Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Trust transcends fear and control  

THE NEW EARTH manifests itself

Fear does not prevent death, it prevents life. (Naguib Mahfouz)

Trust is good, Control is better. (according to Lenin)

 The second statement is typical for the OLD EARTH. Consequently. many citizens have trusted the state and yet have been cheated most of the time.

The state has never trusted the citizens and always fully relied on control through an confusing number of complicated laws as well as the police and partisan courts; thus hindering the development of the individual.

At the moment a corresponding incredible escalation can be observed. The citizens are deprived of their ancestral basic freedom and mercilessly punished, when they admonish it. The restriction of freedom does not even lead to security. We do not need and do not want anyone to exercise power.

The EARTH takes a new Gestalt now. On this NEW EARTH this principle applies: Control is detrimental, Trust is EVERYTHING; and this also works to the blessing of all.

Why? Because people overcome their fear. The old earth existed only this long under massive control because people were dominated by THEIR OWN fear. Governments and religions have constantly fuelled this fear.

On the NEW EARTH the legislative jungle will be reduced to an extreme minimum. Almost everything is left to the personal responsibility of the people; these will blossom and prove themselves worthy and enlightened. The few who initially show no respect for the community are individually guided by their immediate environment.

Loving behaviour must come from within. By law and order it is only dressage and whitewash and has always produced war and chaos. On the NEW EARTH humans have finally the chance, to live out of their own responsibility and intuitive knowledge. Mother Earth herself now gives the impulse and protection. The old oppressors lose their power and will in the background learn what love and compassion is.

Why were people afraid? Fitting to the system they had forgotten that they are immortal souls and that therefore nothing harmful can happen to them. It was unknown to them, that their physical body is only the last end product of a series of energy bodies of the soul and exists in numerous variants in many frequency worlds simultaneously.

The physical body determines nothing - it is dictated. Its state always depends on the will and intention of the soul. The medical profession will yet understand this fact.

Overcoming the fear of death through inner certainty and trust is the basis for the NEW SOCIETY.

People are currently experiencing and will experience in the coming months, that the old system was essentially based on lies and fraud. By the revelations even the most credulous must admit  that he has been deceived beyond all measure.

At the same time, however, it is important that each individual explores himself to the deepest and finds out to what extent he has deceived and cheated himself. By what? Through the trained personality, with which he showed himself to his fellow men how he believed that they wanted him.

The corruption of politicians, business leaders, clergy and ''scientists'' is a mirror for each of us. Therefore  governments etc worldwide will have to abdicate and their abuse of power will be exposed and made known. But we do well to forgive them, because they have only played their accepted heavy role in this dualistic learning game of "good" and "evil''.

And - as planned - we all grasped a lot. But now a new chapter is on the way. The EARTH gives birth to a new version of herself. We proceed with expanded consciousness to a modified form of grasping based on trust, freedom and cooperation. We know now that we are neither separated from our immortal soul nor from our fellow men - there is only one soul.

Therefore it is totally absurd to fight against each other or to gain an advantage at the expense of ''others'' because there are no others - we are all one. The old does not end when the ''good'' has defeated the ''evil'', but when clarity frees us from illusion.

It is time to open ourselves for essential changes that turn the whole life on this planet upside down. We are already in the Middle of it. Who fights it out of fear cannot win, he only harms himself.

Before we live in higher realms on 5D without a physical body, we have now a short chance on a NEW 3D EARTH to make last physical experiences under loving conditions.

The time has come that we finally face our own fears only so we can overcome them. Then we don't have to control anybody any more; instead we have trust, that the souls involved know what they are doing.

We can contribute to this change in three ways: Firstly by explaining to all open minded people the old and now ending System Earth.

Second  by helping to ensure, that the final disclosures are peacefully supported by comprehension and respect, because it is not about judging and destroying.

Third - and most important - by visualizing - each in its own way, how we want to shape the NEW SOCIETY. All our boldest dreams can now come true. There are no limits to our creativity. Together we are strong in love.