Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Galactic Energies for the New Earth part TWO
Detailed explanations of the twelve astronomical constellations and their energies for the New Earth

In our video: Heart Food BEAUTY, The Heartbeat of the New Earth, we wrote the following:

Each of the twelve astronomical constellations sends a characteristic energy to the New Earth. The associated guiding principles / key sentences are:
Pisces: We are moving forward transformed in the NOW.
Aquarius: We are NOW EVERYWHERE
Capricorn: We are ETERNAL LIFE
Sagittarius: We are PRESENT
Scorpio: We are TRUE LOVE as well as UNITY
Leo: We are THAT and THAT we ARE
Cancer: We are the ENLIGHTENED HOUSE wherein we dwell
Taurus: The eye is open, EVERYTHING IS LIGHT
Aries: We are the WILL EXPRESSION of the SOURCE
We will now discuss each constellation individually:

The energy from the constellation PISCES on the New Earth

People with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Neptune and other planets in the watery zodiac sign of PISCES tended to be especially sensitive and helping on the old 3D Earth. They can lovingly empathize with others, understand and forgive them, which is why they usually have many friends. Please note that this is not always fully developed, especially in men, because in our materially oriented, rational society such qualities are considered unmasculine.

Pisces-born people tend to be unable to deal with boundaries, which becomes apparent in the area of partnership when they transgress the boundaries of the other person. For themselves, flexible structures and boundaries are important so that they do not lose themselves. Also the supervision of children - especially in schools - can never do completely without boundaries and planning. Here lies an important learning task for the too permissive Pisces people, who do not want to be tied down at all. Small wonder, because Jupiter and Neptune are the exoteric rulers of Pisces.

The zodiac sign PISCES consists of two fishes looking in opposite directions. One looks outward into the MATERIAL WORLD and the other looks inward into the EMOTIONAL WORLD. People born under the zodiac sign of Pisces are at home in both domains. In other words: Pisces people see the material world with feeling eyes, judging situations on the outside by the feelings they trigger on the inside. Pisces-born people meet with friends to sing, make music, model or paint together, but not in a discussion forum or in political meetings, where the going gets tough.

Pisces tend to have psychic experiences from the realm of emotional, rapturous religions. With expanded consciousness they are at home in mysticism, which is found in many religions. In it, they want to personally experience the supersensible, divine realm directly in a kind of devotional contemplation, which can lead to an ecstatic experience of union. The mystical path is of course also open to people in the other signs of the zodiac, but Pisces are particularly disposed to it. Many people have begun their spiritual path of expanding consciousness in another life as mystics.

Here I tell you a famous SUFI story that fully explains the subject of Mysticism:
The Persian Islamic Sufis compare the path to ecstatic union described in the last paragraph to a Moth circling a burning candle to find out the secret of light. After a few rounds, she realizes that outside with distance from the candle, she can never get closer to the secret. She finally knows that she can't take it easy, that she has to give it her all and risk getting burned. So she flies straight into the middle of the hot flame. It hisses, the flame flares up and the outer gestalt (the symbol for the character, the personality) is only smoke and mirrors. The inner essence of the moth - PATANGA - is free and has fathomed the secret of the FLAME = LIGHT = ENERGY. She is TRANSFORMED and has REALIZED her essence core, the SOUL. At the same time, the SUFI MYSTIC grasps that the DIVINE with which he/she wanted to unite does not exist outside of him/her, but HE/SHE is this DIVINE HIM/HERself. You now understand that the Piscean ENERGY NOW can be incomparably intense.

The Pisces guiding principle for the New Earth: WE ARE PROGRESSING TRANSFORMED IN THE NOW speaks of 'transformed' - this points to the energy of the planet PLUTO working through Pisces esoterically as well as hierarchically - an extremely strong will-driven force of healing, regeneration as well as radical transformation which is taking place NOW and which we feel so much. Thus, the Pisces energy acts as the conclusion of the epoch of the same name and as a transformer for the necessary expansion of consciousness. The epoch named after Aquarius, which begins NOW, sees us on a new level of consciousness.

The energies emanating from the constellations have a fundamental character and are partial aspects of the source energy of All-That-Is, called TAT in the Vedas. They shape the New 5D-Earth, on which the guiding principles of Esoteric Astrology of the old 3D-Earth no longer apply. The old earth has had its day for mankind. It has learned, experienced and grasped a great deal in it and finally expanded its consciousness so that it can progress in the sense of the new Pisces guiding principle - that is why this is NOW at the beginning of our table of guiding principles. For these experiences with a physical body in the dense matter we are infinitely grateful, even if it was painful and exhausting in parts. It is said that, nevertheless, many entities in the universe envy us for it.
On the New Earth, all people are fully equal and interconnected. Everyone is SELF-aware, SELF-responsible as well as SELF-determined and live as ONE harmonious UNITY. LIGHT, LOVE and BEAUT connect us ALL.
picture: Nova Terra 5D 

The energy from the constellation of Aquarius on the New Earth

People with Sun, Moon, Saturn, Uranus and other planets in the airy zodiac sign of AQUARIUS tended on the old 3D Earth to express their INDIVIDUAL to EXTRAVAGANT characteristics in GROUPS. With their original, imaginative, yet structured scientific thinking, they reform the foundations of modern technology as well as social coexistence. In doing so, they often do not work in the originally learned/studied subject, but educate themselves further and work very successfully as so-called lateral career entrants. When they are fully immersed in the Aquarian energy, they can create structures mentally as well as manifest them practically and are ready to revolutionize them again and replace them with better ones. In doing so, they easily come into conflict with the authorities. Those who are advanced in consciousness can also be generous as well as loving towards their fellow human beings and set new accents for living together.

