Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

... what keeps the world together at its innermost core

Even as a youngster, I was filled with the aspiration to find out what keeps the world together at its innermost core, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe put it. Now, sixty years later, I dare to take inventory and show how this question has been answered for me.
In accordance with my inner inclination, I pursued studies in chemistry, biology, geology and, last but not least, physical geography, which I completed with success and then deepened at the university and in field work. This turned out to be very satisfying because it involved learning about 'ancient' cultures - especially in the Near and Middle East and India. Nevertheless, finally the certainty matured that I would never be able to answer my question posed at the beginning by university 'scientific' studies. I therefore turned to the inner, spiritual path 'of the white clouds', which I still follow today and which brings me closer to my life's purpose every day.

(Alluding to books by Anagarika Govinda and OSHO).

In my search, the question of right and wrong surfaced. I learned that the concept of truth is extremely malleable up to the statement, 'Truth is that which works'. This phrase indicates that there must be someone who wants to have an impact and therefore proclaims certain 'truths'. This someone can be a spiritual master who wants to lead you to the perception of your immortal soul and to its language - the intuition - so that you finally become independent of assertions of your fellow humans and live completely your own truth. Connected with this is the realization that a generally valid truth does not exist at all.

However, this someone can also be a person who is not concerned with your well-being but only with his own self-interest. He will therefore declare such statements as truth, with which he can satisfy his thirst for power. Here it is additionally also about good and evil and about the fact that you should live according to his truth. If you don't want to do that, you load guilt on yourself, which you have to repay. Because people are so different in constitution and are shaped differently by their experiences, there are many different 'truths', so that there is a 'truth' that works for everyone. Moreover, this has the great advantage that people argue because they have been told that there is only one truth to which everyone must adhere. The trick is that that someone never has to adhere to these 'truths' himself, even though he may at times appear to do so for your peace of mind. The current climate hysteria and the artificially created health and economic crisis are excellent examples that show how the powerful of this world try to extend their power through their bought political stooges on the basis of supposed truths. However, they overlook the fact that their statements are increasingly no longer effective and are therefore false - which they verifiably always were.

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In this context, it should be explicitly pointed out that the so-called sciences are also subject to this limited concept of truth and are therefore more or less politically controlled, depending on the subject. If you research and teach at a university, you have no freedom. It is not about finding out 'what keeps the world together at its innermost core' but about what benefits those in power, what brings the biggest profits to industry and what keeps people well-behaved and quiet. These massive restrictions fit to the 3D-experiment earth, where the souls have agreed to make experiences under these partly very unpleasant, painful challenges, which are denied to them in the bodiless state.

It is thereby the task of the worldly rulers to ensure that the system is maintained as long as this is desired by all involved. It ends now and therefore we feel the truth assertions of the bought politicians and 'scientists' rightly as lies and fraud - in addition above all also because we see how they enrich themselves thereby at our expense immoderately. And we also have no compelling reason to act according to it, unless the practice of prudence would command it - we do not have to offer the authorities an opportunity to hurt us. The division of lawmakers and religions into good and bad people used to have only systemic validity and is now discarded. A person's value is not measured by how obedient, submissive and frightened he is. Being God-fearing is not a merit!

Now back to my initial question: what keeps the world together at its innermost core? How can this question be answered truthfully, without the utilitarian aspect in the background? After almost sixty years of study and numerous experiences the following picture appears to me: There is no truth equally valid for all people, because every human being and all sentient beings are characterized by a different perception. We could also formulate, the consciousness is differently developed from entity to entity.
And now it is only a small step to the answer of our initial question:

That what keeps the world together at its innermost core is consciousness.

The only sense and purpose of All-That-Is is the expansion of consciousness. Who or what expands its consciousness of itself? IT, the eternal, uncreated primeval cause, the ONE, about whom naught may be said, also called SPIRIT or SOURCE. IT is, experiences and reflects itself in its 'creation'. We humans have an essential part in it. We are also IT. By expanding our consciousness, the total consciousness of IT increases. Everything-THAT-Is - creation - is strongly simplified a gigantic system of energies of the most different frequencies, amplitudes and strengths, which penetrate, overlap influence and transform themselves. We humans perceive this as space-time.

It would be the task of natural science to fathom this 'space-time'. However, this is not possible if the causal central role of consciousness is not seen, more precisely: not allowed to be seen. That it is now increasingly seen and considered is a clear sign that the 3D experiment is coming to an end. The all-surpassing meaning of consciousness is now known at a rapid pace not only in small groups of Gnostics and Advaita philosophers, but is spreading among all people who ask themselves the initial question. You can see this quickly if you type the word consciousness into the search engines of the internet.

The division of people into a few different camps will dissolve with increasing consciousness to the extent that every person becomes aware of his own divinity. Humans then know that they are essentially IT and in particular their immortal soul and that all souls are ultimately ONE/ES. Every human being lives his own truth and there are neither discussions nor fights about what is right and wrong. After all, it makes no sense to fight against oneself. And because people are no longer controlled by fear, no one can exercise power over them. The pleasant realization is: we are already well on our way. It may still be a bumpy road, but the direction is right, and that is the main point. We are now being so massively supported by the spiritual world - higher conscious entities - at our request, that we can irrevocably end the 3D experiment Earth of division and scarcity.

However, we should never forget that the New Earth does not come to us from outside and then we enjoy it because the conditions on it are better than now. At the causal basis there is always the expansion of our consciousness. That is the alpha and omega in the whole universe and therefore also on this earth and undoubtedly and especially now during the last crescendo of its 3D version. Do not complain about the present conditions but use them as a challenge to experience even more shortly before the end of the experiment. There are entities that have incarnated here specifically for the transition because they know how unique the opportunity is. Consciousness expansion does not happen by complaining and criticizing and fighting the present circumstances. The New Earth will unfold for us as desired, because we - even now - have had enough 3D experiences and have expanded our consciousness in such a way that we can actively participate in the shaping of the New Society of the Age of Aquarius. Watch this video:

Manifestus Aquarius  Spiritual Manifesto for the Age of Aquarius