Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Homo Aquarius

Humanity after the evolutionary leap

Earth-man is currently experiencing very strong changes. These will lead to a leap in the evolution of mankind. After that, the composition of the population of planet Earth will change significantly. After the leap, 25% of the world's population will be old souls and 30 to 40% mature souls. These far more conscious people will together build a completely different society.

This video is about what the new society and the different ways of life will look like on the new upper 4D timelines of Gaia. The forthcoming evolutionary leap represents an opening of humans for the soul worlds. Human feelings, rational thinking and intuition will delight us with new knowledge and experiences. The healing powers of the subtle energetic fields will radically change our understanding of health. Our whole life will change fundamentally in a way that still sounds illusory today.

Chapter 1 New Technologies

The exchange with the soul worlds includes the transmission of new technologies which could not be realized so far because of the too low consciousness of the majority of the earth's population. With their help, life will be more meaningful and enjoyable. Above all, our planet will be freed from the extraordinarily growing pollution. The combustion engines in motor vehicles and industrial machines that reduce oxygen in the earth's atmosphere are replaced by new types of power machines. These machines will convert the astral energy directly into electromagnetic energy and mechanical work.

They are called AEP machines. This is a kind of free energy. AEP = Astral Energetic power. The energy supply will be decentralized with the help of the new AEP machines. These machines will be neither larger nor more expensive than current portable generators. An AEP machine will be sufficient to fully cover the power supply and heating of a house.

Overland lines, transformer stations and power lines from house to house will disappear. This also affects the landscape disfiguring chimneys and cooling towers of power plants or gigantic wind turbines. The consumption of astral energy as a primary source of heat and electricity will be free of charge and tax-free. An abuse by monopolistic energy companies which exploit their consumers by inflated prices will no longer be possible. The technology of astral energy machines will be available to all mankind without restriction. There will be no patents or monopolies on it. Their production will not be more expensive or complicated than the production of conventional electric motors.

Thanks to the decentralised energy supply, large areas such as Siberia or Africa which are currently hardly inhabitable due to cold or drought, can be developed without problems.  The AEP machines will also power all vehicles. There will be standardized sizes so that they can be easily installed into any vehicle like a battery. All one has to do is buy a new body and mount the old very durable AEP machine into it. The automotive industry will therefore undergo a major transformation. An AEP machine suitable for all cars will cost no more than 1 to 2 thousand €. This machine can then be used for at least 20-30 years. Wear parts can be easily replaced. Due to the standardization of the technology, spare parts will be very cheap and repairs will be easy (picture: wheel hub motor).

So instead of buying a complete new car every few years, people will only have to buy a new body and of course they won't have to fill up with fuel or electricity anymore.

The heating and all electrical appliances in the household can be operated with AEP machines. Overall the future transport (also in the air) will be very inexpensive. (Picture: Spacecraft with propulsion by cold fusion). The energy supply which today causes big problems is elegantly solved by the use of free astral energy.

Thus further existential problems are solved likewise. First of all, the food supply of the people should be mentioned. Rapeseed ans palm oil and other agricultural products will no longer be diverted to the production of biofuel. The food prices of e.g. rice, wheat or potatoes can therefore easily be kept stable. Famines are prevented because agricultural products are no longer sold by reckless brokers worldwide.

The astral energy power machines also solve the problem of environmental pollution. All poison producing combustion engines will be replaced. This finally makes the earth's atmosphere clean again. Using simple methods, the environment (especially the oceans) will be cleaned of radioactive materials as well as oil and plastic. This will benefit the health of all living beings and lead to beauty and purity of landscape and buildings.

The technological changes mentioned above alone will trigger an unprecedented social revolution. The dependence of current power politics and economy on the geographical distribution of oil and gas reserves will end. Thus essential reasons for war cease.

Chapter 2  Community life and education

Decentralised energy supply will bring the independence of the individual to the fore. Thus an enlightened world community of love and knowledge can form more easily. The future efficient production units will consist of small groups and municipalities. Large-scale tasks such as the planning of trunk roads and railways are carried out by globally networked non-profit organizations. The state superstructure of the present primitive exploitative society enslaving humans will disappear. The governments of today's states are the greatest enemies of citizens' freedom.

During the currently manageable human history the earth represented a kind of prison planet (under the rule of the Anunnaki/Archons). The Archons use the unconscious fears of the young souls to develop their power on Earth. Under the influence of the archons, terrorism today almost always emanates from states or their governments respectively. The US regime finances ISIS and asylum seekers' gangs smuggling them into the EU. Picture: Pentagon 9/11 false flag - insider jobs. The camouflage is often inadequate.