The energies of Pisces and Aquarius contain the all-important fundamental new insight for the New Earth: Everything happens in the HERE and NOW. Space as well as time - as we perceived it in 3D - is an illusion of limited 3D perception. This is a very useful illusion, because it has enabled SOULS to have very special experiences and to grasp many things that are not possible on 5D, where they are at home. There is also no matter there as we grasp it, and nothing of what physicists and chemists label. So let's become aware and acknowledge what a great gift it is that we were allowed to incarnate here on Earth on 3D so often and in all desired guises and all possible circumstances.

The Universe (Cosmos) from the 5D view of the Soul as well as from the view of the New Human on the New 5D Earth is a ''symphony'' of 'energies' of all 'frequencies' and 'wavelengths'. Please note that the last three terms are written in quotation marks. We want to express with this that THAT, which exists beyond the objects of physics and chemistry (5D), can no longer be described with the International System of Units SI. The SI units c= centimeter, g= gram and s=second may suffice as examples for this. We enter here the area which we provisionally call INFORMATION, CONSCIOUSNESS, SPIRIT. These THREE are a LIVING UNITY: they are constantly moving, exchanging, transforming, overlapping and penetrating each other, etc. Nothing is lost in the process, nothing can be eliminated. The 3D human being perceives a small part of it, which he calls MATTER SPACE TIME. This perception is now recognized as an incredible limitation, we can call our conventional view of the world an illusion of the world with a clear conscience. Our registering, feeling and thinking was extremely limited for earthly 3D purposes so that we could grasp many things but not 'see' the deeper causal foundations.

Since SPACE and conventional linear TIME are inseparable - hence the name SPACE-TIME - our idea of SPACE is also wrong. An empty space, which is filled with objects - as still Heraclitus believed, exists only as practically useful idea in the heads of mathematicians. The space in nature exists, because something is already there. However, this 'space' has no boundaries. So it is not a space at all in the mathematical sense but rather as the term SPACE TRAVEL contains it. Therefore there is also no vacuum - there is always something present - namely so-called ENERGY, which however can be so different that physics cannot register it. These are the above mentioned THREE: INFORMATION, CONSCIOUSNESS, SPIRIT. Also the way we register and name MATERIAL, ENERGY, FREQUENCY in physics and chemistry corresponds to our strongly limited 'view' and is only a weak imprint of what entities of higher realms of consciousness perceive.

Different WORLDS OF EXPERIENCE  - so-called timelines - all occur not only simultaneously but also ubiquitously (everywhere on earth). Between space as well as time there is no difference from the point of view of the soul (5D and higher). Only for most people in the present limited 3D state there is the linear time with past, present and future and a three-dimensional space in which the physical body can be at a certain point only at a certain time.
Soul/Spirit, however, are in the HERE/NOW untouched by the human illusion and feel themselves as consciousness in multiple worlds of experience simultaneously. With his thoughts man can already move in the NOW. For soul/spirit there is only one HERE and this HERE is everywhere. This for most people still completely new and little comprehensible view of space and time is symbolically connected with the planet Uranus, which decisively shapes the Aquarian energy.
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picture: light being codes art

Guiding principle: WE ARE ETERNAL LIFE
The energy from the constellation CAPRICORN on the New Earth

People with Sun, Moon, Saturn and other planets in the earth sign CAPRICORN tended to be particularly well grounded on the old 3D Earth. They are known to be conservative-down-to-earth, dutiful, reliable, patient, and loyal - provided, of course, that they live the predispositions in their astrological chart. This is generally the more likely to be the case if the qualities in question are recognized as desirable in the society they live in.
Capricorns climb the highest heights in earthly society with tenacity, ambition, diligence, and perseverance, and are responsibly active there in respected professions in leading positions for the common good. With their minds charged by the Third Ray of Active Intelligence and Adaptability, they are masters at creating plans and strategies and at holding and manipulating structures. They are gifted in working economically, in putting thoughts into words, and in handling money. All this has made them among the most successful personalities in daily life on 3D. If anyone envies them, they readily explain that they owe 90% of their success to their hard work.

As a very earthy Saturn affirmed sign, Capricorns initially want to get to the bottom of earthly structures and understand the deeper spiritual background. The old name for Capricorn was Sea Goat, which derives from a Greek legend. It fits very well because fish can swim into the deepest waters and the mountain goat can climb to the highest heights. In this way, they train their ability to think abstractly and analyze, theorize, speculate and penetrate complex issues. In doing so, they realize that EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE and that it depends exclusively on the point of view and awareness from which something is viewed and that so-called facts are mostly only designations, while the essence is not really understood.

