Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde




Form no image of ME
Every conception separates us
I AM not outside of you

The only truth is I AM
Everything 'else' is an illusion

I AM in every blade of grass every grain of dust
I AM the air of your breath
I AM the atoms of your nose
I AM the lungs into which I flow
I AM the chair you sit on
I AM the ground you stand on
I AM the grass you lie on

I AM without beginning and end
I AM beyond time and eternity

I AM the people you see
I AM your eyes
I AM that which makes your eyes see
I AM your hand
I AM what your hand touches
I AM that which makes your hand feel

I AM the ONE Sound
I AM EVERYTHING that creates this sound
I AM the energy that you grasp as space-time
in which sounds colors forms appear

I AM the silence into which every sound sinks
I AM stones plants animals humans angels
Nothing  no one is separate from me

I AM the judgement
I AM the condemned
I AM the condemning one
And yet I AM untouched

You don't have to search hard to find me
I AM in you as I am everywhere
You don't have to call out loud for me to hear you
I AM the caller
I AM your words
I AM the one who hears

You are my mirror
I recognize myself in you
I feel you as you feel yourself
because I AM ONE with you

You can succumb to the illusion
to be separate from ME
But this creates suffering and scarcity

When "bad things" happen
I am victim  perpetrator  fate
spectator and judge

I AM the boundless sea behind all your projections
the illusionary appearances
You are one of my waves in this infinite ocean

Who wants to leave ME  
breaks ashore like a wave
and returns just as surely into the sea
without ever been separate from it

If you think you are weak
you have forgotten who you are  
When you feel sad or lonely
You have forgotten who you are
Remember your true nature
who you really are
Everything is always available to you in abundance
You cannot suffer any lack if you remember
that you are never separate from ME
and everything is ONE

What you seek is within you  

Many of my flowers now remember
and are in joy aware of their SELF
The flower sea of appearances
is a giant dance of joy
Who does not dance along and flees
because he wants to stay in his illusion
will be washed ashore all the further and harder
without ever being able to separate from the ocean
When these seemingly evil ones are completely
in pain senselessness and fear
they automatically turn to ME
I AM will love intelligence

How you remember me
makes no difference to ME
All veritable saints and sages of the worlds
are my representatives and spokespersons
I AM your light
I know your every thought
every one of your feelings
I smile in you in unconditional love

The origin of the text in which the Source describes itself is the Vedas and is over 5000 years old and corresponds to the monism of the Indian Advaita philosophy and modern Gnosis. We have taken it from a video of the Archangel Michaels University, which gives as source unknown. We have revised the text to reflect its Indian origin. Images, video clips and layout are ours, the music, the Gayatri, is from the American Sanskrit Institute.