Through taxes, the state forces citizens to finance terror, war and misery. Taxes are theft and exploitation because the payment is not voluntary. The citizen, however, would very well pay voluntarily for meaningful state services (example snow clearing in winter, fire brigades). For this purpose, however, they must be transparent and local.

Most taxes are wasted to the detriment of citizens (e.g. to rescue banks). They essentially serve to keep the government in power and to provide for civil servants. By an endless flood of laws and regulations the citizen is constantly restricted and reprimanded (e.g. trade regulations in restaurants).

The sum of all taxes in the FRG today accounts for 70% of wages and salaries! This takes place within the framework of a so-called "social" redistribution and ultimately only benefits the rich and powerful. Small and medium-sized businesses suffer the most: craftsmen, service providers and small businesses.

The payment of taxes will be voluntary in the new communities. The philosopher Peter Sloterdijk suggested in 2009 that the rich should not be forced to pay taxes, but should instead encouraged on voluntary contributions. If a person's production and sale of goods generates more revenue than they need to live, they can voluntarily pay a tax rate of 10% to the community they live in. In addition, she can pay her surplus money into a TNV account for charitable purposes over which she has a say.

The need to work for the common good will be very pronounced in the future society because this behaviour will bring real recognition. It also corresponds to the spiritual needs of the more conscious people of the future. Every human being will know of his immortality and strive to make the best of his life. The higher conscious people will therefore voluntarily serve the soul community and unconditionally support each individual in his development. The manipulations of the human relationships that characterize the present young soul population will cease.

For too long, young souls have terrorized the lives of mature and old souls. This changes fundamentally in the age of Aquarius. The young souls will submit to the intuition and wisdom of the old souls and learn from them. There will be small administrative units a "Europe of the cantons". "Small is beautifull". Most of the required products are produced in the immediate vicinity and are no longer transported as far as possible. The injustice that poor producers in the developing world earn only a fraction of what ends up in pockets of the trading firms comes to an end. Globalisation will mainly affect spiritual and scientific education and thus benefit everyone free of charge.

The infrastructure on the territory of the municipalities is built and maintained by the people living there in consultation with the neighbouring municipalities. No bureaucracy is required. Well networked companies can do it efficiently.

Many countries are today secretly already companies e.g. USA (Washington DC), FRG, Austria, Vatican, City of London etc., albeit for other reasons. Brexit and many other developments will contribute significantly to the decline of today's so-called state structure. However, this will not lead to a worldwide dictatorship. There will be no so-called NWO on the timelines of the ripe and old souls as planned by the hidden elites. The exploiters of the hidden elites will not bother us.

The Age of Aquarius will become a time of worldwide peaceful cooperation of all human beings. Nobody is interested in the exercise of power, oppression and war anymore. The Archons and their personified aliens no longer have any power over the planet. Even their super rich minions must leave. The global corporations will be dissolved. US world domination comes to a complete end.

The harmful influence of electrical smog will also come to an end, as will the vaccination crime. The new society will build on the individual's personal responsibility and make their development the focus of all social activities.

Groundbreaking scientific findings will lead to an unimaginable cleansing and clarification of traditional collective knowledge. These will be of course based on Georgi Stankov`s Universal Law. Education system and exchange of information will be renewed from the ground up. The education of all people will be much more comprehensive and will adopt the holistic approach of the new theories. This is possible because people have to work much less. You will be able to train extensively throughout your life.

Most people will feel the basic principles of the new world view in themselves. Therefore, there is no need for ministries of culture to constantly create new educational plans and try out immature experiments on the back of the pupils and students. This has led to the intended decline of educational levels in the industrialized countries.

On the one hand, training will take place in small decentralized training units, but on the other hand it will be globally networked. As in the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, universal education once again becomes the educational ideal. The narrow specialization common today will be recognized as a dead end and rejected by people. Nevertheless, the individual abilities and talents of the pupils will be particularly promoted. CREATIVITY is written in capital letters. Constant stuffing of the short-term memory coupled with political indoctrination will no longer exist. Stressful final exams will disappear.