Thanks to their immense perseverance, thoroughness and, with increasing age, honesty towards their own actions, they finally reach the point where they no longer seek external success or need it for their self-esteem. They then also no longer rely only on their dissecting mind but discover that the essential questions of being, to which they have advanced in the meantime, can only be solved INTUITIVELY. They then dare to leave the so-called safe ground of the allegedly factual, no longer attach importance to their reputation, forget the so-called security that other people find among friends and colleagues. They adapt their personal role to the Plan of their SOUL for the current incarnation and thus attain deep INNER happiness. When they are asked: ''Do you want to understand or to be happy'' they decide for HAPPINESS without thinking twice.

In the context of the present 'frequency' elevation from 3D of the old Earth to 5D of the New Earth, the illusion of death and the belief that there is nothing beyond the physical body - which is the rule for traditional Capricorns - is also overcome and they grasp that in their all-important soul - spiritual essence - as well as in their LIGHT BODY - they are IMMORTAL. Everything in the universe consists of conscious and living timeless 'energy'. That this information/'energy' comes to us from the constellation Capricorn, of all places, clearly shows that the rigidity traditionally associated with Saturn and Capricorn has been overcome once and for all. Also streaming via Capricorn now is the combined vital energy of LOVE as well as BEAUTY, as symbolized by the planet VENUS, the hierarchical ruler of the Sea Goat/Capricorn.
picture: earth element

Guiding principle: WE ARE PRESENT

The energy from the constellation SAGITTARIUS on the New Earth

People with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and other planets in the fiery zodiac sign of Sagittarius tended to be determined, optimistic, adventurous and freedom-loving on the old 3D Earth. They do not like to be fixed and therefore are considered unreliable, although they only adapt their actions to the situation individually, which is rather advantageous for the cause, but disadvantageous for a rigid structure. They are born visionaries and also have the necessary energy to implement the new, exciting informations that come to them in vivid pictures. If they have recognized a significant goal for themselves, they can hardly be dissuaded from its development.

They like to inspire others to do the same. In the Age of Pisces, this was especially evident when Sagittarians acted as missionaries. These souls, had still little grasped in these incarnations (were so-called young souls) and played at that time the roles in which they preached the commandments of the religions. In further incarnations (in the HERE and NOW) they work on dissolving these conditioning measures again, which are loaded with the unwholesome concepts of guilt, sin and punishment, as will be shown in the following.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is, in fact, booked on freedom (especially in spirit) and therefore, when it has reached a certain maturity, does not or only reluctantly adhere to rules, regulations, boundaries and generally to all that is customary and expected of him. With his experience from other lives and his alert analytical intellect, he sees through the prevailing system. He recognizes that it is primarily about the exercise of power as well as discipline, which are intended to keep people down and ultimately degrade them to robots. His unerring sense for freedom and self-responsibility tells him that only authentic good behavior, based on the inner compass of the immortal core of man's being - his soul - is genuine and meaningful, and that order and peace can only be guaranteed by this. The old authoritarian corset of conditionings must indeed give way, so that Sagittarius - like all mankind - can be PRESENT on the New Earth with an expanded consciousness in freedom as well as personal responsibility.

We note here that this religiously colored theme - discipline versus freedom - is of course also dealt with in incarnations in other signs of the zodiac, e.g. Virgo, Pisces or with Saturn and Mars accentuation. This applies mutatis mutandis to all explanations about the characteristics of the zodiac signs. Further, it is important to understand what FREEDOM is:
A HUMAN has the FREEDOM to do what A HUMAN MUST do.
That means: when man decides to follow the will and intention of his SOUL, which he ESSENTIALLY IS, he is FREE, because he follows HIMSELF. Only this is true, autonomous freedom, unfolding outside of duality/polarity. His focus is no longer on external goals, but is directed exclusively to the INNER.
The guiding principle of the energy that reaches us on the New Earth from the constellation Sagittarius is:

This symbolizes the fact that we are NOW residing in our BEING - in the particular 'frequency bundle'. We are where we are, and we are what we are, and we are as we are - WITHOUT IF AND BUT. We are AWARE of this and therefore in our PRESENCE we are a GIFT - a PRESENT - to the WHOLE. We are no longer rushing from one goal to the next and have grasped that we find everything within ourselves: we are the goal in which we have allways been. In this sense the MARS energy works in the here and now through the constellation SAGITTARIUS.


The energy from the constellation SCORPIO on the NEW EARTH

On the old 3D-Earth people with Sun, Moon and the planets Mars and Pluto in the watery zodiacal sign SCORPIO tended to a particularly strong emotional life. Very pronounced passions of various kinds are their constant companions. Their profoundly magical charisma attracts suitable partners with whom they can live out their passion for drama. They suspect that harmony unfolds only after a conflict, which they therefore savor to the utmost. Thus, life can turn out to be a sequence of rejoicing to the skies, saddened to death, in which drama, jealousy, possessiveness, dominance, and intensity reach out to each other. If they repress this out of fear, they can become seriously ill.

If the soul is planning an incarnation in which things are at their maximum, in which the darkest taboos are to be savoured and in which pain can even be felt as lust, then it puts on a Scorpio costume and signs up as a sex therapist in a rehab clinic for drug addicts. In doing so, she can grasp many times over what a Gemini, for example, cannot do in several lifetimes. Scorpio people can take on a lot of responsibility in such a vocation, muster profound understanding, and do remarkable good. What is important here is that they do not get drawn into what is going on, but that they are unbiased witnesses so that they can treat clients professionally as well as lovingly.

