promotes what is necessary - but in contrast to the unity of the ARCHÈ unreal, illusionary of a very limited reality of the Cosmos of BECOMING.

The only true reality is the ARCHÈ.

ADAM & EVA enter the Cosmos of BECOMING created especially for them on behalf of the Omniscient (GOD, FATHER) because of their common desire to become conscious and to become Omniscient (like GOD). They eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and want to become like God - that is their birthright.

Without the serpent, ADAM & EVA would not leave paradise (the COSMOS of BEING). Without it, they would therefore not become self-confident and knowing, for this is only possible through understanding the illusion. The serpent is part of the ARCHÈ and thus part of the PRIMORDIAL UNITY OF GOD.

The serpent/dragon of wisdom

The "expulsion" from paradise is by no means a false step. It is a necessity, because God wants to become conscious.

Compared to the peaceful UNITY of Paradise, life in the diversity in the cosmos of BECOMING is not only pleasant. It is, however, necessary in order to become conscious. In PARADISE (in the COSMOS of BEING) there were no "differences". ALL is ONE.

The Cosmos of BECOMING of diversity, however, is polar (complementary opposites) and even appears to people as dual (irreconcilable opposites).

Here GOOD and EVIL dwells.

In these opposites a special way of understanding and becoming aware is possible. This means that good and evil are the product of diversity. The polarity good/evil is an important method of understanding the cosmos of becoming. The polarity enables the dialectical Becoming.


The path from the unity of ARCHÈ to the diversity of the Cosmos of BECOMING is also called individuation. Before everything was ONE. Now there are many (seemingly) separate individuals. They are still connected through the still existing Cosmos of BEING (the ARCHÈ), but the individuals do not feel/know this any more at first. They live and grasp in the illusion of being separated.

This means that the reality of unity is very limited for them. They live in a limited reality. Pain as well as suffering are actually felt, because everyone feels alone and separate, abandoned as lone fighters. This is an important way to become more conscious. Among other things in this way, GOD can finally become conscious himself (via man).

This does not mean that from the beginning and for all "time", man can only understand and grow through pain and suffering. In poverty and pain we are also not particularly close to GOD, as is often represented in the Catholic Church. If this were so, then the clergy would be especially far from God, when one thinks of the wealth in which the Vatican wallows, and it would be inappropriate to collect money for the poor.

Man can also learn a great deal in the world of the diversity of BECOMING, without pain such as suffering or polarity good - evil.

Infinite worlds with the most diverse building plans are to be discovered. And then the most exciting: man himself becomes an active creator of new worlds and so on.

The artificial 3D-matrix, whose one characteristic is pain as well as suffering, has only been introduced here through the intervention of those in power (see below). This matrix is now coming to an end for a great part of humanity: It is the time of harvest - all those who have become conscious enough can ''ascend'' to higher 4D and 5D worlds, in whose vibrations they already share.

For those who have had too little experience (child, baby and young souls), the 3D project will continue under more stringent conditions. There are many earths on many time lines. There is something for everyone. We can now make a conscious decision for a life without pain as well as suffering - if we take the responsibility for our lives into our own hands and are willing to accept and apply our ability as creators of our own reality.

This requires clear visions. Anyone who wants to leave this toxic 3D matrix of exploitation will develop a clear plan of how their worlds should look in 4D and 5D. Since these visions come from the souls, they already happen in unity consciousness (collective consciousness) and therefore harmonize with each other.

The indecisive (the Ignavi DANTE´s - above in the picture), who never want to decide for anything because they don't take responsibility for themselves, and the ignorant (who don't look and want to know) are now facing a particularly difficult tricky question ... An atheist and an agnostic are in the street in a heated discussion. The atheist finally says: "There is no God. I do not believe in God", the agnostic says: "You see, that is the difference between us. I don't even believe that."

In the original COSMOS of BEING GOD was "only" potentially existent. In the COSMOS of BECOMING this potential unfolds through dialectics. We are all Gods in BECOMING.

The Cosmos of Becoming has the following characteristics:

It has four spatial dimensions: Length, width, height, time (SPACE-TIME) or better expressed: there is only energy perceived as SPACE-TIME - a highly complex concert of the most diverse frequencies, which work harmoniously together in BECOMING, as described in Stankov's Universal Law.

It contains matter in different states (frequencies) - gaseous, liquid, solid etc.

It contains a constant movement - here the will to unfold the potential is shown.

It contains light, which represents a special position at the transition between the worlds of BEING and BECOMING.

Continuous creation (constant becoming and deceasing) must not be imagined only as a sequence of events, but as an eternal presence of the One creative act. C. G. Jung

On the quantum level, the cosmos experiences a constant coming and going - a swinging back and forth between energy and solidified energy (= matter).

Good and evil are symbolically represented by two entities in the Cosmos of BEING, to which our galaxy naturally also belongs:

1. Lucifer as representative of light, of the good. Lucifer means bringer of light and is assigned to the morning star, VENUS. Her associates are called Phosters (angels of light). They intervene in the 3D matrix only to help people when they are asked.  

On the subject of Lucifer, see details here.



2. Satan as representative of darkness, of the evil. Satan means adversary, antagonist, accuser.

He is also called "Lord of this world". He is the demiurge (as the ancient Gnostics called him) and is considered the creator (of the evil states) of this world - in other words: the 3D matrix.

It is the Yehovah of the Abrahamic religions.

He constantly demands submission and worship.

His companions are called archons (satanic angels).

Archangels can also be archons.

