Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Galactic Energies for the New Earth

In our video: Heart Food BEAUTY, The Heartbeat of the New Earth, we wrote the following:

Each of the twelve astronomical constellations sends a characteristic energy to the New Earth. The associated guiding principles / key sentences are:

Pisces: We are moving forward transformed in the NOW.
Aquarius: We are NOW EVERYWHERE
Capricorn: We are ETERNAL LIFE
Sagittarius: We are PRESENT
Scorpio: We are TRUE LOVE as well as UNITY
Leo: We are THAT and THAT we ARE
Cancer: We are the ENLIGHTENED HOUSE wherein we dwell
Taurus: The eye is open, EVERYTHING IS LIGHT
Aries: We are the WILL EXPRESSION of the SOURCE

We would like to explain these guiding principles in more detail here. We are not concerned with the star SIGNS and neither with the tropical nor with the sidereal zodiac. Nor do we see these energies as the basis for a new astrology, although some readers will discover echoes of the guiding principles and hierarchical rulers from the Esoteric Astrology of the ''Tibetan'' Dwhal Khul from the Alice A. Bailey books. To the extent that people consciously take their destiny into their own hands and sovereignly intuit their own lives, astrology loses its significance as a forecasting tool.

The energies emanating from the constellations have archetypal character and are a subaspects of the source energy of All-That-Is, called TAT in the Vedas. They shape the New 5D-Earth, on which the guiding principles of Esoteric Astrology of the old 3D-Earth no longer apply. The old earth has had its day for mankind. It has learned, experienced and grasped a lot in it and finally expanded its consciousness in such a way that it can progress in the sense of the new Pisces guiding principle - therefore this is NOW at the beginning of our presentation. For these experiences with a physical body in the dense matter we are infinitely grateful, even if it was at times very painful and exhausting. It is said that many entities in the universe envy us for these.

We still note here that on the New Earth, where it is fully clear to all people that they are all completely equally interconnected and everyone is SELF-conscious, SELF-responsible as well as SELF-determined, some concepts that shaped life on the old Earth no longer exist. These include:
Sin, guilt, atonement, forgiveness and karma.
Service to others, saviors, salvation
Exercise of power, control, war, and others.

The Pisces guiding principle speaks of 'transformed' - this points to the energy of the planet PLUTO working through Pisces - an extremely powerful will-driven force of healing, regeneration as well as radical transformation that is taking place NOW and which we feel so keenly. Thus, the Pisces energy acts as the conclusion of the epoch of the same name and as a transformer for the necessary expansion of consciousness. The epoch named after Aquarius, which begins NOW, sees us on a new higher level of consciousness.

The first two energies, those of Pisces and Aquarius, contain the all-important new fundamental realization: everything happens in the HERE and NOW. Space as well as time - as we experienced it in 3D - is an illusion of the limited 3D-perception. The created universe is from the 5D view of the soul as well as from the view of the New Human on the New 5D Earth a ''symphony'' of 'energies' of all 'frequencies' and 'wavelengths'. These energies are conscious and alive; they are constantly moving, exchanging, transforming, overlapping and interpenetrating, etc. Nothing is lost in the process; energy cannot be eliminated. The 3D human perceives them as SPACE-TIME. This perception is now recognized as illusion.

Since SPACE and conventional linear TIME are inseparable - hence the name SPACE-TIME - our perception of SPACE is also wrong. An empty space, which is filled with objects - as still Heraclitus believed, exists only as practically useful idea in the heads of mathematicians. The space in nature exists, because something is already present. However, this space has no boundaries. Therefore there is no vacuum - there is always something present - ENERGY, which however can be so high a frequency that physics cannot register it. Different WORLDS of  EXPERIENCE - so-called timelines - take place not only simultaneously but also ubiquitously. Between space as well as time there is no difference from the point of view of the soul (5D and higher). Only for most people in the present limited 3D state there is the linear time with past, present and future and a three-dimensional space in which the physical body can be only always at a certain point at a certain time.

Soul/spirit are however in the NOW untouched by the human illusion and feel themselves through the increasing consciousness in multiple worlds of experience simultaneously. With their thoughts humans can already move in the NOW. For soul/spirit there is only one HERE and this HERE is everywhere. This for most people still completely new and little comprehensible view of space and time is symbolically connected with the planet Uranus, which decisively shapes the Aquarian energy.  (see also our article: The Master Key)

By the frequency increase from 3D to 5D also the illusion of DEATH of the human body is overcome and the human being grasps that in his all-decisive soul-spiritual essence - as well as in his light body - he is IMMORTAL. Everything in the created universe consists of conscious as well as living energy. The fact that this information/energy comes to us from the constellation Capricorn, of all things, clearly shows that the rigidity traditionally associated with Saturn and Capricorn has been overcome once and for all. Also coming in through Capricorn now is the combined vital energy of love as well as beauty, as symbolized by the planet Venus.

