Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Integrative thinking and living

While the old slave system is disintegrating more and more every day due to the extreme exaggeration of the measures, we are at the beginning of a New Society, which will be fundamentally different from the previous and the planned New World Order of those currently still in power. This New Society is based on a new way of thinking, which is still quite unfamiliar to most people, and which we would like to briefly outline here - based on a message from the Arcturians by Daniel Scranton.

When we take in information, most people filter it through their minds and only let in what is already part of their current belief system about the subject in question. That is, they do not allow in new information if it contradicts what they already know to be true and believe to be true. For example, if someone believes in an atheistic - materialistic worldview, then information about angels, the soul of the human being, or God will bounce off of him. If he feels insecure or attacked, he usually defends himself as well.

If instead we test new or different information by observing the reaction of our physical body and our emotional body, we can feel how the incoming information resonates with us. If we look closely, we can determine whether the information is useful to us or not by the way it triggers in us. We ask ourselves, how do the decision alternatives feel? What physical reaction does what we are about to do  trigger? Does this decision give or drain us of energy? Does the body feel light and alert or tired and heavy? Where does the effect show? Does it pressure the solar plexus or the chest? And in turn: which thought lets us breathe deeply? What relaxes, what delights us. It is very useful to trust these signals and other inner sensations!

However, who we should not follow if we want things to go well for us in the long run: our conscience. This, like our mind, is shaped by everything we unconsciously adopted from the behavior of our educators during the first seven years as a child. It is therefore learned, externally adopted, artificial conditioning and obscures our own intuitive feeling, out of which our life plan should unfold on its own, if we do not want to get into trouble and if we want to be of most use to our fellow human beings.

The term intuition is unfortunately used in different ways. In one review, for example, it is said that a device can be operated intuitively; by this it is meant that the arrangement of the buttons, levers, switches, etc. and the order in which they are operated is such that one has to do in each case what one would do anyway on the basis of many years of experience without having read the instructions. However, this is rather a habitual procedure. Genuine intuition has nothing at all to do with the usual trained everyday thinking. Genuine intuition is typically thinking outside the box, not infrequently illogical to irrational, surprising and at times quite uncomfortable, but at least in the long run always appropriate to the situation and leading to a perfectly correct result - i.e. for the person concerned the truth. An implemented intuitive intuition typically produces a feeling of relief or even a feeling of happiness - even in the long run.
When someone speaks of the inner voice, we should always follow up and ask what is meant: conscience or intuition?

So we no longer imagine that there is only One Truth that we have to find, we rather assume that it is always first about ourselves and about our expansion of consciousness. Everything that expands our perception and consciousness is true for us - because it works.

We can assume that there are many "future" possible life circumstances that contain truths that are right for us, and that we can have one "future" scenario after another that is best for us in each case and brings us the most joy and the most progress. On this path, which is the best for us in each case, certain things are true and certain things are not true. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to let our feelings guide us into this "future" world of experience, because our body reactions and feelings guide us to the truths that are most beneficial to us, not the truths that confirm our pre-existing beliefs. Therefore, it is much more useful to process information through the body than through the mind. If something doesn't feel good to us, then that information taken in via a book or a video, for example, is wrong at that moment and we should pay no further attention to it - i.e. close the book or turn off the video. We don't have to take in anything that creates aversion in the solar plexus. For other people, the video can still be fully appropriate.

It is a different matter when the emotionally colored behavior of a fellow human being triggers violent physical or emotional reactions in our body. Then this is usually not (only) due to the malice of our counterpart, but according to the law of mirrors has to do with ourselves - with not yet worked up injuries, aggressions or with blind spots in our picture about our personality. Then it is good to go into the emotion - especially if we are afraid of it - and to trace, to feel why the behavior of the counterpart has thrown us off center. In this way we get to know ourselves and in the future this topic can then hardly touch us. If such a process is fundamentally clarified, we will hardly ever have such experiences again. OSHO has always emphasized: "Do what you are most afraid of".

Of course, we will be presented with different truths because we have a choice of what we are heading towards and what world of experience we want to live in next. Therefore, we are always also confronted with the opposite of what we want, or the opposite of what we believe or think is right with the mind. If we then follow the mind or the trained conscience and reject the statements, then we never come to something really new, to thinking outside the box. This box is the Saturnian cube in which we have locked ourselves with our conventional thinking. It is the most difficult prison in the world to leave.

Based on the physical or emotional resonance, we can find out what is good for us and make a meaningful decision. If we all had to have only one experience, it would be much easier for the scientists and intellectuals on planet Earth, because then there would really be only one truth. That was in the now perishing system one of the system-preserving lies with which the people could be incited against each other non-stop. However, since there are many truths depending on the consciousness, we should each travel in the direction where we can learn the most, which we therefore want to experience the most, and which is most appealing to us. We make this choice with the focus on the physical body and feelings. This is also how we should choose our partners and our profession if we want to be happy with them. If it would be always only about the so-called rational or reasonable thinking, criticizing and discussing, we would not need physical bodies. These bodies are our "unique selling point", with which sensual grasping and pleasurable experience is possible. It is counterproductive to the sense of life on this planet, if we hold these bodies in low esteem and instead run around as rational-mental cripples.

So we should focus on the "reality" we want to experience and not on the one we think we absolutely have to experience because we have all the "evidence" for it. The time for so-called proofs is over! We often base what we believe to be true on what others believe to be true. Some people think that if so many people believe it, then I should deal with it too. However, we can only get ahead if we find out for ourselves which way we really want to go and which world we really want to experience. If there were only one way to find the truth and only one truth, then the universe would be severely limited. It would severely limit the amount of possible experiences it could have. However, this is extremely improbable. The whole is always infinite and expanding at the same time, which is another concept that confuses the mind. It is totally unsuited to fathom the ultimate truths.

