Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Discernment and Self-Determination

During a geographical excursion to Sri Lanka in the early 1980s, I visited Horton Plains National Park with my students. It is located on a plain of crystalline rocks over 2000m high in the southern center of the island. The most prominent viewpoint with a view to the 80km distant sea is located on a 1000m high escarpment and is called Land's End. This place is like made for a geomorphological relief analysis. I designed it to give the prospective scientists a special lesson.

I offered four different formation scenarios and justified each so thoroughly and carefully that the possibilities mentioned seemed equally plausible. This is a typical situation that bona fide scientists often face: they cannot readily settle on one solution or another as the truth, but must choose the solution for which there are the best arguments, or which seems to them habitually the most probable because of their preference for one or another basic theory.

In teaching, however, it is more usual to offer only one version, the one that will be used in the examination. The young people entrusted to my care were therefore doubly overwhelmed. On the one hand by the breathtaking view and on the other hand by the many apparent imponderables of my explanations and in general by all the sensory impressions that Sri Lanka offers with its lush colors, smells, sounds and exotic shapes. That was too much ...

Source Engl Wikipedia: Horton Plains, Land's End

After a long silence, after the end of my explanations, a weak voice finally asked the desperate question: ''And how did the relief really come into being?'' I had feared this, of course, although not so promptly anticipated. I had given the students the free choice to favor themselves the theory that suited them best after weighing all the arguments. However, so much freedom was too dangerous for them. Taking personal responsibility was far from their minds. Unfortunately, when I look at the way universities are run today, I come to the conclusion that conditions have not improved.

Forty years later, on August 10, 2021, I wrote to Max von GAIA, admin of the blog: Liebe das Ganze, weil das Ganze Liebe ist:

''For me it is always amazing and valuable to see how differently the individual authors and media (on your blog) not only judge and present details of current events, but also that they disagree on fundamental things. That's where each (reader) really has to intuitively figure out for him/herself what is good for him/her in each case.''

Max replied:

''Yes, I notice that too. It is no longer the case that there is a pre-drawn path of ascension along which one could climb. As perhaps many had hoped. As you already write: Everybody has to find out intuitively what is good for him/her. For some, however, it is already an excessive demand to have to find out for themselves what is good for them. I've even had complaints that my blog doesn't offer such a clear path either.

But for me, as for you, it is exactly the exciting to experience and to read, how differently and individually meanwhile the awakening community deals with basic topics and daily energetic topics.''

How can this overwhelming variety of information be beneficially digested and applied?

First of all, we favor the approach of the mentioned blog to put the news, essays, theories and channelings side by side without commentary and not to try to convince anyone in the presented commentary function. It hardly plays a role in the blog anyway. And should one or the other author or one of the channel media devalue other views or consider them to be nonsense, then this can be benevolently overlooked. If we are for once completely honest, we all must admit that we do not perceive facts and always operate only with interpretations. This also concerns the channeled material, because it originates from the fact that the conditioned human brain transforms energetic information into language, which uses terms, on whose information content humans agreed by the majority. These designations have nothing to do with reality, they are only consensual interpretations of energy, which, however, help to avoid the very greatest confusion. Also the usual ''knowledge'' of the sciences is only a consensual holding true of an interpretation, about which it can be argued splendidly and which contributes to the general division of the society. Also the channeled explanations always exist only in the mind of the medium, are projection, interpretation and only consensual agreement, as if one could vote about what truth is. As Socrates said, ''I know that I know nothing.'' So why ask for the one general truth and argue about it? There is always only what is personally optimal for the situation at hand, and intuition provides that. It decides whether something is true for you or not. Other personalities have other ''truths''.

Next, we would like to point out that the different contributions differ from each other partly only because they use different terminologies that you may not be familiar with. Authors from shamanic, anthroposophic, theosophic, Christian, pagan, cosmic, etc. background express themselves very differently and still often mean the same thing. Also, some authors invent their own way of expression, often without inquiring beforehand whether the chosen terms have not been invented and defined long before them. This is mainly due to the fact that the authors or sources talk about things and processes that take place on 5D and higher, but still use a terminology that is still firmly anchored in 3D - because their brain knows nothing else and the mental field in which thinking takes place is not unlocked far enough due to 3D.

This strikes me especially when it comes to illusionary linear time. Some authors do acknowledge that there are multiple simultaneous worlds of experience aka timelines or frequency domains. However, when they describe the ''ascension event'' they tacitly assume only the one world of consensual experience visible to them. They base their predictions only on this one circumstance. This is about as if one wanted to characterize the Amazon forest area on the basis of a single tree variety. If the next person takes a different tree variety, a new theory emerges.