Satan is often depicted as a black cube. (see here)

Lucifer and Satan and their respective angels are not only symbols of good and evil. They also exist as real entities that operate in the cosmos of BECOMING. They can appear among others in the form of (unrecognized) extraterrestrials (Anunnaki and various reptiloids) see here. They can  incarnate here in human form ... They can accelerate or hinder the spiritual evolution of humans. In the pictures: the Count of Saint Germain

Count of Saint Germain

However, from a higher perspective, both energies are one: good-evil. At times, we are only playing the game of separation both "within" ourselves (personality versus soul), and between people and between people and the environment, and between people and God.

However, this separation is an illusion - without the illusion we would not be able to feel good or evil, to experience it realistically. Now we can - if we want to - return to Unity Consciousness and realize that we are divine and that pain and suffering is not our destiny (and has only been temporarily accepted). Pain as well as suffering was only temporarily a working tool.

Human slaves

This interpretation of the history of paradise gives a clear picture of how good and evil came into the world: as one of several possible consequences of diversity for the the enhancement of consciousness of GOD/MAN.

The theodicy question: How can God allow pain and suffering? finds the following simple, plausible answer:

Pain as well as suffering as well as evil is a method by which man understands the polar world, so that GOD can become conscious through man. However, this 3D part of understanding, which is based on separation consciousness and thus on fear, is not our destiny forever. It is now coming to an end for many - the prevailing energies make this possible - here and now at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Fear is now being replaced by knowledge and trust.

Aquarius Leo

And here is one last thing: The way people treat each other and the environment is regulated in 3D by the rules of ethics, morals and religious as well as secular laws. These are (intentionally) so diverse, contradictory and confusing that every human being must have a bad conscience if he or she is not in the blissful state of complete ignorance of this thicket.

Over this bad conscience he can easily be manipulated and controlled at any time, because he is afraid of punishment. These regulations are all expressions of Separation Consciousness. If a person does not know and read his inner compass (his intuition), it must inevitably (erroneously) seem to him that these laws and rules of conduct have to exist, so that people can live together peacefully. But why then are there wars of all kinds on earth without interruption?

How much less would people have to work if they did not have to feed the huge hosts of lawyers and court clerks, who have no interest in seeing justice done to man? Every dispute is negotiated in such a way that the maximum profit for the shyster is achieved. Many of their contracts are from the outset only designed to cheat the opponent?

Regulations and laws from outside can never really work, as each individual believes that he or she will not be caught in the act. The threat of punishment up to eternal damnation is just another means of enforcing exploitation and power. The legal system today is completely the vicarious agent of the ''rulers'' (picture left) - and these in turn are the henchmen of the actual slave owners. This is all so absurd that one can only laugh about it.

A human being whose consciousness is so far developed that he knows that he is not the trained personality but the immortal soul, raised above the lowlands of what one is allowed to do, what is proper and how everything has to be, does not need laws, ethics and morals. The soul knows at every moment unmistakably what is right or wrong for the person concerned (higher situation ethics). It acts according to the maxim of not harming anyone (primum non nocere = Hippocratic oath) or hindering their development, and the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you would like to be treated by them." Above all, she does not interfere in the affairs of other souls without being asked, because she knows that with every suggestion she makes, she hits herself. (Thanks to Scarboro Missions for the following picture)

Nobody can persuade a mature or old soul that from here on (because the rulers want it that way) right is wrong and that obvious facts are suddenly no longer valid (this is the usual brainwashing). Such experienced souls claim unrestricted self-determination, and since they enjoy Unity Consciousness, they will always make every decision with the welfare of the whole in mind. The ethics of the soul is based on truth and appropriateness and is therefore always right. It does not need presumptuous input from power-hungry politicians or priests.

The decisive good news is this:

1. The "expulsion" from paradise is a necessary process - even if the souls have not entirely voluntarily agreed to it. They were taken by surprise and seduced by the invaders at that time and have since been exploited as work slaves and warriors. These people live from our emotional energy, especially the negative one of pain and suffering. That is why they have constantly set us against each other according to the motto "Divide et Impera = Divide and rule" - it is easy to play with the human consciousness of separation.

2. Of course, it is not the destiny of souls to be exploited ... We have now learned this sufficiently - stop it!

3. Adam and Eve have not sinned, they are not to blame. Original sin is an invention to facilitate the exercise of power and exploitation on this toxic planet.

4. Guilt, sin, atonement must be removed from the repertoire of the powerful. Whoever has understood this, can no longer be talked into a guilty conscience.

5. God has not condemned anyone (he would have condemned himself) and therefore there is no need to forgive anyone.

6. No one has to act as saviour and possibly die on the cross for that. That never happened anyway. The cosmic energies currently prevailing on Earth make it possible for all who are able and willing to do so to leave this 3D matrix now. The numerous reports of rescuers always only served the exercise of power - one tries to make people dependent on it.

7. Man's longings and desires are expressions of his will to develop his potential and thus his driving force to expand his consciousness.

8. Behind this is the longing for unity in paradise, which man remembers at times. This Unity-Consciousness of Being is the new pradigm of the beginning Aquarian Age.

Conclusion: The PRIMORDIAL ENERGY of the ARCHÈ (Cosmos of Eternal BEING, GOD, SPIRIT, ALL THAT IS) wants to become conscious. Therefore it creates a cosmos of BECOMING.

In it the ENERGY develops its potential up to the omega point of complete CONSCIOUSNESS.

This happens through the understanding of itself in the coarse-material (including polar) as well as fine-material and spiritual world. Man understands himself as representative of GOD.

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