As you can tell, this is already a mature Scorpio personality with a storm-tested character. This is where the exoteric rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, come into their positive impact. There is probably no other energy in the astrological system that combines so much depth, strength and transformational power. Of course, the Scorpio-born can also use this energy for themselves, in order to promote their own expansion of consciousness. The prerequisite for this is that such persons detach themselves from their own inner turmoil and dramas with partners, so that they become an untouched witness. For Scorpios this can become a very satisfying position: they experience the desired depth of emotions without still suffering painfully. They can now existentially understand from their own grasping as well as observing that the intense passion they used to love so much was a useful way of realizing their soul consciousness, but which they can and must now leave behind.

It will certainly surprise you when at this point I speak of an energy conducive to Scorpio-borns that you rightly expect for Cancer or Pisces: it is the energy of the sixth ray of DEVOTION and IDEALISM. If these two qualities govern the life of an advanced Scorpio, which is probable, a magnificent change takes place: the individual begins to LOVE himself without Suffering. His idealism shows when he can be at the service of others without feeling pity. He can appear cool to outsiders, but at every moment he knows exactly what his task is. This is the expression of true love as well as wisdom.

The guiding principle of the energy of the constellation SKORPIO on the New Earth is:
On the New Earth, people are fully aware that they are all completely equally interconnected and everyone is SELF-aware, SELF-responsible as well as SELF-determined.
Those who study astrology know how difficult the tasks of Scorpio are to accomplish on the Old Earth. On the New Earth, this struggle is over and the energy of the messenger of the Gods, Mercury, comes into full play: it embodies TRUE LOVE in which everything is experienced as UNITY. The fourth ray of harmony through conflict associated with Mercury expresses itself as harmony, beauty and art.

picture Devanando fish pond in Bohemia


The Energy from the Constellation LIBRA on the NEW EARTH

On the old 3D-Earth Libra-born people (Sun, Moon, Venus and other planets in the zodiac sign Libra) tended to weigh things up for a long time before they decided on something. They wanted to be loved or at least respected by everyone and to be continually acknowledged and therefore believed that they must not offend anyone by having their own firm point of view or even contradiction. They covered up their weakness of decision by charmingly trying to create harmony, to balance and to mediate. The others should decide, the Libra people try then successfully to see the situation also positively for themselves. The theme of harmonious relationships and interactions is most important to Venus-bound Libra people who are in love with beauty and balance. That is why they are so willing to compromise and use courtesies, compliments, cosmetics and elegant clothes.

It is obvious, of course, that the resulting rather superficial HARMONY does not satisfy and last in the long run. No one can fool their acquaintances and themselves in the long run without their credibility suffering. At the latest when partnerships and friendships often suddenly end for 'inexplicable' reasons, an intelligent person asks about the causes. Libra people learn to be uncompromisingly honest with themselves and with others. If they have a large following behind them as musicians, singers, dancers, painters, sculptors, photographers, writers or actors, they find this particularly difficult when they fear losing their popularity. If they want to expand their consciousness, there is no way around it. This is especially true if they want to live out their talents as trainers or therapists. A therapist's clients, like a teacher's students, rarely rise above the supervisor's level of consciousness.

Right decisions and the true harmony that grows out of them are never the product of the analytical, rational mind, even when it tongues feelings, desires and cravings. This can lead to even longer brooding, inner turmoil and doubtful decisions if the mind does not give rest and cannot ward off fears and anxieties. What does this show us? These 3D personalities are living in divorce! What are they divorced from? From their own soul. The end of divorce is the solution. They grasp that they cannot be separated from their true essence at all. SOUL AWARENESS is the master key.

The New Humans on the New Earth who are fully aware of their immortal SOUL CHOOSE INTUITIVELY from the HEART in FREEDOM. They know no fear, are not subject to doubts and compulsions, have no obligations towards so-called others. These 'others' do not even exist anymore. The UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS knows no conflict, only true HARMONY as well as EQUILIBRIUM.
The New Human LIVES AUTONOMOUSLY as well as AUTHENTICALLY in the HERE & NOW. On this level of consciousness SATURN conveys through LIBRA the energy of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence - all rigid, preconceived concepts, precepts and illusions disappear in the LIGHT of INTUITION.

All SOULS are intimately connected through SYNERGY as well as HARMONY: this space-less as well as timeless unity is based on the ESSENCE of SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS: unconditional LOVE BEAUTY HARMONY.

OUTER, INNER and TRANCENDENT PURITY                                                   WE ARE AUTHENTIC AS WELL AS SOUVEREIGN CREATORS                                     The energy from the constellation VIRGO on the NEW EARTH

On the ending 3D Earth, the energy of the Earth-centered zodiac sign VIRGO with planetary ruler MERCURY (the messenger of the gods) was primarily associated with research, teaching, learning, and generally with unbiased, fact-based communication and analytical thinking, that was as objective as possible, with little interference from emotions.
Another very significant theme of VIRGO was and is PURITY. I remind you of the many 'PURE' virgins in religions, especially of course the 'immaculate' virgin MARY, who gave birth to the physical Son of God, yet remained PURE as a special virgin - IN SPIRIT, as a Light-BODY. For the 3D-mind this is a MYSTERY.