For others, there is an earth for the ascenders and one for the retards, even with exact percentages(!) - or even one for each ''frequency'': All criminals, saints, sinners, mystics, politicians, etc. come each to a separate matching earth, so that the earth visible to each abruptly depopulates. This is typical 3D thinking. It is indeed very difficult to let the trained evaluating and condemning, the compartmentalizing into good and evil etc. go. When you read an article, it is beneficial to intuitively realize from which point of view the author is writing. Feel inside yourself what energy is coming across. For me, for example, caution is already required when someone puts ''his/her'' interpretations under copyright. This is typical 3D-thinking. Also, please do not be taken aback when someone advertises that he/she is clairvoyant. Clairvoyant means, for example, that someone sees astral beings. This is not necessarily a particularly high state of consciousness. Many animals, for example, are able to do this. If you can't do that, then this function is only switched off for the time being, so that you can grasp something else.  

Many authors write about the fact that now the time of the big revelations has come. They mean with it that after the 3D time of lie and deception the truth is finally revealed. But these revelations are also only different versions of partial truths and especially in ''times'' of transition partly again intentional deceptions. You are therefore called upon to always accept only that which resonates with you and to be aware that even this does not lead to absolute truths. Every consciousness has its own perception and therefore also ''truth''. There is no point in trying to convince other people to adopt your opinion. This shows up in times of the political exercise of power over ''medical'' questions quite particularly, because this aims to incite people against each other. If someone tries to persuade you, they either show that they are insecure or that they do not respect your self-determination.

It is also interesting to note the division of the spiritual ''community'' into those who devote themselves primarily to ascension and discuss all the real and supposed events that are currently taking place under the influence of the incoming energies and the desperate actions of politicians, and those who are concerned - mostly under the guidance of a spiritual master - with their own enlightenment in the classical sense. I ask you, why do you think these masters and their disciples do not comment, or only casually, on the day-to-day happenings of the ''ascension scenario''? I see it in such a way that they know that the outer happening is only a symptom of the inner change of each individual, which admittedly intensifies in the global group happening and thanks to the incoming energies. Without wanting to devalue the many New Age articles: You will do them more justice and draw more benefit from them if you do not take most of it too seriously. Much of it is very exciting, has great entertainment value, but should not distract you from the essential - your own inner transformations.

The ascension event is dragging on - many hoped it would have been so far already in 2012. A lot of patience is demanded from the awakening community and even more trust. Therefore, despite the diversity and contradictory nature of the contributions, it is very helpful to have a place where those concerned can exchange ideas and encourage each other - this is especially true because many of us have been seemingly at a loss for many years to decades without finding many friends in the immediate environment, where they not infrequently meet with incomprehension and rejection. That is why it is all the more important that we treat each other with esteem, respect and love and accept that there are rightly different points of view. This is due to the nature of things and above all to the different frequencies of consciousness. Yet all of these are equally valuable/valid and we all live on all of these ''levels'' simultaneously. Above all, it is very encouraging to know that we are all already enlightened at any ''time''. We just haven't realized it equally in each of our incarnations - just enough of it at a time to allow us as souls to have the desired 3D experiences optimally. If we follow the above mentioned idea of one earth for each frequency of consciousness, then all people would be fully represented on all of these earths - all would be overcrowded ... and the learning effect would be gone.

The different articles are mainly also of different nature because the authors start from two contrary points of view: One from the fact that the souls agreed to participate in the special 3D experiment Earth with all its advantages and disadvantages in order to have certain experiences. The other view - influenced by typical 3D thinking - believes that the conditions on Earth have been illegally imposed on us by evil forces. For the former, all actors play only the necessary roles - all of them, however, are immortal souls who, after the end of the event, rich in experiences, synthesize all their impressions. The division into good and bad is therefore pure illusion, which must not be fought, because then the fighter/warrior only maneuvers himself further into the illusion. To dissolve an illusion, it is enough to make light. Darkness is not the opposite of light, but only lack of light. As OSHO says. ''Don't fight with darkness, turn on the light!''. If someone still wants to fight, they are welcome to do so, you don't have to join in if it doesn't suit you.

Another difficulty we see is that still many authors propagate regulations and behaviors that are supposedly mandatory for ascension/enlightenment to succeed. I like to compare this with the authors who (allegedly) cured themselves of a serious illness by a special diet and now believe that all people have to eat this way if they want to be healthy. And if it does not work out, then you have not tried hard enough. The spiritual path is a long and arduous one....  But this path does not exist. There is no path between you and the soul, you are the soul. You only make valuable experiences and the soul is certainly not eager to make only painful and sorrowful experiences. As OSHO says: ''Celebrate life'', as Meher Baba says: ''Don't worry, be happy''. When an author suggests to you that you are out of line and that you need to try harder and that you need to finally wake up, remember that on many frequency worlds you are always enlightened and that sleeping, chilling and being out of line also include valuable experiences.

If you want to be happy with an opinion or view, then beyond all arguments it must above all feel good, intuitively true in your heart. There is then no discussion, no knowing better or convincing. Your personal truth comes from within, from the core of your being, your soul. It is no longer about faith or rational weighing, but about trusting in the wisdom of the soul that you are.

One of the most important abilities of the soul is discernment. Who lives in the light of the soul, knows intuitively what is good and right for him in each case. This is how you live in self-determined freedom.

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