Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The masquerade ends

and nobody ascends

In the series of our more recent videos we have shown the processes and fundamentals behind the current chaotic and seemingly absurd earthly events, which are partly hidden for many people. This expanded view is derived from the Gnostic worldview as formulated in Nondualism of Advaita Vedanta and from further knowledge as presented on this website.

This video examines the New Age idea of ''ascension'' and compares it with ''enlightenment'' and ''expansion of consciousness''. Afterwards, from the perspective of multiple simultaneous ''timelines'' alias ''experience worlds'' or ''frequency worlds'' the question is answered: ''Will Experiment Earth come to an end for ALL people involved?''

If there is a ascent, there is also a descent, which is typical for the 3D ''duality''. Who is to ascend? The personality? The soul? There is a deep truth behind these questions.

SPIRIT THAT TAT is the eternal unchanging primary cause of the cosmos. It is the ONE about whom ''nought'' can be said. All entities are ONE in this unchanging SPIRIT. That means there is only ONE soul. The soul therefore cannot ascend.

SoulSpirit THE ONE is untouched, only through consciousness in DIVERSITY it experiences itself.

SoulSpirit can express itself through consciousness. This is demonstrated in the universe in manifested FORMS of different frequencies  assigned to ''dimensions'' as the limited mind formulates it on 3D.

This is how THAT experiences itself and attains consciousness of ITSELF. Man and many other animated beings do this in lieu of the SPIRIT. For that task they acquire a more or less dense FORM.

The whole meaning and purpose of the manifested universe is expansion of Consciousness as well as Self-Consciousness. The Experiment Earth is a special challenge to become richer in experience through grasping and thereby to expand consciousness.

This is done in a dense physical 3D body, including a personality, as a kind of theatre play under amnesia. This veil of forgetfulness hides the fact, that the incarnated human is the immortal soul.

When the play ends  the personality abdicates and thus all trained behaviors vanishwhich were necessary for the earthly understanding. The injuries and traumas suffered heal and the amnesia disappears. Man now knows again that he/she is the immortal soul.

So also the personality does not rise. Nobody rises. It is only reveiled, what has always been. The term Enlightenment fits to this process, because now light falls on the earthly illusion again and dissolves it. The personality is now soul infused and then completely replaced by the soul, because it has no own function anymore.  

The word personality is derived from the Latin verb ''personare''. This means ''to sound through''. In the Greek-Roman theater this was done by a mask with a large mouth opening, through which the actors spoke. At the end of the play the masks fall. The souls show themselves again as what they have always been. The masquerade ends.

What is the most important part of letting go? Man must be aware that he has what he wants to let go of. Because masks are now being forced upon people worldwide. They realize that during the whole play they always wore masks - the personality.

And then they can drop this mask. They present themselves again as they are  as souls. They no longer hide behind the mask personality out of fear.

The personality always wants to become something, but it is only a useful illusion; it is no longer needed at the end of the theater.

Here is a hint: the chains symbolize the personality, the pine cones symbolize the pineal gland and thus the soul.

Of course the question arises: does the earthly play end for all people involved? Or will some of them have to continue the play on their own - possibly under more difficult conditions, because they have not yet experienced enough? Or perhaps because they belong to the bad guys - as some assume? What will happen to the ''baby-  child-  and young souls'', who have not yet understood many things?

We must not only look at the small section, which we as personalities here and now perceive and we have to contribute our knowledge that all earthly incarnations take place simultaneously.

This tells us that all people on several of their many timelines, i.e. experience worlds or frequency worlds, have already fully realized that they are the soul, so that they are enlightened.

Why do we not perceive this? We always interact only with the people whose frequencies overlap with ours at least partially.

These numerous frequency bundles are always mixed, all personality types and developmental stages are involved. This enables a more intensive and varied understanding. But we usually see only one of our own frequency bundles.  

When - like now - the play comes to an end, the souls integrate all experiences from all their frequency worlds. They also exchange these with each other. Therefore not all souls have to grasp everything, because in the last analysis there is only one soul.

We are the light and create a harmonious world together

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