Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Expanding consciousness through cooperation

The supposed separation of people from one another is one of the pillars of the 3D system that is coming to an end. People experience themselves as lone fighters who suffer from scarcity, who are bestowed with nothing, and who have to assert themselves in competition. The rulers constantly fuel this with the method 'divide et impera' - divide and rule.


Scarcity is maintained by withholding technical achievements like 'free energy', which on top of that would enable a clean environment. By the lies of the man-made global warming the scarcity is still strengthened, it is now even praised as alternativeless and 'reasonable'. The environment and everything natural is predominantly presented as insufficient, dangerous, even hostile, against which man must fight.
Behind this is the amnesia that sets in at birth, which prevents man from recognizing that he/she is an immortal soul that is always connected to everything and everyone. This ignorance is kept up by keeping man so busy with work, illnesses and fomented conflicts of all kinds that he hardly has time to find out who he/she really is and to discover that the world as he/she perceives it is one big illusion based only on lies and deception. Another mainstay of the 3D illusion is the false concept of linear time. By the fact that all this escalates now extremely, more and more people begin to see through the whole. They are expanding their consciousness.

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Since I love to let the cat out of the bag right at the beginning, already here and now the crux: This 3D system, in which the souls as personalities in a physical body grasp the material world with the five senses and thus make experiences, which are withheld from incorporeal beings, is essentially animated by fight in the core. The basis for this is the alleged (but illusionary) duality, in which there are always two sides that are hostile and incompatible. That is, the system stands and falls with struggle. If the human being does not fight any more, he withdraws attention, recognition and energy from the system, so that it must collapse finally. There is only one way to ascension: the cooperation of all parties involved.

In order for the 3D-Experiment Earth to last, a part of the souls must act as warrior personalities. They have to make sure that the system is maintained long enough by exercising power until enough has been grasped. They let themselves be burned up in permanent wars billionfold. Another, smaller part of these warriors stylizes itself as fighters for the oppressed, so that these can deal better with pain and suffering. They, too, thus contribute to the preservation of the system. The power-exerting ruling class is perceived as 'the bad guys', but does not see itself that way, but as a necessary factor in maintaining the system. The fighters for the oppressed see themselves as 'the good guys' and are classified as such by most people.

What can be concluded from this? The 3D system does not end when the good have defeated the evil, as many well-meaning people believe. It also does not end, of course, when the evil fighters are finally victorious. It ends when the fight generally stops. The dark is not the so-called evil but the whole system of the dualistic 3D illusion. This system ends when enough people 'switch on the light' through their expansion of consciousness.

That is why revolutions, terrorist acts etc. have never changed the conditions on the planet in the long run or fundamentally. At most, they have led to a supposed change at the top of the ruling class. In this context, it is helpful to remember that major revolutions, such as the French or Russian, were instigated and financed by the 'elites' themselves. The respective regimes after the removal of the monarchs were equally if not worse characterized by abuse of power. And another point: Religious elites have not infrequently called for militant resistance to the 'health' measures of the state, as recently Archbishop Carlo Maria Vignano, who incited Italians to protests and demonstrations with a long, very well reasoned, enlightening public letter, which promptly led to violence and chaos in the easily inflamed psyche of Italians. In doing so, Vignano achieved exactly what the Vatican empire loves: chaos, division and struggle. He thus used something meaningful, serious enlightenment, to preserve the system ...

"Where right becomes wrong, resistance becomes duty, but obedience becomes crime!'' This is a shortened, secularized version of a doctrinal saying of Pope Leo XIII, which at first looks good and gives courage, but only supports the system because it calls for a fight. As the old saying goes, ''Struggle only ever leads to further struggle.'' That is how the system is maintained.
One cannot successfully fight for peace because he who fights sows struggle and not peace.
Can one fight successfully against poverty = scarcity? NO, poverty like scarcity belong to the basic principles of the system - they result from the false principle of supposed separation. Struggle, however, reinforces separation. Also the fight against the supposed disease, which promptly leads to the division of society, which is then hypocritically regretted, although this was just one of the goals of the rulers.

Everything is not as it seems at first glance. Admittedly, it is tedious and time-consuming to question the usual narratives, but it is worth it. Very often, the 'good' is that force that supposedly wants the good (the solution to the problem) and yet creates the evil (further limitations). And this evil then contributes to the fact that more and more people see through what is happening through the completely immoderate exaggeration. Quite tricky ...

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There are even professionals in the field of management training and coaching who advertise that they call themselves warriors who came to earth to 'change the world' (e.g. Phillip Holden ). They want to spread love and unity in the hearts of people and throughout the country. Yes, even: they want to fight for God and the spirit of unity ... Have they even asked this 'God' if this is what He wants? Do they really believe that He cannot do it alone? Already the crusaders fought under the motto: 'Deus vult' - God wants it ... So did the Muslims at the same time ...

