Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

GAIA blooms in the light of the ONE SOURCE

The night persisted very long

The light was barely seen

We lived as if we were in trance

Could hardly bare it or resist

The green was brown was gray and dull

The tears and pain were present all

And the compulsion and controls

It is enough  there is a distinct NO

With all these lies and the deceit

the truth already pale and hidden

Who can still understand?

Who can yet clearly see?

The hard and dense has no attraction

Nor separation war and fight

Law and compulsion only hurt

To force obedience no more works

The Olden Earth is now exhausted

The ancient values are used up

Only one thing now still counts

The intense will to change that all

The vision rises to the cosmic skies

and asks what cometh from within

That far and wide illuminates the world

Will sense the destiny for us

Soft warm heart beats vivify

The chest expanding with the breath

The salty waters freely flow

My forehead arches bright

The storm has torn down all the old

Disclosure swept away the veils

Thought and action are now clear

Each one is for the benefit of all

Love flows as golden braided band

Presents itself as endless harmony

Our actions are determined by the heart

and stream in love without condition

All darkness lights and blossoms

The buds do open full of joy

The petals unfold out of grace

The fragrance spreads and feeds

Art and nature are united now

The beauty flows as a wide stream

From open heart to open heart

Each one becomes the source

Each one becoming the ONE source




The earth itself is purest energy

As us and all who feel this love

Sense love as essence in themselves

As all the sentient beings do it now

We ourselves know what we want

We ourselves create it for us here

And for the happyness of all

This is our holy freedom

There only is ONE inner drive

That shapes our life and being

Each one shines through ONE source

The heartfelt energy of Love

When GAIA thrives all earthlings bloom

The plants and animals and all life flourish

A tapestry  a carpet full of flowers

We ARE the guardians of this living library

The new life - magic ritual

You have just thought and visualized

And now it has awakened beautifully here

You are creator and observer

It flows  it changes  variates

It lives  pulsates and luminates  

The beauty now begets itself

As form of harmony and love

You live enlightened in ONE source

Who has bestowed you with abundance

You're seeing through now and you know

You are a precious cosmic child

You are the Source  you  are the Light

Spun and woven from one energy

Like everything else

What more do you want?

The journey is not over yet

The ONE Source flows eternally

Consciousness is the magic elixir

The source learns who she is

You have earned it in this game

That leaves the olden density behind

And elevates to finer heights

The abode of your SELF as SOUL

The whole of earth is gilded now

The axis does no longer tilt

Magnetic fields are fed by love

The purest energy of highest power

The earth is recognized as living being

As organism of the subtlest energies

The human truly is a part of her

and vibrates in the tone of GAIA



LOVE is Essence