Mary's virtues of obedience, humility, submission and chastity are typical of Catholic programming and led to keeping women down, because they are unnecessarily restrictive in daily 3D life and not really implementable, so a burdensome 'guilty' conscience sets in.
The subject of PURITY also plays a main role in medicine: the so-called modern orthodox medicine attaches extraordinary importance to EXTERNAL OUTER PURITY (hygiene), because it can discipline the patients with it. An example of this is the wearing of respiratory masks, whose desired protective effect has been proven to be close to zero and which in addition cause harm. Furthermore, the belief in the disease-preventing effect of a germ-free environment through disinfectants is only justified if the pathogen theory is assumed as the cause of disease, which has not been proven true to date. However, if something goes wrong during treatment, the doctor can always say as an excuse that the patient did not follow the hygiene rules and acquired a new germ.

Disease is a multi-causal process in which lifestyle and diet, predisposition and, above all, emotional life play the main roles. All overriding, however, are WILL and INTENT of the SOUL, the immortal essence of humans. The soul has taken on a physical body in order to make certain experiences on earth, to grasp something through the roles which this body is supposed to play. This also includes pain, suffering and illnesses, which always manifest themselves when the body no longer has the necessary INNER PURITY. The illness is then the great CLEANSING action, in which all metabolic residues and other toxins, parasites, etc. that are unwanted in the body are eliminated, so that the body can work again without complaints. In most cases, however, this is prevented or made worse by conventional medicine through chemical drugs (which are, strictly speaking, poisons), as stated in several facebook postings.

The soul can send its costumed actor personality also illnesses and accidents, if the actor deviates from the life plan of the soul. The concrete course of these diseases in the form of INNER CLEANSING is the same. Moreover, illnesses and accidents are very important stages of life, because they help quite decisively to get rid of old rigid ineffective behaviors, worn-out ideas, prejudices and especially fears and to initiate a new kind of stage of life. Accidents and illnesses are thus a very thorough way to make man psychologically CLEANER as well. In this way the human being recovers from within in the area of feeling and thinking and thereby expands his/her CONSCIOUSNESS.

The new guiding principle for the energies from the constellation VIRGO for the NEW EARTH is: WE ARE AUTHENTIC AS WELL AS SOUVEREIGN CREATORS.

It expands on the theme of the PURE Virgin and Mother and the connection of lower, denser energies as well as higher, lighter vibrations. It refers both to the source ADI (the ONE about whom naught may be said) and to the CREATION flowing from it (the multidimensional COSMOS) - God as well as matter - the mother as well as the child.
PURITY here is a CONSCIOUSNESS, that is COMPLETELY DETACHED from qualities, namings, programming, etc. This PURITY transcends the illusion of space-time, in which the incarnated earthling played his theater roles on the old earth.
The New Human on the New Earth is clearly, for ALL involved visible and fully conscious, in everything CREATOR of his own individual reality. He/she is in it SOUVEREIGN - SELF- DETERMINED - in full AWARENESS that everything is inseparably connected/networked with everything in the symphony of the cosmos. This means, among other things, that the energies of the constellation VIRGO are fully permeated by the JUPITER energies, which represent the second ray of LOVE-WISDOM.


The energy from the constellation LEO on the NEW EARTH

On the NOW ending 3D-Earth the fiery zodiac sign LEO with the two planetary rulers SUN and JUPITER was THE symbol for leaders. Emperors, kings, popes, cardinals, pharaohs, and many other power-exercising rulers used LEO, like the SUN, as insignia of their paramount importance. However, very many of these rulers did not owe their power to their own merits. They came to the throne because of succession or because wealthy influential circles in the background brought and supported them there and consequently used them as puppets. The latter also applies to most politicians in the so-called democracies and the leaders in the large corporations, both of which are dependent on the money aristocracy.

Also among the billions of self-employed, employees and workers there are very many people who are prominent because of their majestic, determining, generous or self-overestimating, power-exercising, arrogant, patronizing, impossible to overlook nature - just to indicate the most important character traits. They also mostly use their assumed wealth and influential 'friends' to support their externally determined roles.

For all these Leo accented personalities (Sun, Moon, Jupiter and other planets in Leo) who have been able to establish their innate aptitude for a position of power or leadership - however small - thanks to external circumstances, the first step would be to become authentic. This leads via self-exploration to self-knowledge, which only then can be followed by self-empowerment. On the group level, the so-called democracy could be replaced by MERITOCRACY, in which those LEOS come to the levers of power who have earned this themselves. They have earned their merits ON THEIR OWN. Furthermore, all leaders should study their unconscious patterns and traumas so that they do not project them onto the people who have entrusted themselves to them and so that they are not seducible and corruptible. These achievements are admittedly not realizable on the old 3D Earth, which is one of the reasons why it is now coming to an end.

The new guiding principle for the energies from the constellation LEO for the NEW EARTH is: WE ARE THAT and THAT ARE WE.

This motto expresses the ancient Vedic wisdom known from the phrase: TAT TWAM ASI - THOU ART THAT. We are all Source-Consciousness of TAT = ALL THAT IS.
Another term for this is: ADI = the FIRST and ONLY, also
THE ONE without a SECOND or THE ONE about whom naught may be said.