On the website: by Warrior Coach Gregg Swanson Thomas Carlyle is quoted: 'Endurance, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities: This is what distinguishes the strong soul from the weak in all spheres.'

This quote shows Carlyle's rootedness in separation and struggle. There are no strong and weak souls. At most, there are strong and weak personalities, and these both have their justification. The soul wants to grasp many things through this.
Gregg Swanson characterizes his warrior as follows: 'A warrior is someone who defeats himself.' With this slogan, man is internally separated into desirable and undesirable parts. He is to learn to strengthen those parts that make him a successful leader who prevails over his competitors in the daily struggle for survival in the 'free' economy. Everything that prevents him from doing so is to be fought and defeated. In the last consequence this leads to a split personality. This is fully the philosophy of the old 3D system and helps to maintain it. If a person fights false beliefs about himself or unpleasant emotions that hinder success, he only gives them further energy and they remain perpetuated.
It is quite enough to allow the thoughts and feelings and the emotions that arise from them and to observe them in a non-judgmental way. Meditative awareness in daily activities is the key to an expanded consciousness. Such people are then no longer interested in making a career as a manager in the profit-oriented society. They do not fall for the temptations of money and supposed power, nor do they allow themselves to be burnt out.

Struggle is not the way to the NEW EARTH. This is the learning task of the so-called old warrior souls. These souls, like all other souls, are not limited to one area of experience. They just chose it for any number of incarnations to grasp. Being a warrior is a quality of personality, mask, camouflage, role. When the game is over, the costume comes off. The soul doesn't need it anymore on 5D. The warrior personalities now grasp that struggle does not lead to ascension, to enlightenment, on the contrary. There is only one way to enlightenment/ascension: the cooperation of all parties involved.

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If a person wants to become enlightened he subordinates himself to the will and intention of the soul, which speaks to him by intuition. Devotion and humility are required. The soul infused personality visualizes and creates the NEW EARTH with the new society.
Such a lightworker informs, protects, supports, encourages - as Patrick Amoroso also describes it - he doesn't really fight as a warrior anymore, even if he nostalgically still calls himself that way. The lightworker is the magician, he knows when, where and how to act. His magical work unfolds by his mere presence, because he is fully energetically present as an untouched observer.

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Cameron Day, in his article   'Why I Am No Longer A Lightworker', has suggested that the term lightworker refers to the false so-called 'light' of illusionary duality and that he therefore no longer wishes to be a lightworker, otherwise he would be supporting the old Earth system. This strongly restricted definition of the term lightworker, however, does not make sense. From our point of view a lightworker does not serve one side of the illusionary duality, the false light, he rather transcends both sides, or rather the whole illusion. The so-called duality is dark versus bright: darkness is not the opposite of light, but the absence of light. When the light is turned on, the darkness disappears as if by magic; it was only an illusion and therefore does not need to be fought.

In the old Earth system, which is now coming to an end, it was a matter of people being distracted from seeing through amnesia by fighting with their own kind, and at the same time, of course, this made them easier to control. It is crucial that neither the light worker nor the so-called light warrior allows themselves to become entangled in the illusionary duality and take sides, otherwise they will perish. Their task is to act from the point of view of the soul, which is fully above it and therefore has no interest in struggle.

When we write that duality is illusion, it does not mean that we claim that the world in which man lives is not real. It is actually existent, the human being perceives it only in a very limited way - as space-time. In reality, everything consists of energies. Please observe that All-That-Is consists only of open wave systems, which are U-sets and contain themselves and the Whole (Primary Term) as an element, so that they always interact – that is, they overlap and their waves and frequencies interfere with each other to create new wave patterns, such as standing waves (solitons). The created holographic universe of 3D forms is entirely created according to this principle, for instance, all elementary particles are standing waves and described in physics as such in the so called “particle-wave dualism” (read also here).

In this context, it is very interesting to see how a group of so-called 'spiritual warriors' - The Silver Legion - justify their struggle.

They believe they have to fight for the enforcement of free will. For this purpose they place themselves as a bulwark for both sides between the negative and the positive, which both have their justification in the so-called duality.
Quote: ''this universe was intended to be a place where Source could explore its own self through the creation of independent beings  ...  it was to be a completely free willed universe ... A universe in which there was room for those who wanted to have only good experiences, and those who wanted to experience the intensity of negative orientations, without requiring that the two orientations ever overlap or come into conflict.''
Warriors are supposed to prevent such conflicts.
''They interpose themselves between those who want to attack others and those who want to be left alone.'' ...
''That is what things look like in a healthy universe that is working as intended. All things have a place, all options are available somewhere, and the system stays in balance. Everyone gets what they want. It's wonderful.''

