Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The Parable of the Black Hole


The expansion of consciousness of mankind NOW

In our video "TIME is an ILLUSION", time is a concept of your thoughts, there is only HERE and NOW and HERE is everywhere, the present situation of the individual as well as the whole mankind is compared with the passage through a black hole. Let us explain this symbolic passage in more detail here. Please do not be deterred by the fact that the explanations are purely physical at first. However, they will inspire your understanding afterwards.

A black hole is an astronomical object whose gravity is so strong that nothing can get out of it - also no light. Therefore it is black. According to general relativity, a sufficiently compact mass deforms space-time to such an extent that a black hole is formed. Such a "sufficiently compact mass" can form, among other things, after a supernova explosion. All the remaining mass is then compressed into a neutron star. Neutrons can withstand extreme pressure. However, if this is exceeded, they disappear. In this process, a black hole is born.

The surface of the black sphere, the singularity, where everything "disappears" is called event horizon. After passing this event horizon there is no return. No more information escapes to the outside. Most physicists cannot say what exactly takes place at the singularity. Gases, planets, stars are "shrunk to nothingness", "have disappeared", "no longer exist". Probably an unknown kind of transformation takes place, about which we will talk further below, because in the universe nothing can get lost. Around the black hole lies the accretion disk. This material will be "sucked in" next. The jets to be seen on some photos upward and downward are matter-radiations as well as radio-radiations of the accretion disk, do not come therefore from the hole itself.

So a black hole has an enormous mass as well as extreme gravity. However, the singularity at the center has the ultramicroscopic size of the quantum world. It has virtually zero radius, zero volume. Einstein's equations contain a term involving the division of the mass of a black hole by the distance "r" from the black hole. What happens at r=0 when the distance from the black hole becomes zero? When divided by zero, the result is infinite. The density becomes infinite. This is mathematically correct, but it defies physical mental interpretation. Even common sense fails miserably here. At r=0 at the singularity of the black hole there is also no more physical time. The whole swallowed mass of the black hole is contained in an infinitely small point. The physical universe collapses at this singularity into a nebulous state indescribable to physicists.

In recent years, the famous quantum physicist Carlo Rovelli has devoted himself to this problem, asking the question, "Where does all the material we see falling into a black hole go?" He writes, "And this is where it gets tricky. Einstein's theory provides a precise and elegant mathematical description even for the interior of black holes: it specifies the path that the material falling into a black hole must take. The matter falls faster and faster until it reaches the central point. And then... then the equations of Einstein lose their meaning. They say nothing any more ... The variables become infinite and nothing makes sense anymore. Ouch.

What happens to the matter that falls into the center of the hole? We don't know.

Through our telescopes, we see it fall and mentally follow its trajectory until it almost turns to the center, and then we don't know what happens next. We know what black holes are made of, both outside and inside, but one crucial detail is missing: the center - the singularity. But this is not an insignificant detail, because everything that falls into it (and things continue to fall into the black holes we observe in the sky) ends up in the center. The sky is full of black holes into which we can see things disappear .... But we don't know what becomes of them."

In the research group with which Carlo Rovelli ... is collaborating, he is investigating ... a possibility that seems both simpler and more plausible than previous attempts for an explanation: "Matter slows down and stops just before it arrives at the center - the singularity. When it is most concentrated, there is an enormous pressure that prevents its final collapse. This is similar to the "pressure" that prevents electrons from falling into atoms: It is a quantum phenomenon. Matter stops falling and forms a kind of extremely small and extremely dense star: a "Planck star". Then something happens what always happens to matter in such cases: it bounces like a ball falling on the ground ... and in this way the black hole turns ... into its counterpart: a white hole ...

But then why do we see matter falling into black holes but not immediately bouncing out? The answer - and this is the crucial point we are dealing with - lies in the relativity of time. Time does not pass at the same rate everywhere. All physical phenomena pass more slowly at sea level than in the mountains. Time slows down when you are lower down, where gravity is strongest. Inside black holes, gravity is extremely strong, and therefore there is an extreme slowing of time." If someone could observe the bouncing of falling matter inside the black hole, they would see it happen instantly. "But from the outside, everything seems to be tremendously slowed down. ... Quantum mechanics allows matter to escape its dark trap. ... After a very short time for the matter that fell into the black hole, but after an extremely long time for us who observe it from the outside."