For the New Human, our SUN, together with the constellation LEO and the planets Neptune and Uranus, embodies this consciousness. The New Leo-Human no longer exercises power, he is in the sense of the group-consciousness of AQARIUS always just 'Primus inter Pares' - FIRST among EQUALS. Therefore the new guiding principle is also in the plural. Since we are all ONE, no individual wants to and can excel and exercise power. It simply does not exist at all. Besides the Second Ray of LOVE, the Seventh Ray of Order and Ceremonial Magic - which expresses itself through group cooperation - plays a significant role.

We are, live and thrive because we all express ourselves through FORM, COLOR, SOUND, ENERGY, FREQUENCY and beyond that through dimensionless INFORMATION, CONSCIOUSNESS, SOUL as a WHOLE in which all entities melt together synergistically: these LEOS don't need to put on a show and roar anymore. They simply open their generous HEART as it corresponds to their nature and radiate STRENGTH, LOVE and LIGHT for ALL and EVERYTHING, because they are benevolently and lovingly interwoven with EVERYTHING THAT IS.
picture: Ingrid Mache

Guiding principle: We are the LIGHTED HOUSE in which we dwell

The energy from the constellation CANCER on the NEW EARTH

Note: there is no translation of the term GEBORGENHEIT in English that is truly accurate. We use here, for lack of a better one, the word security.
The first three syllables of the German word GEBORGENHEIT reveal its deeper meaning: GEB OR GEN. The 'heit' is a suffix indicating that it is a noun.
GEB in Egyptian mythology is the EARTH GOD united with the sky goddess NUT. Standing on the ground, especially when you feel the ground under your bare feet, or sitting in the earth, for example in a cave, is mostly experienced by humans as safe and protective. The human being is formed from the elements of the earth.
GEB is as the PRIMARY GOD neither masculine nor feminine. He permeates EVERYTHING THAT IS, he symbolizes ENERGY, SOUND, COLOR, FORM and beyond that of course the dimensionless 'realm' of INFORMATION, CONSCIOUSNESS, SOUL.
OR is the original.
GEN indicates that in the GENOME the DIVINE PRIMARY FORCE is stored.
GEB united with NUT symbolizes the union of the masculine with the feminine in humans; this is at the same time the connection of earth and sky. In this, man is 'rooted with the earth', carried, protected, secure.

If I am sure in a certain situation that nothing can happen to me that I don't want, because it could possibly harm me, then I feel safe, secure, protected, sheltered, touched, preserved, secured.

3D human beings with their acquired personality, learnt character, find security in an environment that shields them from circumstances perceived as hostile and in which there is nothing that ''pushes their buttons''; i.e. there is nothing in the situation in consideration that touches old wounds, questions one's own learnt convictions, exposes false ideas about oneself, reveals life lies, suggests loss of control, etc., and therefore could cause fear, insecurity, feelings of inferiority, etc. In this way, security is temporarily established until the situation ends.

Then the person is again exposed to the 'rough and tumble of everyday life' and feels alone, insecure and defenseless as a lone fighter. Different people need different conditions under which they can feel security, depending on what type of personality (e.g. according to the four elements air, fire, water, earth) they aquired and what traumatic or happy experiences they have already had in life. Obviously, this kind of security is dependent on OUTSIDE circumstances and the good will of fellow human beings.

 However, humans have only very limited influence on these external circumstances, unless they would have begun to explore themselves, would become conscious who they really are and what their needs essentially are. Then they could form the environment on the basis of their innate CREATOR POWER successively in such a way, as it fits for them.

The NEW HUMANS on the NEW EARTH, which is just taking shape, find security by RESTING in themselves. They know from experience that nothing can happen to them if they rely on their INTUITION. This is available in all situations of life and tells infallibly what is just pending, so that the SOUL (his immortal core of being) can make exactly the experience which she wants. This does not fit at times with what the personality (our theater costumes, our roles) has in mind. If the personality dares to follow the will and intention of the soul, then the human being rests safely in himself SELF and feels protected as well as secure. Man achieves this AUTONOMOUS security when he takes personal responsibility for himSELF and thus achieves true FREEDOM.

The new guiding principle for the energies from constellation CANCER for the NEW EARTH is:
We are the LIGHTED HOUSE in which we dwell.
This lighted house is our immortal core of being, the SOUL, in which we dwell and which we ARE. On the NEW EARTH it is fully conscious to us as souls that we are LIGHT and live as light beings with a light body in a light symphony: our master key - the SoulConsciousness - dissolves all illusionary veils of the personality. The energy of NEPTUNE flowing in via Cancer NOW amplifies the clear inner light of the SOUL, which fully enlightens us.

Guiding principle: IN BEAUTY WE ARE ONE

The energy of the constellation GEMINI on the NEW EARTH

On the old 3D-Earth BEAUTY was a question of taste. Beauty was individually what corresponded to the own disposition, history and conditioning or what was just en vogue. What one person enjoyed as beautiful, another found ugly or kitschy or gaudy or discordant, etc. Absolute, unconditional beauty separate from the viewer did not exist. A living being, a work of art, a landscape could always only be PERCEIVED or INTERPRETED as beautiful and one could endlessly discuss or argue about it. It was just ''so-called beauty'' as are all other terms on the Old Earth. At that time everything received a name and the people believed that these designations corresponded to the truth and that behind it the knowledge was hidden what the things really were - a big ILLUSION, as has turned out in the meantime.