What these warriors overlook is that this ''duality'' doesn't even exist. The two groups - the positive and the negative - are not incompatible with each other but completely interpenetrate and overlap. It is a polarity, as in the concept of yin and yang. Every single participant has aspects of both sides in himself, in the middle, in the Wu-Wei state, the shares are 50/50! Who intervenes here with force, by putting himself ''in between'', can only cause damage and support the illusion.
It is true that these ''warriors'' also support and protect the positive ones. However, if you look around the world, you can easily see that warriors either act as policemen pretending to provide law and order, but most of the time they only support the agenda of the negatives - the rulers - and hinder the free development of people. The other variant is that the warriors are found on the negative side, where their aggressiveness further reinforces the division of the population. There is no valid evidence that wars have ever directly contributed to the expansion of consciousness.

The warrior theme is already dealt with in detail in the Bhagavad Gita. The views represented there are to be seen quite clearly as an 'instruction manual', how the human being grasps in the 3D-earth by acting - with all religious restrictions from the karma and reincarnation teachings, whereby at that time linear time was assumed and the simultaneity of all incarnations was not considered. About grasping - also of the warrior - finally the sense and purpose of the 3D experiment earth is fulfilled. We have reached this point now - the old 3D behaviors are left behind and we can ascend to 4D/5D.

As for the reason why Arjuna should fight, Krishna invokes the concept of dharma, sacred duty, which sustains the cosmic order. This dharma differs according to the class and caste into which a person is born. As a member of the warrior class Arjuna has the primary sacred duty of fighting righteous battles. These are typical 3D arguments, which can also be found in other religions in a modified form. What is a righteous battle?

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The so-called 'spiritual warriors' of The Silver Legion go one step further. They claim, ''This universe is not working as intended.''... ''Our universe was born with an error.''  How this error is constituted and what it causes is postulated in detail, but not substantiated. From this they deduce that ''this universe will need warriors even at very high spiritual levels''. As a basis for these very idiosyncratic views a concept of the origin of universes is given, which is in contradiction to Advaita Vedanta, Gnosis and the Universal Law of G. Stankov. I leave it to the reader to form his own opinion.


If you look around on the Internet, you will find - e.g. here:
that it obviously has a special appeal for some people to call themselves a spiritual warrior/warrioress. However, if you read through the description of the characteristics, you will see that these are not really warriors, at least you can hardly distinguish them from other light workers.

The great popularity of the term light warrior may go back to the books of Carlos Castaneda. Castaneda's writings were received primarily in the New Age movement and in the Hippie subculture, and reached very high circulations internationally. Castaneda describes his path of consciousness expansion as the Way of the Heart or Way of the Warrior.
Warriorship has "nothing to do with acts of collective violence or individual stupidity" but is grounded in personal engagement with infinity. It is meant to give the seeker physical and character strength and energy to endure the difficulties that stand in his way and that he needs to penetrate unknown worlds. Castaneda: "A warrior is in a battle against the individual ego that has robbed us of our former abilities." This sounds similar to Gregg Swanson quote above.
Along the same lines, Dan Millman's best-selling book 'The Path of the Peaceful Warrior': "I call myself a peaceful warrior.... Because the battles we fight are within." Just because it is within, should a battle be peaceful?

Basically, a peaceful warrior is an oxymoron. An oxymoron (plural oxymora; ancient Greek τὸ ὀξύμωρον, from oxys 'sharp(sensible)' and moros 'stupid') is a rhetorical figure in which a phrase is formed from two opposing, contradictory, or mutually exclusive terms e.g. bittersweet, love-hate. However, it makes no sense at all to fight the inner individual I, also called ego, character or personality. Here only parts of the ego can fight against each other, because the soul does not fight. This inner fight - like the inner dialogue - is finished by untouched observing e.g. in meditation.

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A new tribe of spiritual warriors has arrived

Their greatest strengths are ...

The courage to look within

Deep honesty with themselves


Respect for all sentient life

And the will to be real

No matter what challenges may come

The new tribe of spiritual warriors say:

"We are here.

And our greatest strength is: Love."


This clearly shows that they are not warriors at all ... Why do they call themselves that anyway?

In his book: 'The Celestine Prophecies', James Redfield has described that for about half a century a new, transcendental, spiritual consciousness has been gradually emerging in our world.
The book has been translated into 34 languages and made into a film. By May 2005, over 20 million copies had been sold worldwide. Seven subsequent volumes have since been published.
James Redfield works with Marianne Williamson and best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch ('Conversations with God') in the Global Renaissance Alliance (GRA), whose goal is to encourage people to be more non-violent and to incorporate more spiritual values into political systems.

"The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word ’struggle’ from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration."

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for...

~ Hopi Elders' Prophecy