The new society of Homo Aquarius is no longer characterized by mistrust, control and coercion. Youth education will no longer serve brainwashing and indoctrination. The emphasis will be on spiritual and scientific principles of human thought, without pushing the students in a specified narrow direction. With these principles the students solve social and theoretical tasks in independent practical work. Ways of scientific work and own understanding as well as trust in intuition are practiced. In this way, the motivation to want to know or be able to do something increases many times over.

Abilities and knowledge are much better memorized because both are applied immediately in practice. In contrast, today's forced memorization only blocks creativity and personal responsibility.  The ranking of "achievements" forces the students to compete against each other instead of inspiring and complementing each other. Competition is detrimental to the community. Even Charles Darwin had noticed in his mature years that not the most selfish "fittest" survive in the long run, but those who cooperate best.

People will no longer be brought up to mistrust, envy, quarrel, struggle and war. "Divide et impera'' doesn't work anymore. People will work together and support each other to the best of their ability. The value of the handicraft will again come to full advantage and attract highly talented people who prefer to be practically creative.

The teaching will take place in a familiar and loving atmosphere. It is no longer about lowering the level by letting as many people study as possible. The selection will no longer be made through stupid anonymous multiple choice mass testing. Teachers and supervisors of the students know after a long school time without extra examination whether someone is suitable for a higher study. Likewise, university professors at the end of the studies can easily assess whether a student is mature or not. The tests usual today favour the wrong ones in many respects. Selection criteria must not be accumulated knowledge, adaptation to preached ideologies and faceless conformity. It's more about intuitive thinking, creativity, independence, responsibility, originality, motivation and independence.

The cultivation of interpersonal relationships among the trainees will be given a wide scope. People today are seen as an extension of the production process. Many people are forced to subordinate their way of life to their jobs. "When the economy's fine, we're all fine". Such misleading perfidious sentences will be seen through and discarded. It will read: "Everything for the people" (and not as in the picture "Everything for work").

All intelligent people will gladly do without advertising. Through overvaluation of the respecting profession inter-humanity suffers particularly in the family, where today in many cases an oppressive speechlessness prevails. People mainly communicate via smartphone, SMS and e-mail.

The language used atrophies and dilapidates. Even journalists can no longer speak and write correctly, e.g. "bride & groom were good hope". Mental arithmetic skills and a good writing style are outdated, even for high school graduates. People can not express their feelings of doubt and their enthusiasm in an honest and open way. This humiliating dehumanization will disappear like a phantom overnight.

The majority of people after the consciousness-jump will strictly reject this impersonal communication. People will again ask a good friend for advice or pour out their heart before them instead of running to the psychologist or psychiatrist. It corresponds to the narrow-minded view of the currently dominant young souls to be constantly reprimanded and to voluntarily bow to this psychomental pressure of comfort and the urge to adapt. The green party has excelled itself particularly negatively as a gangle and prohibition organ. The Greens are the modern eco-fascists. The state wants to educate its citizens to be straightless yes-men.

If the people want to impose a dissenting opinion by majority vote, this is dismissed as populism. The epidemics "Political Correctness" and "Gender Mainstreaming" will be quickly defeated and abandoned.

A differentiated role play in human interaction will once again come to the fore - people are different in their consciousness. In the educational institutions, conflict management will be taught dealing with feelings and the problems of life as well as the use of imagination and visualization and much more.

The new technologies will be incomparably more efficient than today's. Therefore, the production process will only play a subordinate role in society. Distraction through labour in a slave like fashion, as practiced today, will not be allowed. The production sites will become the playground of collective creativity and the social dimension will be much more important than the actual position of the individual in the company. There will be no fixed positions and specializations in the future production facilities. The employees will change their functions at times so that their creative abilities are promoted and not atrophy as at present.

The current hierarchy in the companies is abolished or permeable. There will be only one hierarchy - the spiritual one. The development of awareness will be decisive. All the outer skills of a human being are relegated to the background of their inner values.

Chapter 3  Material wealth

Since every human being will automatically receive his income with or without participation in production, people will only be valued according to their characteristics and not according to their money and the social position they have acquired with money. Fiat money is abolished and replaced by a simple transparent numerical accounting system (TNA system). It is a digital numerical SI-system of payments and transactions. Everyone will have a TNA account, e.g. on the Internet, regardless of whether they are employed or prefer to devote themselves to spiritual "activities. This currency will be named ''Astral''. The sum will be largely the same for all people and fully sufficient for a simple life. If you want more, you have to work for it.

Already today DM founder Götz Werner demands an unconditional basic income for all 1000 €.

