Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Time is an ILLusion

Did you kNOW?

Time is NOWhere

There only is HERE NOW

and HERE is everywHERE

You'r never having eNOW time

because time is NOWt there

existing only in your mind

outside time is NOWhere

So bring yourself into the NOW

and live your well kNOWn HERE

and NOWays in disguising sNOW

remain here in your own reNOWn

and winNOW chaf from wheat

inside your own conditionings

and go from mind to heart

You don't get owt for NOWt

Ther's NOWt so queer as folk

ILLusion everywhere

NOW what?

Countdown to NOW


Quantum Physics demonstrates the existence of

many possible futures for each moment of our lives

Everything happens simultaneously in the NOW

NOWruz  is the Persian New Year's day  at spring equinox

so ''new year'' starts with NOW

NOWay the people do this kNOW

Their mind is full of fog and 'sNOW'

The hardest prison to escape is in our mind

The cube is the symbol for Saturn and time


density  matter  death  law & order

and other artificial restrictions like TIME & the MATRIX

The cube symbolizes your mind  your false identity

the character  the personality = Greek persona = Mask

Also sun  earth and moon live - symbolically speaking -

within the EIGHT corners of the cube of Saturn – the MATRIX

Moon Analemma = one month   Sun Analemma = one year

each photo taken at the same place and 'time' of the day

The Analemma is due to the axial tilt and the elliptical orbital motion  

The symbolic tasks of Saturn  Jupiter and Uranus in black holes as allegory for what mankind experiences NOW

 Black hole 

DEATH summer SOLSTICE  SATURN  compression

Singularity URANUS

BIRTH  winter SOLSTICE  White hole  JUPITER    expansion

according to Physicist CARLO ROVELLI

At the Singularity seen from outside the black hole

TIME goes towards INFINITE

due to the extreme pressure and heat

seen from the inside TIME goes towards ZERO

immediate creation results - there is only NOW

Uranus replaces Saturn as ruler of Aquarius

Humans suddenly wake up  shocked by all the disclosures

More explanations to the graph above are here

I AM presence  Christ consciousness  Soul

kNOW no conventional time

NOW humans and the World change

The pineal gland as symbol for higher/expanded  consciousness

because the fog of the mind dissolves the sNOW does melt

the intuition of the hearts takes over

you see this amply NOWadays

it happens in the pressure cooker of the outside world events

Uplifting energies are Here & NOW

transcending concepts of the TIME & SPACE

and anger disgust sadness rage & fear

then you live like minNOWs swift and free

Thus humans kNOW to SAVE themselves

NOWither you can go  NOWise you would escape

open your HEART NOW it is your SINGULARITY

because you came here for this PASSAGE

to realize NOW who you really are

to help your fellow humans NOW

to end the olden rotten show/drama

AckNOWledgement is guaranteed

The souls are always in the HERE & NOW

so is the multitude of simultaneous incarnations

The kNOWingness of this

does constitute your BEING

You ARE the Soul and Light and Bliss

the Divine Power Will and Love

NOWt can distract you from this essence

NOWt can ever do you any harm

Rejoice and trust the HERE & NOW


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