The energy reaching us on the New Earth from the constellation Sagittarius symbolizes the fact that we are NOW resting in our BEING - in the particular 'frequency bundle'. We are where we are and we are what we are and we are as we are. We are aware of this and therefore we are a gift - a present to the whole. We are no longer rushing from one destination to the next, and we have grasped that we find everything within ourselves: we are the destination we have already arrived at. In this sense, Mars energy is working in the here and now through Sagittarius.

Those who study astrology know how difficult the tasks of Scorpio are to accomplish on the Old Earth. On the New Earth, this struggle is over and the energy of Mercury, the messenger of the gods, comes into full play: it embodies TRUE LOVE in which everything is experienced as UNITY and in which beauty flourishes.

Libra and Gemini are both constellations that symbolize the fictitious duality as well as polarity on the old earth. However, this separation no longer exists on the New Earth. We no longer have to try to find the middle way, not to fulfill anyone's expectations and to please everyone - this only made us feel inferior because it was not possible. The New Human on the New Earth enjoys the master key: SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS and decides accordingly INTUITIVELY in FREEDOM - he simply IS, she LIVES. Saturn transmits here through Libra the energy of higher intelligence and adaptability - all rigid, preconceived concepts, precepts and illusions are rendered absurd by INTUITION.

The Virgo energy: We are AUTHENTIC as well as SOUVEREIGN CREATORS, picks up the theme of Virgo as mother and connector of lower, denser as well as higher, lighter energies and symbolizes both the source as well as the creation - the mother as well as the child - God as well as matter. The New Man on the New Earth is quite clearly, evident to everyone and quite consciously, the creator of his/her own individual reality in everything. He/she is sovereign in it - SELF- determined - however in the full consciousness that everything is inseparably connected/networked with everything in the above mentioned symphony of frequencies. This means nothing else than that the energies of Virgo are fully permeated by the Jupiter energies, which represent LOVE-WISDOM.

The Leo guiding principle: We are THAT and THAT we are, expresses the ancient Vedic wisdom known from the phrase TAT TWAM ASI - THOU ART THAT. We are all source energy TAT - All That Is = ADI = the FIRST-One, also called THE ONE without a SECOND or THE ONE about Whom naught can be said. For the New Human, our Sun, together with the constellation of Leo, embodies this energy. The New Leo Human, however, no longer exercises power, he/she is always only 'primus inter pares' in the sense of the group-consciousness of Aquarius.

The guiding principle of Cancer: We are the LIGHTED HOUSE wherein we dwell, clearly points out that it is fully conscious to us as souls, as 5D-humans on the New Earth, that we are light and live as light beings with a light body in a light symphony. Or: the master key - the soul consciousness comes to full development. The energy of Neptune streaming in through Cancer is NOW acting as the clear inner light that fully enlightens us. The old illusions have had their day.

We see that the energies of the constellations and planets are only NOW rising to their true magnitude of meaning. As 3D humans we could only perceive and use them in a very limited way.

From the constellation Gemini we can use NOW energies that express love wisdom, from which the unity of all BEING flows. Beautiful is not experienced as the opposite of ugly, but as the universal harmony of BEING, the source of love. Beauty expresses itself through the harmonious togetherness of all sentient life. We are secure in the heartbeat of the New Earth, which transmits its energy in harmonious cooperation with the constellation Gemini and the twin of the Earth, VENUS. The theme of BEAUTY obviously comes into its own here.

The motto of the constellation Taurus: The eye is open, EVERYTHING IS LIGHT, points to the opening of the third eye, the Ajna center. The BULL is in the Vedic wisdom THE symbol for enlightenment, which is the prerequisite for ascension to the New Earth - because only then we have the necessary frequency - which NOW more and more people realize, because they have been PART of the many worlds of experience in numerous simultaneous incarnations on Planet EARTH and see through the old system NOW. They don't need and don't want it anymore. Therefore, it is now coming to an end in harmony with the COSMIC SYMPHONY.

While the Taurus on the old Earth was mainly known by its inclination to the 'good' life, to beauty, nature and practical talents, the Taurus energies on the New Earth are fully concentrated by the energy of the planet Vulcan on the WILL for the expansion of consciousness - a lightful energy of special intensity, which we feel NOW already very strongly, because it drives the change decisively.

The energy of the constellation Aries: We are the EXPRESSION of the WILL of the SOURCE, has no longer to do with fight and war, but concentrates us to push the sole attention of INTUITION, which is archetypically supported by the energy of the planet Uranus. Intuition is the way in which the Source speaks to us . Our task is to implement, express and live this WILL. When this is done to the fullest, we can manifest on higher and higher energies/frequencies.