Today's social benefits will largely disappear. Financing will be possible in all countries of the world. Just saving the pointless military expenditure: equipment, weapons, ammunition, pay will suffice. Today's great social differences, both material and financial, will no longer exist. In an enlightened society, people will voluntarily align their desires with spiritual principles and refrain from hoarding material goods, which is perceived as a burden.

Greed, craving for recognition, striving for luxury and displayed wasting are primitive traits of young souls. Cooperation, common good, loving care of the inter-human relations will move into the foreground. In this way, most of the social problems and tensions of the present are alleviated or even solved. As is well known, these arise first and foremost from the neglect of interpersonal relationships and the overemphasis of the material. All life will be lovingly and pragmatically organized.

Fraud, corruption and exploitation will no longer be possible in an open transparent loving society. Thus the professions based on these negative qualities of young souls will disappear. Since there will be no states in the future, there will be no treasury, no jurisdiction and no police. Useless unproductive posts such as tax officials, tax advisors, tax investigators, judges, lawyers, administrative lawyers, spies, controllers, civil servants, politicians etc. are saved.

Homo Aquarius has enough time and is so free of anxiety that he can even out different opinions without dictation from the outside. It makes no sense to search for culprits in case of conflict. All parties involved must take responsibility themselves. Young souls, on the other hand, live by the irrational doctrine: "It's always someone else's fault."

4. Spirituality

Sacred buildings will become museums and venues after the abolition of the ancient religions. Mature and old souls who will represent the majority no longer want organized religions. They strictly reject this abuse of power. No one has ever damned them. You don't have to be saved! They don't need anyone to supposedly intercede for them with ''God''. The remaining child and young souls can continue to grow without the exercise of power of the traditional religions.

Crimes will disappear because man realizes that he is only harming himself. As the knowledge about the immortality of the soul prevaileds men will regard themselves as passing guests in the earthly space-time. In full consciousness of their original incorporeal existence in the soul worlds they will realize: "The last shirt has no pockets", and they will live up to this knowledge accordingly.

The only thing that a person can take with him are his thoughts, feelings and motivations and above all his experiences, his consciousness expanded through comprehension/grasping. The human souls materialize this consciousness in a modified form again and again in the numerous incarnations. When the incarnated personality has abolished its fear structure and replaced it with love and compassion, the earthly incarnations end. Why then kill, exploit and torture each other again and again for alleged material and financial advantages? Matter has the sole purpose of offering the incarnated souls homely comfort and enabling expansion of consciousness through grasping. The duration of the incarnated personality's stay on earth should be made pleasant and instructive.

The soul energies create the landscape with mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes and populate them with plants and animals. They set up seasons, climate and weather and maintain everything in perfect harmony. That means: the world is the way we visualize it.

The souls do this in order to bring to mind the unity of all being for the incarnated human being who is seemingly separated from All-That-Is. The idea of a loving, compassionate humanity reflects the cosmic spirit. At the same time the present is constantly recreated because time has no meaning in the soul worlds. Everything happens in perpetual NOW on multiple frequencies.

In an enlightened society in which crime has become pointless, any kind of jurisdiction will also be superfluous. Jurisdiction is a coercive instrument of the state with which it intimidates citizens to condition them to loyal subjects. The courts are vicarious agents of the state. Therefore, with their abolition, the "state" and its illegal corporate constructs will collapse as the communist system did in the early 1990s. The "personnel" are released into the liberty

The state is an instrument for the exercise of power and control for which the citizen has even to pay himself. Mature self-reliant people do not want or need a state. The dissolution of the "nation states" will not, however, lead to a total world dictatorship (NWO), nor will it lead to every human being wanting to settle in every region.

5. The evolutionary leap

The current population of immature young souls has been living the great theme of guilt and atonement to the fullest for over 2000 years. From this perspective, jurisdiction is merely a materialization of this predominant notion. Their intention is not to prevent crime, e.g. to eliminate the social causes of crime. This penal institution is completely inappropriate for this purpose. The laws pretend to be a substitute for individual ethics and morality and confirm people's narrow and fearful views of law and order. The current national and international jurisdiction cannot even judge the most blatant and audacious fraud in society.

E.g. the massive financial fraud of the FED which constantly "prints" fresh uncovered dollars and with this inflationary money floods and erodes the world economy. Picture: US Federal Reserve Bank (FED) in Washington DC. The FED reflects the depraved nature of people's innermost thoughts. "As long as I don't get caught, everything I do is legal. If I get caught, I'll have bad luck and are living in an unjust world. Fortunately, I can repent and be rehabilitated. Then I can pick up where I left off before my punishment."