Let us now turn to the content of the parable:

Due to the extreme coercive measures within the framework of the Plandemie, people are also deprived of the little freedom they were able to enjoy until recently. Through lies and deceit and completely unjustified accusations and through the incitement of different parts of the population, people come under enormous psychological pressure, which is constantly fueled by fear-mongering. This deviant constriction is symbolized by SATURN. The most difficult to leave labyrinth/prison is in our own mind. Symbol of Saturn and time is the cube. It symbolizes this mind, your false identity, character, personality = Greek persona = the mask.

SATURN symbolizes the PROSECUTOR, the ADVERSARY, SATAN; as well as density, matter, death, law and order and other artificial limitations like the linear TIME and the MATRIX, our acquired conditionings in which we live. Here, as the politicians unabashedly express themselves, the reins are tightened enormously; this is, by the way, a very peculiar understanding of democracy.

The individual moves now like the entire mankind under the constantly increasing pressure towards the inside of the black hole. It is compressed, as it were, in the process. Life becomes more and more unbearable. Shortly before the singularity the human being cannot stand the pressure any longer, however, he also sees no way out. He does not know that by a jump of consciousness at the singularity under the suddenly working influence of the URANUS in the white hole following on it a completely different life on a new earth in a new society is possible. This ignorance and lack of confidence increase fear and pressure still further.

This new life begins suddenly with the birth at the Uranian singularity, when a further increase of the pressure would put a deadly end to the whole. Many people have already died of fear. The ruling Saturnian circles are aiming at this, as they themselves let transpire in many places, e.g. on the Georgia Guidestones. Instead, however, life continues expansively under the influence of JUPITER, who stands for expansion and makes everything bigger, more beautiful and better. The old consciousness of scarcity makes room for a life in abundance. This is guaranteed to us. Thus, once again, like Mephisto in Faust, EVIL has unintentionally created something good.

But the human being cannot perceive and realize the immediate expansion of the consciousness at the singularity, if he looks at the events quasi from the outside, to which he was educated in the matrix from an early childhood in the schools, churches and in the parental home. There causes are always seen in the outside. Always someone else outside of you is to blame for everything. At the singularity seen from outside of the black hole, the TIME goes towards INFINITY because of the extreme pressure and the heat - as Rovelli has determined. Seen from inside the black hole, however, the TIME goes towards ZERO. There is only the NOW there, immediate creation is the rule. The illusionary character of the time appears clearly.

What I consider to be the most important in the next months: go inside and explore your respective necessary next steps within yourself. If you are alert, you will constantly get hints, but you can only understand them by introspection in the NOW moment itself. Thereby every human being has his own, very individual way. Nobody knows your way, nobody can interpret the signs and hints for you, nobody can save you. Nevertheless, you are never alone and since energy is always only transformed and cannot be lost, you as an energy being also have nothing to fear.

In astrology, Uranus NOW finally replaces Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius! People suddenly wake up, shocked by all the revelations, through which they get confirmed from the outside, what they had already recognized from the inside in self-observing meditation: first of all, that their personality was a fake artificial product and that they had created pain and suffering themselves through their negative unconscious expectations.

NOW people and the world are changing because the fog of the mind is dissolving and the intuition of the heart/soul is taking over; you see this NOW already everywhere, it is happening under the pressure of outer world events that are triggering introspection.

Ascension energies abound HERE and NOW, transcending the concepts of TIME as well as SPACE, as well as the emotions of anger, disgust, sadness, rage and fear. You live joyfully and freely after the passage. This is how people SAVE THEMSELVES. No one can do the expansion of consciousness for you. Open NOW your HEART it is the seat of your SINGULARITY. Here all essential changes take place. The strongest power is LOVE.

You have come here to earth for this epoch-making expansion of consciousness, to finally recognize who you really are, in order to then help your fellow human beings to end the old rotten show - the unspeakable drama - NOW, for the good of the Great Whole - All-That-Is.