Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Looking into the cards of a blind man ... what's the point?

Man does not perceive the world as it is. Our brain does not give us a valid impression of reality, but at best an interpretation of the sensory impressions that is useful for survival. Moreover, we have agreed to give these interpretations, i.e. objects, processes and qualities, etc., certain names so that communication from person to person is possible. However, due to his life experience, upbringing and disposition beyond the physical, each person has a different perception. We should always be aware of this so that we avoid unnecessary disputes. Cognitive scientists also clearly say: ''Everyone is mistaken who thinks he knows what another thinks and feels.'' A proverb rightly says: ''I do not see the world as it is, but as I am''.

It is very likely that an environment actually exists, although not in the way the mind believes, but direct proof is not possible. Scientists are also subject to these limitations. They do not establish facts, but always only interpretations of their own sense-perception about their observations and the measurements of their instruments. Their representations sketch the picture of a strongly limited 'reality', because they exclude everything else except the gross physical realm. We do not go into this further here, because we have already done this in detail in other places, most recently here: and here:

Is it worthwhile then at all to examine this mind constructed world scientifically more exactly and if yes, why. This question is to be answered with yes and namely because it is useful, in order to develop from the results new techniques, which make the life more pleasant. Who of us today wants to live completely without electricity as we did two hundred years ago? However, if it is more about philosophical, ideological, spiritual questions or about the understanding of the big picture, we do not get very far with a purely scientific investigation of the human illusion; if only because different degrees of perception and the resulting consciousness of people lead to different results.
The inherent human urge to explore is another factor to be taken seriously. Many people, through their exploration of the physical environment and the limitations perceived in the process, have come to realize that there must be more if the whole is to be explained and understood. They have come to spirituality through science. This is very significant because they then enter this realm not out of fear or external pressure, as is often the case in relation to religiosity, but because they want to deeply explore the cause of All-That-Is with every fiber of their being. For example, it happened to me like this. 

Nobel Prize winner and quantum physicist Werner Heisenberg said, "The first sip from the cup of natural science makes one atheistic, but at the bottom of the cup waits God!" Max Planck, also a quantum physicist said, "For the believing human being God is at the beginning, for the scientist he is at the end of all considerations."


Another question points at the present revelations of the additional lies, which is, so to speak, a covering layer on the fundamental human illusion. Humanity is now confronted with the most horrible outrages of the hidden elites, who by their abuse of power have ensured that the Earth experiment will not end before the souls involved have had the desired experiences. Does it make sense to take in all this crap? We think no, it is enough to know that there is such cruelty. If we dwell on it too long, we keep our frequency low and don't feel comfortable. What matters is that we make it known that we don't want or need this kind of rubbish anymore. Protesters around the world are doing that right now.

In this publication: and in several articles cited there, we have shown that one of the greatest illusions is the concept of linear time with past, present and future, and that instead everything is happening simultaneously in the now. Since space and conventional linear time are inseparable - we speak of space-time - our conception of space is also wrong. For example, there is no empty space which is then filled with objects - as Heraclitus believed. The space exists, because something is present. However, this space has no boundaries ... (see below).

Different worlds of experience - so-called time lines - take place not only simultaneously but also ubiquitously. Between space and time there is no difference from the point of view of the soul (5D and higher). Only for most people in the present limited 3D state there is the linear time and a three-dimensional space, in which the physical body can be only at a certain point at a certain time. Soul/spirit are untouched by the human illusion in the now and feel themselves via the increasing consciousness in multiple worlds of experience simultaneously. With his thoughts the human being can already move in the now.

For soul/spirit there is only one here and this here is everywhere. There is neither time travel nor spatial travel from A to B, because the speed v is another human illusion. Speed is currently defined in physics as v = s/t without knowing that both distance s and linear time t are one and the same quantity and therefore an illusion. 

The basis for this knowledge is the realization of e.g. the Vedic Gnostic Shankaracharya or the physicist Max Planck that the created universe is a ''symphony'' of ''energies'' of all ''frequencies'' and ''wavelengths''. These energies are conscious and alive; they are constantly moving, exchanging, transforming, overlapping, etc. Nothing is lost in the process; energy cannot be eliminated. Man illusorily perceives it as space-time.
The cause for this 'energy' we call spirit or ''the ONE about whom naught may be said'' in the sense of Theosophy according to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. It can only be said that this ONE is uncreated, unchangeable and eternal. It is Nothing and Everything at the same time, NILINFINIT - Zero Infinite. Advaita Vedanta calls the ONE ''the ONE without a second''.