According to this "ethics of practical reason" the whole life of society proceeds. The lies with which one tries to hide this hypocritical behavior dominate the public political and other flimsy discussions on ethics and morality.  A society consisting mainly of young souls inevitably has to build on lies. It's the only way she can maintain her narrow, dishonest worldview. The moment the lies are revealed, as will be the case in the coming apocalyptic world economic crisis, the young soul age of the existential lies also ends.

The incarnated young soul makes an evolutionary leap and enters confused and disturbed the cycle of the mature soul, characterized by honesty and transparency in human relationships. The coming world economic crisis of exploitative financial capitalism is a product of the disguised material greed of the young soul population. This greed is expressed in the world inflation that officially began in March 2007 with the real estate crisis in the USA. However, world inflation has had a hidden effect for decades and prepared the economic framework for the imminent evolutionary leap of mankind.

Value creation in the strict sense only takes place in the production sector (industry and agriculture).

This includes transport and distribution of goods. In addition, there is an intellectual added value in society which, however, is not currently recognized and evaluated by economics as a true intellectual achievement. An example of a real intellectual added value is the new "General Theory of Biological Regulation" by G. Stankov. With this theory, about 1000 billion dollars of pointless investments and expenditures can be saved in the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector worldwide every year. Not to mention the rescue of many patients who die prematurely as a result of a harmful therapy with cell inhibiting drugs.

Such an intellectual achievement, however, is not taken into account in the current economic definition of value creation. Economic experts and politicians, in one-sided quantitative thinking, only focus on the level of tax revenues and employment. Any spiritual knowledge that leads to a reduction in the gross national product is considered harmful to the economy and society.

Money was introduced from the soul realms a long time ago through prophetic inspiration to priests and clairvoyants into the economic life of mankind. Originally it was only supposed to be a universal yardstick for the performance achieved in value creation - no more! The hoarding of money and speculating with money - casino capitalism - will come to an end. Stock exchanges will become superfluous. All banks, funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions will go bankrupt and disappear from the scene.

6. Basic income

How will people's financial affairs work in the new more conscious society? Paper money is replaced by a simple transparent numerical accounting system (TNA system). The TNA system does without intermediary financial institutions and is directly available to everyone. Each citizen will have a free sum on a TNA account to cover his basic needs. All people's needs = total balance on all TNA accounts. The world consumption corresponds to the sum of all TNA units called Astral.

Money is no longer hoarded as "nest eggs". Security comes through the basic income. People have more confidence in the future than they do today. That is why there is only a relatively small amount of Astrals worldwide but a very rapid circulation of the funds.

"Money must flow" - currency = that which flows = money in circulation.

This system does not require intermediary financial institutions because consumption and TNA units are always in balance. There is no risk that would justify interest as will be shown below.

All incarnated souls on earth form a collective. They are soul siblings in an energetic sense. This is difficult to imagine at the moment. The only risk an incarnated personality takes is to encounter a greedy personality who considers interest to be justified and wants to protect himself for the uncertainties of life.

Almost all the evils of this world, such as exploitation, abuse, war, corruption and poverty, arise from this anxious thinking. The quest for financial security is a fear-motivated projection of the agnostic young soul population. It does not know that the soul leaves her personality incarnated until she has fully fulfilled her life plan. No life insurance policy can extend a life even by one second or sweeten the life of the beneficiary person if the soul has other plans. She'll always put a spoke in people's wheel.

The more immature and fearful a personality is, the greater the need for financial security. This is why the CEOs of corporate groups - all of whom are immature anxious young souls - attach such great importance to lavish unjustified severance payments. In the new more conscious society of love in which the young souls no longer determine all people are comprehensibly and justly protected by the TNA system.

This basic income will begin at birth and prevent any manipulation harassment or bullying of lenders such as banks, state or individuals from the outset. The current German unemployment insurance "Hartz IV" is an inglorious example of government bullying and harassment. It erodes the fundamental rights of citizens in a shameful way. With the basic supply, the greatest fear of the people of a possible financial crash is taken away. Without this fear the future human being will be able to unfold much more freely and creatively and will be much more valuable for the community.

This unconditional basic income is not yet conceivable for most people. At present, however, there are already some thought leaders. First comes the thought then the material form.