The constellation GEMINI with the two main stars KASTOR and POLLUX was on the Old Earth a symbol for DUALITY (incompatible opposites) or POLARITY (complementary opposites like e.g. yin and yang) which was generally accepted as a set of beliefs. Pollux is in the Greek mythology the son of the father of the gods ZEUS, who begot him in the form of a swan, and is therefore immortal. His mother Leda - a human - conceived in the same night another son - Kastor - from her human husband Tyndareos. Kastor was therefore mortal. The two (half-)Gemini brothers were inseparable and accomplished many a heroic deed together. Finally Kastor was killed in a fight.

His brother Pollux was deeply saddened and also wanted to die. He begged his father to allow him to follow his brother into the realm of the dead. Zeus was very impressed by his deep brotherly love and allowed Pollux, together with Castor, to spend alternately one day in the realm of the dead, Hades, and one day in the heavenly realm, Olympus. Now the two were reunited, and this time for eternity. Zeus provided them with a place in the starry sky.

The dual or polar separation no longer exists on the New Earth. We no longer have to strive to be a so called good person, to walk the middle path, or to meet the expectations of others and please everyone - this only made us feel inferior because it was not possible. The separation into the kingdom of heaven (Olympus) and the kingdom of death (Hades) has also turned out to be an illusion. In the universe there is neither separation nor death: ALL THAT IS is a living organism - HERE NOW. The human soul is likewise neither male nor female, even the term androgynous does not apply. The soul is JUST CONSCIOUSNESS.

The New Man on the New Earth, due to his expanded 5D CONSCIOUSNESS, enjoys the MASTER KEY: SOUL AWARENESS and accordingly LIVES INTUITIVELY out of his HEART in FREEDOM. The New Man simply IS, LIVES AUTONOMOUSLY - all rigid, prefabricated concepts, commandments, designations, opinions etc. are led ad absurdum by the INTUITION. All SOULS are intimately connected by SYNERGY as well as HARMONY: this space-less as well as timeless unity is based on LOVE as well as BEAUTY. This is an ARCHETYPICAL absolute, unconditional beauty, which is based on the cosmic law of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. The human 3D-mind could not even understand such a thing at that time let alone grasp it. Archetypal love and beauty are the ESSENCE of the SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, which on the old 3D earth only very few humans understood or embodied. LOVE as well as BEAUTY are the basic vibration of the universe.
picture: Devanando


The energy from the constellation Taurus on the NEW EARTH

On the old 3D-Earth people with Taurus emphasis (Sun, Moon and planets in the zodiac sign Taurus) were mainly known for their inclination to the 'Good Life' (eating, drinking, enjoying), to beauty and sensuality in the broadest sense, to nature experiences and thanks to their high share in the EARTH ELEMENT with manifold practical talents. People with Taurus as well as Scorpio accentuation were known for their depth of feeling, which naturally includes pain and suffering. The main problem of the Taurus, therefore, was that they overused their physical body with its five senses at times, in order to feel satisfaction and happiness through the aforementioned talents. Here was the painful limitation that came from a sick, worn out, dulled body.

We overcome this barrier: conscious ACHT SAM KEIT (awareness) liberates us.
The ACHT= EIGHT) stands for TRANSFORMATION, which is assigned to the zodiac sign Scorpio with its ruler Pluto. This reminds us that there is more to life than the sensual strife through a healthy body. We can also feel BLISS independently of the body. The EIGHT also symbolizes the Divine Mother Principle. The Mother of God Mary (Stella Maris) and many goddesses are often depicted with an eight-pointed star (octogram) - also as an octagon (8 sides), octahedron (8 sides) and as a Merkaba (2 tetrahedrons, 8 corners). This energy preserves, protects, envelops us. The exploitation of the body has an end. Feeling of happiness through stimulants (alcohol, nicotine, sugar, drugs ...) is recognized as a detour.

SAM is the sound syllable for SATURN. This planet is not very popular because many people perceive it as restrictive and limiting, associating it with rigidity such as death. However, Saturn symbolizes much more: it stands for responsibility and slow, safe step-by-step progress and maintaining the form. Its energy brings helpful structure to life, preventing humans from slipping into chaos. When hecticness and greed subside, we can dwell in the moment, go deeper, experience more intensely, enjoy more consciously, instead of already planning the next, supposedly much better experience in our thoughts. On a higher level, Saturn energy suggests that we not only heal our vehicle, the physical body, but see it as 'HOLY'. It is it, after all, that makes earthly physical GRASPING possible for us. A great gift - the Alpha and Omega of our earthly incarnations. Through it JOY unfolds followed by THANKFULNESS.