The source of life is us ourselves

On this basis, we now look at the realization of the regression therapists that the various incarnations of human beings do not proceed linearly one after the other - as they had originally believed - but simultaneously. We like to avoid the word concurrent here because there is no time and everything is happening now. We also don't like to talk about parallel lives, because they don't really run side by side untouched but interpenetrate each other. That's why there is no karma to accumulate, because everything is in constant interaction with everything else, so imbalances don't occur in the first place. So we can delete the karma concept as well as the reincarnation. And since in each case it is 'only' about energies, we must also assume that the concept of good and evil is only a mental evaluative interpretation, which was used by the rulers to limit and control the people. 

A human being lives not only in different incarnations on different frequency bundles but also within what we call in our misleading language 'one and the same' incarnation. However, most incarnated energy bundles experience a kind of amnesia. Through this veil they are apparently largely 'separated' from the other simultaneous incarnations of their soul and perceive sections of them only exceptionally, for instance in 'near-death experiences' or in therapy. With increasing consciousness, man can see more and more unveiled. If he has realized his soul, all incarnated frequency bundles are openly 'visible' to him. The mind has long since abdicated in this state and with it the futile desire to control everything.

The souls are all on 5D or higher frequencies. If incarnated, they overlap the frequencies that make up their physical, emotional as well as mental 3D/4D bodies and may be more or less firmly connected to them. They control the lower vibrating bodies through an information = energy exchange, the intensity of which can also be strong or weak. Remember that all this always takes place in the here and now. The term frequency is not to be equated with the one from physics, where frequency is the oscillation number of waves (per second). But this second does not exist ...   The letter D - e.g. in 5D - stands here for dimension or density and can replace the frequency term. All this is not conceivable with the human mind and should not worry us.

Let's go one step further: The ''present'' incarnation in the conventional, illusory sense, could be what the person in question is aware of from all his/her many lives. Since he/she believes in the linear time and the aging process connected with it, the human being perceives these experiences linearly one after the other, however, they do not really happen in such a way, but take place simultaneously in the now. All other experiences of all 3D incarnations also take place simultaneously, but he is mostly not aware of them and therefore there is no mental distinction into different linear strands of separate lives. Such strands arise only by perception plus mental interpretation, for example during a therapy or during another incarnation viewed with 3D perception.

Since all experiences of all incarnations of a soul run simultaneously, all people are simultaneously in the stage of the so-called baby soul, child soul, young soul, mature soul, old soul as well as enlightened soul. These stages of development correspond to different  levels of consciousness, which correlate with a different amount of grasping during incarnations on 3D. From this point of view, it makes little sense to establish an ascension - who's who - who can or cannot ascend, as Lisa Renee has recently done. The mental distinctions of this long and very detailed list only work if we start from the 3D illusion. Why should we be stuck on this illusion? It has nothing to do with reality, it is again only our fictitious interpretation. Every human being can realize that he is the soul, because he already fulfills all intermediate stages of Lisa Renee's ascension table simultaneously - that is here and now. There is no ascension path between you and your soul. You are that soul. What did OSHO say? ''You can be enlightened NOW!'', (because there is nothing but Here and Now.)

There is no spiritual path, only a SELF determined life

What helps us now?

We can safely leave the old interpretations of the fearful controlling mind with which we created our world now. We were really masters of conceit. This unconscious process of lower thinking led neither to truth nor to freedom nor to a peaceful, loving life with our fellow human beings and nature. This mental interpretation = conceit is now replaced by visualization, a conscious intuitive process in which we create the New Earth for ourselves as free creator beings the way we want it.  

You can decide now: 

Do you want to know how the old illusion works in detail? That would be quite absurd, because it is created by your own deficient perception and you never come to generally valid, objective results. It would be as if you, as a blind man, wanted to look into your own cards and profit from it. Life becomes extremely complicated and exhausting. You are only in your head and suffer. Do you really want that?

Or do you want to be happy or blissful by realizing that you are the soul and already enlightened? Let go of the controlling mind, it is not your friend. It stands between you and your happiness. It is quite enough if it is your servant. By the way, the mental illusion dissolves and you get a broader impression of what is going on in your world. You yourself are then this truth, you live it.

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