There are managers in Germany who demand an unconditional basic income for all citizens e.g. Prof. Götz, W. Werner, Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser or Dieter Althaus from the CDU, Katja Kipping from the Left Party, Hans-Christian Stroebele from the Green Party, Innkeeper Daniel Häni from Switzerland.

However, this correct idea does not go far enough because it does not take into account the nature of Fiat money and state intervention as the main source of many economic evils. Picture: Reichstag building "Dem Deutschen Volke" Banner: "Der Deutschen Wirtschaft" (The German Economy).

7. Construction industry and banks

If a family with children needs a house, they must currently save or inherit a certain percentage of the building price to get a building loan with which they can pay the construction company. The family must then repay the building loan for a lifetime or at least 20-30 years with lavish interest.

This often overtaxes their income. If one of the partners becomes unemployed, often interest and repayment can no longer be paid. The house falls to the bank. This can ruin a life and some people are driven to suicide by despair in such a situation.

The inhuman shaping of current financial conditions in capitalist society, motivated by greed, is the source of many tragedies. Millions of former homeowners now live in emergency shelters worldwide. These problems will no longer exist in the future. If a couple has children, the family is either provided with an existing house in their community or they receive without conditions the appropriate TNA sum to build a new house. The family can repay this sum without interest if they want to make a contribution to the common good so that another couple can also buy a house.

The repayment of the interest-free building loan will be voluntary.

The production of raw materials will also be very cheap and simple due to the free energy. Most building materials will be mined or manufactured locally. The construction of houses will also be very inexpensive and largely taken over by locals. Houses can be printed with liquid concrete on the building site. This technology of the company "apis cor" is already available. We will deal with the new type of construction financing later on.

Expensive raw materials such as precious metals or rare earths will be replaced by new technological products that will be easy and cheap to produce. Today's large mining groups that exploit and pollute nature worldwide will therefore no longer exist (e.g. Vale Glencore or Rio Tinto).

Building lots will be free of charge because no ownership of land will be possible. People will realize that they are only guests on earth and that the land of this planet will only be made available to them on loan for the duration of their earthly stay.  

Investments are approved as TNA sums after thorough examination of their usefulness and suitability by the municipalities concerned. Therefore, the equation of the world economy is extended as follows: World consumption + investments = total TNA sum. The TNA system is a projection of soul energy. Since everything is energy including the incarnated souls, this accounting unit – the Astral - will be accepted unreservedly.

Every collective thought in which people believe materializes. Each projection and visualization can be materialized in as soon as enough individuals perform it. This knowledge explains the existence of evil in the Christian worldview and every outrage ever committed on this earth. The current Fiat money is the sum of all inferior projections of financial speculators and other citizens.

The TNA system will touch all aspects of human life just like money does in today's society.

We limit ourselves here to one single aspect which justifies the introduction of the TNA system. The present money is unthinkable without interest. At present, the reason for charging interest on investment capital is the incalculable risk that some investments will not pay off. Interest rates allow banks to spread risk by forming deposits with which they can offset defaults. However, most loans are not financed by equity, customer deposits and interest payments. For the loans new money is created, frequently ten times more than the equity capital of the banks constitutes. This practice is based on the experience that many industrial processes and procedures require high investment costs over a long period of time before they bear fruit. Some procedures even turn out to be a dead end and the investments are lost. This situation arises from the fundamental ignorance of whether a process works or whether a product will meet expectations.

8. Healing and medicine

Most pharmaceutical drugs are cell-inhibiting and immuno-suppressive and increase the susceptibility to disease and mortality of patients. They must therefore be withdrawn from the market and replaced by cell- and immuno-stimulants. The editor-in-chief of the most famous medical journal (The Lancet) Dr. Richard Horton said recently: "Half of all medical literature is false". A large number of papers are paid for courtesy reports for the pharmaceutical industry. School medicine will disappear and be replaced by energetic methods and completely new technologies. Many of today's technologies and drugs are not scientifically proven but are random products of trial and error.

All groundbreaking discoveries were passed from the soul realms to selected persons - usually old souls - who put them into practice. Thus the veil of amnesia could be maintained and at the same time the inquisitiveness of the young souls could be taken into account. This cat-and-mouse game will soon be over. After the evolutionary leap the exchange of information with the soul areas will intensify massively and it will take place in public. All new groundbreaking technologies reach the technicians as soul transmissions. These technologies are made available by the soul worlds to mankind according to the plan of the souls.