The energetic guiding principle of the constellation Taurus for the NEW EARTH is:

This addresses the opening of the Third Eye, the AJNA center in the middle of the forehead. Through this, humans unfold their INTUITION, the inner Divine Voice. In Vedic wisdom, Taurus is THE symbol of ENLIGHTENMENT, which NOW comes with ascension to the NEW EARTH - because we finally have the necessary frequency. NOW more and more people are realizing their INTUITION - a very reliable kind of CLEARVOIANCE. They become aware that they are PRESENT on their many worlds of experience in numerous simultaneous incarnations on Planet EARTH. Therefore they can see through the old illusionary as well as corrupt 3D system. They don't need and don't want it anymore. That is why it is now coming to an end in harmony with the COSMIC SYMPHONY.
While Taurus on the old Earth was mainly known by its talent for sensing, grasping and enjoying through its physical body, the Taurus energies on the New Earth are fully charged with the WILL to expand consciousness through the energy of the planet VULCAN - a LIGHT energy of special intensity, which we NOW already feel very strongly, because it is decisively ENFORCING the change.

see also here:
picture: Anna Farell


The Energy from the Constellation ARIES on the New Earth

The classical zodiac of the Piscean Age in the Old World (Europe, Near East) begins in spring time with the sign ARIES, for it is a seasonal-based astrology native to the Northern Hemisphere in the temperate latitudes and subtropics. Aries stands at the beginning, where everything is still pristine, very fresh, unadulterated.

Let us therefore IMAGINE a hypothetical young Aries man, not yet limited by the conditioning of society. He has also not yet any traumas that burden him and make him sick and has not internalized any 'bad' experiences. He lives unconcernedly, from his gut, following spontaneously his hunches. He/she does not yet know how 'things' are in the world, what 'one' has to do to be respected, how it should be and what should not be. He/she tends to act instinctively as well as impulsively before thinking and surprisingly often decides exactly according to the situation. His/her original, spontaneous and guileless nature is not yet burdened with fear and apprehension. He/she optimistically assumes that everything will work out well. End of visualization.

This way of acting as well as thinking develops a momentum of its own: If someone assumes success as a matter of course, it will happen much sooner than with negative, doubting expectations. This is all the more true if the person in question really plans for success. If someone acts in the knowledge that his/her fellow human beings are pure love and immortal in their essence and puts this into practice, he/she does not need to build any protective measures into his/her life. There are then from the beginning neither war nor corruption and insurances, neither police, prisons nor banks and the many other components of earthly society that are perceived as negative. We could therefore believe that it would have been much better if all the limiting as well as hindering events and measures of 3D had not existed in the first place, then the incarnated human being would not have to dissolve anything laboriously NOW.

However, this does not correspond to the plan of the souls for their incarnations on planet earth. The souls do not only want to experience and grasp here how it feels in a physical body. There is enough opportunity for that on other celestial bodies. They also want to observe how life proceeds when the soulful people involved FORGET WHO THEY ARE at birth. The Souls want to feel how it is when an illusionary personality, an assumed artificial character, with which they identify, is formed by the influence of the fellow human beings. They obviously also wanted to grasp how life is arranged on the basis of fear, when man makes himself little and allows himself to be oppressed. And they wanted to feel how daily life plays out when the participants believe in linear time and finite bounded space. This 3D experiment is NOW going through its successful conclusion.

People have found back to their roots, to their true identity. They recognize themselves as pure LOVE, are aware that they are LIGHT BEINGS who NOW can discard their assumed roles and masks without any loss.
Since everything is made of love, struggle and war no longer make sense.
Since everything consists of love, a punishing God is absurd.
Since everything is made of light, deception and lies make no sense.
Since everybody is connected with everybody, the concept of separation is false.
It makes people unhappy when they condemn each other.
Since everything is made of energy, there can be no lack of energy, only the withholding of the appropriate technology, and so on.
Since everything is inseparably interconnected with everything, control is unnecessary. The system regulates itself by syntropy as well as synergy.
Nothing unfinished can accumulate, which must be worked off "later", e.g. karma or traumata. What torments the people here are only their illusionary ideas in the mind (thinking and feeling) which are dissolved now.
Once you realize without prejudice that the universe actually lives like a grandiose harmonic symphony, then everything that takes place there has its legitimate place and necessary function.

This new Aries energy has no longer anything to do with struggle and war on the New Earth, but focuses us fully on hearing our Inner Voice of our Soul, the INTUITION and living it powerfully. This is archetypically supported by the energy of the HIERARCHICAL RULER OF ARIES, the planet URANUS. Intuition is the way in which our Higher SELF speaks to us on behalf of the SOURCE (All THAT IS). The task of our personality is to implement, to express, to live this WILL. The more this happens, the more we fit onto the New Earth. Here I may remind you that you will get an expanded understanding if you remember that you are incarnated here on earth very many times simultaneously. In these worlds of experience - so-called timelines - you as a soul experience and grasp everything at the same time, which you have intended to do. This now comes to a so-called conclusion.

You cannot imagine that? Good for you! Because then this image would possibly stand in front of you, and hinder you. With the logical thinking ability that you have been trained, this cannot be accomplished. You reserve thinking for the small multiplication table. Here your inner, originally pure sensitivity - which not only Aries people own - comes into play. And of course your infallible INTUITIVE knowledge. Each of us has an built-in ARIES-part and can if desired go with the head through the fog-wall of the innate amnesia. Behind this wall shines the LIGHT of INTUITION. NOW is the time for SELF-EMPOWERMENT. Let us move forward SELF-RESPONSIBLY.

picture: Devanando in SE-Iran/Baluchistan