Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The reunion of all scientis



Man has always had the desire to understand himself and his world. He wants to know where he comes from, where he will go and who he is at all. Furthermore, he wants to fathom, grasp and understand the world in which he lives.
This so-called 3D world offered him many possibilities to answer the mentioned questions. Scientists of all directions participated just as intensively in it as the religions. The many answers cover many conceivable possibilities. However, the ruling class with its political henchmen used the situation to divide the population and generally supported the views that served their exercise of power the most.
That the world religions with their countless sects are primarily instruments of domination is now clear to very many people. But that also the natural sciences are politically controlled and are used as well as abused, is only rarely perceived by most people. In the current corona crisis, however, this is already very clear to many people  in relation to medicine and pharmacy. However, it also affects such basic subjects as physics, chemistry, climatology and with regard to humans, this particularly affects those subjects that deal with the origin of species and humans and their history. Here evolutionism and biblical creationism are hostile to each other.


Intelligent Design (Dean H. Kenyon), which is explained in the above video, is certainly a major step beyond evolutionism and religious creationism. If you want to come even closer to reality, you choose CONSCIOUS DESIGN which we explain in our following two videos:

However, the division of people goes much deeper. The two main camps harbor those who see the world and man exclusively from the materialistic point of view and try to fathom it with rational-mental methods - keyword 'common' sense - and those who, thanks to their clearly expanded perception, also include those - much more important because causal - areas that cannot be registered by the hardcore natural scientists with their five lower senses and the instruments based on them.   
The first group, which limits itself to the lower thinking because of the prevailing politically supported world view, reduces All-THAT-is to material appearances - phenomena - or products of thinking, e.g. so-called memes because of their limited consciousness. Here it comes to the paradoxical situation that scientists cannot understand or explain the essential basics of their own subjects.

Physicists, by their own admission - Prof. Richard Feynman, do not really know what energy is.

Biologists do not know what life essentially is - they can only name some features.

Historians do not know what time is - the linear time concept is wrong.

Theologians do not even know who or what God really is - in any case, the different doctrines argue vehemently about this question.

It is not surprising that so-called scientists, in view of this dilemma, know mainly CRITICISM to their colleagues as the all-important scientific method.

It is indeed necessary to successively replace  faith by knowledge with increasing consciousness. However, this knowledge must not be limited to the natural scientific so-called facts, because these are always only interpretations of the lower mind of observations and measurements, which change continuously according to the progress of science. Already the underlying experimental arrangements are influenced by the politically given world view. The much praised rational-mental results are therefore everything else, but no assured truths. It must also not be forgotten that logical thinking is only possible for fear-free thinkers. If someone earns his living by his work as a scientist and defines his self-worth by the recognition in society, however, fear is inevitably involved.
Let us come to the second group, to which neither the university scientists nor the representatives of religions belong. These people with an expanded consciousness perceive All-That-Is highly simplified as a gigantic system of energies of most different frequencies. Amplitudes and intensities, which interpenetrate, overlap, influence each other and transform themselves. The lowest frequencies we perceive as so-called solid bodies and the highest ones contain what we call spirit. This is a perception of the world as we know it under Advaita Vedanta or as Gnosticism. Taking into account the modern scientific terminology, we know it under the name of 'Universal Law'. Please study the following videos or read the text:

Thus, there are excellent axiomatically logically derived and substantiated answers to the questions posed at the beginning, which give people an understanding of their world, which is still hidden from the politically controlled scientists, because they overlook the role of consciousness as the basis of all BEING. This, however, can now no longer be sustained, because the energies flowing in from the cosmos via the portal of our sun and those of the changing earthly magnetic field and the Schumann resonance increase the awareness of the people quite considerably. As has already been described in detail in other places, this goes hand in hand with an opening of the human chakra system - with special emphasis on the heart center - and the thus massively strengthened intuition, which provides us with particularly reliable information directly from our subtle and higher frequencies - especially our immortal soul.

Insert from an open letter to the well known evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins:

''Dear colleague Dawkins, please give yourself a boost and feel deeply within yourself whether it makes any sense to still assume that life, DNA and eventually the human species really emerged from a primordial soup by random events alone. You as a biologist and critical science theorist know that it is unscientific if you exclude higher intelligent, even conscious energies a priori just because you personally cannot perceive them. Other people with an extended consciousness have always been able to do that, still are able to do that and their number is now increasing avalanche-like.
Dear colleague, it would be a liberating signal for all concerned if you as a scientist would now admit that you at least thought it possible that there is much more than the natural sciences have explored so far. I can assure you from my own experience that this would not only benefit mankind, for whom the natural sciences have become the new religion, which you yourself rightly do not appreciate, but that your own heart would open up and give you fulfilling feelings of happiness, which could never arise from the previous
criticism of your fellow human beings. You yourself know best that the natural science which you represent in your books and which I also used to appreciate, loses its former splendor in the light of the wisdom of old age which is now yours (and mine). Given the short-lived transience of 'scientific' interpretations, it is small wonder.
I can well understand that from mental and linguistic brilliance a certain satisfaction arises, but I can assure you that the exploration of All-That-Is with the inclusion of the
intuition of an expanded Consciousness leads to far better results, which are not only rational but rather real. Since I know your approach well, I know that you do not at all approve of a science being corrupted by not allowing certain possible areas to be explored. Science must be handled freely, everything conceivable must be included as long as there are family members in humanity who have such experiences.

With cordial greetings from your 'brother' Dr. rer. nat. Otfried Weise, habilitated professor in retirement.''

The 3D experiment Earth is based on a claimed duality in which there are always two sides that are hostile and incompatible. This duality now comes to an end with the experiment earth. The so-called duality turns out to be an illusion, and even the actually working polarity terminates and is replaced by the certainty that all opinions, beliefs, world views etc. can only be traced back to one issue: to differently expanded states of consciousness in which the given interpretations of the respective perceived actually represent the truth (a limited reality) for the people concerned. There is no comprehensive truth for all people. It always depends on the consciousness. And this is not the same for all people. Criticism of perceptions of people on other consciousness levels is not a scientific method. The usual emotionally strongly colored rational-mental thinking of the lower mind (in Sanskrit Kama-Manas) is not a reliable and certainly not an exclusive scientific method. Please read this disquisition.

The following irrefutable knowledge is now the practical signal for the so-called ascension:
The New Earth under the energy of the zodiacal sign Aquarius is subject to the violet Seventh Ray of SYNTHESIS.
It is NOW paramount to limit all separation, quarrels, arrogance, supposedly rational criticism like skepticism, all energy robbing and the own vibration degrading argumentation to a possibly necessary minimum or better to abandon it completely.
The reunification and atonement of all kind of scientists has now highest priority. Consciousness expansion now takes place by working together and leads us to the NEW EARTH.

How did the famous Bulgarian Sage Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov say?
''Love the whole, because the whole is love. Love is the solution to all problems. Love is the key to all the doors of the human soul. Love is the power of all creative forces in nature. Love is a science that has not yet been sufficiently explored. The one who knows and can love is truly vigorous.''