Therefore there will be no more patents in the future. This form of mental monopoly is a short-sighted selfish invention of the young souls: It is a misunderstanding of the nature of all inventions that are always "divine revelations" and do not belong to one person alone. All ideas are phenomena from the soul worlds and cannot be limited by law: "All is one" "Thoughts are free!"

So in the new society of love there will be neither conventional fiat money nor exploitation or unjust distribution of the riches of the earth and certainly not monopolies and protection zones for the particularly greedy.

The new technologies will be usable by all people equally. With its ingenious discoveries, the Keshe Foundation proceeds in the following way: for example, it has a generator for free energy in its program that you can already buy. At the same time, the construction plans are publicly accessible on the Internet. Thousands of people or groups of people are working successfully to produce this product.

9. Partnership, family, children

After the evolutionary leap, there will be many mature souls. They grasp/comprehend mostly through partnerships. In the new society there will be many more opportunities to gain experience with different partners without condemnation and discrimination. Through the mirror of others, these people can get to know themselves more thoroughly and quickly.

In the last 50 years there has been a shift towards single households in Western industrialized countries. This trend will be reversed. It has mainly served the economy without the people concerned being aware of it. Also the traditional models of the marriage for life of the extended family and the clan etc. will be only marginal phenomena. They were an essential part of the exercise of power by the now disappearing religions.

According to the perfidious method of "divide and rule", marriage for life indirectly promoted conflict and oppression in order to weaken people and thus be able to conduct them better. Sex outside religion and marriage was misrepresented as something sinful. Even within marriage, sex should only be used for reproduction. Something entirely normal, natural, essencial was prohibited outside the act of procreation.

The "clergymen" knew of course very well that this unnatural regulation is not to be kept. However, it is easier to manipulate people through a bad conscience. Through the "sexual revolution" and the "pill" many people have already been freed from religious compulsions and wrong behaviour. No one duels anymore just because someone has seduced their wife or lover. Within the framework of the general relentless enlightenment during the leap of consciousness, much will change here yet. It is frightening to see that literally everything in our society has been falsified by lies and deception: e.g. "man-made climate change". "Chemo therapy saves human lives". "All people are equal". "In the EU we are all better off". "USA brings peace and democracy to all". "Germany is a sovereign state". "Diseases are caused by viruses and bacteria". "The EU is a world of peace and democracy.

Anunnaki/Archonten had the earth firmly under control.

In the new society of Homo Aquarius, the concept of smaller and larger communes will be realized. In them young and old live together without necessarily being relatives. Today's patchwork families are a small beginning for it. In the sixties already rich experiences were gained in communal life. The advantages of communes are obvious.

1. Larger units than single and small family households consume significantly fewer resources and are therefore better for "purses" and the environment.

2. Tasks can be organised in a division of labour in such a way that everyone contributes what he/she is best suited for.

OSHO says, "Monogamy is monotony." Since time immemorial, most people (at least in secret) have not really lived monogamously. Nevertheless, "lovers" or change of partners are still negatively looked at by religious people. Decisive for a loving relationship is always the development of the consciousness of the partners. Also the composition of a commune was planned in advance in the soul worlds. These people don't come together by accident. In a commune, many potential partners enrich according to attraction. Everything runs open without harming anyone.

Topics such as jealousy, ownership claims, power games etc. can be effectively dealt with within the protected framework of a community with the help of all members.

The "wicked mother-in-law" has served her time. "My husband", "My wife", "My child". These false ideas disappear.

4. Children grow up in a comme with many mamas and dads. This puts a stop to one-sided indoctrination in education and individual exploitation. Also the extremely harmful hostile demarcation towards other families is prevented. Ancient enmities like feuds in the villages are finally ended. The old saying "I'll do anything for my family" (and automatically harm the other families) will no longer be considered honorable. The responsibility for the welfare and education of the children is shared in the commune. No one is overstrained. Sick or "difficult to bring up" children are carried by the love of the commune.

5. Children learn at an early age the rules of human interaction in practice with many different characters. Kindergartens become superfluous because in a commune only a part of the members is employed and because the others are secured by the basic supply. Children in a commune can easily find playmates and friends with whom they can grow up. Mom and Dad often don't harmonize with the children they have produced due to their constitution or life task. In a commune it is easy to find reference persons who satisfy individual intellectual and emotional needs.

6. Should this not be the case or should a member within his commune not find the desired experience, it is easy to move to another commune. In the old family model it is usually impossible to honorably dismiss "black sheep" or even "hand them over" to another family.