We enjoy the freedom to choose which aspect of truth we want to experience next, and we can choose the one that feels most harmonious with who we are and what we want for all people on earth. That is why we are creating the New Society NOW. This is already fully underway and fully embedded in the consciousness expansion of the individual. This is how we are free. Do not be deceived by the daily horror reports.

Dear friends, do you notice that on the New Earth it is no longer about the fictitious One Truth, about the exercise of power, control, struggle, separation and intellectual supposed proofs, but about the consciousness expansion of a self-determined, self-responsible as well as self-aware human being in a society based on it? And about the integration of sensing, feeling, thinking, intuition and acting - of body, head and heart. This is the new NORMALITY. NOW.


Our conscience, according to which we are to be guided by our educators, is, so to speak, the unconsciously internalized sum of all learned rules of conduct - with variants in different cultural environments. The fellow human beings who shape us thus ensure that we behave as the laws demand. In our Christian-based society, the 10 Commandments are a basis that is accepted by a great many people. However, to what extent can they be observed? Do government officials, religious servants or other influential people abide by them? If you think these questions through to the bottom, you might come to the conclusion that the 10 Commandments and many regulations that follow on from them serve primarily to make people feel guilty and keep them down. The religions offer themselves then to help humans with the mastering of those problems, which they brought them before themselves.

Saturn House in Vienna

All learned behavior patterns constitute in sum what we know as the matrix. The symbol for this is the black cube - see the Saturn House in Vienna. This is the prison in which we have lived. We have been persuaded from childhood that we desperately need these commandments because otherwise "everything will go haywire". And by this conditioning it was prevented to a large extent that humans discover the own, internal yardstick, which nevertheless in the meantime rapidly increasingly many humans know as INTUITION. This intuition is an individually optimally adapted advisor to every life situation. It comes from within and is vastly superior to external generalized rules of conduct. Whether intuition prevails in a person or not is a question of consciousness. The more SELF-conscious a person is, the more intuitive - that is, SELF-determined and SELF-responsible he lives. You can see this "SELF" as that from which intuition emanates. It is not the ego, the personality, the character. Those are all more or less artificial and shaped from the outside. However, this SELF is the core of your being, your essence, what really defines you. This SELF has always determined your life plan. Your truth lives there. With the expansion of consciousness, the truth of the SELF comes to light step by step. And since people are all connected to each other through their essence - their SELF - the intuitive decisions of this essential SELF are always at least in the long run for the good of all involved.
However, the personality usually realizes this only after much pain and suffering and a long time of trying in vain to abide by the rules for fear of punishment. The guideline of the personality is the conscience - however, its truth is severely limited according to the pattern. From this results the "egoistic" behavior, which is directed only after the trained values, which the ego interprets selfishly. In a materialistically shaped society like ours this is external wealth, power, glamour and illusion.

We are NOW already in the midst of a transformation to a completely new society based on togetherness and the freedom that intuition grants us. It does not matter now what the so-called powers in the background are planning for us. With the vaccination program also die the other building blocks: artificial intelligence, transplanted chips, and all the other methods to enslave us in a NWO, even before they ever come into effect. This is why it is so important that we learn to think outside the box, as described this article. Everyone can start doing this NOW. The success will be immediately noticeable in your own circle of friends.

All that matters NOW is that we become clear about what WE want. It is no longer a matter of accepting almost everything that the fictitious old man with a beard has supposedly decided for us and that we only have a say in small trivialities. We are the SOUVEREIGN - each to the extent that he/she has discovered his/her SELF. We are allowed to fully participate in decision making. We visualize the NEW society - also called the NEW earth - SELF responsible as humanity CO-responsible.

The New Earth with the New Society already exists - because there is no linear time except in our 3D imagination. I.e. everything happens simultaneously in the here and now. Giving up the illusion of linear time already fulfills the demand that the new society must be "unimaginably new". The way the human brain is wired and the mind is conditioned, it cannot imagin it. Quantum physicists on the research front are nevertheless already dealing with this insight, the application of which will have massive consequences.
In addition, the new society will become for each person depending on his/her consciousness as he/she imagines based on his/her imagination, intuition. Every person, after all, already now in the old society always creates his/her own reality according to his/her own imaginations, fears, hopes and expectations, which are also based on the individual consciousness. However, if someone wishes for health but is unconsciously stuck in a pattern that causes illness, he cannot become healthy.

The difference with the new society is that humanity as a whole is now making a leap in consciousness - each individually a little further away from their present state. This results in an expanded "mass consciousness" and therefore also a globally noticeable new society. Man leaves behind his old slave existence. The worldwide rejection of the Corona measures on all levels of society bears eloquent witness to this. The details of the new society are not unimaginably new, because there have always been people who travel "between the worlds" and report about it. If the new world is based on really lived truth & wisdom, love & compassion and freedom & intuition, then this is something new for us and at the same time not completely unimaginable. If man needs new terms, these are coined at the same time. And most importantly, since people in the new society have much less to no more unconscious sabotage programs, the conscious visualizations will manifest to the greatest extent possible. This is the new feature of it. That's why what we deal with and what we desire is very significant.

PS: have you noticed how I am having a hard time with this description because our language is built on past, present and future? That's why our language is being changed. By the way, a friend - Carrie Husband - just told me that Aramaic and Hebrew already meet the requirement for simultaneity in the here and now.