In the new society of Homo Aquarius there will of course be no compulsory schooling and no state schools. Education and training will be much more promoted by the community than they are today.

However, the choice is always left to the free decision of the participants or the personal responsibility of the adults. In the communes much will take place together, but there will be enough privacy and space for retreat.

10. Politics

"Politics is the entertainment department of the military-industrial complex" (Frank Zappa, musician).

The new humanity will live a well-functioning special small-scale basis democracy in which the development of the individual is in the foreground - the meritocracy. "Together we heal the world - meritocracy now!" Spread out your wings, be all you are!

Meritocracy includes the following principles

1. No nepotism

It is not about who the parents are but about how the person concerned is himself.

2. No cronyism, favouritism   

It is not about what others can do for you, but about what everyone can do for himself. Therefore, all political parties will be completely abolished. Lobbying and corruption will be regarded as absurd.

3. The appreciation of a person in society does not derive from his/her gender, ethnic or family affiliation nor from religion, physical condition or physical age. Talent, ability and performance in all areas of human creativity are decisive. Above all, however, the role in society will result from spiritual maturity. Mature and old souls will be the decision makers. Nothing will restrict the free discussion on common challenges ahead.

The issue of religious freedom will no longer arise as religions no longer play a role. The personal spirituality of the individual is a deeply personal inner affair.

The differences between the sexes in physical condition and age do not exist as systemic disorders that must be bridged. The differences stand for different learning tasks depending on the age of the soul.

4. Relative equal opportunities

In theory, all people have approximately the same training opportunities. However, everyone can only get as far as his or her talents allow him or her. The question is no longer patriarchy or matriarchy or emancipation. It is crucial that everyone plays their chosen role as consciously as possible. Everyone will support his fellow man with his individual gifts in his growth of consciousness.

5. Merits are rewarded.

For example, those who work faster and better receive a higher hourly wage.

6. There is no right to vote for all.

Passive and active suffrage only applies to people who, due to their expanded consciousness, are in a position to find and implement future-oriented sustainable solutions. These people are recognized by their deeds and merits. They will find solutions that lead to the well-being of all and not, as today, to the advantage of a small group of super-rich people.

7. It will be generally frowned upon in the course of life to accumulate riches and to pass them on after death. The inheritance will be donated for charitable purposes, especially for training and further education. The distribution of all goods will take place democratically as needed and for the first time in the known history will be almost fair. There will soon be no more poverty - just as there will be no wars.

Many old souls will not participate in working life but will support society through telepathic contact with their soul brothers the Ascended Masters. Therefore, all people must be financially secure regardless of whether they are employed or have spiritual responsibilities.

What is a meaningful task? The profession of a saleswoman, of a technician, of a teacher or a pilot is not more valuable than the meditative activity of an esoteric.The intellectual worker can intuitively obtain information about novel technologies, agricultural methods or novel organizational models and make them available to people without own benefit.

The current views of a "meaningful" profession such as a "broker" or "tax investigator" are not thought through and misleading. In the Societé General scandal, a single broker (Jerome Kerviel) caused losses of €5 billion. In January 2008, this triggered a fall in prices on all stock exchanges worldwide. Within just two days, experts estimate, a fortune of over 500 billion dollars was destroyed. All professionals in German industry have to work half a year to make a fortune that a single broker in a bank will gamble away in a few months.

This is convincing proof that the global economic crisis must come at all costs - and it will come soon. You cannot build a more stable conscious society with such irrational unproductive occupations - people will understand this once and for all after the evolutionary leap.

All new technologies transmitted directly by the ascended masters or by the soul realms will be so perfect that their industrial implementation will no longer involve any risk. Once people have received a new technology and technically implemented it, they will also receive the necessary TNA sums as investments to start production. In this way, material values and TNA sums will always be in perfect balance because the basic energy of the universe is harmony and love.

If the production of a certain product is stopped then the people working there will not be put on the streets as they are today because they will continue to receive their basic income. You can then immediately pursue a new activity or temporarily occupy yourself with spiritual matters and later rejoin production.

There will be significantly more different occupations in the new more conscious society than today. There is a need for entirely new activities because people's needs and interests will be richer and more diverse. Before all these changes occur, people have to change their thinking thoroughly and align it logically. The multidimensionality of the forthcoming revolutionary events is as infinite as the universe itself. But people can only enter when they willingly open themselves up to completely new things.

Thank you.

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